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illuminatedlover · 21 hours ago
Pepa and Fèlix being jealous would be like:
Tumblr media
They’re always jealous!!! Always so overprotective!
They’re such passionate lovers and people to be with, they can’t help themselves. They just love you a lot.
Pepa let’s anyone know that you are hers and when you’re invited somewhere people know Pepa is going to be around. Rarely lets you out of her sight.
She’s very big on pda always touching you, kissing you, making sure whoever is with you knows that you’re spoken for
If se sees someone being too friendly or too touchy she’ll instantly cause it to start thundering or raining. Drenching the person and scaring them off.
“Pepi! We were just talking!! You don’t have to be so jealous!”
“I don’t like the way he breathes near you.” Cue you rolling your eyes because she’s so dramatic
You always tease her asking if she’s afraid of a little competition. which riles her up. She’s always trying to show you that she loves you more than anyone else could.
She would definitely pull you into her lap while you spoke with someone just to make a point.
Heavy makeout sessions <3
Fèlix is usually the one to pull her away before she does anything she might regret
She absolutely owns her jealousy, she will be the first one to say it
Fèlix is a very relaxed guy, he’s more protective than jealous because he knows no one can make you smile/ feel safe the way he does
Will absolutely cut in when you’re dancing with someone else, letting them know he knows your body better than they do.
Always scaring people off with stories of how he wrestled a wild animal or how he was in a fight club when he was younger. (He’s totally bluffing he’s a softie, but they don’t know that)
He always checks in to see how you’re doing and making sure you’re not being bothered or feeing uncomfortable.
“Okay Mi Amor, I’m right over here if you need anything.” Definitely stares down whoever you’re with to let them know he’s watching.
“I just want you to know how much I love you—how much we love you.” He is so soft <3
Loves to hug you and hold you close to him. He just wants you to know he’s there, and he likes showing off that you’re his.
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bellathechildbitch · a day ago
Hi! May i request pepa madrigal with female reader where pepa is very jealous and the reader kisses her to calm her down since the words couldn't? Thanks!
Tumblr media
It was a normal day in the encanto.. well it was for you. You were hanging out with Julieta all day long..
Helping her with the cooking because you saw how that poor lady work her ass off and for what..? So you decided to take some of the stress off of her shoulders.
As the two of you worked in the kitchen Pepa would be spying from afar.. leaning into hear what you were saying frowning a bit at the sight of you guys being so close to each other... Do you like her older sister more than her? Oh goodness the thought of being replaced killed her...soon thunder would echo throughout the Casita.
You were finishing with the dishes as you paused for a moment.. you couldn't shake the feeling off that someone was watching you.. slowly turning around you saw a glimpse of Pepa hiding in the far corner of the room.. your eyes meet as Pepa had a very displeasing expression on her face before stomping off.
Here we go again you thought to yourself as you would trail behind her "Oh mi amorrrrrrrrrr... " You said softly as you grabbed her hand "What ever is the matter my darling Pepa.."
She would scoff as she pulled her hand away from you "Leave me be.."
You were surprised at her actions but shook the feeling off "Pepa.. What the heck.. what's wrong.." she's glare at you before heading to her room.
"Oh dios mio.. " you groaned to yourself as you continue to follow after her to her room. Entering it she would have her back facing you, holding herself as the thunder became louder..
"Aye grumpy what's the matter.. you gotta tell me what's wrong so I can help you get through your emotions.. " you sighed
She would clench her fists "I see the way you look at her (Y/n).. I see the way you act.. you like her more than me don't you!?" She barked.
Confused you stood there, thinking of what in the world she was talking about but then it clicked. You would grin as you walked up behind her, lacing your arms around her waist "You seriously think I'd replace my one and only Pepa..?"
Rolling her eyes she would look away "For all I know.. yes you most likely would replace me with someone better.."
You'd laugh, moving her hair out of the way you would gently place kisses down her neck "You" kiss "are" kiss "the" kiss "only" kiss "one" kiss "that" kiss "my" kiss "heart" kiss "desires!" You said as you would soon spin Pepa so she was facing you. She'd be blushing by now, turning red as a tomato she would pout playfully. You'd continue to pepper her face with kisses until she started to laugh
"Okay! Okay! I get it I'm your only one.. Aye!! that tickles (Y/n)!" She whined.
Smiling up at her you pressed a soft kiss against her head "You better remember that.. because I'd rather die than replace my beloved!" You said dramatically.
