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youaretheunicorn · 2 days ago
félix: i wasn't that drunk last night
julieta: you were flirting with pepa
félix: so? she's my wife.
julieta: you asked her if she was single
julieta: and cried when she told you she wasn't.
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justanotherblondie · 25 days ago
Can we just talk for a second about how Disney fully could have leaned into the crazy Latina women and husbands who roll their eyes at it, but Felix is always so fuckin quick to validate her. Not one crazy joke, not even a single comment, just fully encourages her to feel her emotions.
when she’s crying at Antonio’s ceremony, he could fully have been like yo chill stop being dramatic, but all he says is love, you’re gonna get him wet. Not a, don’t cry, not an omg stop, just a gentle reminder to move the cloud over a little.
And with the whole hurricane wedding, he’s not, oh she ruined the weather or ugh it was a disaster. Just a, what a joyous day. Like she’s warning mirabel and he’s like fuck yeah I get to talk about one of the best days of my life
Tumblr media
Look how fucking happy he is, getting pelted by hail by his fucking goddess of a wife
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missjorgenbjorgen · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
I love how instead of Pepa trying to get rid of her cloud, she learns to dance in the rain with it! instead of shutting her emotions down, she dances with it! and ofc Felix being a supportive king as he is. I love them.
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light1021 · 24 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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silveryinkystar · 7 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Félix Madrigal + Pepa's Weather-Changing Gift
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magic-madrigals · a month ago
Tumblr media
This is such a perfect representation of their different relationships to her powers
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talkaboutbrunito · 18 days ago
The HC of teen or mid 20s Pepa having a bad day and walking through the town storming, having a breakdown because she’s not able to stop it, everyone’s hiding inside to avoid the bad weather, except one kindhearted and somewhat carefree young man who brings out an umbrella and sits next to her without one even though she’s used to it and now he’s getting rained on. She invites him over for dinner as a thank you and instantly charms the family - especially Abuela.
This meeting hc lives rent free in my mindddd
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thenightwolf51 · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
I just noticed that while all the other grankids spin in unison and do the same dance, Mirabel's spin is delayed and shes dancing a bit differently.
Let me just have a moment of reading too much into it, but this kinda reminds me of their gifts. Everyone else all got their gifts and doors when they were 5 and then we have Mirabel who didn't get her door (because i count the front door when Casita is restored as hers) until she's 15 and doesn't have a gift (though i do like the think that she does). So her dance is just as out of sinc as she is with "madrigal tradition"
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vampiresdontdodishes · 3 days ago
Pepa, drunk: I have to say, you know, getting married is the bravest, most wonderful thing you can do. Because every day you come home and you’re just, like, “What? It’s you! I love you! You’re my sexy roommate and we love each other!”
Felix, also drunk: Pepa's talking about me!
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fanwarrior321 · 5 days ago
I'm obsessed with the way that pepa and felix love each other. I’m obsessed with the way julieta and agustin love each other. I’m obsessed with the abuela and abuleo loved each other. I’m obsessed with the way the people in encanto loved each other
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ransperfect · 10 days ago
Well it’s not a he, it’s a she.
Pt 4 Luisa x Fem! Reader (recap) the date went different than expected and Luisa feels horrible about it and gets comforted.
Warnings : Panic attacks (?)
Fluff romance
Readers pronouns : she/her
Tumblr media
Her panic grew, she held her chest while she sat on a couch in the living room. Isa tried to do her one of her massages on her shoulders even when her hands are much more smaller than Luisa’s shoulders, Antonio tried to talk her out of it with his breathy whisper, Camilo tried to offer her some tea, Mirabel and Dolores were trying to get their parents when they were at the other side of town. Abuela was stunned and ordered the others trying to help in any way shape or form. Pepa and Félix helped tons too but they didn’t know the girl as well as the others.
Luisa had her panic attack. The more she thought the more ragged her breathing was. She could be described as more paler, usually when you see her she would be warm but now it was the opposite. Her head was spinning and for what? A girl she couldn’t talk to?
Luisa always had the least feelings, meaning she would always really think of other’s opinions before herself. And when she had a strong feeling, she would burst. This only happened once when she was nine when she didn’t want to carry more churches, re-route the rivers, this and all that. And when she felt that way, it was hectic. She almost fainted and had to checked by Julieta multiple times if her pulse was answering.
Of course, she was stronger now. She could keep conscious but it’s a nightmare she faced. She had an overwhelming sense of dread. She was given the tea so gently but as she was so detached and intense. She shattered it, with a wound on her fingers and palms but she had no worry for that. She saw everyone around her taking at least five steps back from the glass on the floor. She had seen at what she’d done, and ran out. Of course to her room. Since she was so much more taller then anyone else, no one could’ve caught up with her steps. She slammed the door in shame and guilt. Locking it.
