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sleeplessdreamer14 · 2 days ago
imagine marrying Bruno and Pepa “accidentally on purpose” makes it rain
Tumblr media
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glitternightingale · 6 days ago
One of my headcanons is that Pepa and Bruno were crybabies who comforted each other growing up, and that Pepa had a habit of using the corner of Bruno's ruana to wipe her tears/blow her nose. Can you draw her doing that as a kid, then her doing that as an adult as she welcomes Bruno back home. I could see him looking at her and thinking "Yup, Same old Pepa"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't steal or repost!
My Encanto art is also on Instagram!
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sokkas-first-fangirl · 5 days ago
Honestly, feel free to keep any Madrigal prompts coming, they’re a lot of fun!
Or if anyone has any questions about any of the ongoing fics, let me know 😁
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ashdreams2023 · 5 months ago
Would you be able to do a polyam ship between Papa, Felix and the Reader? Just like a bunch of head cannons?
Oh definitely I could do that
Ploy relationship with pepa and Felix:
You’ve known them since you were kids and was always around
You’re one of the few people who can actually calm Pepa down right away along with Felix
You officially got together before the wedding, the wedding itself was for pepa and you wanted her to be happy
When the Hurricane happened on the wedding day you made sure to she wasn’t feeling bad about it the rest of the night
Felix just loves spoiling you two with flowers and dancing
If you felt in a grumpy mood expect him to pull you for a fun dance
Lots of temple and forehead kisses from you to both of them
Whenever pepa is pregnant you made sure to write down her cravings and go in the early mornings to get them with Felix
You raised the children along side them like your own blood
One of Felix’s favorite memories is the sight of you and pepa taking care of the children and playing with them
When Bruno left you and Felix held her under her crying until the cloud over her head disappeared
Out of all the kids Antonio is the one you’re attached to the most
You have their names engraved on your wedding ring
You and pepa would go out into the mountains sometimes so she can release some stress and let it rain
Felix sits between you two on the dining table so he could be close to both of you at the same time
Back when you were teenagers both you and pepa kissed Felix’s cheeks and that’s when he realized he had fallen down deep for you both
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itsthedeadlyduo · 4 months ago
Didn’t know drawing curly hair was so fun
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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foreveranevilregal · a month ago
Title: Clear Skies Forever
Fandom: Encanto
Rating: M
Chapter: 2/6
Word Count: 1744
Summary:  Tired of feeling like she's hurting her family, Pepa does the unimaginable. But her family isn't ready to give up on her...
Trigger warnings: Contains references throughout to suicide, suicidal ideation, and a suicide attempt (in the first chapter). Please take care of yourselves and don’t read if this will exacerbate anything for you.
If you do find yourself relating to Pepa, please reach out to someone. There are people out there who want to help. You are not alone.
[start from chapter 1]
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the-enchanted-archivist · 4 months ago
All the Madrigal girls are absolutely beautiful.
But Dolores... she has a sort of... I don't know... charm about her that I don't see in the other girls.
It might be the eyes. She just stands out from Isabel, Lusia, and Mirabel for me. I really think it's the eyes. She has such a good design too.
And you know what's infuriating? There's barely any merch for her. I know in one toy set, she's completely absent. They include Chispi, but not her.
If I want Barbie-sized dolls of the Madrigal children, I want all of them. Why is it only Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, and Antonio? Give me Camilo and Dolores!
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magicalencanto · 6 months ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Camilo and his wife's children gift ceremony ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Aged Up! Camilo Madrigal x Aged Up! Female! Reader (ft. your children)
✎ ⁞ requested by @thelovehashira143
✎ ⁞ A/N: I reapeat, characters are aged up!
✎ ⁞ date: 28.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A few years later, after Casita was rebuild, you and Camilo got married. It was a truly perfect ceremony, just like Pepa had dreamed for so long.
After that perfect day, you had officially moved in with, now, your husband and started another, also beautiful chapter in your life. Together and deeply in love.