Pepa would giggle as she placed her hands around your neck resting her head against yours as she took a moment to enjoy the feeling if you holding her "Very well mi vida.. " she said calmly as she melted into your touch.. <3
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lanawinterscigarettes · 22 hours ago
Pepa Madrigal when she gets upset
Tumblr media
A/N: my first time writing for Encanto, so please be nice ♡
Warnings: slight mentions of self depreciation/insecurity, hurt/comfort (kind of)
When Pepa's upset, its immediately made pretty obvious by the constant rain cloud that follows her around
She usually tends to keep to herself when this happens, not wanting to upset her family, but after meeting you she allows herself to be a bit more open with how she feels
She's been repressing all her negative emotions for practically her whole life, so its difficult for her to immediately want to open up and start talking about them
You know this, so you never pressure her into talking if she doesn't want to
Often times you'll wait for her to come to you first when she gets upset, but every now and then you seek her out instead, knowing how hard it can be for her to ask for help
At first, she'll refuse to tell you what's wrong out of fear of you getting angry at her if the storm cloud above your heads gets you wet, but once you take you her outside to a nice open area where her storm clouds can't bother anybody, she begins to relax a little
With some convincing, you coax her into telling you what's wrong, which leads to a full out rainstorm as she rants and raves about whatevers been upsetting her
Whether it has something to do with not feeling good enough for her family or just everyday stress, you're happy to sit there and listen to her talk, even if you end up getting soaking wet in the process
She turns her attention back to you after getting everything she needs to off her chest, and its only then that she realizes the pouring rain that ensued while she was talking took no prisoners
"Oh no! Mi amor, I got you all wet"
You laugh as she frets over the state you're in, reassuring her that you don't mind getting a little wet
Its only then that the sun finally comes out, the faintest of rainbows streaking across the sky
As much as a burden and hassle Pepa is convinced her gift is at times, you wouldn't have her any other way
Taglist: @try-cry-why-try
Lemme know if you wanna be added to my Encanto taglist <3
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yoursweetdenial · 4 days ago
Y/N: *deep breath* Everything is gonna be fine. It's just a crush.
Pepa: Hello.
Y/N: I love you!
Tumblr media
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wukindly · 12 days ago
Okie, so I decided that I’m gonna try to write for the Encanto characters? As I’ve said before, it’s been a while since the last time I wrote something so I might be a bit rusty and take a bit longer than I should to finish requests and all that...
So, just a few rules:
I don’t write smut
No pregnancy and/or baby stuff (as a person that doesn’t want children, I don’t think I can write a believable reader in these situations)
I won’t write about reader hurting themselves nor anything too triggering
I’m at my best writing fluff, but I’m not opposed to angst
I can’t really think of anything else, but I’ll add to this if I feel like I need to.
Anyway, send your requests in, guys!
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ministarfruit · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
love the madrigal triplets there’s just two emotional whirlwinds (literal) and julieta, who’s an angel (figurative)
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squeamishdionysus · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
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br3adsticc · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
‘I'm singin' in the rain
Just singin' in the rain
What a glorious feeling
I'm happy again.’
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just-my-fandom · 21 days ago
Crash and Burn (Camilo Madrigal x Teenager! Reader)
Summary; Reader gets caught in the Casita crumbling and Camilo worries for her safety, putting himself at risk.
Warnings; Emotional Pepa, minor fighting, injuries.
Tagged: @afluffyboi @bandshirts-andbooks @cloudysskies @erinisrighthere @alexloveskili
A/N: This is just a small snippet to get the hang of writing for Encanto, but please please PLEASE send requests for any of the characters! I’m loving this!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The miracle is dying because of you!”
A rough rumble leads your eyes to look up at the Casita in alarm. The cracks in the walls were worse. The tiles crumbled to the floor around you.
“No no- It’s falling-!” Pepas voice yelled out, alerted. Then, the house began to tumble. From your spot opposite of the once arguing family, you watch as Camilo immediately began to move towards you.
Unlike his family, you had no powers to protect yourself. It seemed the house had other plans, because as soon as Camilo stepped forward, the tiles underneath his feet lift, rolling him back and nearly into a wall,
“Everyone get out!! Now!” Felixs shout startles you to finally move your legs, gasping as you foot catches on a moving tile, dropping to your hands and knees with a hiss of pain.
“Y/N!” You hear Pepas shriek for you, looking up in time for Camilo to shove off the wall, Felix and Pepa both beginning to shout for their son,
“Camilo!” Pepa calls, desperately, Camilo exhaling breathlessly as he slides across a knocked over table, “Camilo stop!! Be careful!”
The boy slides to his knees in front of you, hands grasping your arms to tug you- hard- against his front, your arms wrapping around him to duck into his chest, feeling debris begin to rain above you as the house gave out.
