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Pepa & Lillith for character meme
I’m glad my love of the owl house hasn’t been forgotten despite this blogs change
1- Favourites thing(s) about this character?
She’s a lot of fun! I like her energy. She makes me love the color yellow again. She’s very pretty. I love her outfit. I love her personality. She was an initial favorite of mine as well because I was really interested in her gift, and the subsequent anxiety and emotional issues she clearly has because of it. I love her relationship with Félix. We don’t see too much about her with Dolores and Camilo, but we see how much she cares when she’s worrying about Antonio. Also love that she’s absolutely ready to give in and talk about Bruno despite acting like she didn’t want to.
2- What song(s) remind you of this character?
I have a few, but I’m gonna say Second Child, Restless Child by The Oh Hellos for now.
3- Do you like this character?
Pls look at my url. Look at my icon. Look at my top posts. You tell me.
4- Would you write about this character?
I have and will continue to do so!
5- What do you not like about this character?
How dare you ask me that
6- Favourite thing this character has said?
I answered this here
7- What do you like most about this character?
Her frazzled anxious energy was something I related too tbh! Then the more I paid attention to her every time I rewatched, I just fell in love with her personality and her ways of showing affection, as well as her kinda petty and dramatic nature!
8- Do you think this character is underrated or overrated?
Refer to question 6
9- What’s your favourite headcanon(s) for this character?
I know a lot of people say they believe she actually is in control of the weather, but she lets her emotions control her. I think her emotions DO control the weather, but the actual problem is the way she’s been taught to associate different types of weather with specific emotions. If she could see the positives and negatives of all weather, it would allow her better control no matter what emotion she’s feeling.
10- Who do you like to ship with this character? (If you do of course) Is it another character from the cast or is it an OC?
Me. Félix of course.
11- Who do you not like to ship with this character?
I thin we know the answer by now based on the rest of these character asks.
12- Have you read any fics about this character? (if it’s not an OC)? Can you recommend anything good?
Bestie buckle tf up
First of all, shameless self promos here:
Clear Skies
No Clouds Allowed In The Sky
Now for others:
Should I Be Worried?
I Still Love The Rain
Bracing For The Winds I Always Summon
Rebellious Teenagers
Positively Beaming
Come Into The Light
After Everything, There’s Still You
the constellations shift
Can’t Hear The Miracle
Clear Skies, Pepa Madrigal
little cloud
14- What outfit would you really like to see this character wear? Or what’s your favourite outfit of theirs?
Pls I’m just in love with her dress, and all the little details in it. The sun pattern around her neck, the lighting bolts on the hair band and near the bottom of the skirt, the ver subtle raindrop pattern across most of the dress. It’s got a lot of cool details
16- What do you think would improve this character? Like, character-arc wise?
We can probably assume how she got to suppressing her emotions, and how clear skies became her thing to calm down, but I think I’d be interesting to learn more about the events in her life that lead to her feeling unable to really express herself.
17- Have you ever had a crush on this character…?
Look at me. Look me in the eyes. Look at my blog. You have your answer.
18- What’s something you associate this character with? E.g. a certain colour, object or scenery?
Sounds of thunder, sun showers, the whole spectrum of colors in a sunrise or sunset, braided hair, the feeling of laying on the pavement while it rains, the sound of raindrops hitting the roof, bright yellow, sunflowers,
19- What would the show/book/movie be like if this character wasn’t present? (if it’s not an OC)
Who else is gonna lead her whole half of the family in a choreographed musical number to tell Mirabel about Bruno?? Julieta?? I think not! We need Pepa so she can learn more about Bruno.
21- Wild card! Talk about anything to do with this character! Anything at all!
I’d really like to explore her relationship with Julieta more as well. I think they would’ve been compared to each other often as kids, with Julieta being favored by others, and I think Pepa would have some built up resentment about it, even if she doesn’t want to. It’d be interesting to see them talk it out. I also think Julieta may have missed out on a lot of her childhood for the sake of Bruno and Pepa, and this could be something Pepa never really realized, so I’d be interested in how that kind of talk would go down as well.
Lilith Clawthorne
1- Favourites thing(s) about this character?
I love a good morally gray character, especially one who starts on the bad side and realizes what they’ve done wrong, and strives to improve themself! I love how she’s become a happier person, and has really shown more of her true personality after leaving the Emperor’s Cult Coven. She fucked up real bad, but overall she truly deeply cares about her sister.
2- What song(s) remind you of this character?
I’ll Be Good by Jaymes Young
3- Do you like this character?
Yes absolutely! A fave from the owl house. I’ve literally cosplayed her.
4- Would you write about this character?
I have already!! Several fics about her on my ao3, they’re not the greatest but they sure are there.
5- What do you not like about this character?
Lilith, honey, bby, you’re a little dumb. This whole mess could’ve been avoided if you just talked to your sister as kids. Also you tried to chase fire bees with a wooden stick. I love you still tho.