Only a year later, your twin girls were born. Both beautiful, a perfect mix between you and Camilo. For you, as a new parents, it was love at first sight. Your daughters were so beautiful...(Madrigal genes worked once again in favor)
As you watched your daughters grew up, you saw that they've got their fathers soft curls and your lovely eyes. A truly perfect mix between you two. On top of that, they looked exactly the same. Strangers still have a hard time telling them apart! But you and Camilo were somehow able to notice those little differences.
Grandma Pepa and grandpa Felix are crazy in love with your daughters. Coolest grandparents ever, I tell you.
Both Pepa and Felix cried happy tears when they had first met your daughters. A small, white cloud appeared above Pepa's head and a warm droplets of water rained down on her, and above the cloud appeared a rainbow. It was a strange mix but you didn't mind. All that mattered was that Pepa and Felix were happy.
After that day, the sun shone brightly, every day, non stop, for weeks. And whenever Pepa was holding her granddaughters, I can promise you, that momentarily a big and bright rainbow appeared over the Encanto.
The rest of the Madrigas were happy too. Everyone kept congratulating you and praising your children, because they were truly and angels. Dolores and Mariano were exited, because now their children could play with yours. Antonio felt like he became an older brother and he'll be a role model for them. Mirabel and Isabela couldn't wait to dress them up in a cute outfits, Louisa was ready to play dolls with them and, Julietta and her husband were over the moon to have another addition to their family. Alma, although showed it more subtly, was very content to have another set of great grandkids.
Honestly, you don't know how it was possible but you daughters fifth birthday was nearing very fast. Only a few seconds ago, they were just a babies and now, they grown into adorable girls, with bright future.
In appearance, they looked exactly the same, their personalities were different. In terms of personality, your older twin was more like you and the younger was more like Camilo. Of course, they shared some traits, but the difference was still there.
Your daughters were always amazed by their family gifts. Since they could remember, they were surrounded by magic. They especially loved when you made it snow in their room or created an ice shapes that couldn't melt for hours. And their dad's gift was fun when all three of them decided to prank someone. They were always fascinated by how they dad could change into someone completely new within a few seconds.
To summerise that, in their eyes, you were their hero's.
But anyway! Your daughters gift ceremony was just behind the corner and everyone were aware of that. Gossips and bets arose within Encanto villagers, and the topic was: what gifts will your daughters get?
Secretly, your daughters wanted to have your gifts, but they knew it was mostly likely impossible. So they started to wonder, what could it be? They were sure, that whatever it will be, with them they could be cool like their mama and papa.
And the day has finally arrived! Your daughters were getting a gift today!
The whole population of Encanto was buzzing around, helping to prepare for this special ceremony.
Your daughters were strangely calm about this whole matter, saying that no matter what, their gift would be totally awesome. Your heart warmed at this, because you knew your daughters were the sweetest beings.
Meanwhile, Camilo kept teasing his daughters, saying that maybe they were still too young to get a gift and maybe they should wait another year or two. Which they responded with: maybe your too old to speak? (Ouch-)
Pepa was supervising the preparations, sometimes letting her worries get the better of her, but thanks to her loving husband, the raining clouds disappeared just as quickly as they appeared.
Your daughters asked for the ceremony's theme to be winder wonderland. They came running to you one day, with their puppy eyes (just like their fathers) and practically begged you to agree. (You couldn't say no)
And that's why, an hour before the event, you stood in the middle of Casita and created many beautiful decorations with your ice. They were delicate and beautiful, and the best part was that they wouldn't melt. Later, you made a snow lazily fall from above. (it wasn't cold and disappeared before it could reach the ground)
The whole day passed very quickly and before you knew it, it was time to start the ceremony.
Unfortunately, Alma passed some time ago, and she couldn't witness the ceremony for herself. But you decided to light a symbolic candles. One for her and other for Pedro. Just to make it feel like they were still with you.
Before the ceremony, you and Camilo comforted you daughters, saying that everything would be fine.
And you were right. They looked like two angels in their white dresses, going up the stairs and meeting the whole family besides their doors.
Mirabel, as the next 'candle', blessed your children and you all watched as your twins touched their doorknobs.
An images began to appear on their doors:
The older twin was standing and above her head was a shape of the droplet. There were a few water droplets around her.