You hear scraping as Pepa continued to scream, eyes barely opening to see that Casita had shielded you and Camilo with pieces of wood, your gasp sharp as the house finally collapsed, Camilos arms tightening around you in alarm.
Silence, and you slowly lift your head to flinch as the wood dropped onto the ashed floor, dust covering you as you glance up at Camilo, who worriedly raised his hands to your face to wipe said dust from your cheeks,
“Mijo!” Pepas call alerts you both to look over, the woman skidding in front of your knelt figures to raise a hand each to yours and Camilos faces, her hand overtop of Camilos, “Are either of you hurt?”
“No,” You murmur, shifting to stand when feeling a tug at your ankle, looking back to see a large piece of debris had landed on your left leg, your brows pinching at the sudden pain that shot through,
“Dios mio- Felix!” Pepa shouts over her shoulder, both her husband and brother in law, Agustin, running up to see your position. Both men lift at the debris, your hand immediately grasping your ankle that began to throb
“Julieta,” Pepa raises her head in search for her sister as Camilo slipped a hand to your back, holding you upwards, “Julieta!”
“Easy, mi vida,” Camilos hand slides to your arm, the oldest sister of the two moving in front of you, hands faltering when realizing- none of them had their powers now that Casita was gone- she wouldn’t be able to heal you.
“Let me wrap this,” Julieta murmurs, propping your foot at her knee as she easily pulls a wrap of bandages from her dress, your wince visible to the mother as she tightly out the wrap at the bruised skin.
“Camilo, what were you thinking?” Camilo looks up at Pepas sudden scold, his brows pinched,
“She was in danger,” He exhales, “She could’ve been hurt, she was hurt!”
“Casita was protecting her,” Pepa rushes, watching as Camilo then stood, taking your hands to raise you to your feet, his hand then shifting to your hip as you lifted your injured foot.
“Mama, I can’t argue about this,” Camilo barely glances at his mother, before his hand raises to your face, tucking hair from your forehead before smearing more dust from under your eye,
His whisper is soft as he shifts an arm to your back, the other reaching behind your legs to lift you up, your arms wrapping at his shoulders as Agustin lead him to sit you towards Abuela at what used to be the front of the house.
By the next day, La Casa de Madrigal had been rebuilt and the family had regained their powers. Abuela and Mirabel had made up, both needing a sit down with one another. Bruno had came back home, everything seemed to be coming back to normal.
You lift your foot to rub the swollen spot from your spot on the kitchen counter, Julieta moving towards you and Camilo with an arepa in her hand, smiling as she held it out for you to take.
“Gracias, Julieta,” You smile back, taking a bite out of the healing food before lifting your foot out, wiggling your shoe so Camilo got the hint to unwrap the bandage, the healing shown to work as your foot was no longer red or bruised.
Julieta hums in satisfaction, twisting to face her daughter as Isabella asks for help, Camilo setting the bandage to the side to step between your legs, his hands at your hips,
“Why’d you do that?” Your question causes his brows to furrow, curls shifting as his head tilts. Your hands raise to his shoulders, sliding to knot your fingers in said curls, “You risked yourself for me. Pepa was right, Casita was protecting me,”
“But what if Casita hadn’t?” Camilo shoots back, your eyes casting downwards so his thumb lifted to your chin, tilting you to gaze at him, “I have my gift for a reason. It’s not necessarily good in some parts, but I’ll always try to protect you, mi amor,”
You smile, sliding your hands to the front of his face, bringing him closer to you so your lips touched, his hand falling back down to your thigh with a giddy smile,
“I love you,”
“I love you, more,”
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illuminatedlover · 10 days ago
Pepa dating someone who is shy
I decided to do something for my Pepa enthusiasts
@pepa-brainrot thought of you!
Tumblr media
She think it’s adorable how easily you blush at everything, it was one of things that drew her to you when you met
Drags you out to mingle with the family and shows you off to them telling them about how wonderful you are
Holds your hand all the time to let you know that you’re never alone and she’s right there for you
She’s the only one who knows you can dance and sing really well because you’re too nervous to share with anyone else
Being protective of you when her siblings and her mother are wary at how quiet and introverted you are
“Please give them a chance, they’re very gentle! They’re more scared of you than you are of them!”
“Pepa this is your spouse, not a spider”
Following Pepa around like a little duckling because you’re too nervous to be somewhere by yourself
“Come on Amor, I promise everyone is excited to see you” *struggling to drag you inside the casita*
Doesn’t mind spending time inside with you if it means you’re comfortable and able to enjoy the day together
She usually always makes the first move, but is pleasantly surprised whenever you decide to be a bit more bold
Always asking if you’re okay with something before doing it even if it’s something as simple as going out together
She’s very caring and thoughtful! Just wants to see you happy!!