6- Favourite thing this character has said?
“I am a witch, UNHINGED!” But also at the end of Separate Tides you can hear her say “things are finally starting to feel alright again” and i love that cause you have to wonder how many years it’s been since she’s been able to feel that way, like 30+ probably.
7- What do you like most about this character?
She’s complex, and while she can never undo the things she did, I think she’s really genuinely trying to be better for her sister, for the people around her and for herself as well.
8- Do you think this character is underrated or overrated?
Hmm not one or the other, She got a LOT of hate in season 1, but now a lot of people love her.
9- What’s your favourite headcanon(s) for this character?
Omg it’s been awhile since I’ve had to think about this. Always a fan of the idea that she had a petty past relationship with Odalia, and the two fucking hate each other now. It makes for good humor. Also I love the headcanon that Lux gave Lilith the low battery shirt, told Eda the joke, and Lilith still has no clue what the joke is.
10- Who do you like to ship with this character? (If you do of course) Is it another character from the cast or is it an OC?
Lilith x self-improvement
11- Who do you not like to ship with this character?
Belos, Hooty.
12- Have you read any fics about this character? (if it’s not an OC)? Can you recommend anything good?
It’s been awhile but here’s some good ones I remember
Famous Last Words
Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown
we can’t function alone
living arrangements, shovel talks
Accidentally An Aunt
14- What outfit would you really like to see this character wear? Or what’s your favourite outfit of theirs?
Give me them a badass new wild witch Lilith outfit okay!! The battery shirt is humorous, but I need her to kick it up a notch and accept her newfound wild witch nature and look like a bad ass like Eda.
16- What do you think would improve this character? Like, character-arc wise?
She had many opportunities to talk with her sister before things got so much worse. I’d love to see her become someone who takes action way more often, and doesn’t hesitate because she’s scared of what will happen to her.
17- Have you ever had a crush on this character…?
yes absolutely!
18- What’s something you associate this character with? E.g. a certain colour, object or scenery?
Royal blue, round glasses, ravens, well-loved books and well-used notebooks, night skies,
19- What would the show/book/movie be like if this character wasn’t present? (if it’s not an OC)
Would Eda even be the Owl Lady?
21- Wild card! Talk about anything to do with this character! Anything at all!
Tbh I’m still worried that since she went to be with her mother, that it’s a way to keep audiences from really thinking about what she’s up to/worrying about her, and then bam we gonna found out she’s held hostage by the Emperor’s Coven or something. Especially cause I think Belos may have a stronger grudge against her for betraying him.
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the most important mark to leave [AO3 Link] eddie/buck, chris. birthdays, marriage proposals, fluff and family.
“This is gross,” Eddie mutters.
If Abuela were to ever see the inside of his fridge; Eddie doesn’t wanna think about it. He moves some of the tupperware out of the way, wrinkling his nose. He doesn’t know how long some have these have been here. He gets a steady collection of pre-cooked food thanks to both Abuela and Buck, who are determined that Chris never eats anything Eddie cooks.
Which, fair, when Eddie’s not taking a dent to his pride, he can admit that living off of canned and boxed food isn’t the healthiest.
Eddie looks back over his shoulder. Chris is at the table, doing his spelling for the next day. He’s been going through a nope phase with anything writing related, so Eddie’s pleased to see it. “Yeah, buddy?”
Chris shifts on his seat. “Is Buck coming over next Saturday?”
“Uh,” Eddie says, trying to think what’s happening next Saturday. He’s not working and he’s almost positive Buck’s been making noise about the aquarium. “I think so. We’ll have to ask.”
“No!” Chris looks contrite right after his shout.
“No?” Eddie raises his eyebrows and drops some of the tuppers into the trash. They’re beyond saving and it’s easier to buy new ones than expose himself—and Chris—to whatever’s inside. “Chris—”
“I meant,” Chris starts, “we have to ask him because he’s gotta come to his birthday party.”
Eddie’s not forgotten it’s Buck’s birthday; he’s already got Buck’s gift planned out, he just needs the right time. They haven’t been able to go on a proper date in weeks, but that’s never bothered them. Buck likes the domesticity that comes from being a father—and Eddie’s always going to be grateful Buck loves his son like he’s his own—and Eddie loves being under his own roof and not having a ton of people stare at him when he's inevitably awkward. “I don’t know if Buck wants that.”
Chris frowns, then puts down his pen. He meets Eddie’s eyes unflinchingly. “Dad, Buck’s not gonna say he wants a party. He doesn’t think you want a fuss.”
Eddie is, apparently, a failure of a partner. “Buck—”
“He told Abuela,” Chris says, matter-of-factly. “I wasn’t meant to hear but they thought I was sleeping. He knows you don’t like big celebration things unless they’re inside but he wants a backyard party. He wants fireworks because he thinks they’re cool and he never got them when he was as old as me. He also never got cake like I do. That’s really sad, Dad.”