Behind the younger one, two clones could bee seen, standing in the same position and looking exactly like her.
You and Camilo smiled lovingly, watching as your daughters discovered their gifts (water control and cloning)
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ taglist: @10n31y-100n3y-10s3r, @justbookworm, @beamingbeaming, @vampireviel, @dreashappyworld, @wtfwithmylife, @realgaytrash, @pls-love-me-camilo, @chamomiledelight, @nightmare-chaser1, @mythicalbinicorn, @islandoffllowers, @kaz3yo, @sleemao, @i-yam-awesome, @camileon, @ermespop, @kanattac , @spilltheyeasis, @fangirl-2610, @mnomno,
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areal-paigeturner · 5 months ago
Dancing Through Life
Tumblr media
Part three
pairing: Pepa Madrigal x fem!reader
summary: You and your mother visit the Madrigals for dinner
theme: fluff
notes: she/hers for both Reader and Pepa (also I headcannon that the only place Pepa has full control of her powers when they are not tied to emotions is inside her room. She can make whatever weather she wants in there)
warnings: extreme cuteness
word count: ???
Tumblr media
“Y/N, five minutes until we need to leave, ok?”
“Si, Mamá!” You yell down from your loft bedroom, quickly pulling your hair over your shoulder and fastening it into a loose braid. Grabbing a pair of hoop earrings, you fasten them on and then stand in front of your mirror to asses your appearance. 
Your pale pink top hugs tight to your body, tucking into the golden yellow skirt you had found at the back of your closet, yet unworn. The skirt falls to just above your ankles and flares a bit, due to the ruffles sewn into the bottom layer. You spin once, and watch as the skirt flares. You smile, as you spot a few curls come loose from your braid, and fall to frame your face, curls similar to the ones Pepa seems so keen on brushing back every time you two hang out. 
“Coming, Mamá!” you yell, grabbing your brown leather heeled boots and pulling them on, tying the laces quickly and then you bound down the stairs to join your mother by the door. 
“Vamos,” she says and the two of you leave the house, beginning to make your way down the road. You keep your head down, still shy, as you walk next to your mother, playing with the end of your braid as you usually do. 
After what feels like forever, the two of you reach La Casa Madrigal, your mother raising her hand to knock on the door. A few moments go past, before a woman opens the door, smiling at the two of you. 
“Bienvenidos a la Casa Madriga...” before Alma Madrigal can finish her sentence, a streak of yellow and red knocks into her side, and then you feel something thump against you. 
You laugh, a clear bright sound, all your shyness leaving for a moment as you hug back and say, “Hola, Pepita,” as the girl spins you around. 
“Hola, Guapa,” Pepa whispers back, so that only you can hear, pulling back just enough for her hand to come up and brush the side of your face. 
You smile and then turn back to your mother and Alma, who is looking at her daughter with a glint akin to adoration in her eyes. She turns back to your Madre and smiles widely. 
“As I was saying, welcome to La Casa Madrigal, Dolores.” 
“Gracias, Alma,” your mother replies, and Alma turns to you and Pepa, who still has a tight grip on your arm. 
“And welcome to you as well, Señorita Y/L/N. My Pepa has told me much about you.” 
“Thank you for having me, Señora Madrigal,” you say, fighting back the blush that arises knowing that Pepa talks about you with her mother. 
“Please, call me Alma,” the woman says, standing back to usher you and your mother into the house. 
Pepa drops your arm briefly, before entwining her fingers with yours as you make your way into the courtyard of the house. Bruno and Julieta are waiting for you, smiling as they both come forward to hug you and greet your mother. 
After pleasantries are exchanged, Alma ushers everyone into the dinning room, where a beautiful spread of foods is lain out on the wooden table. 
“Julieta, did you make all of this?” you say, looking over at your friend in awe. 
She smiles modestly and says, “Si, it was nothing.”
“It was not, nothing!” Bruno says, speaking for the first time that day, “you’ve been cooking since this morning.” 
Julieta glares at her brother as Pepa pulls you towards a seat, taking the one beside you as the rest of the group settles down around you. 