She’s always proud of you when she sees you making an effort to socialize with new people
Comes home one day shocked to see you sitting with her family getting to know them even if it means just politely nodding, it’s the first time you’ve done so without her
She cannot stop kissing you and praising you after that, it really meant a lot to her
You’re not afraid of her thunder or storm clouds in fact she’s learned that you found it soothing whenever you’re especially anxious
Fèlix always making you feel comfortable, and welcome. He’s protective of you and doesn’t let anyone walk over you
She loves the sound of your voice and wishes you would share it with everyone else, but never pressures you to speak
Catches you bonding with Dolores and learning sign language because it’s a form of communication that is comfortable for you both
Antonio surrounding you with kittens or cute fluffy animals because they always help him feel better, and so the two of you bond over that
Camilo being the one person who can get you to laugh no matter what
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bellathechildbitch · 9 days ago
pepa madrigal x reader, where reader is having fun with their children (Dolores, Camilo and Antônio) and doesn't realize that pepa is watching them
Tumblr media
It was a warm and sunny day.. thanks to your wife of course. She was in a great moon and it was rather surprising.
After breakfast Camilo just gotten a new soccer ball and he was wanting to play with it all day. He decided to invite his sibling to play.
As they played in a field you watched them for a moment. Dolores had the ball as she was aiming to kick it twords Antonio, but Camilo swoops in as he kicked the ball away from her and back into his hands.
Dolores would growl "Hey! That's not fair you used your hands Camilo!" She hissed at her you her brother
Camilo would stick his tongue out "You we're going to kick it out of bounds anyways!"
"Was not!"
"Were too!"
"Was not!-"
You stepped in "Enough both of you.. Camilo I taught you all the rules with soccer.. no hands.. put the ball down.. and I'll show you how it's done"
Both of them seemed surprised as Camilo rolled his eyes playfully "Oh yeah? Come on mama/papa.. you're going to pull a muscle like you did last time.." he said as he put the ball down "Just admit it.. you're getting old!" He laughed
You would scowl "Oh hush Camilo.. " you said as you flicked his nose "Don't get so cocky now.. just because I'm a bit old doesn't mean anything!" You said as you kicked the ball away from him as you chased after the ball. Camilo would be shocked as he looked at you "Not fair!" He yelled out.
You would laugh "Antonio! Dolores! Let's play keep away.. keep the ball away from Camilo!" You teased
"Alright Mama/Papa! " Called out Antonio as you passed the ball to him, as Camilo tried to get it from him but missed
Dolores would giggle as Antonio would then pass the ball to his older sister "Come and get it cheater!" She yelled at Camilo as he would glare at her as he ran beside her, attempting to get the ball from her Dolores would then kick the ball twords you. "Get it in the goal mama/papa!" She cheered
You would kick the ball as it would go through the make shift goal that the kids made. Jumping up and down you would pick Antonio up as he cheered with you "Goal!!" You both screamed
Camilo would pant as he glared "Okay okay! I cheated.. I get it.."
Dolores would laugh "finally you admit to it.." she said as she would ruffled his brown curly locks he would grumble as the both would join in with the cheering.
From afar Pepa watched as she smiled brightly at the sight of her family getting along. Hesitating she would walk over to you guys "Room for one more player..?" She asked softly
You turned twords her and nodded "of course.. let's see if you still have the skills to go against me.. and the great Madrigal children!" You said in a cocky tone
Pepa would smirk "Oh yeah? Haven't you forgotten that I always beat you in almost every game we played as children?"
You blushed as you looked away "Not true..! Don't fill our children's heads with such lies!" You huffed
They would laugh "Oh fine.. but I'm sure to win this time as well!" She said as she would move her hair out of the way.
"Oh boy.. fine.. let's see... Then shall we..?" You said as you set Antonio down. "the best out of three!"
Pepa would scoff "Deal.."
After playing for hours I hate to say it.. but your wife.. won.. yet again.. but hey.. it was worth to see the smile on her face as she cheered with her children.. all in a day's work in the house of madrigal ;)
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yandere-toons · a month ago
If you’re fine with going to see the movie, then yeah, because honestly Pepa and her family would be a interesting set of platonic yanderes imo lol
Yandere Madrigals (Platonic Headcanons)
TW: Emotional Manipulation, Toxic Mindsets.
A.N. - I wasn't sure how much of the family you wanted, so I did all of them at once.
