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There are times like these where I wish that I had a penpal.

I wish that I could write to you and tell you about how I’m feeling, what I’ve been going through, and what’s changed in my life. I wish I could vent to you and confide in you.

But I would also want to be there for you. Be someone you can talk to and be supportive of you. I want to get to know you more and more, each time we talk. I want to know everything there is to know about you. I want to share, exchange and maybe grow to like each other’s interests and hobbies.

However, I’m a sad person. I’ve never had a penpal before because honestly, I don’t think I’ll be good at it. Someday’s I won’t have anything new to share or write. Or I might just make you sad… Yeah, I guess that’s the real reason I don’t have a penpal.

I mean I’d like to have one, maybe one around my age (I’m 21, almost 22) Maybe talk about my sexuality (I’m bisexual) Because no one really knows… And maybe share with someone about some struggles of mine (Especially having BPD) Ultimately, I guess I’m just scared and nervous about letting someone in.

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Hi!! My name is Terra and I am 28 years old from the U.S. I am looking for someone to pen pal with!! 21+

If you are interested here are some things about me!

I love arts and crafts, listening to 80s rock music, reading angsty romance novels or writing my own novels. I love to play The Sims. I love tea and carmel lattes. Netflix is life. I have 3 human kiddos, 2 doggo kiddos, and one handsome husband. I am currently learning Russian on duolingo.

I would love to get a pen pal outside of the USA. I am interested in all languages and cultures!

Feel free to message me or comment on this post if you are interested!

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Hi I’m V, I’m 23. 

I’m looking for someone to reminisce about the good old days of tumblr and mid-00s tv shows and fandom. I’m feeling the nostalgia :P

Happy to talk about other stuff too though, so do reach out. I’d prefer chatting on tumblr or a messaging app vs email/snail mail.


  • Chuck
  • ASOUE (forever and always BEFORE it was cool :P)
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Office, Community, Trial & Error
  • Harry Potter/Hunger games/percy jackson
  • Teen wolf 
  • Firefly/most of Whedonverse
  • BBC’s Utopia, Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars


  • fanfic (duh, but i’ll say it)
  • mid-00s music + indie/piano pop + + (eclectic and wide ranging music tastes)
  • Sociology, social science etc.
  • rain/dark asthetic
  • Effective altruism

… I think that’s it! You can learn more on my fandom tumblr: (i’ll never forgive myself for starting out on tumblr with a non-fandomaccount)

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Hi! My name is Brianna (she/her), I’m 21 and from Victoria, Australia and I’m looking for pen pals! Some of my interests/hobbies are:

- Reading (mostly young adult). My favourite author is Victoria Schwab

- BTS! I’m still new to ARMY but I would love to make some new friends who also love BTS

- Journalling. I built journal but I want to start getting into art journalling even tho I’m terrible at drawing and other art things 

- The Office is one of my favourite shows!

- Some other bands I love are Waterparks, Tonight Alive, With Confidence, All Time Low, Simple Creatures 

Would love to send snail mail, it’s been years since I last did it and I miss it! Looking forward to hearing from you! You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @paperbackbri_ DM there (I don’t often check Tumblr) or email me at paperback-bro @ hotmail . com 

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Hello, my name is Emily! I’m 22 and I live in Indiana, US. I’m looking for a pen pal to write letters to!

I would prefer someone close to my age also living in the US to send mail to. You can expect me to send you little trinkets, art, tea, and postcards along with whatever else I find that’s cute! I don’t expect the same in return, you can send whatever you are comfortable with :)

Here are some of my interests

-Video games, I love RPG’s, sandbox, horror games, and choose your own adventure. My favorite games that I’ve played recently are Terraria, Detroit: become human, Animal Crossing and Night in the Woods.

-Art, Im kind of out of practice but I love crafting and painting! Expect to get some stickers and other little things drawn by me :)

-Reading, I mostly read autobiographies and mysteries.

-Baking (food in general lol), I love trying new things so also expect me to send you some of my favorite recipes!

-Eco friendly/sustainable lifestyle, I’m trying to switch to a more eco friendly lifestyle. I recently switched most of my bathroom products to more eco friendly products. I would love to talk about that if that’s something you’re interested in!

-My favorite TV shows right now are Good Girls, Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers, Aggretsuko, Handmaid’s Tale, And Schitt’s Creek.

If I seem like somebody you’d want to receive letters from you can just message me on here!

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penpals by Lehorin *
Via Flickr:
Cover art for House of Sannae’s story “Penpals”

Another amazing cover by the wonderful @lehorin, this time for Penpals! I love the depiction of Kairi and Naminé together! (and I just noticed the picture of Sora, Riku, and Kairi on the corkboard in the back. Amazing) Thank you so much!

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Let’s be Penpals!

I’m looking for 1-3 (preferably in the US) people to be penpals! I’m 20 and looking for people around my age.

I’m interested in:

  • kpop (bts, day6, svt)
  • writing
  • literature
  • smoking (where my 420 babes at)
  • makeup
  • lgtbq+ stuff
  • bullet journaling

Obviously you don’t have to have the EXACT same interests, but would be willing to talk/learn about them. I only speak English :( but am willing to learn about anybody’s hobbies and stuff!

No penpal experience required, I’m patient! Send me a dm or an ask if you’re interested :)

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Have you ever just inexplicably been filled with pining? Yearning? Idk if this is just a gay thing, or what, but I can definitely say the amount of yearning has increased since learning that I am indeed LGBTQ+

And not even just romantic yearning, platonic yearning too.

Like I want to find a best friend out there somewhere, someone that’s there for me and understands me completely.

I want to magically find that person that never fails to make me smile, to bump into a person and instantly have that connection whether it be platonic or romantic.

I want to become internet friends with someone from across the globe, or exchange beautiful messages with someone like pen pals and get to know them until we’re best friends and talking all the time, or we’re slowly falling in love and one day, we meet up from our respective corners of the world and finally see each other in person.

Anyone else? Or is that just me?

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Pen pals wanted

Hey, I’m Maya a 16 year old female.

I would love it if anyone wanted to become pen pals.

I’m looking for pen pals between the ages 15 and 18.

I love dark academia and any academic inspired aesthetic.

My hobbies include reading esp. classics and fantasy. I do ballet and play the flute. I’m studying French and Spanish. I’m interested in physics and astronomy.

If you would be interested feel free to message me!

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Hmmm I randomly searched “penpal” tonight (probably because quarantine has me bored and lonely) and realized it’s a bit of a thing! I’d definitely be interested (:

I’m not sure what to say here but….

I’m 25

I have too many hobbies but my biggest is collecting records and music in general.

If you have a cassette player I will make you literal mix tapes!!!!!!

I also love photography, exploring the woods, gardening, tea, cats, history and a bunch of other shit:p if anyone is interested at all you should like this or send me a message!!!<3

I feel obligated to add a photo for some reason, I was forced to take a selfie since I have no photos on my phone, ignore my dumb face please<3

(at least I have a mask to hide behind)

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