You know what is more strange than Luisa doing more chores than usual? With her doing no chores at all. In the morning of the Madrigal breakfast, she wasn’t present. Abuela Alma shook it off knowing she needed a break. This also worried her close members as she never missed anything. Agustin kept frowning at the missing someone on the chair while he kept eating slowly.
After breakfast, he and Julieta quickly snuck her breakfast settling it outside her door. Knocking the door twice so for sure she would answer. They didn’t want to burden anything as they just left her.
In town, everyone was shocked of the missing sight of Luisa Madrigal. Most of them wanted her to put the donkeys in the barn, move churches and reroute the rivers! But Julieta held her hand out and shook her head. Luisa’s disappearance worried you the most. As you saw her so vulnerable last night, this felt like a burden to you. You couldn’t do anything without thinking of her that day. Then there you go, you settled at the quiet bridge that went from the town and led to a dark forest. You weren’t too bold of course.
You wondered, why was she so emotional last night when she was the one who invited you over. Why was she so overdressed and overwhelmed last night? Did you do something to scare her? Did you threaten her? Then it clicked.
The reason why she invited you for dinner in the first place, got shy seeing you, froze when she saw you, was because she likes you. The reason why she would stare at you, had red ear around you, was in a daze when you were around was because she fancies you. Who knew the strong yet soft Madrigal likes a writer and bookworm Y/N. Did you return these feelings back? You don’t know.
No doubt she was better than the other people who saw you that way. They were rather more rude and foolish. Luisa was kind, she helped others all the time and was also entertaining to children. You loved people like that. Before you always saw her as Luisa the strong Madrigal, but last night you felt like you saw a different person. What if she felt so pressured to do everything for everyone. What if she felt alone and chose to hide those feelings. You were so much in that train of thought? Your mum approached you and stood next to you.
“Hi mijita. What’s wrong, you seem to be stuck in your head.” She said to you and hit you with her elbow. You looked away and shook your head to avoid her question. She pulled your attention back with her loving eyes.
“Y/N, is this about Luisa?” She whispered and held your shoulder. You pressed your lips, unsure but nodded in honesty anyways.
“Hm, so something happened last night?” Your mamí raised her eyebrow in question. You mumbled a quiet yes and she sighed,
“What happened? Tell me and maybe I can help you.”
“Well, Luisa asked me to dinner. You know that, but when we had it. It was awkward I’d say. We weren’t talking as much. And she had wild makeup, it’s not like her. At least I don’t think it is like her have that. In the end, she panicked..? And cried. Told me to go away. Now I think, she likes me?”
You told her everything. Your mother was a great listener. Nodding at every sentence she heard. But the last one caught her a bit off-guard. Causing her to be silent like the rivers under. You stared at her to answer,
“Sorry, that took me off guard but why do you think she likes you that way..?”
“Well why would she invite me in the first place? To scare me? No Madrigal would do that. Sometimes I’d notice her staring at me too. And the other day when I wanted to say thank you for inviting me, she walked away.”
“Well, do you return these feelings mijita?”
There again Luisa was not present even during dinner. The Madrigal familia started to worry even more. She was not even seen by anyone in the casita, and according to Antonio his animals didn’t have a sight of Luisa too. Dolores did even not hear her speaking or doing anything.
Agustin sighed, he took Luisa’s plate and filled it with the food available. Along with some water to hydrate her up. He was so serious about in fact, his feet didn’t trip once doing so. Julieta asked if he needed help, but he was stern and told her not to. Insisting that he could handle it.
He went up the stairs to the outside of her room. He gasped at the untouched food outside her door and frowned at the sight. Since Luisa had a gift so powerful and in need of energy, she always had to eat more than others to keep herself up. He knocked on her door, with no answer he knocked again, at no answer. Even when Agustin is such a polite man, he opened the door instantly. Almost tripped on the way but he caught himself up before falling.
There Luisa was, she looked like she was already ready for bed. In her nightgown and her hair down. She was lifting weights while sitting on the edge of her bed. Her face was blank and she met her father’s eyes. She saw him so worried, and sighed. Her head tilt for him to come over and sit on her bed. He walked over to her and sat next to her on the bed. Offering her the water and food, she dropped the weights making her dad flinch. Scared that he almost got hit in the foot. But he exhaled in relief, with no pain whatsoever. He looked to his daughter. Grinning when she was still pretty upset. He reached his arm and rested it on her shoulders.