Tumblr media
A silent war is waged in Casa Madrigal, and the entire town of Encanto has a stake in it. When the skies darken and pouring rain arrives in gusts of howling winds courtesy of Pepa, every citizen reaps the consequences of the family having an argument with or a disagreement over their friend. Each member has a unique idea of how best to treat their friend, which breeds an endless amount of petty conflict but also a powerful sense of unity.
As the perceived golden child, Isabela expects to be the centre of their attention. She attempts to dazzle them by blooming rows of the flowers she has been told are beautiful and praised for growing, and if this fails to win their everlasting admiration, Isabela is at a loss for what to do. For much of her life, her chlorokinesis was hailed as her best quality, leaving seeds of envy to sprout when their friend is impressed by another member of the family.
In addition to her own insecurities, Isabela encounters great competition in the form of her cousins. None of these threats are greater than Camilo, who is rich with a need for attention and is determined to steal the title of their friend's favourite Madrigal. Camilo shapeshifts into random civilians on the street, important people in their friend's life and their preferred member of the family if not himself – all to interact with them a little longer and, in his mind, build a rapport with them.
Luisa is not as hungry for attention as her cousins and older sister, but she does have a robust want to be seen as useful to their friend. She refrains from intruding on their engagements with other members of the family and instead waits for them to seek out her, asking for any tasks and chores that she can do for them every time they meet. Luisa measures her worth by how much stress she lifts off their friend and encourages them to transfer the smallest and most insignificant duties to her if she has not helped them for a while.
Before Bruno is accepted back into the family, he goes unnoticed by their friend until Dolores enlightens them or they catch him raiding the kitchen in the dead of night during a sleepover. Bruno fears the wrath of Alma and resigns himself to speaking with them through tunnels in the walls, sometimes trying to persuade them to visit his hideout. Antonio is informed of this via his nocturnal animals and Bruno's rats, but the kid is happy to keep it secret as long as he can come with their friend and receive extra time with them later.
As a magic-less individual in a household full of supernatural abilities, Mirabel struggles to retain a presence in their friend's day. Among her family's nonstop ventures to enthrall them with superhuman feats, she feels that anything she can offer is doomed to be inferior to the gardens, rainbows and heavy lifting. This does not deter her from trying, however, and Mirabel seeks to claim her piece of their attention by rushing to talk to them and bring them to the privacy of the nursery when a family member steps away.
Regardless of how much their friend tries to keep their private life to themselves, Dolores hears each thought mumbled in secrecy and every twinge of fear and discomfort that sneaks into a laugh or step. She is quite loose-lipped when it pertains to secrets and wastes no time recounting everything she learned to the eager ears of her family. As a means of vengeance whenever someone interrupts her time with their friend, Dolores withholds information and tells her other relatives not to keep the offending member updated with the latest news until either she forgives them or they apologize to her.
Mirabel and Antonio shed doubt on the fairness of this process, and while she does not approve of its underhanded nature, Alma deems it a necessary invasion to ensure their safety. As far as Agustín and Félix are concerned, eavesdropping is a silly byproduct of joining the Madrigals because their friend might as well be a member of the family. Julieta and her motherly instincts support Alma when she encourages their friend to move into Casa Madrigal, citing it as a way to provide them with the happiest life possible.
After he is accepted back into the family, Bruno lives in constant fear of giving their friend one too many negative prophecies and losing their companionship forever. He wishes to only share the good news, but the thought of them facing a hardship unprepared when he could have warned them drives him to track down their whereabouts and deliver the brutal truth. Whether Bruno slips up or Dolores overhears him, knowledge of the adverse prophecy flows back to the rest of the family and causes an uproar at dinner.
Alma leads the discussion, with Julieta and Pepa throwing in the odd comment here and there. Agustín and Félix are the jokesters of the group and fail to understand why the situation has to be so tense, aiming to keep the room stable with humour. Isabela casts hidden glares and the occasional snide remark at whoever she thinks their friend prefers to her. Dolores exposes her, and Isabela's denial leads to Pepa succumbing to the emotional chaos and summoning a storm.
Camilo seizes the opportunity to mock and impersonate whichever family member he views as his biggest competitor. Luisa is crying about how she has supposedly disappointed their friend, while Mirabel comforts her and tries to keep a foothold in the conversation at the same time. Antonio is an anxious observer for most of the event and excuses himself to play with his animals far from the dining room.
Just as it seems like the discussion cannot be salvaged, Bruno stumbles out of a hole in the wall – sand in his mouth and a rat in his hand. He lies and announces a second prophecy that negates the first. It is a desperate ploy to ease the tempers and fears of his family, and if the real prophecy comes to pass, Bruno suggests a way to fight it but paints the suggestion as a forgotten detail of his vision to preserve his innocence.