The group around the table begins to pass the food laden plates around, your mother being served first, then you and the rest of the Madrigals, the wonderful smells making your stomach give a quiet rumble. You listen to Alma say a few words over the food before everyone digs in, complimenting Julieta on the food, and making quiet conversations. 
You talk with the triplets, the four of you sitting clumped around the middle of the table. Chatting about cooking with Julieta, you share a story about the first time you tried to make your madre’s best arepas, and ended up covered in cornmeal. After only a little pushing, you manage to convince Bruno to tell you a bit more of the dramatic story that he had begun to tell you the last time you had seen him in the village. 
As Bruno finishes his story, detailing how the damsel in distress runs into the princes arms before they ride into the distance, you start with a tiny flinch as you feel a hand slip into the one that is currently resting in your lap. Your face heats up as Pepa pulls your hand into her lap, and starts to draw little patterns on your skin. 
You look over at her, and see that she’s listening intently to the conversation between her mother and yours, something or other about the workings of your family bookshop. You smile a little, dropping your gaze down to your joined hands and squeezing hers just a little tighter. As you see her smile grow a little wider and her grip on her hand tightens, the room heats up a few degrees and you huff out a breathy laugh. 
Another jolt goes through you as a foot connects with yours under the table and you snap your head over to see Julieta smirking at you, eyes gleaming playfully. Your blush, if possible, even harder and duck your head down, your free hand coming up to tug on the end of your braid. Julieta smiles, and looks at her sister, before looking back at you and mouthing, You are too cute! Me van a matar!, before pretending to slump forward as Bruno, who has caught on and is watching the interaction, catches her and fakes fanning her face. You burst into a fit of giggles, keeling over so that your head was on Pepa’s shoulder. 
Your laughter sets the others off and soon, all four of you are rocking back and fourth on your seats, laughter filling the room as the two older women watch you fondly.
After everyone has finished their meals, and the house has rolled the plates away for later washing, Pepa gets up, hand still holding yours, and begins to pull you along.
“Come on, I want to show you something,” she says, tugging you forward to swing her arm through yours. You laugh and follow along, quickly waving a farewell at Julieta and Bruno, who are headed for the kitchen.
Pepa pulls you back out into the courtyard and up one of the flights of stairs into the surrounding balcony of the second floor. Finally, she comes to a stop in front of a tall wooden door emblazoned with her name and an image of an older, smiling woman surrounded by rainbows that can only be Pepa.
“Pepita,” you say, blushing gently when you realize, “is this your room?”
The redhead turns and nods excitedly.
“Si. Cierra los ojos!” She says, and waits for you to do so.
Once your eyes are closed she pushes open the door, then gently takes both your hands in hers, pulling you forward. After having walked about ten paces, she stops your movement with a hand to your chest (which causes your heart rate to pick up slightly) and let’s go of your hands.
“Okay,” she says, voice almost a whisper, “abre los ojos.”
You do as she instructs, fluttering your eyes open and then letting your mouth drop open with them.
You and Pepa are standing in a big open field, filled with little patches of flowers. There are a clump of trees to your left, where you can see a small clearing that looks to be made from a different ground material to the rest of the room.
“Quieres Bailar, bonita.”
You turn back to face Pepa, who is holding a hand out for you, slightly bowed forwards.
You smile as your hand comes up to rest in hers, and a laugh of delight leaves your mouth as she spins you around and then twirls you into her arms. Pepa positions herself so that her arm is around your waist, while the other clasps your hand, your free arm coming up to rest on her shoulder, fingers brushing the back of her neck.
As the two of you begin to sway and spin, dancing to a rhythm unheard but in your two hearts, Pepa’s face morphs into a slight frown.
“Que ha pasado?” You ask, as the redhead pulls you up from a dip only to spin you under her arm and back into them.
“I think we’re missing something,” she says, and suddenly, the sky opens up, and the rain falls as you and Pepa spin together across the field.
You’re both so caught up in each other and the dance that you miss the way Alma and your Mamá watch for a few moments from the still open door, before moving on. You’re too entranced by Pepa’s mossy green eyes gleaming to care about your soaked hair and clothes.