It takes Eddie a moment to get his feelings under control. When he does, he closes the fridge door and sits across from Chris. He doesn’t know any of this about Buck but he’s not surprised; they don’t talk about their pasts because there’s so much there they don’t want to address. Their present and their future have always been their focus because they’re more important. Eddie thinks maybe it’s a mistake.
“Buck wants to be happy.” Chris stares down at his homework, still frowning. “He doesn’t want you to be upset with what he wants.”
There’s clearly things both he and Buck have to talk about, but Eddie’s overcome with emotion; he wants Buck to have whatever he needs, to enjoy his birthday instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks. “Well,” he says, leaning across the table and sharing a grin with his son. “I guess we should plan Buck’s birthday, shouldn’t we?”
Chris cheers and then looks down at his homework. “Does this mean I don’t have to do my spelling?”
“Nice try, buddy,” Eddie says with a laugh. “Unless you want me to call Buck and tell him you’re not doing your homework.”
“Alright,” Chris says. “I’ll finish it.”
“It should be superheroes,” Chris says.
Eddie pulls into the mall parking lot, cursing when there isn’t an available spot. Where are all the people coming from? It’s his only day off and he doesn’t wanna spend it driving around a parking lot. There’s a woman in a minivan almost on his tail and he rolls his eyes. Tapping his fingers on the wheel, he curses inwardly. “Why’s that?”
Chris sighs dramatically and Eddie snorts. He’s definitely been spending too much time with Buck. “Because Buck loves superheroes, Dad. That’s why he wants a replicon Steve shield for his birthday.”
“Replica,” Eddie corrects gently, grinning. A spot opens up and he manages to swipe it before the woman in the minivan. She looks harassed, four kids in the back, and Eddie gets a flashback to Chris’ sleepover. He doesn’t envy her one bit. “It’s a good job we managed to get it then, isn’t it?”
Chris meets his eyes in the mirror. “We’re the best.”
“Yes, we are,” Eddie says, shutting off the truck. “How about we grab Buck a cake?”
Navigating the market is an exercise in frustration at the best of times, but even more so when Chris is demanding everything be perfect. Not that Eddie’s complaining; after the couple of years Buck’s had, he deserves to be lavished with affection and Chris is nothing if not the best source of that where Buck’s concerned.
They scan the row of cakes and Eddie’s not finding any good enough. Now that he knows Buck’s never had one, he wants it to be perfect. Chris also comments on most of them; he likes some of the characters he and Buck watch on television. (Eddie doesn’t have the heart to tell him Buck watches the cartoons because Chris likes them). He stops at the generic ones; round chocolate cakes, red velvet, the occasional long and thin caterpillar cakes.
“I like that one,” Chris says. He points to a heart-shaped cake on one of the lower shelves.
Eddie raises his eyebrows. “Why that one?”
Chris tips his head back, looking up at Eddie with a grin. “Buck’s got a big heart, Dad, and he gives it to all of us all the time. Now we get to show him we know.”
One day Eddie’s gonna stop being surprised by his son’s goodness. Though it’s less surprise and more awe that he’s responsible for such a beautiful human being. “I love you so much, kid.”
“I love you too, Dad,” Chris says and Eddie’s not sure if that’s a roll of his eyes. Honestly, Buck time is being rationed. “So are we getting the cake?”
Eddie agrees easily and puts the cake in the cart. It’s probably cheaper to make his own, but he’s never tried baking before and he knows the instant he turns on the oven to try, Buck’ll appear somehow to yell him out of the kitchen. “I think that’s it, bud.”
“No.” Chris unfolds the piece of paper he’s been clutching the entire trip and gives it to Eddie. “We haven’t got the decorations yet.”
The list is small; Cake. Decorations. Dad. Friends. Me. Kisses. Hugs. Lots of Love. Abuela’s cooking. Not Dad’s cooking.
Swallowing, Eddie takes a moment. “Is this what we need for Buck’s birthday?”
Chris nods. “The decorations have to be superheroes too, Dad. Captain America because that’s Bucky’s favourite, but they need to have Buck’s face on.”
Eddie slips the paper into his pocket—his son understands Buck so well that sometimes Eddie doesn’t know what to do with it—and guides the cart after his son. “I don’t think that’s possible, Buddy.”
“Tia Pepa can print out lots of pictures of Buck’s face,” Chris explains, and Eddie keeps one eye on him, the other on the other patrons of the store. “Then we can stick them to the balloons and things.”
Chris rambles as they walk and though Eddie doesn’t know how they’re gonna go about sticking Buck’s face to everything, he dutifully puts the Captain America decorations in the cart. His bank balance isn’t going to thank him, especially with what the replica shield cost him, but Buck’s the second best thing in his life. Eddie gets to spoil him the same way he spoils Christopher. His son isn’t wrong about Buck; he does give his heart, usually in pieces, and doesn’t expect anything back in return. Eddie tries to give it but he knows he’s not the best at emotions and being candid. He’s working on it, and hopefully this party will help.
