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27 march 2020 // 1:19pm

a look at my pens as i finish my work for the day. i’ve got a towel on the table i’m working on since it’s newer and i’m trying not scratch it.

i’m currently working on a review for my stats midterm, it’s my least favourite class but thankfully my homework for the week is almost done! i’m hoping to go ride my bike for a bit this evening to take a break from all this.

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26 march 2020 // 3:32pm

stayed up a bit too late last night so enjoy the second cup of coffee i needed to stay awake today :/ i’ve been working on some notes for my italian and theology classes this afternoon, and i wish i was still in rome so i could see all these churches i’m learning about in person! oh well.

peep my love aka my lemon planner making an appearance in today’s photo

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