You let go of Pepa’s hands for a moment, spinning around her with your face turned up to the sky, skirt billowing around you.
After your third spin, Pepa’s hand connects with yours and she pulls you into her, arms closing around your waist, noses almost touching, lips a breath apart.
“H…hola,” you breathe, not even fighting the blush that dusts your cheeks at your proximity to the gorgeous redhead.
“Hi,” Pepa whispers back, smile wide.
Subconsciously, your eyes drop down to her lips, before flicking back up to find her watching you, a question gleaming in her eyes.
Fighting back the shyness that’s threatening to overwhelm you, you lean your head forward enough to bump her nose with yours, a silent answer to her question. Your feel her chest contract with a sharp intake of air and then soft as a feather, her lips brush against yours for a moment. Your eyes flutter shut, and you lean into her, her arms tightening around your waist. You tangle your fingers into her braid as the kiss grows longer and longer, both of you seemingly unable to break away.
Finally, when you’re pretty sure you’ll collapse if you don’t breathe soon, you break away, resting your forehead against hers, eyes still shut, taking in what just happened. You stay in that position for a few moments before Pepa’s arms leave your waist, hands coming up to cup your cheeks.
Peals of laughter escape your lips as she begins to pepper kisses across every inch of your dance she can reach, your nose, your cheeks, your lips, your forehead. You let out a little shriek when she wraps you in a her arms and spins you around, going faster and faster until you both tumble down onto a soft surface, which you realize is the thing in the clearing of trees. It’s a bed, sunken into the forest floor, piled with pillows and blankets.
Pepa falls beside you and you roll onto your side, her arm coming up to hug around your waist as you curl into her, arm resting across her middle. She uses her free hand to pull the ribbon keeping your braid together out, and begins to card her fingers through your hair, breathing out a laugh as you sigh contentedly and snuggle closer to her. She cranes her neck a bit to drop a kiss on your forehead and then the two of you lay in silence, nothing but the sounds of the wind whistling through the leaves above you to break the serenity of the moment.
Just as you are about to nod off, due to the warmth of the room (and Pepa’s arms around you) you hear her whisper something, something that makes your heart beat a million times faster than before.
“Ser mia, Querida?”
She phrased it like a question, and without hesitation, your head moves to nod you response.
“Para siempre.”
Pepa’s only response is the tightening of her arms around your waist and you both drift off into a peaceful sleep, holding each other.
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7esbians · 3 months ago
who are you to tell me agustín wasn't a ladies man in his younger years. who are you to tell me that when news about agustín and julieta's relationship came out, everyone's asking julieta how their relationship started and she just doesn't answer (to tease everyone and if she's being honest, julieta wants their story to be something only their family knows about)
although the townspeople aren't too surprised. they are surprised but it's like, "ah, i can see why they like each other!"
oh also i like the thought of agustín trying to downplay his feelings for julieta whenever she'd around and he has to reject another woman confessing to him.
félix, agustín's ride-or-die, has watched agustín's little crush on julieta grow into something deeper. hell, he even helped agustín propose! but that's another story 💟 and it made him so irritated that his best friend won't admit his feelings for julieta madrigal.
"you've broken three more hearts today, compadre. ¿qué pasa?" agustín mumbles in response. félix sighs, "if you like someone else, just tell them."
agustín freezes. "how do you know that?"
félix crosses his arms. "please, everyone can tell you've got eyes for a certain madriga–"
"pepa? no, no, i don't! she's your girlfriend! i wouldn't–" félix stops agustín from rambling, "i know you wouldn't! estoy hablando de julieta, tonto."
agustín sighs. "how'd you know?" félix laughs. "it's so obvious, mi amigo. you help her out in the kitchen even if it's a recipe for disaster," he stops to laugh at his pun, "you tell me you're going to help people who are hurt just to see her– even if you're the hurt people you're talking about– my list can go on."
agustín nervously bites his lip. "what do i do about it?"
"go for her! charm her, which i'm sure you've already done." félix winks at agustín. "big gesture, which i'll help you with. don't be scared, padre. she's single, you're single, and you both like each other!"
agustín shrugs. "i don't know... how do you know she likes me?" félix smiles. "¿Hola? su hermana es mi novia? we talked about how none of you have tried making a move on the other."
bonus: everyone who's ever fallen for agustín tried setting him up with julieta at some point. eventually they gave up and thought that he'll charm the kindhearted baker someday.