The cashier runs them through quickly, though she gives Chris a bright smile. “One of your friends having a party?”
“My Papa,” Chris says easily, and Eddie’s heart skips a beat. It never gets old, the words themselves, or the casual intimacy with which Chris says them. The love Buck and Chris have—Eddie knows he’ll never find someone else who loves Chris as much. “He’s never had a party before!”
“Chris,” Eddie says gently. The cashier doesn’t know Buck, but he’s not sure Buck’ll want everyone knowing his business.
“It’s okay, Dad,” Chris says, grinning at the cashier. “Buck doesn’t have to be sad anymore because he’s got us.”
Eddie can’t say anything for a moment, but the cashier kindly gives him the total, holding her hand out for Chris. “You make sure your Papa gets the best party.”
“Yeah,” Chris says, hi-fiving the cashier over the counter. “He’s gonna be excited.”
Excited or pissed off, Eddie thinks, when he sees the state of their house.
The confetti was a terrible idea. There’s no way it’s coming out of the carpet easy even with the tech-heavy vacuum Buck insisted on buying—and knows Eddie fucking hates.
(“It doesn’t suck properly!”
“Maybe it’s been taking lessons from you.”
“Fuck you, Buckley.)
Blowing up balloons is fast becoming the worst preparation for the party and he’s ready to give up when there’s a knock at the door. Only too happy to abandon his assigned task, he yells, “I’ve got it.”
Abuela’s in the backyard with Chris and Eddie’s got no idea what they’re up to. He’s not sure he wants to find out. When he pulls open the door, he grins. Chim and Maddie have arms full with food and gifts, and Eddie gestures them in.
“Gifts on the coffee table, food in the kitchen. No,” he continues at Maddie’s look, “I won’t be touching it.”
Maddie snorts and takes the food through to the kitchen. “Where is Buck anyway?”
“We sent him on an errand,” Eddie explains. “I can’t even remember what, Chris’ idea. Who are you guys supposed to be anyway?”
“I don’t know any superheroes,” Maddie says with a shrug. “Chim picked for me.”
Eddie and Chim share a knowing look. The Buckley lack of pop culture is a shock until you know their history.
“If I’m coming as Falcon,” Chim explains, “She’s gotta be the Winter Soldier.”
“Is this because he’s a guy?” Eddie asks.
“Chim!” Maddie slaps Chim’s arm and he laughs.
“What? You said you wanted to hide your body, not expose it!”
Eddie bites back on another laugh. “Be thankful he didn’t make you come as Man-Ape.”
Maddie obviously doesn’t know who that is, but she settles for beating Chim with a pillow. Eddie’s saved from having to intervene by the doorbell going off again.
It doesn’t take long for the house to fill up; Hen and Karen bring their kids, Bobby and the Grants arrive not long after, and Chris finally comes to find him in the kitchen absolutely not touching anything.
“Dad, I wanna get ready.”
“I thought you were,” Eddie says. “Where’s your outfit, buddy? Are you still going with Superman?”
Chris shakes his head. “No. I asked Abuela to get it for me and Tia Pepa helped. I want you to help me put it on.”
Eddie’s got no idea what’s happening, but he yells to Bobby and Athena that he’s helping Chris get ready and could someone please call Buck and tell him to come home? When he joins Chris in his bedroom, he knows he shouldn’t be surprised to see firefighting gear on the bed.
“I wanted to go as Bucky,” Chris explains, looking at the floor. “I don’t want you to be mad.”
With a pain in his chest that Eddie tries to shove down, he crouches in front of Chris, holding his hands. “I’m not mad, I promise. Why would I be? Buck’s important to you and to me.”
Chris still isn’t smiling. “I love you, Dad, but sometimes people don’t like sharing.”
Eddie doesn’t hesitate, he sweeps Chris into his arms and sits on the end of the bed. Chris gets comfortable, resting his head on Eddie’s shoulder. “Buddy, there’s nothing in this world that I want more than to share you with Buck. Seeing you two happy makes me smile the hardest and you know why?”
“No,” Chris says, shaking his head.
“Because I love you both so much. Sharing you with Buck is easy, mijo, and you shouldn’t ever be sad to tell me you want to be like Buck, or love him, or anything else, okay?”
Chris doesn’t answer for a moment. “Does that mean you won’t be mad about this?”
Eddie looks over his shoulder to see what he’s talking about and almost has a heart attack.
“I need you to help me in the bathroom too,” Chris says, making his way across the hall. Eddie follows, a little emotional about Chris in the firefighter outfit. With his curly hair he passes easily for a younger Buck and Eddie can’t wait for Buck to see him. “I need Buck’s birthmark, Dad.”
Oh, oh no. Eddie almost can’t stand it. “Buddy, that’s great. I didn’t think of that.”
“Buck’s not gonna know otherwise,” Chris says.
