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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Basic Info

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Location: Waxahachie,Texas,USA

Built: Slim

Height: 5’4

How to contact me: Please message me on instagram: cassandra.wilson2001

Digging Deeper

Likes: Kayaking, art(specifically painting), 420, pets, swimming,psychology, cosmetology(licensed), tik tok

Dislikes: Rude people, clothes, people who can’t listen

Fav Music:  $uicideboy$, Harry Styles, K.Flay, Sublime, Dope Lemon,Metallica, ect.

Fav Show(s): Orange is the new black, Fairytail, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, ect.

What I am looking for:

I am looking for another female who is maybe interested in being friends or even a long distance relationship over time. I’m looking for someone to chat with and become close to. I am currently in a relationship. I have three cats, a dog, and a lizard. I live in a small town in texas and want someone to help provide some life back into life. I want someone I can goof off with but will understand when im upset and help me through it. I want to do the same. I want a new friend that will love me no matter what happens to us.

Please contact if you meet the following:


Between 18-25

Single or taken

Location does not matter

Looking for the same as me

New friends are also welcome

Will not go “ghost”, abuse or use me

Enjoy picture exchange when we decide to

Will not accuse me of anything

Will not scam me

Please do not contact me if you plan on:

Going Ghost on me 

When exchanging pictures not writing back 

Abuse or use me

Scamming me

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So I decided that while I may not be able to fill the void in my soul, I can at least try to embrace my roots since my family basically neglected to tell me anything about our ancestry! First and foremost, and because this was the biggest deal to my close relatives, I want to actually learn about what it means to be french. Because I’m pretty sure that there’s more to being French than drinking countless glasses of wine at family gatherings and putting a fleur de lis on the wall.

I’ve already begun to learn French and do research, but there’s just some things that you can’t learn from history books in America. So if you know of anyone from France that’s looking for an overseas penpal, send them my way please!

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Hello my name is Melissa or mellymon.
I am 23 year old
I’m from the United States, California.

Some information about me: I am a student and work part time with children. I love music and anime and reading when I get a chance. I love to go to the beach or for a hike. I love the movies and theme parks.

I would love a snail pal, but I’m good with emails and online international pals.

You can contact me on my tumblr @natsua9700 Or my Instagram @mellymon97. If you like.

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Hi I’m V, I’m 23. 

I’m looking for someone to reminisce about the good old days of tumblr and mid-00s tv shows and fandom. I’m feeling the nostalgia :P

Happy to talk about other stuff too though, so do reach out. I’d prefer chatting on tumblr or a messaging app vs email/snail mail.


  • Chuck
  • ASOUE (forever and always BEFORE it was cool :P)
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Office, Community, Trial & Error
  • Harry Potter/Hunger games/percy jackson
  • Teen wolf 
  • Firefly/most of Whedonverse
  • BBC’s Utopia, Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars


  • fanfic (duh, but i’ll say it)
  • mid-00s music + indie/piano pop + + (eclectic and wide ranging music tastes)
  • Sociology, social science etc.
  • rain/dark asthetic
  • Effective altruism

… I think that’s it! You can learn more on my fandom tumblr: (i’ll never forgive myself for starting out on tumblr with a non-fandomaccount)

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1/100 days of productivity: starting off the month with a boost of motivation

it’s a sunny day, and that always means i’m in the mood for watching a studio ghibli film. i’m going to finish an essay, email some professors, vacuum another room, and get some of my other tasks out of the way before rewatching kiki’s delivery service or watching one i’ve not seen.

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Looking for a pen pal

Hi. My name is Melody, though I go by Lodie, and I am 20 from the UK. I am an acting student who is currently stuck at home due to the pandemic. I am also a pagan. Some of my interests are:

🍄 Dark academia/cottagecore

🍄 Music (indie, Dodie, Hadestown, TøP, The Beatles, etc)

🍄 Films. If I can’t be an actor I want to be videographer

🍄 Photography

🍄 Witchcraft

🍄 Classic literature (currently reading The Illiad)

🍄 Travelling and being outdoors

🍄 Writing and poetry

🍄 Baking

I am looking for a pen pal who speaks English, unfortunately I can’t speak any other languages, has similar interest to me, and is 18+. If you would like to be my pen pal drop me a DM. 😊

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So during quarantine I wrote my friends letters and I really enjoyed it. I have started writing my grandma letters but I just so desperately want a penpal. Or an email pal. I just want someone to write to without like knowing them in person. Anyway that’s all.

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Looking for pen pals!


Originally posted by sagebetweenthepages

Hi I’m Ozzy. I’ve done snail mail before but I sadly couldn’t continue due to living conditions and mental health, but, I now would love to get back into it especially with being stuck in quarantine.

About me! My pronouns are they/them, I’m (L)BGTQ+, heredity witch, I’m close to 16, I speak fluent English as well as semi-fluent French, and I live on the east coast of the U.S. I’m looking for someone with similar interests and ages 15-23

My interests! I am a full time artist, I speand a lot of my time creating due to work(I currently work with my state museum) and because art was my first true love. Though I love art, I plan to persue a career in bio sciences. I currently mainly study entomology, ethnobotany. I garden, raise many animals, and collect and preserve specimens(all ethically sourced). I listen to a variety of music but I especially love old school rap, r&b, and trad gothic music. I am also very active in my areas punk and metal scene. I am a huge weeb and have been nearly my whole life, I also am a huge nerd for obscure and older films.

Feel free to dm me if interested!

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Hello, my name is Emily! I’m 22 and I live in Indiana, US. I’m looking for a pen pal to write letters to!

I would prefer someone close to my age also living in the US to send mail to. You can expect me to send you little trinkets, art, tea, and postcards along with whatever else I find that’s cute! I don’t expect the same in return, you can send whatever you are comfortable with :)

Here are some of my interests

-Video games, I love RPG’s, sandbox, horror games, and choose your own adventure. My favorite games that I’ve played recently are Terraria, Detroit: become human, Animal Crossing and Night in the Woods.

-Art, Im kind of out of practice but I love crafting and painting! Expect to get some stickers and other little things drawn by me :)

-Reading, I mostly read autobiographies and mysteries.

-Baking (food in general lol), I love trying new things so also expect me to send you some of my favorite recipes!

-Eco friendly/sustainable lifestyle, I’m trying to switch to a more eco friendly lifestyle. I recently switched most of my bathroom products to more eco friendly products. I would love to talk about that if that’s something you’re interested in!

-My favorite TV shows right now are Good Girls, Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, Aggretsuko, Handmaid’s Tale, And Schitt’s Creek.

If I seem like somebody you’d want to receive letters from you can just message me on here!

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