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andtheyweresiblings · 3 months ago
am absolutely dying to hear any thoughts about the madriga/ triplets nobody ships them enough and I'm lonely
You know, over the last couple weeks I have been thinking about them more and more. A word of warning, though. The way I ship them probably makes them my most toxic Madrigalcest ship.
And just to be clear, this is purely me running with headcanons for these three. I don't think my thoughts are heavily based in canon because I have not really thought about these three through an analytical lens. But I'd be happy to do that if that's what you're looking for. Just let me know.
Basically, I want their story to end in tragedy. I know I could have Bruno, Julieta, Pepa, and their husbands being in one happy polycule, but I am much more interested in exploring the evolution of the Madrigal triplets' relationship growing up followed by their inevitable separation as Pepa and Julieta begin dating.
The basic premise of my thoughts for them stem from my headcanon that Bruno and Pepa quickly became feared in the town because of their gifts, so they were ostracized and unable to make friends. I think Julieta would willingly ostracize herself in a move of solidarity with her siblings, so they would very much develop an "us against the world" mentality.
I think we can include a lot of classic sibcest tropes with these three. The ones I'm thinking of include mutual pining in the earlier years, followed by the three of them sharing all their "firsts" in the mid to older teen years. Not to mention trauma-bonding and codependency. I also really like the idea of them having really enmeshed personalities when they are younger. Just really terrible boundaries of self.
I kinda want to see them as the local town cryptids, where yes, their mother is essentially the head of the town and has a good deal of control over her children, but ultimately, the triplets are this weird group of supernatural children that the town absolutely does not and should not trust.
Within that, there are definitely some softer thoughts about them. They are deeply loyal to each other and care about each other, so there can be a lot of tenderness amongst the three of them, but it's all surrounded by some very unhealthy dynamics that I don't think would begin to clear up until the introduction of Felix and Augustin in their lives. And when Felix and Augustin enter the picture, that's where the real Bruno angst starts in my head because that's when everything falls apart, in his eyes, among the three of them.
Sorry for being vague about this. I'm still in the process of fleshing things out for them, but I would also love to hear your (and others') thoughts on them, even if they widely differ from mine!
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rosevoid-works · 4 months ago
Happier Than Ever // Madrigal Angst
TW/CW - Loud noises echoing audio, depicted anger, yelling(capital letters) Songs: Surface Pressure - Jessica Darrow Happier Than Ever - Billie Eilish
Featuring; Mirabel Madrigal Camilo Madrigal Isabela Madrigal Dolores Madrigal Pepa Madrigal Bruno Madriga Alma Madrigal(Abuela Madrigal) Butterfly Anon Crescent Anon
Both anons are from @ti0-bruno
and highkey-lowkey; this was kinda inspired off of the ti0-bruno blog :'D
Hope you enjoy/enjoyed this angst :D Reblogs are appreciated!
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hiddenwashington · 3 months ago
Anonymous asked: hi! mw from Disney?
we’d love to see anna, kristoff, hans, olaf, and sven from frozen, mirabel madriga;, isabela madrigal, felix madrigal, antonio madrigal, julieta madrigal, and pepa madrigal from encanto, and the cheshire cat, the mad hatter, and the queen of hearts from alice in wonderland!
Tumblr media
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the-enchanted-archivist · 4 months ago
💚💘 💖Love-Struck Bruno💕 💞 💚
"Something... I've been thinking about for a little bit while working on another project... Love-Struck Bruno headcanons... Just in time for Saint Valentines Day."
Tumblr media
"... Don't look at me..."
-Bruno is a romantic at heart. He is probably one of the sappiest men in Encanto with Mariano rivaling him for the title. However, when he finds himself in love, that's where he keeps his title. It's no longer chained to the pages of a book or telenovela script.