“Oh, I think the jacket gives it away,” Eddie says.
Chris watches his face as he sits on the toilet and hands Eddie some face paint. Abuela’s doing again, no doubt. He carefully applies some of the red to Chris’ face; he doesn’t have to look at an image of Buck to know what he’s doing. He’s spent hours of his life memorising every inch of Buck’s body, but especially his birthmark. It’s his favourite place to press a kiss, the best way to elicit a shiver out of Buck, the place he touches when he knows Buck’s sensitive. It’s a reminder for Buck, sometimes, that he’s beautiful inside and out, something Eddie knows he doesn’t believe all that much.
“You’re not mad about the jacket, are you, Daddy?”
Eddie puts down the face paint, rubs his thumb against the mark on Christopher’s eye. He sighs, scratching at the back of his head. “No, buddy. I wanted to do it for his birthday anyway, but I haven’t had time to figure it out.”
Chris nods, looking at his feet, but Eddie places a finger gently under his chin. Chris doesn’t look away. “I want to help you. Buck needs to know we both want him to stay.”
“I don’t think there’s any doubt in his mind,” Eddie says gently, “but I think it’ll help.”
Chris’ smile is worth the discomfort Eddie’s gonna get from this. Buck deserves the world, isn’t that what he’s always saying? Buck’s world is right here; Chris, Eddie, his station family.
“Buck’s here!”
Maddie’s yell breaks them out and Chris panics. “Dad, I’m not ready!”
“Calm down, mijo,” Eddie says, kissing the top of Chris’ head. “We’ll be out there in time.”
Buck’s face when he opens the door is priceless.
The scream he lets out when they yell, “Surprise!” is the best sound Eddie’s ever heard.
When he sees Christopher and starts crying, Eddie thinks he’s probably gonna burst into tears as well.
“Thank you, Chris,” Buck says, pressing his face into Chris’ neck. “You look great.”
“We have to be our favourite superheroes,” Chris says, not protesting when Buck picks him up. He throws his arms around Buck’s neck. “I even had Daddy do your birthmark.”
Buck laughs, kissing the side of Christopher’s face. He pretends to gasp, eyes wide. “So I see.It looks so real!”
Chris giggles, “It’s only face paint!”
“No,” Buck says with exaggeration and yeah, Eddie knew he’s the reason for Chris’ sass. “I thought I was looking in a mirror.”
“Silly,” Chris says.
Buck’s eyes are suspiciously shiny when he tugs Eddie in for a hug, their son trapped between them. Buck’s lips are brushing his ear. “Who are you supposed to be?”
“Myself, apparently,” Eddie says slowly.
“Daddy doesn’t think he’s a hero,” Chris says decisively, “so I had to remind him that he’s your hero!”
Buck looks Eddie in the eye, thumb rubbing the skin beneath his eye. “Damn straight.”
“Shut up,” Eddie says, turning his face away. “Pretty sure that means you’re the one supposed to be wearing this shirt.”
“I don’t know,” Buck says, pitching his voice low. “I like you in your uniform.”
Eddie definitely doesn’t wanna be thinking about that in a packed household. “Come on, Buckley, there are other guests.”
“Oh,” Maddie cuts in, “you remembered us, then?”
A laugh runs around the room, and Buck obliges when Chris asks to be put down. Eddie stays on the periphery, watching Buck do the rounds and getting the hugs and appreciation he deserves. Buck’s surprised by all of it, he knows, and he understands why; Buck’s starved for affection, accepts it from Eddie without hesitation. Still, he doesn’t know his own worth and Eddie’s gonna spend a lifetime showing him.
The cake is a hit. When Chris explains about the heart and giving out pieces, Eddie thinks everyone in the room is a little teary-eyed. Buck gets to bury his in Chris’ hair, and Eddie’s lucky enough to have Abuela nearby to do the same.
“You did good, nieto,” Abuela says, touching his elbow.
Eddie shrugs. “It’s all Chris. I just paid the bill.”
Abuela tuts at him, rolling her eyes. Okay, maybe Abuela’s responsible for 50% of Chris’ sass. “You underestimate yourself, Eddito. We both know how much you love that boy.”
“And everyone else is about to,” Eddie adds dryly. His Abuela’s shrug and lack of shame are obvious, but he can’t bring himself to be sorry that she enabled his son. “How did you know?”
There’s a short silence while Abuela looks at Buck, then back to him. “I didn’t care for Shannon,” she starts, and Eddie doesn’t want to hear this, but Abuela holds up a hand. “I know you loved her and I know she loved Chris, that she wanted what was best for him, but you, Eddie. You were never happy. Not like this.”
Eddie doesn’t know what to say. “I was happy.”
“Perhaps,” Abuela allows, “but you didn’t show it. Not like this,” she says quietly. “Not when you look at Evan. You don’t see it yourself, but I haven’t seen you smile and laugh as much as you have these past few years. You’ve changed, Edmundo, and maybe he didn’t change you, but he made you love yourself and for that I can never love him enough.”
