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I feel like I get lost quite often. I wallow in things that are secondary, missing the point


I know it’s a pretty weird time right now. Recently, in book by Lem, I came across the following idea, I will repeat it in my own words, because it is difficult to pull out just a quote to convey it. In an environment where everything fails, and even some small thing can cause death, if people also fail and betray, then existence will become unbearable. I think that’s what we need to learn right now. Now at least a person should not let a person down, try to help out. However, we are all rather cowardly here. We will fight only for our own survival. But this is not correct. And it will make us feel bad later

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Di morire… Ti avevo chiesto cazzo solo di morire qui… In questo posto mi sono sentita serena per la prima volta in 10 anni… Io per te ho fatto tanto ed ora ti avevo chiesto solo di farmi morire li ma tu - no - devi continuare a farmi soffrire a farmi vivere questo inferno di vita sola come un cane senza nessuno al mio fianco facendomi continuare a fare cose che non voglio distante dall'unica persona che sembra avere interesse di me. Perché tutto questo? Io non lo trovo affatto giusto.

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If you want to learn something new, be brave enough to suck.

Nobody starts off an expert in something new just because they’re in expert in something else.

We all start at square one.

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