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#people always be people
redrobin-detective · 21 hours ago
What if every time Danny transforms back into Fenton from Phantom, he’s automatically back in his white hazmat suit that he went into the portal with. He “died” in that suit so its basically his ‘save game’ outfit that it thinks his human self wears. Danny is cautious where and when he transforms into Phantom because he knows, upon changing back, he’s gonna have to do a crazy fast costume change. 
It’s why we only see Danny in the white and red shirt with jeans. He buys those pieces of clothing in bulk and always has an extra set or two on hand in the event he needs to change. 
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lunarfly · 21 hours ago
The fact that some people think Hermione would be attracted to her cowardly enemy Draco Malfoy over her brave and loyal friend Ron Weasley when Hermione has explicitly said she values friendship and bravery is beyond me.
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lotsoffandomimagines · 20 hours ago
I see a lot of people on this site (especially teenagers) fall into this trap of negativity and I wanted to give advice as someone who has been apart of internet fandom since the age of 12. Stop focusing on things you don’t like. If you aren’t a fan of something, block tags or unfollow people who talk about it. It’s really that simple. You’ll be astonished by how fun fandom becomes when you learn to just enjoy the things you love and ignore the things you don’t.
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hella1975 · 2 hours ago
Bruh sokka is more emotionally mature than some adults i know (including me tbh) actually telling zuko "I took out my hurt feelings on you and that's not fair. Still don't like you though bro" king shit i adore him
LITERALLY KING SHIT sokka let himself be angry, took the time to work through that, and when he'd come to terms with it he straight up said 'i had every right to be angry with you but i also lashed out because of my own insecurities and that wasn't fair. i don't have to like you to treat you like a human being, even if in the past you haven't offered me the same decency' like bitch??? i strive to be like him tbh
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wolfcrunch · 2 hours ago
as a deku stan, what makes him a well written character with flaws and depth in your eyes?
do yall ask this kinda question to other character stans or just deku stans
Tumblr media
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astriiformes · 19 hours ago
Officially sent an email to my supervisors letting them know I’m going to have to leave the museum to go back to school and I’m a little bit of a wreck about it.
It doesn’t feel real that everything is about to change so significantly (and imminently), and I’m going to miss my coworkers and the work I’ve gotten to do so so much. And it’s especially hard to give all that up to take an extremely uncertain step I’m so scared about 😭
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 20 hours ago
They went from this:
Tumblr media
To this: 
Tumblr media
I’m so proud and happy I cry so much I am so glad this show exists. They all worked so hard to get here and they deserve all that is good in this world (இ﹏இ`。)
Also can we talk about how PRECIOUS their baby faces are. They look adorable but also so sad I wanna pick them up and tell them everything is gonna be ok babies. (ಥ﹏ಥ)
Also baby Asahi has my entire whole heart kill me please I can’t take it
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shuethebadass · 21 hours ago
Weekly reminder that Artem Wing would watch your favorite tv dramas despite him prefer to watch movies but it’s because he really wanted to get along with you and understand you better. Hell, he even grab his lil notebook to write down any necessary information to remember.
Artem Wing loves you ♡
(P/S: Don’t ask him about how he’d know because he’d get flustered and find some ways to change the topic.)
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leedongsik · 9 hours ago
Yeah unlike everyone else I don't ship Gaon and Yohan, the fact Gaon looks exactly like Isaac/Yohan's brother is just weird to me, not saying people shouldn't ship it because of that reason I myself ship the weirdest things but personally I just don't feel it, I often see people compare them to Juwon and Dongsik from Beyond Evil and I myself started watching The Devil Judge because they reminded me of them too and I was up for that but watching the show I personally don't get the same or a similar feeling, obviously none of the shows was/is going for a romance between their leads lol but yeah...those are my two cents no one asked for
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sayidjarrahs · 16 hours ago
no offense but i once again finished lost and i looooove that while jack learned to let go, in the end, he still fixed the island and got to be the hero he always wanted to be because his dad didn’t believe in him. jack was always good and brave and kind and the hate he gets was never warranted since his heart was always in the right place. jack was a lot of things but selfish was never one of them. if anything he was too selfless and never took care of himself. poor boy.
finishing lost again?? love that for you! i'm on a rewatch myself / introducing it to a friend who hasn't seen it before and i'm just like...... this bitch better not have Bad Jack Opinions™ but yes i agree with everything you said ! i really never understand why jack gets so much hate. he's trying his damn best and yes he's not perfect but he's ALWAYS trying to help others !! and he goes through the most amazing and satisfying transformation. the man of science > man of faith journey gets me EVERY TIME.
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illmamnim-thoughts · 7 hours ago
People throw around the word "manipulation" at anything
What are the criterias for something to be manipulative? Where is the line drawn between a debate and someone who wants to change your views with no possibility but their own? Just because a character isn't trust worthy, does that make them inherently evil?
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hersilentlanguage · 13 hours ago
I was just skimming through this reallyyy long post and something jumped out at me that I feel like many fanfic writers may not realize:
Strictly speaking, you don’t have to choose any of these ratings; Ao3 has a “Not Rated” option, but for purposes of search results and some other functions, Not Rated fics are treated by the site as Explicit, just in case, which means they end up hidden from a significant portion of potential readers. It really is in your best interest as a writer who presumably wants people to see their stories, to select a rating. It helps readers judge if yours is the kind of story they want right now, too.
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