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#penny polendina

Arthur Watts grinned as he saw Penny strapped down on a table. “I cant believe General Ironwood is actually allowing me to work on you. He must be a bigger idiot than I thought.” 

Penny laid motionless on the table, trying to reboot her systems. “Once I get out of this, I’ll make sure you cant hurt anyone.”

“Are you sure its me you should be worried about? Now that I have you here, I get to play take apart and put back together again. You wont feel a thing and I’ll be able to learn everything on how that bumbling idiot managed to get you in Ironwood’s favor. As ingenious as it is to have a weapon disguised as a child, There’s other ways you could be much more useful.” 

“I wont hurt anyone-”

Watts flipped a switch to turn Penny off before getting his tools out. “That should shut you up for a while. Now, let’s see what makes you tick.” He grinned as he started removing parts from Penny, making sure to note where each piece went . “And thanks to the sword the Ace-Ops had retrieved, hurting people is all you’ll do from now on.”

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Alright y'all! Bear with me cause my mind’s been working on this crack theory for awhile now! So buckle up kiddos we talking about Penny Polendina today!


So it’s no secret that Penny is based off Pinocchio. The hiccuping when she lies, the whole “I’m not a real girl” line in volume two, and the strings that connect her swords to her sort of like marionette strings. Now Penny has a soul sure, given to her by her father, but she is still an android, she’s still hackable. And all Watts needed to try and hack her was one of her swords which the Ace Ops had to clip the string of to get. What if those aren’t just strings but wires? Wires she sends signals through to control her swords. Meaning Watts could hack into her swords and control her with those wires like a literal puppet master. Then how would our heros save her? By severing the rest of her swords from her to release her from Watt’s control by effectively clipping her marionette strings. Which would then mean…she’s got no strings to hold her down!

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I really need to talk about the chapter 3 fight against the Ace Ops because it shows something very important. The Ace Ops succeed in isolating Penny not just because they’ve got a good plan, but also because Penny doesn’t exactly make it difficult to isolate her.

In fact…


[id: A screenshot from RWBY, Vine Zeki is on the ground and Penny is flying past him. Further away, Ruby, Blake, and Weiss can be seen running towards Vine. End id.]

Penny rushes away from her allies all by herself. The Ace Ops don’t even need to separate her from RWB, they just need to make sure none of them have a chance to catch up to Penny.

But that’s not all, while Penny is fighting Harriet, RWB are falling off the bridge. In that moment flying is a very relevant skill, but as far as I can tell Penny never even noticed RWB falling.

And why would she?

Penny has never had a team before. The only time we see her with a teammate, Ciel just stands there and watches as Penny does all of the fighting. Clearly a team in name only. The situation certainly didn’t improve after Beacon either, as Penny herself says she doesn’t have any kind of team anymore.

If she had ever truly been part of a team, this fight would have turned out very differently. But instead she was taught to always fight alone. So she does, even when she has the option not to. And that makes her vulnerable.

If only Penny had slowed down and let someone watch her back… the Ace Ops might have returned to Ironwood empty handed.

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On top of that, Watts is supposed a friend of Jacques’, yet doesn’t seem to recognize Whitley. 

So Watts may have faked his death long enough ago that it was before Whitley’s birth. 

So Penny is probably older that Whitley, at the very least. 

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Nuts and Dolts right now is in the same place Bumbleby was in Volume 3, specifically before the Fall and after the Yang vs. Mercury fight. Yang and Blake had a moment together when Blake chose to believe Yang was innocent and comfort her. This was the first time we’d seen Yang this vulnerable, and a key moment in Blake starting to heal from her past. This didn’t solidify them as a romantic pair just yet but it made it clear that their relationship was going to be important to each of them and the story as a whole. It was also clear that this moment was setting up a big payoff later.

With Nuts and Dolts, this is Ruby comforting Penny and sending her away. Their goodbye in V8CH3 made it clear that they’re going to play a very important role to each other and the story in much the same way. The ‘I promise’ is as blunt a Chekov’s gun as you can get. Penny was brought back and paired with Ruby for most of Volume 7, and now it’s time to see where that development leads us.