-He starts getting distracted a lot. His eyes are fixed on the distance and he just smiles at nothing. He doesn't seem to notice when he's having a spontaneous vision. He's that distracted. It's probably safer for him if he did this while reclined back in a hammock than wandering around Casita who has had to redirect him several times to keep him from falling down the stairs.
-Sometimes, when he thinks about you, he'll mutter under his breath some of the sweetest words you will ever hear, calling you things that he hears his sisters call their husbands and vice versa. Either that, or he's humming/quietly singing romantic songs to himself.
-He will fill page after page of his muse, that being the one he adores. Poetry, his thoughts, love letters, anything that comes to mind at that moment that has to do with you. Anyone who walks by him during this time will hear nothing but the feverish scratching of a pen against paper for what seems like hours.
-His intentions are pure, especially in the beginning. He wants nothing more than to touch you, even if it's simple hand-holding. From there, his desire grows. From handholding, it would build up to him holding you entirely, pressing his forehead against yours, and not wanting to let go as he stares into your eyes. He's bolder in his mind than he actually is.
-However, those around him will notice the change. If asked to do something he normally doesn't want to do, he'll do it without issues, whereas before, he would try to talk his way out of it. Could range from giving people visions to going out into town with the rest of the family. He'll do anything to get back to thinking about you.
-He won't dare approach you but he will watch you from afar. He doesn't mean it to be creepy, he's just shy and scared that you won't feel the same. This will probably mean he'll need help from his family once they figure out what's going on, which will probably need some investigating because he will refuse to tell anyone.
-Despite not telling anyone about who he's in love with or being in love in general, he'll go to Agustín and Félix for ideas and advice. He'll want to know what went through their heads when they approached his sisters, how they got the courage up to talk to them, etc. He's lucky that his sisters found two men who knew what romance was. When asked why he wanted to know, he plays it off as he's doing research for another telenovela. Agustín buys it. Felix, not so much.
-Mirabel may be the first one to notice this change, but it's Isabela and Dolores who identify what's going on first. Of course, they can't keep it to themselves and HAVE to get their mothers in on it. Julieta wants to wait until he's ready to reveal who he is in love with but Pepa wants to find out who it is immediately and tries thinking up a plan to find out. Of course, Abuela sides with Pepa on this, wanting nothing more than to see her son happy.
-Isabela has an idea. She gives him a bouquet of very specific flowers, flowers that are not native to the area or are off-color, and tells him that he could do whatever he wants with them. Her idea comes to light when the family finds you with the flowers. When asked how you got them, you tell them that you've been finding one almost every day on the sill of your bedroom window with a love letter attached from a secret admirer. You had kept all of them. While Isabela and Dolores exclaim adorably to this, Camilo looks creeped out at the idea that Bruno somehow knew what room was your bedroom. Luisa is the one who identifies Bruno's handwriting from the love letters as she's been proofreading his scripts, mainly the romantic ones during her relaxation time. When Mirabel asks to see them, Luisa goes red in the face and refuses, revealing that some of them had been adult in nature and she didn't exactly have Bruno's permission to review the more spicy ones. She had just gathered all of his scripts and left quickly as he was daydreaming. She then proceeded to beg Mirabel not to tell him.
"I'll have to make a part two sometime. It's getting late here."
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‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Master List ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Tumblr media
((This list is always updating! Keep checking back for anything new/you might have missed!))