Tumblr media
yandere-toons, all rights reserved.
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lunairk · 22 days ago
How I imagine it would be like to be with each member of the Madrigal family
A/N: I mean come on, you gotta admit everyone in this family has some mental health issue, more or less Paring: Madrigal family x gender neutral reader ——————————————————————————————————
Tumblr media
Abuela Alma Madrigal
· She is going to be very protective of you. She once lost her husband and there is no way she can stand losing you
· Pepa, Bruno and Julieta are going to like you very much
· After all they are still happy for their mother if she can find happiness
· People in town will respect you like they respect her.
· You see her children more than just their gifts, and comforts them when they are occasionally scared of disappointing their mother
· Comforts her when she had nightmares about her past or the nightmares of losing magic
· You will tell her and her children that with magic or not they are amazing people
· Sometimes you will doubt about her obsession with the magic, but you still respect what she insists on
· I imagine her to be overprotective sometimes, maybe even slight manipulation (I don’t think she will be aware of it, and she meant well, but it’s still manipulation you know)
Tumblr media
Pepa Madrigal
· Pepa’s magic bless the town for their crops, so you accompany her to visit the down constantly
· I think it’s a really cool gift because when you really want to go out, she can make sure it’s a beautiful day so your mood won’t be ruined by the weather
· Or then you feel like dancing in the rain she can also arrange that. You would hold on to Pepa and dance in a not windy rain for a very long time. Pepa loves dancing as well
· Pepa really aren’t keen about playing mud in the rain, but when you are goofy and get yourself into a mess, she could pretend to scold you. But she would laugh as well seeing you as a muddy but happy mess
· I don’t know if Encanto has winter, but everybody loves playing with snow. I don’t think Pepa is the type to get herself into a mess, but Camilo and Antonio definitely are
· She would stand aside to watch you and her kids play until you drag her down as well.
· Help her with family stuffs like managing the house, talking to the villages and recording their requests.
· I believe the crops are like Pepa’s kids as well. She cares for them too much
· You gotta remind her when the rain is drowning the crops or the sun is roasting them dry though, because Pepa’s mood gets really drastic sometimes
· I think she is very emotional, with emotion shift and anxiety. (You can tell that from the slight black under her eyes) You need to be patient with her and be there for her when she loses control
· Hugs are Pepa’s favourite, especially ones from behind
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal
· You kinda have to take care of him, because he is a mess, inside and outside
· Rats are controversial animal, really, so it took you a while to accept them and love them as much as Bruno does
· Pat the sand, salt, and sugar off his shoulder. It becomes a habit of yours
· Accompany him when he’s out in town. He like when you hold his hand. He would squeeze your hand slightly and smile
· You remind him for a while to walk with a straight posture, with confidence (The body language is amazing in the film. You can tell so must of his personality from the way he stands)
· Mommy issue, definitely
· He need your constant reassurance and comfort
· I imagine him to have a difficulty of rejecting people. He told what he saw in his visions to the town people because he thought they deserved to know
· However I think at some point during the time he left the Madrigal family, he understood that ignorance is a bless
· I don’t think all the things he saw in the future vision would be bad things like “fish dying”, “Going bald”. I think it’s just bad things are easier to remember. There must have been good visions about some town people that Bruno told them about
· In the end foreseeing future is still too much to take, so Bruno plan on using it less after he’s back in the family. Even if he does do the ritual, I think he’d keep the outcome to himself, unless it's really serious
· But that doesn’t mean people wouldn’t want to know about their future. I think once in a while someone would come to Bruno to ask if he would look into their future
· Bruno would reject them nicely I believe. If those people couldn’t take his rejection, you would reject them in a much tougher way.