It’s not yet clear whether they’ll go down a romantic path or continue down the friendship path, but the setup is there either way. Big things are coming for these two and their bond will be put to the test – and likely result in it becoming stronger than ever. If the Bumbleby comparison continues, their development could span Volumes.

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I was going to save this until tomorrow morning, but then I remembered I have stuff to do in the morning and I’ll be traveling again, soooo gonna finally get this fic officially rolling tonight.

*Originally I was going to call this fic ‘The Romancing of Ruby Rose,’ but I didn’t really like how it just focused on Ruby when it’s a Bright Eyes OT3 fic, so I decided to make a last minute change.

*this fic is based off a set of three asks sent to me by @misstrashchan, the first being:

Oscar’s learnt how to pick up on Ruby’s emotions better than most in a short time. So he doesn’t fail to notice how hard Ruby- and it appears Penny as well- are crushing on one another. He tries to encourage Ruby to ask Penny on a date, but for some reason, they keep bringing him along.

and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for!


How to Grow a Romance in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Planting Rose Seeds in the Garden

I fell in love with her the moment I saw her silver eyes.

A shiver runs up Oscar’s spine.  He stares at the last line of the story, as if the intensity of his gaze will make it change to something else entirely.  His stomach twists uncomfortably into knots.  Oscar can imagine, far too easily, what it feels like to fall in love with a silver-eyed person.  The way one’s heart skips a beat.  The rush of heady emotions.

He’d chosen to read this book of fairytales to forget about his problems for an hour or two (and maybe find a deeper understanding of Ozpin along the way, since it was Oz who collected the stories for the book once upon a time).  Not to be reminded of his woes.

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Salem gave up on her plans of conquest because she got addicted to playing Fortnight. Being immortal, she can play it without stopping. Her greatest online rival is unknowingly Ironwood, aka MetalDong69.

// Cause even an obsessive omnicidal immortal needs hobbies.- lilac 

Title: MetalDong69


1. Emergency Meeting

“The Grimm have been oddly quiet,” Ozpin frowned into the camera, staring at the faces of those he trusted the most. 

Glynda. Qrow. Leonardo. James. Theodore. 

“Vale’s extension into Mountain Glenn had been met with zero resistance,” he continued, “given this anomaly, I’m concerned that the Queen must be planning something. Something big.” 

“Have any of you noticed anything strange?”

Numerous shakes of the head and comments came from the participants of the call.

All except one.

James seemed oddly distracted, his face schooled in perfect attention, but his eyes would occasionally dart on the screen. He could faintly hear the repetitive clicking of his keyboard and sliding of his mouse. 

Was he working on something? 

“James, are you okay? You’ve been awfully quiet.”


Loud keyboard clicking can be heard in the background.

With a small amount of guilt, James Ironwood pressed his microphone to speak into the trans-continental Zoom call. 

“Um, yes. Everything’s…fine.”



[MetalDong69 has eliminated you!]

[You have placed #2!]

[KillAllHumans]: Who the hell camps in a barn with a shotgun?!

MetalDong69′s avatar starts crouching up and down on her corpse. 

[KillAllHumans]: You dare corpsehump me?! Just you wait you pre-centurian piece of shit.

[KillAllHumans]: I’ll put all my energy into destroying you and everything you love!

Bang bang bang bang. 

[KillAllHumans]: Stop shooting my dead body you asshole! 


2. One Month Earlier

FortKnight had been released onto the CCT for a week now, the first MMO that joined all the continents together. The gaming company that developed it had close ties with Atlas due to the involvement of the CCT, so when they noticed something really strange, they reported it to Atlas - and in turn eventually reached the top. 

The top that also happened to be their top beta player, Ironwood.

“So wait, you’re telling me there’s an account accessing from an untrackable location AND has been playing 24/7 non-stop without any breaks whatsoever?” Ironwood said, his eyes bugging out.

No way.

“Can you bring up their profile?”

Several lines of profile information immediately popped up on Ironwood’s scroll.

