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Bad Mind and Grudgeful

This post kept on popping up on my feed across multiple platforms, I chose not to watch it because I knew what was coming and I did not want to be disappointed and disgusted with my people. I try to watch positive and uplifting stories because I know we can do better. But every once in awhile one of these stories slips through and I cannot avoid it anymore.

I got caught on WhatsApp with this one, so I managed to avoid it on every platform except WhatsApp. I ended up watching the two minutes that were posted, and I went in search of the original creator so that I could watch the full clip, even though I knew in my heart that this post was going to end the way I predicted.

I don’t know why I am so upset about the outcome, I knew what it was the moment I saw the title. I think it might be the explanation at the end that hurt my spirit. The fact that there are people like this out in the world is heart wrenching. How broken does a person need to be to think and behave this way. How do they live with themself knowing what they have done, the lives that they have ruined, the pain that they have inflicted on people because of what? Because they couldn’t find a way out of their misery and decided that if they cannot be happy, no one else should either. The blatant disregard for another person’s life has me sick, sick because this is happening everywhere, you cannot trust anyone because you don’t know what feelings people are carrying in their heart for you, they might have the biggest smile on their face and say the nicest things to you, some might even encourage you on your path, but in their heart there is spite, resentment, jealousy, and hatred all because you are succeeding when they are failing. Humanity is failing horribly, try to be a better version of yourself.

Be careful who you share your story with, everyone does not genuinely wish the best for you. Stay safe out there.

Nicole 10/25/20

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I’m literally dying. My school cancelled spring break but we get 3 weeks where a random day during that week we’ll get a day off. I know we’re trying to prevent partying but SERIOUSLY?!?! This does not help all the students who have worked super hard and aren’t partying and just want a break. I can literally just fucking anticipate my mental health tanking when that time rolls around at this point. 

Listen universities you haven’t stopped people partying in the height of a pandemic, and, newsflash, taking away our spring break isn’t going to stop them from partying either. I’m literally being punished because people can’t not party for a month or two. And a random day off once a week for three weeks is just going to make my professors give me even more assignments, HELL I’m probably gonna have everything due that day instead! To everyone who just has to party right now while you’re in University during a pandemic - thank you SO MUCH for ruining my one break I get during spring semester where I can go home and not have to worry about classes. 


Originally posted by fearless-man

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Meanwhile, at my current job, one of my employees (I am management now lol) ended up needing to call the police today because one of the small-town voters she called to canvass started nattering on about an armed conspiracy against the local judges.

Just another Wednesday on the campaign trail.

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