· Bruno feels comfortable around you. I think he will decorate the bottom of his room (the towel cave) into a lovely living place
· He couldn’t bare to let you climb the stairs to the top of the towel. Too tiring
· I think he’s sisters will spoil you
Tumblr media
Julieta Madrigal
· Lovely woman, angel
· Great cook undoubtedly. You love to cook with her and let her teach you about cooking or baking
· Help her storing the food so she will be prepared to cure the wounded town people
· Keep an eye on Camilo to stop him from eating to many food
· Julieta has a very kind heart that she cared for many people, so you repay her kindness to care for her way more
· You are very active to buy all the food ingredients she needs for her. It even excites you at the thought that she can almost magically turn those separate food ingredients into delicious dishes
· Julieta praises and encourages you a lot when you cook or bake. I feel like you have a lot of little kisses when she’s baking. It’s common you got flour handprints on your face or cloth
· I do think she has a weak personality though, too soft. Too unassertive, like, she doesn’t have a voice or mind of her own. (It’s pretty obvious in the original film, she didn’t do much under the power of her mother)
Tumblr media
Isabela Madrigal
· She’s really comfortable in front of you. She doesn’t have to be graceful or elegant
· I imagine Isabela’s gift of growing plants requires knowledge as well, so one of your greatest joy is to find some new flowers she has never known before
· It gets her excited and really happy that there’s a new type of beautiful flower she can make with her gift
· Her room is not really friendly to people with pollen allergy though (I have pollen allergy myself so, that’s what I imagined lol)
· Isabela loves to make vines stretching all the way outside the house, so you two can lie on there to watch the stars together
· Love swinging, and takes you with her too
· You let her style you, with flower or bold colours
· I think she needs you to just lie quietly with her sometimes. You don’t have to talk to her or comfort her, just accompany her peacefully. She’s not insecure, she’s just very tired sometimes
· After the reconstruction of the Madrigal family, I believe she tends to let out some tempers on you, because she won’t suppress her emotions to be a lovely girl in front of anyone anymore
· So when she is angry, impatient, frustrated, or any negative emotions, she would be better at expressing them than before
· In that case, you will have to learn to live with that side of Isabela as well. Personally I think it’s a great thing, because it makes her imperfectly perfect
Tumblr media
Luisa Madrigal
· She is strong, infinitely strong I think
· I imagine her to treat you like a delicate doll at first, then you assured her she could never hurt you
· Bear hugs. You love hugging her because she gives the best hugs
· I just feel like Luisa is very busy everyday. There are many things and places, which you can’t really help her with, needs her help
· So in many cases you will follow her around the town and chat with her. She loves your accompany a lot
· In some days you insists she take a break, you would take her to the riverside. You rest your feet in the water and just enjoy the moment
· Or you and Luisa will try to catch some swimming fishes, then you will roast them next to the river and eat with Luisa
· Luisa would love to watch sunrise, because it is the most peaceful time of a day (real early). You would love to watch sunrise with her but it’s too tough to wake up in the early morning, so she would carry you up the tallest mountain around encanto while you take a nap on her shoulder
· I believe Luisa is similar to Isabela. They are afraid of disappointing people, so she’s just really tired sometimes. You would just stay by her side and massage her muscles for her while telling her some jokes to make her laugh and relieve her stress
Tumblr media
Mirabel Madrigal
· Before the redemption of the Madrigal family, Mirabel and you tends to hang out in town a lot. You rarely hang out in Casita
· I think Mirabel has already done a really good job in coordinating her mental status in a family like that, but it’s just simply ‘coordinating’. She’s just trying to make herself positive and hide the negative thoughts under the carpet, but someday it will still come out at her worst moment
· Sometimes she just remember how much staying in Casita suffocates so she like to hang out outside the house at some less crowded places
· You assure her she is the most special person in Madrigal, because although she does not have a gift, it also means she is not defined by her gift and she has endless possibilities
· It is what Mirabel tells herself, but it is also really helpful to hear somebody else telling her that
· After the root of the her suffocation is solved, Mirabel has no problem taking you in Casita and hang out with her family
· She trusts you very much, telling you about Bruno before she tells anyone
· Her mother packs you two with a lot of food when you are hanging out. Her siblings and cousins love you a lot
· I think if you are with Mirabel you will be the kind of strong but also really soft type of person
Tumblr media
Dolores Madrigal
· Dolores is the very extrovert type, and smart I feel like
· She’s really active and outgoing, basically because she knows everything so she gotta tell someone or she’s gonna explode herself
· She tells you everything because she trusts you. Gossiping about people around in town
· Good thing is if you two are sneaking around, she can prevent you two from getting caught from miles away
· Dolores tells you about Bruno, since everyone sees his name as a taboo. She hears him all the time, and you take her words seriously too
· Camilo managed to get to you the first few times he take form as his sister, but never again. You can look through him
· I think Dolores love dancing too. She likes dancing with you on tiles because she likes the sound of clicking