“Abuela,” Eddie says and hears his own voice break. She hugs him, kisses his cheek. It’s a lot to take, a lot to hear, but he knows she’s right. Buck does make him happy. He can’t remember the last time he felt the burn of anger, or the overwhelming need to run after a flashback or nightmare. Buck’s always there, guiding him through the pain, reminding him that he’s loved, that he’s got a family. It’s always Buck.
It’s time.
Buck’s in the middle of a conversation with Maddie and Hen about something, so Eddie finds Chris, whispers in his ear that he should get his jacket. Abuela promises to take him, and Eddie heads off Bobby and Karen who both want to talk. “Sorry, I have to do something quick.”
Bobby’s eyebrows raise and Eddie panics that maybe he knows. “Something important?”
“Kinda,” Eddie says, then raises his voice. “Okay, gift time!”
“Eddie,” Buck says, flushing. “We don’t have to do that now.”
Eddie looks at the pile of gifts. “Okay maybe not those, but there is mine.”
“We don’t wanna be a part of this,” Chim cuts in, only to get a slap from Maddie. “What? There are kids here!”
“Which is why,” Eddie says, “this is a PG gift.”
Buck’s staring at him, torn between embarrassment and confusion, but his eyes flick to the doorway, where Chris is coming back into the room. He’s got a turnout jacket on, grinning widely, and Abuela’s gaze finds Eddie. She nods encouragement and he swallows once, twice, and then wipes his sweaty hands on his pants.
“Buddy,” Buck says, sounding awed. “The jacket looks awesome!”
Athena and May, both directly behind Chris, exchange a look and Eddie knows he sees tears in Athena’s eyes. Bobby looks at Eddie and yeah, he definitely knows.
“Wait,” Chris says, “I gotta turn around, Bucky.”
“What—,” Buck starts. His voice cuts off, mouth dropping open as Chris turns around and he sees what’s written on the jacket. “I don’t.”
“Oh,” Maddie says, pressing a hand to his mouth. “Eddie.”
Eddie moves around Chris, sees the lettering stamped on the jacket.
B. Diaz.
“It’s because you’re a Diaz now!”
Christopher’s words have Buck’s gaze flicking to Eddie.
“Almost,” Eddie says, and goes down on one knee.
“Oh my god,” Buck says.
“Oh my god,” Chim echoes.
“Daddy, you have to ask the question,” Chris puts in.
“I’m getting there, Chris,” Eddie says with a laugh. When he’s considered this moment before, he’s always imagined it in private, the two of them mutually proposing, or Eddie doing it at the wrong moment. This feels like the perfect moment; surrounded by family, Chris shoving him along like he always does, and Buck looking at Eddie like he’s surprised he can be so happy. “I love you, Evan,” he says.
“Eddie,” Buck starts. “I love you.”
“I know.” Eddie fumbles for the box in his pocket, the one he’s had buried in his closet for months. “I think if I give a speech, Chris might riot, so I’m just gonna ask; you wanna get married?”
Buck laughs, leans down and drags Eddie into a kiss. “Obviously, idiot.”
When they part, Eddie looks offended. “That’s not nice, Buckley.”
“Diaz,” Buck says breathlessly, pupils dilating. Inappropriate but understandable.
“Diaz,” Eddie agrees. They’re not married yet, but what the fuck ever. Buck’s been a Diaz from the moment he met Chris.
“What the hell kind of proposal,” Chim mutters.
Maddie’s crying, but she still manages to slap Chim on the arm.
Arms come around Eddie’s legs and he laughs, leans down to lift Chris up, who promptly wraps his arms around both Eddie and Buck. “Diazes!”
“Diazes indeed,” Buck says, sounding pleased.
When the sky starts to darken outside, Hen and Karen make noises about leaving.
“Thanks for coming,” Eddie says, hugging Hen tight.
“Are you kidding?” Hen grins. “Who knew you were a closet romantic?”
“I did,” Buck says, handing Nia back to Karen. “Thanks, guys.”
With a quick kiss to Nia’s cheek and a promise to Denny for a sleepover soon, Eddie gives Buck a knowing look. “Spilling my secrets already?”
“What are husbands for?” Buck says with a grin.
Husband. Okay, wow, Eddie’s deliberately not thinking about that word but now it’s out there he can’t not. From the expression on Buck’s face, he knows it.
“Alright boys,” Athena says, shoving at Eddie’s shoulder. “There’s still kids in the house.”
Buck immediately drags her into a hug, and if his wince is anything to go by, Athena’s grip is strong. “Thanks, Athena.”
Touching a hand to Buck’s face, Athena shakes him once. “I’m proud of you, Buck. So proud.”
“Yeah,” Buck breathes, looking like he’s gonna start crying again. Athena kisses his cheek, then steps towards Eddie.
“Don’t hurt me,” Eddie says, holding up his hands.
