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The Coronavirus guys 😳

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!!

For everyone quarantined at home, what’s something you’ve been doing to keep you busy? Pinterest is a life saver. I’ve been baking and cooking a ton. Trying different recipes is always fun for me and very therapeutic. I’ve also been doing some painting and just finished a pet portrait. 🐾 ❤️

Make sure to drink lots of water, start your day out with some form of excercise, and remember to breathe and think positive! 🙌

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So here’s how it works!

Bio Post:

Send in a bio through tumblr and your submission will be posted, add as many tags as you’d like!

Match Me Program:

Click on the link in our bio and you’ll be directed to a google form. Fill out every question in the form and hit submit! Your answers will be recorded and used to match you to another penfriend! Within 1-3 days you’ll get the information to contact your new pff (pen friend forever)! Easy as pie!

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Hi, my name’s Rooney I’m 23, from Argentina. 


Facts about me: I’m studying engineering and I’m sort of a geek who likes to stay fit. I’m fluent in Spanish (mother language) and English. I’m an extrovert full time.


I used to read a lot, now I haven’t got much time, but I still enjoy it. I love Marvel and musicals. I’m currently watching Outlander, Blindspot, and How to Get Away With Murder. I’m constantly listening to music, I prefer 80s rock (my country had some pretty great bands), but I wouldn’t say no to anything.


I’m not looking for anyone in particular, but I’d feel more comfortable with people over 19. I’d like to talk to people from any country and culture. I’d prefer online buddies now, though, either emails or social media.


My tumblr is:

And my email is:

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hey i’m matilda and i’m 19 and from england! i’m currently doing a physics degree at uni but obviously right now everything is online, so i have a load of free time!

i love binging tv shows, some of my favourites i watch over and over are archer, the it crowd, it’s always sunny and arrested development. right now, i’m watching supernatural, and i just finished house! i also love writing and reading in my free time. at uni i work in a kitchen and i actually really enjoy it because somewhere deep down i kinda wanna be a chef? physics degree might get me there who knows

i’ve posted on here before and made some really good friends, but i am very bored currently and would love more people to talk to!! if you’re interested my tumblr is @jessandzola

thanks for reading!!

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hi! my name is Hannah and I am looking for an international penpal. I am 22 and from the USA. I am bilingual English and German. I also study Spanish at university. 

I would like to exchange letters with someone who will continue to write me back. I like to include tea, art, poetry, postcards and other cool things in my letters. I make the envelopes and try to do a lot of art on them :)

anyway ~ If you are interested in being my penpal, please message me on tumblr


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Hi there,

My name is Preksha and I just turned 23 today (March 25th)! I’ve been trying to keep myself busy as I transition from college to working life so I figured I’d reach out to get a penpal/internet friend. I would love to meet someone who has similar interest but that’s not necessary if we can get the conversation flowing. I’d also like it if you were in the 20-26 age range.

A little about me! I like all things nerd but am partial to Star Trek, SuperWhoLock, Marvel, How I Met Your Mother, and Disney. I also enjoy TV Shows such as Schitt’s Creek, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Avatar: The Last Airbender (the best one, fight me), and The Good Place. I am a follower of all things KPop, so if you want to watch K-Dramas together, sign me up! Recently, I’ve been trying to get into gaming more too. I have a Switch and a Steam account for PC. I’ve found a few games that I like but I still need to grow my collection, these include: Trine, Bombergrounds, Borderlands 2, any of the Lego games (esp Star Wars and Marvel), and of course Breath of the Wild.

I have a snapchat @youknowpreksha, a steam @youknowpreksha, and my email is, you guessed it,

I look forward to hearing from you!


Also, I’m in a committed relationship and looking for friends only. I didn’t think this needed to be clarified but based on past interactions, I just wanted to be safe.

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Hi! My name is Torrie, I’m 28, and I’m from Appalachia. I recently took letter writing back up as a way to connect with folks around the world dealing with quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic. My interests include reading, traveling, cooking/baking, crafting, makeup, and hiking/riding my bike. I’m a cat mom of 4 (thanks to my brother deciding to bring rescues he finds at work to me), run a small online vintage and thrift boutique, and work with children on the side. I’m a huge Harry Potter and Disney nerd, love the rain, and am never far from a cup of coffee. I’m a lifelong feminist and ardent supporter and friend of marginalized groups, and don’t tolerate hate of any kind. I have a bad habit of buying too much stationery, so I like to share some of it with my pen pals. I’m happy writing to anyone (please be sure to have parental/guardian approval if under 18), but would love to hear from people in their mid-20s to 30s. Please reach out to me here if you’re interested in exchanging snail mail. Hope you’re all doing well!

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NAME: Hi! You can call me Alejo
AGE: I have heard 30 times “happy birthday” song
ABOUT ME: I am Costa Rican, fully into permaculture and ecological agriculture. I love astronomy and meteorology. Straight Edge (No drugs, no alcohol, no smoking) but i will not judge you if you do some of it. vegetarian since 2009 and currently trying veganism. In love with facts and funny data from the world. Used to play drums in Metalpunk bands and i do some electronic music in free time.
LOOKING FOR: People to chat and share facts from our countries, photos of daily life and experiences that will make us more humans in a disconnected world. At the beginning a kind of internet friends, but then maybe we can share snailmail and/or postcards :D
HOW PEOPLE CAN REACH YOU: I prefer this plataform, you can write/add me as @saturntower. Or Kik ( speedmetalsatan) or Line (ajsnx89)
AND ANY OTHER IMPORTANT INFO YOU WISH TO INCLUDE: No homophobic, xenophobic, racist, misogynist or fascist people please.