Request Guidelines
Submissions/Asks: 1 ✧ 2 ✧ 3 ✧
A Family Affair ✧ Ao3
Sand in the Hourglass ✧ Ao3
Blood in the Sand ✧ Ao3 ✧
Vampire!Reader Explanation ✧ OCs Involved
Touch–Starved ✧ Ao3 (Caliente 🔥)
Lore Building/Roleplaying:
The Archiver Set up ✧ 1 ✧ 2 ✧
The Archiver's Tower TBA
Meet the Apprentices (Your OCs) TBA
Discord TBA
Plot TBA
OCs So Far:
Father Martel and Orpheus Highgate (BitS)
Yandere!Bruno ✧ 1 ✧ 2 ✧ 3 ✧ 4 ✧ 5 ✧ 6 ✧ 7 ✧ 8 ✧ 9 ✧ 10
Bruno Visits Thorne ✧ 1 ✧ 2 ✧ 3 ✧
Bruno artwork by @siro-cyll ✧ 1 ✧ 2 ✧
Bruno Imagines ✧ 1 ✧ 2 ✧ 3 ✧ 4 ✧
What ifs ✧ 1 ✧ 2 ✧
BrunoXTol!Reader ✧ 1 ✧ 2 ✧
Love-struck!Bruno ✧ 1 ✧ 2 ✧
Hernando Stole the Horse
BrunoXYoung!Reader Angst
Evil!Bruno Headcanons
BrunoXRomance Novels (Spicy🌶️)
Dom!Bruno Headcanons (Spicy🌶️)
Bruno acts out a Villain (Spicy🌶️)
Madrigal Family:
Kingdom Hearts
Keyblades ✧ 1 ✧ 2 ✧
Encanto OC Idea
Pedro is Casita
Sand in the Hair
Hear No Evil
Pepa and Félix
Chispi Headcanons (The Capybara)
Félix VS Agustín
Aren’t you afraid?
Where’s your bed?
What color’s my underwear?
Hell no
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"I'm not sure if I want to go through with this design, but here's what I have so far. What do you think? It's a bit busy but I'm trying to look past that considering it's representing an entire family."
Tumblr media
BEFORE Charm stats:
Physical Power: 6/10
Speed: 7/10
Attack Range: 6/10
Magic Affinity: 8/10
Durability: 2/10
AFTER Charm Stats:
Physical Power: 8/10
Speed: 9/10
Attack Range:: 8/10
Magic Affinity: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
"How I got these stats was by looking up a Keyblade maker and adding "Mirabel" then "Bruno". Bruno was the more powerful of the two names, which was fitting in my mind."
"I would probably make the bottom Butterfly more like an embroidered one to represent Mirabel better."
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the-enchanted-archivist · 4 months ago
"Designing a Keyblade for Encanto and you know what came to mind? The charm at the end of it is missing at the beginning. No one knows what it would be but once the story is complete and the miracle is saved, one of the Heartless drops the charm and it turns out to be the only symbol that is missing from the Keyblade."
"The charm is Bruno's hourglass, which completes the Keyblade once he reunites with his family. There's imagery all throughout the Keyblade of each family member, the candle being the center for Abuela. Luisa's hand weight is the handle. Camilo's chameleon is at the top and Mirabel's butterfly is at the bottom, where the charm would be attached, signifying that if it weren't for her, he would be lost and still unattached from his family. Attaching the charm will make the Keyblade stronger."
Tumblr media
"That's all I have at the moment. The structuring of the keyblade will mimic the window that the candle is placed on. Casita in a way. I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate everyone elses' symbols and may have to make them smaller."
"Oddly enough, I'm better at designing inanimate objects than I am drawing anything else. I've even created my own Keyblade, christened "Vampire's Respite"."
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the-enchanted-archivist · 4 months ago
((Going to take a small break from writing/Encanto. Need to cleanse my pallet since I've watched Encanto countless times. I'm going to give myself until Monday to recharge so I'll see you guys then! Until then, feel free to rummage through my other posts/send asks!))
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the-enchanted-archivist · 4 months ago
If you like collecting pins (it’s an obsession haha), @doodlesporkdoodles on Instagram is releasing encanto pins tomorrow and the first two are Bruno and Pepa . And I think they plan to release one of Dolores. And unboxdisneypinco on IG is releasing a cool Bruno door pin as well. I’d link images if tumble allowed it v_v
((Oooooh you have no idea how much I love collecting pins and acrylic charms! I already have three acrylic charms of Bruno, no pins yet. I'll definitely take a look!
I've got a sweet little collection of both hanging above my bed that I keep adding to!
... Just realized I don't use Instagram...))
Tumblr media
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the-enchanted-archivist · 4 months ago
((Sorry for the slow-moving on fics. I've been writing later parts for "Blood in the Sand" so I didn't forget them and I've been having a hard time with "Sand in the Hourglass". I seem to be at a writer's block for what happens next though I think I know how I want to end it.
I'm hoping to have something posted soon!))
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