“Idiot,” Athena chastises, and gives him a bone-crushing hug as well. “I love both of you boys. You take care, you hear me?”
Eddie nods, a little overwhelmed, and catches the tail end of Bobby’s talk with Buck. Buck’s definitely crying, and Bobby’s holding him. Whatever they’re saying is too low for Eddie to make out, but he’s not sure he wants to know. May and Harry interrupt, telling Eddie they’re happy for him, and Michael’s soft congratulations are just as welcome.
“I never thought,” Bobby says, when he finally gets around to saying goodbye to Eddie, “that you’d come this far. All those months ago in my office, I wasn’t sure you’d ever be ready.”
“Neither did I,” Eddie admits. He doesn’t have to ask how Bobby knew, whether or not he’s always been obvious because he knows he has. He’s been afraid of plenty of things in his life, made a ton of mistakes, but this thing with Buck isn’t one of them. Buck himself is the best thing that’s ever come into Eddie and Christopher’s life and he’ll never feel worthy of it. “Thanks for everything.”
Bobby nods, hugging Eddie tight and Eddie returns it.
Eddie loves his father and he knows deep down that his father loves him too, but there’s a lot of shit between them. Loving Bobby is easy, believing that he’s a surrogate son in Bobby’s eyes is easy.
“Take some time,” Bobby says, with a wry smile. “Couple of days. We’ll cover your shifts.”
“I dunno,” Eddie says. “I kinda need to pay for this party.”
Buck flips him off behind Bobby’s back and Bobby looks unimpressed. “I saw that, Evan.”
Maddie, Chim and Abuela are the last to leave.
Maddie’s hug is tight despite her growing belly, and she whispers, “Thank you,” in Eddie’s ear. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Evan so happy.”
Eddie nods with a shrug. He can feel his face heating up, but he knows he’s grinning like an idiot. “He deserves more of the credit.”
“You’re both dumbasses,” Chim adds, but he gives both of them a tight hug anyway. “I can’t believe you’re gonna marry before us.”
Maddie snorts, but Buck just elbows Eddie. “We have a kid before you too.”
“Ouch,” Chim says, clutching at his chest. “Right for the heart.”
“Sorry about him,” Maddie says with a roll of her eyes. “Come on, idiot. I’m craving pickles and ice cream.”
“Gross,” Chim mouths, but dutifully follows Maddie out of the house. Buck’s making a face as well but Eddie’s never had pickles and ice cream; it sounds like it might be okay.
Abuela’s saying goodbye to Chris, whispering to him in Spanish and Eddie rolls his eyes. He’s sure he doesn’t wanna know what’s happening there. The face paint smudged a little while ago and Abuela wets her thumb, starts to smooth it out, but Chris stops her with a pout.
Laughing, she approaches Eddie and Buck.
“I’m happy,” she says, bringing Eddie in for a hug. “Maddie and I have a lot to talk about, no?”
“Small wedding,” Eddie warns.
Abuela waves him off, and Eddie can only laugh at Buck’s panicked expression. Eddie knows better than to argue with Abuela, but maybe he and Buck can marry first, let Abuela and Maddie have the reception. It’s something they can talk about. Later.
“And you,” Abuela says, dragging Buck into a hug. Buck buries his face in Abuela’s neck and she soothes his hair, whispering something. There’s a lot of whispering and while again, Eddie doesn’t wanna know what she’s saying, it’s because this is just for Buck. Eddie doesn’t know anything about Buck’s grandparents, but he’s taken to Abuela like he did Chris and Eddie both; wholeheartedly and without reservation. “Wednesday, Corazón Salvaje.”
“You got it,” Buck says with a laugh and yeah, he’s definitely crying again.
Eddie rolls his eyes. “I don’t know why you watch that when you can’t understand it.”
“Idiota,” Abuela says, at the same time Buck says, “Stop trying to understand Abuela Time.”
“Abuela Time,” Eddie says, sounding confused.
Buck flushes, but Abuela laughs, patting Buck on the waist. “Later, nieto.”
“Bye, Abuela,” Buck says, and Eddie echoes the sentiment. They wait until Pepa pulls out of the driveway and close the door. Buck turns, making a face at the state of the house. “I hate cleanup.”
“You can vacuum the confetti,” Eddie tells him. “You bought the stupid thing.”
Buck opens his mouth, probably to object, but instead he tugs Eddie in, giving Chris a quick glance. Their son is busy with the TV, queueing up one of Buck’s gifted movies. “You,” Buck says, hands on Eddie’s face, “are the most amazing man.”
“It’s all Chris,” Eddie admits. “Everything. He knew you wanted this, wanted to celebrate. I’m sorry I didn’t know it.”
“This was perfect,” Buck says. “It would have been perfect just us.”
Eddie nods. He knows. “But you have to tell me,” he continues, kissing Buck gently, “when you want something, even if you think I won’t want it. Relationships are a compromise.”