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Looking for a Penpal with stories and memories to make!!

Name: Hashim
Age: 19 (I’ll be 20 in a month)
Location: India
Snail Mail or Internet: I prefer snail mail with the mix!
Country of Preference: any!!!

About Me:
live in India, where cultures and traditions are very rich. I’ve been wanting a penpal for a while now, as I thought it would be a nice way to meet new people. I’m mostly interested in an international penpal who is willing to write and send letters and let’s exchange cultures, traditions and our everyday life.

To me, pen palling is more than just exchanging letters! Each letter to me is like a tiny work of art!

Interests and Hobbies:
imagine various nostalgic and aesthetics things. I love the northern lights and the space (I am currently learning astrophotography), I am a drummer and the pianist and studying music production. I have an interest in world-war history, abandoned buildings and the bunkers. I also like reading unsolved cases and I have an interest in paranormal stuff too. I watch american baseball, wrestling and I like doing skateboarding and kayaking.

If I seem interesting at all, don’t hesitate to message me!

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Dearest future penpal,

My name is Eleanor and I am a 15 yr old student from Minnesota. I go by she/her pronouns and I love to read. My biggest dream is to own my own independent bookstore and my biggest life goal is to learn the accordion. I love Stardew Valley and plants, although I can never seem to keep them alive. I love old pets and I volunteer at my local library all the time. I love sending letters with little gifts in them, such as seeds or little drawings. I’m not much of an artist, but I watercolor and bullet-journal. I am looking for a pen pal for some good old-fashioned snail mail. You can reach me at I look forward to hearing from you.


Eleanor F. Perrigo

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Looking for online friends

Hello, there… I’m Bianca, 21. I’m from Argentina, and I’m looking for email buddies, Instagram, or Tumblr pals.

I’m a bit of a nerd, I love sci fi, historical fiction, and fantasy, be it films, or series, or books. (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Marvel).

I like drawing and I’m learning Italian. I love listening to old music, musicals, and anything Disney. 

My tumblr’s thefangirlsnewgroove, and my email’s

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Hello! 🌿 

My name is Ashe, and I am on the search for some pen pals!

About me:

🍄 I’m 19 

🍄 I live in the United States 

🍄 I am a virgo! ♍️

🍄 I am very passionate about social issues all over the world ; I want to become a journalist! 

🍄 I know ASL, But I am trying to learn French right now!

Hobbies Include:

🌻 Reading 

🌻 Journaling (though I’m not that good at it haha)

🌻 Writing 

🌻 Movies/ Tv Shows 

🌻 Any type of music (I’m not picky!)

🌻 Astrology 

🌻 Witchcraft (I practice on my own!)

🌻 DND (on occasion)

🌻 Plants!!!

🌻 Poetry 

🌻 I really enjoy any kind of aesthetic! But here are some of my favorites!

               - grandmacore 

               - farmcore 

               - bakerycore 

               - cottagecore 

I would really enjoy anybody becoming my penpal! I have no preferences, only that you also enjoy writing and are looking for a penpal too! If this interests you please either DM me or comment on this post! Have a blessed day! 💫

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hello :)

Hi everyone,

I haven’t used tumblr in a very long time, but when I heard about the penpal societies that developed on here I just had to come back on. I’m currently majoring in music in North America! I’m 19 and I’m looking to talk to people that are 18-25. I love anything artsy (my hobbies are extensive haha), and my most recent obsession is film photography. I hope to hear from some friends soon :) You can contact me through my instagram @eehaena 

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Hi all!

It’s been awhile since I’ve connected with you guys so I just wanted to take a minute to catch up! I hope everyone is well and having a good start to the week.❣️

What’s everyone been up to? Any fun plans/events you have coming up? Tell me all the things! It’ll be a typical work week for me. Just trying to keep myself busy, as I’ve been dealing with anxiety lately, but I’m hanging in there.

Also, if you’ve submitted a post, I hope you’ve had a chance to connect with someone and find your ideal pen pal!! Can anyone share if they’ve had a successful experience so far with using this blog? Would love to know!

Take care guys and happy snailing! 🐌 🤗

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looking for a penpal :)

heyy!! my name is Andreea, i’m 15 and looking for a penpal, preferably female (age 14-16)

i live in moldova (a small country from eastern europe) and i’d send letters to anywhere on the globe (though europe would be cheaper haha) sooo yeah, dm me if you’re interested!!

some of my hobbies: reading (i read a lot of ya, fantasy and classics, but i also like thrillers), painting/sketching, embroidery, listening to music ofc (my favourite artists atm are lorde, fka twigs and julia michaels but i like others as well)

things i’d like to send: letters (ofc), pressed flowers, postcards, song recs, fav quotes, lil artpieces, stickers and other fun things!!!

again, dm me to talk online a little, i’m kinda paranoid ab internet people so yeah


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