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Kid Richie’s fear of clowns in the remake wasn’t lame. I think his fear of clowns are actually his fear about his sexuality and there’s a big reason I think so. I don’t really want to give away WHY because I kind of want to write about it. But I do wonder if anyone else has picked up on it?

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I wanna ask what do you wish to see next ?

What do you wish to see if they make a chapter 3 of IT ?

Do you want bob grey to have a full storyline and meeting IT ?

Do you want bob grey to have a lover or not ?

Do you want bill skarsgard to play bob grey and the IT creature ?

What age do you want the flim to be 15 or 18 ?

If you have any other question send them to my ask box or even share them by rebloging my post ^_^ because we need to know more about bob grey and how you all feel about If they do make a chapter 3 and what you think the plot should be about ?


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Okay but imagine Richie and eddie in a soulmate au where they are connected by pain, but it’s only the injury’s that show up if that makes sense. So then imagine clumsy Richie constantly tripping over thin air and banging his head of corners and slamming his fingers in doors. All the bruises, cuts and scrapes appearing on careful Eddie Kaspbrak and Sonia freaking out, taking him to every damn Docter in Derry, only to realise that nothing can be done. Finally, imagine them finding each other because one day eddie was on his way home to change because all these cuts had appeared on his legs and he didn’t want people to ask questions or look at him weird. This also happens to be the day Richie decides to run through a bush of nettles. Then, he sees Richie tozier who he’d only met a few times before sitting on the sidewalk with very similar cuts on his legs. Eddie just storms over to him and says “you.” In a very accusing voice. Richie has a shit eating grin on his face and just looks at eddie, quiet for possibly the first time in his life

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I got SO fed up that I wasn’t doing anything today and decided to FINALLY put up my Lora Zombie pieces (left) along with my own work (right) as well as create a mini “work station”. I’m able to find & grab my art supplies quickly now. I’m so happy I got this done! The shit being indoors makes you do. 😩👌

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Request Rules & Character List 🦆

I’m gonna say this tentatively because as much as I would love to write as much as my heart wants me to, my brain is like “No, we know us better than that.”

So I’ll take requests for imagines/scenarios if anyone wants to risk reading anything my mind might drool out! Please specify what gender you want the reader to be. P.S.-They might end up a bit long once my subconscious gets a hold of it.

This list isn’t final! These are just the characters I feel like I have a grasp on, writing wise, at the moment. More will be added as I get to know them better. But you can still send in characters not on the list with a scenario/imagine and it might click with something floating around in my brain! Who knows?

Peeps I’ll write for(right now):

  • Pennywise the Dancing Clown (2017)
  • Jason Voorhees
  • Bo Sinclair
  • Vincent Sinlcair
  • Lester Sinclair
  • Norman Bates (1960)
  • Carrie White
  • Death (Final Destination+this slasher can be written as male/fem/neutral) 

What I will write(at the moment):

  • Fluff
  • Angst
  • Fluffy angst
  • Light smutty stuff
  • Male x Female relationships
  • Female x Female relationships
  • Gender neutral readers

I’m not fully comfortable or really able to write serious smut yet, but I will get spicy when I can. I’m also new to writing gender neutral stuff, so if I ever make any mistakes, let me know and I can fix it and learn from it! I know my grammar and shit is well …shit. I didn’t do well in school, so please be nice.

Also, I love the lesser know/not as written for horror movies, slashers and monsters, so if you have anyone you want something for and can’t find it, I will try my absolute best to make it happen! Just send in an ask with the movie, character, and what imagine/scenario you want and I’ll let you know!

If you have any questions, just ask or message me. Please be understanding and kind or I will send my Ducks of Chaos and Destruction after you.

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