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#penis mention
prokopetz · 4 months ago
T-shirt that quotes Malvolio’s “be not afraid of greatness” bit from Twelfth Night, then below it there’s just an arrow pointing down.
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velocirapity64 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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mumblytron · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I feel like this exchange sums up the experience of having a Twitter better than anything I have seen
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queenie435 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Ah yes, King James. That King James. The one who paid for a translation of the Bible. He was James VI of Scotland and James I of England, succeeding Elizabeth I after she died without an heir.
And supposedly, he was gay.
Which, of course, causes some issues for those who think that homosexuality is profound.
So, was he?
Let’s examine the evidence.
James I was Married
Which, of course, means nothing. But he also fathered no less than eight children, of whom three survived to adult. His wife was Anne, the daughter of the King of Denmark and Norway.
This was, of course, an arranged marriage. So, piece of evidence against James I being gay: He had a long-term relationship with a woman, albeit one not of his choosing, and was able to perform well enough to father children.
Of course, not all gay men experience vagina repulsion and he was under a lot of pressure to father a lot of children, given England’s experience with the Tudors.
James I Had Several Male Lovers
James I’s most famous “favorite,” which was a euphemism, was of course George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham.
Obviously, this is strong evidence in favor of him being gay. He also had at least two other male lovers. In one case, this appears to have been a pederasty-type relationship, with James as the boy…so there’s a question as to whether this should truly be counted.
His other boyfriend was Robert Carr, 1st Earl of Somerset, and their relationship ended badly, with an entire saga that involved poisoning and blackmail. I’m tempted to write that one up.
Furthermore his relationship with Buckingham was pretty well known at the time, and criticized mostly because of the amount of money James gave his lover…to spend on clothes. Apparently, Buckingham was quite the clothes horse.
So, assuming his relationship with Queen Anne was forced and he only fathered those kids out of duty, the evidence strongly swings towards, yup, gay
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softblock · a month ago
I wanna suck dick so bad
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bittywitches · 3 months ago
I don’t understand how men with small dicks can be misogynistic. Nothing wrong with a teeny willy but i feel like misogynistic men emphasize the power and validity they have over women based on the presence of their peen so it seems to go against their ideologies for their literal manhood to be small
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Hawks, trying to get the league to trust him: Hi, my name is Hawks, and my talents include being sexy, dancing, and I can make tinfoil into the shape of a penis
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prokopetz · 17 days ago
Bad: Elves don’t make dick jokes because it’s beneath their dignity.
Good: The name your elvish PC gave when they joined the party is a dick joke. Your party leader has spent the last ten years introducing you to people as the High Elvish equivalent of “Biggus Dickus”, and somehow nobody has seen fit to clue them in yet. It just keeps getting funnier.
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lesbian-ed · a year ago
Was really excited to follow you before I found out you were a disgusting terf. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Suck my cock
I’m gonna post this as a goddamn receipt. It truly shows how disgustingly homophobic you are that you’d send a blog run by a bunch of lesbians a hateful message telling us to suck your c*ck. The lesbophobia is truly jumping out. 
Anyway transwomen are male transmen are female... repeating your lying slogans 100000 times won’t fix that. Accept reality and leave lesbians the fuck alone.
Go harass someone else you creep. I’m glad you didn’t follow us.
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ace-culture-is · a month ago
Ace culture is just barely getting over your penis phobia and then remembering testicles exist and what the actual crap are those?!
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the-fridge-is-on-fire · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
The bowls and glass are in the position of a cock
but very interesting
The middle plate has certain vibes that I cannot place
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justlookatthosesausages · 6 months ago
Hey this is brought to you randomly but @ people with penises: do not grab your partner's hand during sex to incite them to touch your penis. DON'T do that. Just don't.
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dizzyhmuffin · 5 months ago
"Time to tag out, Silver! I've got this from here!"
"That blue hedgehog again of all -- wait no. The little blue savior. But what's this I smell? You reek of fear. Glad to see I left an impression."
"That's not fear, I ran all the way over here. And you haven't left an impression. I don't know anything about you! Not even your name!"
"You may call me ... Biggus Dickus ... in the brief moments that remain to you."
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hmsindecision · a year ago
Saying that a woman should “choke on a dick” or “choke on your dick” in any iteration is an implicit rape threat. If you use it, you’re showing what a deep hold rape culture has on you, and you need to do better.
If your “criticism” of a woman is simply misogyny or threats of sexual violence, that doesn’t reflect on her. It reflects on you as a misogynist and a sexual threat.
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badpodcastcrossovers · 8 months ago
Jared Hopworth from The Magnus Archives goes to the Payphone from Archive 81's body. He starts stealing its many lungs, dicks, arms and more. But with each body part he steals, they begin to fall in love. (Enemies to Lovers, 5k words, Slowburn, Coffee shop date included)
Hmm I dislike this intensely 
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prokopetz · 4 months ago
Seriously, if you’re an artist, even if most of your work is smut, take the trouble to put together a SFW portfolio. Not only does it give you something you can use to plug your work in any venue without having to worry about inadvertently committing a terms-of-service violation, but it also means you’ll never end up in that awkward situation where some casual acquaintance is curious about your art and you have to scramble to find something you can show them that isn’t Fox McCloud with a three-foot dick.
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mx-charun-krojib · 5 months ago
*palm reader voice* hmmm... Yess, I see. Your penis line is absolutely miniscule
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