“So mi vida, what happened with this Y/N girl?” He asked her, he was already told what happened by the others but will ask Luisa from her perspective. She frowned so sadly, giving Agustin the shiver of sorrow. But she told him anyways,
“I messed up Pa, I messed up a lot. I asked her on a dinner night, well Camilo asked her for me. And I had a wild look, a dress chosen by Mirabel. Flowers on my head by Isa. This makeup that was dumped to my face making me look like a peach. Well Isa put that on me even though Dolores was supposed to do it. I had these cheesy pick up lines to her too. Camilo did that part.” She rambled about it. This puzzled Agustin. Where he had a certain question in his head,
“So.. where is my Lulu’s part of it?” He asked,
“What do you mean Pa?”
“All I heard was about your cousins and sisters, where was the Luisa’s part where she was herself?”
“Well, I don’t know anything about dates..? I let everyone pretty much be in control. I don’t know anything about it. Is it a bad thing..?”
“I get you don’t know Lulu but wouldn’t it hurt to be true to her? Like me and your mamí.”
“What if she won’t like me that way though? She might find me weird and will like, hate me.” She face palmed herself. Embarassed at how true she was to her father. But he just chuckled softly,
“Well if she won’t love my true Lulu then she isn’t the one. It’s harsh but true. She can’t love a different version of you because it’s not you.” He told her truthfully. Agustin can be accident-prone but since marrying Julieta, he could also be wise.
“What do I do about it?”
I really hope you enjoyed this chapter! As I read it, it is quite long so I hope you wont be bored c: I also thank those who are reading all the parts! And I decided to add a title on the fic. ‘It’s not a he, it’s a she.’ Anyways I can confirm there will be one more part on this, goodbye!
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youaretheunicorn · 2 days ago
pepa: ugh, why won't someone just take me out?
félix: like... on a date or murder?
pepa: surprise me.
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officalaizawa003 · 3 days ago
Drinking trio (encanto maybe cannon)
Felix and Agustuin drinking: *spots Bruno* Aye Bruno! Come here!
Bruno with his awkward self: Uh y-yes?
Felix: Come have a drink with us!
Bruno: Oh no no! *nervous chuckle* I dont drink!
Agustuin: Come on! Your always so up tight! Its time to loosen up a bit!
Felix: Yeah come on! Just a few shots!
Literally 30 minutes later..
Pepa and Julieta wacking their husbands on the head: Why did you ask him to drink!
Bruno being held up by them, completely drunk: I aM oNe DrInK aWaY fRoM tElLiNg EvErYoNe HeRe WhAt I rEaLlY tHiNk!
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missjorgenbjorgen · 18 days ago
guys. okay. my Encanto familia. Here’s a deep dive into Pepa’s room. BECAUSE HER ROOM MATCHES HER GIFT. here’s what I found!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Her wallpaper is raindrops! And the tiles on the wall and floor are rain and the sun. And she has green and blue earthy colors of course, for the weather!
Also there’s even a shadow for her cloud on the walls.
Tumblr media
Next for her wall decor, her lampshade is a cloud lampshade with rain drop beads!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
FLOWERS! Pepa’s room has this pot of flowers. It took me a while to figure out what these flowers are, but they are Common Zinnia flowers! They are native to Mexico but has been naturalized all over Central America, including Colombia! Y’all won’t even be shocked to find out what they symbolize…
they symbolize LASTING AFFECTION. and what TWO characters in Encanto literally embody lasting affection? PEPA AND FELIX. these little details. my God.
also the colors of the flower coordinate with Pepa’s side of the family!
Tumblr media
This thing on her nightstand is a combination of a windvane and an anemometer. these are typically on sailboats. a windvane measures wind direction and a anemometer measures wind speed. both of these are meteorological instruments for….telling the weather!
And during this scene, when Pepa starts thundering, they spin!!!!!
Next on her furniture, her chair!
Tumblr media
Her chair has many little features. On the top of it, it has two clouds on the top handles. The it has a big cloud in the middle with rain drop streams and a big lightning bolt. Then a blue pillow with subtle cloud shapes.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
And lastly, Pepa’s teapot! Her teapot set has raindrops and suns on them.
Props to you, disney. These details are so specific and I appreciate how much effort they put into bringing their characters to life. Fucking phenomenal. I love and appreciate pepa<3
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cassiebones · 16 days ago
Okay since everybody liked my theory on Julieta and Augustin, I'd like to now share my theory on Félix and Pepa and how they fell in love.
This is based on several headcanons I saw on Tumblr, Twitter and TikTok.
Okay, so, unlike Augustin, Félix 1000% grew up in the Encanto. He knew the magic and all the history of the village. He went to school with the triplets and was even probably friends with Bruno as young boys.
He and Bruno would play after school at the Casita and sometimes the girls would play with them, but they liked mud and wrestling and soccer and Pepa would make it storm when she was losing a game, so she didn't often play with them and Julieta would play dolls with her to keep her calm.