“So she put her name in as Salem,” the company representative said, “She isn’t too great at the game, and we’re actually planning on banning her because of her extreme flaming and death threats to other pla-” said the company IT person. 

“No no no. Just keep her in. In fact, keep her account access unrestricted,” Ironwood continued, “If this is who I think it is, you might’ve done Atlas, no the whole of Remnant, a great service.” 


[MetalDong69 has eliminated you!]

[You have placed #22]

[KillAllHumans]: You fucking hacker! You can’t get the sniper scythe that early! 

[KillAllHumans]: You must’ve cheated! I’m reportin-

[KillAllHumans]: Stop shooting me! Those are sniper bullets! You barely get fifteen of them in a round, and you’re emptying the magazine on my corpse!

[KillAllHumans]: Fuck you! Fuck your mother! Fuck your dog! Fu-


A couple days later….

“There’s no need to ban this person, “ Ironwood said, “In fact, I’ll fund your company so long as you develop more games dedicated to capturing the attention of this one player. ”

“Uhh, why is this player so important, sir?”

“That’s a military secret. Just know you will be rewarded for doing so.”



3. Teamwork

Somewhere in the Land of Darkness:

“Cinder, Tyrian , join me. Together we will crush MetalDong69,” Salem ran out of the grand hall as she clenched her fist angrily. 

“Yes ma’am,” Cinder said obediently, “Who dares to oppose your might?” 

“We’re going to destroy him,” Tyrian said excitedly before following Salem going back inside the hall, “Wait why you’re heading back inside?”


[KillAllHumans]: oh my god why are all of you feeding?!



[ImOnFire]: I’m trying! 

[KillAllHumans]: NO THAT’S A GRENA-

[ImOnFire has eliminated you.] [ You have placed #13 ] 

[ImOnFire has eliminated herself ] [You have placed #12 ]


[KillAllHumans]: I’m surrounded by feeders!




Ironwood slowly walked into the elevator, his hair with bits of white now. Penny, his daughter, and Ruby, her wife, followed behind him curiously.

“So what’s this secret you’re going to show us?” Penny asked.

“Yeah, what sort of secret needs a pair of pro-gamers?” Ruby grinned, an ex-Huntress-now-Gamer now that the Grimm threat had regressed. “And requires us to keep it from Mr. Ozpin?” 

“It’s nothing bad,” Ironwood comforted her as he placed his keycard into the elevator, the motion triggering, ”It’s just that I think Ozpin’s finally enjoying life now and shouldn’t be bothered by something like this.”

“But it’s still important. Because behind these doors is the reason why humanity’s had over a decade of peace.”


A bunch of men and women are at a bunch of computer stations, clearly working and designing video games. A large screen showing match-ups for a large game design timeline.

Current: FortKnight 3

In Development:  FortKnight 10, GrimmCraft, World of Remnant

“It’s here where all the magic happens. These are the men and women who have kept Salem at bay for more than a decade,” Ironwood proudly said.

The pair could only look at the man in confusion.

“You’ll see soon,” Ironwood said as he sat down onto a computer station clearly designated at his. He turned his head to one of his trusted men, “Clover, is she on?”

“Isn’t she always?” Clover laughed, “She’s about to get out of a game. Won it actually. I’ll put you in her matchmaking group right now.”

“Good,” Ironwood said with satisfaction.



[KillAllHumans]: You’ll die someday, you fucker, and then I’ll be the number 1 in FortKnight!


Ironwood turned down his speakers a bit. 

“That is Salem, the Queen of all Grimm and the number one negatively-reported player in all of Remnant. She is why I’ve brought you two in,” he said solemnly,  “One day, I’ll pass on, and Salem will become the number one in this game and lose interest based on our analysis. When she does, the world might end up going back to the way it was. It’s up to you two to stop that from happening.”

“You will be Remnant’s silent protectors. Two pro-gamers joining forces to stop this threat. Just an hour or two of your time every day. And you’ll allow Remnant to continue having peace. ”

“Now if you’ll excuse me, the game’s starting.”


[MetalDong69 has killed you.]

[You have placed 100 / 100. ]

[KillAllHumans]: METALDONG69!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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