“Marriages are,” Buck agrees, awed.
“Yeah,” Eddie laughs. “So as husbands, we should be honest.”
Buck’s grinning like an idiot as he pulls Eddie in for a tight hug. Eddie feels lighter than he has in weeks, knows this is the start of something amazing.
“I’ll grab the snacks and you get settled on the couch.” Buck pats him on the ass and moves off towards the kitchen. Eddie’s halfway across the room when he remembers about the trash and winces at Buck’s yell. “Eddie Diaz, I am celebrating my birthday so why the HELL is there good food spoiled in the trash?”
“Fuck,” Eddie says.
“Curse word!” Chris adds helpfully.
Eddie sighs. “I can explain!”
He really, really can’t.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Louis Auguste was the fourth child and second surviving son of Louis XV's eldest son, the Dauphin Louis of France and his second wife Maria Josepha of Saxony, who was affectionately known as 'Pepa'. The royal couple had been considered unusual at Versailles for their domestic harmony and frank and open adoration of each other in a court where it was considered bad form to be openly affectionate towards one's spouse.
The Dauphin was a complicated character: he wrote to a friend that his soul was 'always gay' and indeed there was a liveliness and cheerfulness about him that made his company much sought after. However, he had also inherited the morbid nature of his parents Louis XV and his devout Polish wife Marie Leszczynska and was obsessed with death and dying, much as his cousin Isabella of Parma had been during her time in Vienna. His mother kept the skull of the delightful courtesan Ninon de Lenclos on her desk, garlanded with flowers (....). She called it 'Ma chère mignonne'.
It is recorded that in the early days of their marriage, the young Saxony princess Maria Josepha had been horrified to witness her new husband and his sisters spending evenings dressed in black and walking slowly around a dim candlelit room murmuring 'I am dead, I am dead, I am dead' in a continuation of a favourite game from childhood. It all seemed a bit weird and unacceptably morbid to a young princess who adored dancing, laughing, being outdoors, having fun and celebrating life.
It didn't help matters that the young Dauphin had been married once before, to the pretty Infanta Maria Teresa Rafaela of Spain, who was four years his senior. The court had giggled behind their spangled and painted fans at the young's bride unfashionable red hair, but the Dauphin had fallen immediately ans violently in love with her and was thrilled when she became pregnant. 'I can hardly believe that I am so soon to become a father!', he wrote to a friend, his delight echoing that of every young father throughout the centuries.
Maria Teresa gave birth to a daughter Marie-Thérèse in July 1746 and died four days later. Her young husband, just sixteen years old at this time, was genuinely devastated with courtiers likening his grief to that of ‘an inconsolable child’, which in many ways he was. The little princess, his only link with his deceased love, was to live for just two years and would die in April 1748 after being given an emertic in an attemp to alleviate the pain of teething.
No one knew quite what to expect when the Dauphin was married again, this time to Maria Josepha, and she must have been quite perturbed when on their wedding night he collapsed in tears into her arms and sobbed about his dead wife, which must have been somewhat awkward to say the last. The marriage seemed doomed to failure until the Dauphin caught smallpox and his little wife insisted on nursing him back to health herself. It is said she took such great care of him that a short sighted doctor (...) said to the Dauphin, ‘You have an excellent little nurse there. Never get rid of her’. The Dauphin made a full recovery and filled with gratitude, he fell in love at last with his wife.
The young couple enjoyed a blissful life together, almost a second honeymoon in fact, and were to be seen at their devotions together in the Versailles chapel every morning, before taking the air together on the terrace by the Orangerie. 
They shared exactly the same tastes for music, reading and gardening and loved to spend their time together. The Dauphin was a talented musician and played the violin, organ and spinet as well as singing in a very fine baritone. (...) He was also a talented actor, capable of reducing an audience to fits of uncotrollable laughter with his comedic roles.
(...) Both were keen philanthropists, who loved to assist the needy and were generous givers to charity. They gave instructions to their children’s tutors that the princes and princesses should be taken to the houses of the needy so that they could see for themselves how the poor lived.
‘They must learn to weep. A prince who has never shed any tears cannot be good’, the Dauphin explained.
He was also very fond of taking his sons to view the baptismal register of the parish of Versailles, where their names were written alongside those of more humble infants. 
‘Look my children, look at your names written after the name of a pauper. The only thing that can establish any difference between you is virtue’, he would say. 
(...) When Louis Auguste was born in the Dauphine’s bedchamber on the ground floor of Versailles in the boiling hot summer of 1754, the royal nursery at the palace was already home to Marie Zéphyrine, who was born in August 1750 and Louis Joseph, who was born in September 1751. Another son, Xavier, had recently died in February 1754 at the age of six months. 
(...) Their new son was born at quarter to seven and immediately passed into the care of Madame de Marsan, who was already governess to his elder brother the Duc de Bourgogne (...).”
From: “Marie Antoinette: An Intimate History”, by Melanie Clegg.
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