Then one day, Félix shows up with a big umbrella and invites Pepa and Julieta to play a board game or something with them where she may lose. It doesn't matter if she loses now bc they'll all be dry with Félix's umbrella. It works like a charm and from then on, Félix tries hard to make sure that Pepa is included in all their games.
At school, when kids don't want her to play soccer with them bc she always makes the field wet, Félix huffs at them.
"You scared of a little mud, Juan? Baby."
"I'm scared of nothing. She can play, but she's on your team." Félix is unsurprisingly okay with this.
Whenever Pepa starts to get frustrated with how the game is going, he passes her the ball or sidles up next to her and tells her a joke that calms and distracts her. It gets muddy sometimes, but they all learn to deal with it
This leads to a lot of muddy children and a few headaches for Alma, but her children are all happy, so she lets it be for now.
Félix continues to do little things to calm Pepa down as they get older and they become really good friends. Just friends...at least for a bit.
She dates other guys (and maybe some girls 💅) and you know when she has a bad breakup because the sky turns gray. But Félix remains a good friend to the Madrigals and always knows just how to cheer her up. He dates a bit, too, but eventually finds himself comparing every girl to Pepa. He misses her rain clouds or the sun in her smile when she's not around.
Around the time Julieta and Augustin get engaged, he decides to tell Pepa how he feels about her.
"well it's about damn time!" She says (Bruno told her ages ago that she would marry 'a very good friend' and she knew exactly who it was) and kisses him. Alma is overjoyed that her two daughters have each found a love (and she hands over a few coins to Bruno, because of course they all bet on how long it would take to finally get together).
He waits until after Julieta and Augustin's wedding because he doesn't want to steal their thunder, but after Pepa says yes, it's not long before their own wedding.
He loves that it rained on their wedding day, and he tells Pepa as much. He tells her that he'll take all her hurricanes and hailstorms as long as he gets to remain hers.
It's a no-brainer to take on the Madrigal family name, for both Augustin AND Félix. The name means something in their village, but he doesn't take it for the status; he takes it because he absolutely adores Pepa and her entire family and wants to officially be a part of that.
(Augustin takes the name because it reminds him that he found where he truly belongs)
This theory is a bit shorter, but I like it. Any thoughts.
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missararts · 6 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
From that meme-
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lackofsleepandtea-blog · 16 days ago
Things in my mind that are fact about encanto in my mind.
- Augustine is 100% that dad who would wear a #girldad shirt and or would brag about his girls every single second if he could.
- Luisa is 100% a daddy’s girl and would legit kill for her dad. While I feel like Mirabel would move more towards her mother and would always go and help her cook as a child.
- Pepa 100% can’t take a joke. (As obvious in the song We don’t talk about Bruno). You know for a fact that Felix did one joke on her when they first started dating and she lost it. After that he knew never to joke with her.
- julietta 100% beat the shit out of some kids who would pick on Bruno as a kid, but would only swing one then let Pepa finish the person off.
- Pepa and Julietta pregnant together was both a blessing and a curse. In many ways I think of Father of the Bride part 2. Both of them awake in the middle of the night eating and Bruno would come down and see his sisters laughing and crying over food and just slowly back away.
- Bruno realized being an uncle was the best thing in the world because the second that Luisa or Dolores started crying he would instantly hang them back.
- Pepa probably got Dolores sick once from the rain and due to that felt like a monster and hated her gift for a week. But after that one time, they knew how to keep the kids from catching colds.
- Camilo is 100% a mamas boy. He probably said mama as his first word and would do anything to keep his mama from crying.
If y’all want one shots of more I will 100% do so.
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idkidraw · 25 days ago
I have some headcanons abt Pepa Magridal and need ppl to share them with so:
she cant and doesnt want to learn how to cook, the one time Julieta tried to teach her the kitchen got struck by lightning. Abuela judges her for it because shes conviced that every woman should know how to cook
she didnt have many friends and spent a lot time with her siblings until she met someone who wasnt scared of her gift when she was 17 (that someones Fèlix)
she always said to her family that she didnt want any kids, so everyone was more than surprised when she announced her first pregnancy
she loves sour candies and as a kid she would snuck in the kitchen at night to eat them, now as an adult, when she cant sleep or when shes stressed, she does the same. With the only difference that now Dolores hears her and joins her, to spend some time alone with her mom like when she was little.
she chose all of her childrens names.
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s0sorry · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
It’s the kind of love and support for each other that I wish to see in all couples. They’re supreme, the next Gomez and Morticia
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dj-bynum3718 · 13 days ago
Encanto as Vines
*The family sitting in silence*
Camilo *grabs Felix’s wine and takes a swig*
Pepa: Camilo Madrigal im going to beat your ass *grabs drink aggressive thunder*
*Family laughing*
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