· She lets you brush her hair too
· I imagine her favourite is cheek and forehead kisses. It’s just because those are really cute
Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal
· He likes to make you laugh and he is really good at it. You can’t stop giggling when you are with him
· I imagine if you are with him, you are either a prankster like him or someone to keep him not too out of line
· I think Camilo likes to play with you inside Casita. Gotta admit this house is so fun to live in
· He probably play hide and seek with you and cheat by shapeshifting into somebody else
· He definitely loves his gift, although I doubt how his gift can “help the town” though…… It’s much more to his own personal entertainment
· Camilo would definitely shapeshift into anyone who hurt you or bullied you and then do something silly to make them look bad
· Although he can really fool around, I think it is also a lot of fun when he tells you some horror story (he would probably tell Bruno to you as a horror story too though……)
· As a drama queen, Camilo can act out a horror story so well. In the middle of the night in a blanket fortress, he’s gonna get a flash light and start his performance for you
· When the effect of the horror story really got to you, he would definitely wrap his arms around you and comforts you, (also subtly proud of himself)
· I believe he likes wrapping his arms around you. Not exactly like a hug but just to keep you close. I mean he’s 15, the age that boys are going to slowly get taller than girls, so he likes to have you in his arms
Tumblr media
Antonio Madrigal
· Talking to animals is just so cute. There’s always animals around him when you are with him
· Sometimes even when you are not with him, he sent animals to take his letters and gifts to you, or his aunt’s cooking
· He’d let you ride the leopard with him
· I think he’d translate for his animals and say something like “Christin thinks you are really beautiful”
· And a lot of sweet things like this that got you blushing
· Okay, so since this is a Disney movie, I’m going to say that his animals might make a garland to gift to you
· Mirabel would absolutely adore you
· Hang around a lot in his jungle kingdom
· Yeah that’s pretty much all I can imagine for Antonio
A/N: I love the Madrigal family :D. Anyway, please tell me if you find any spelling or grammer mistakes. English is not my first language, so it would really help
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hup1hty · 26 days ago
hello!! i really liked your staying w the madrigals fic so i thought i’d request!
could i get fluffy camilo x fem!reader where they’re in a secret relationship but before they got together reader helped pepa a lot (how they met but it was mainly camilo watching her😭) and so when camilo decided to bring his gf over for dinner pepa is over the moon?
tysm ❤️❤️
ajajja i absolutely love your requests!! i see them everywhere and they are soo good!!! hopefully i can do this justice!
Daughter In Law
camilo madrigal x fem!reader 
Also: PDA = Public Displays of Affection (example: kissing, holding hands, hugging etc.)
You still remember when you and Camilo first met, he had bumped into you while you were holding bags upon bags of groceries for Pepa. He had never seen someone as beautiful as you, even with your hair tousled and your hands and knees on the ground. Camilo had helped you up and assisted you with collecting the ruined groceries. From that day onward, he had vowed to make you his girlfriend.
It didn’t take much flirting from him though, as you had fallen in love as soon as you looked into his brown eyes.  After the two of you started dating, you both agreed to keep it a secret because you knew Pepa would freak out. You had been helping Pepa with her mood swings for a few months now, your calming demeanour relaxing her. Not only that, but you would babysit for Antonio and help her do some household chores. Pepa viewed you as her guardian angel, and would joke about how Camilo was a bad influence on you when you arrived late to your meetings with Pepa.
But that didn’t stop you from being with your favourite Madrigal. Even in secret, your and Camilo’s relationship was stronger than ever and no one even suspected that you two were dating. But as your love for each other grew, the PDA did too. Mirabel started noticing that whenever you and her cousin hugged, it would be longer than usual or how the two of you would hold hands when you thought no one was watching. Suspicious that something was going on, she confronted Camilo, marching up the stairs of Casita and barging into Camilo’s room. You had just been cuddling with him, and well, that was all of the evidence Mirabel needed to see to confirm her theory. 
While you were explaining everything to Mirabel, Dolores heard too and spread the word excitedly to her cousins. Soon, every Madrigal knew of your ‘secret’ relationship. Well, every Madrigal except for Pepa. Even Felix knew not to tell his wife of your relationship but couldn’t resist informing her of Camilo’s secret lover. 
Pepa nagged Camilo about bringing his mystery girlfriend to dinner, still having no clue that it would be (Y/N). Camilo never told you this, but he wanted to show you off to the world, for them to see you how HE saw you, as the most beautiful girl in the world. Excitedly, he invited you to dinner with his family, and needless to say you were nervous.
You arrived at the door and knocked patiently, being greeted by Pepa. She was visibly confused at first but then realised why you were here. The clouds in the sky disappeared and you had to raise your hand over your head to block the sun. A double rainbow blossomed from the baby blue sky before you were pulled into the house.
Pepa’s smile was wide all throughout dinner. Camilo squeezed your hand underneath the table, so far it was going well. Everyone was comfortable and the weather was the most clear it had been in months. Pepa cleared her throat and asked, 
“Could my daughter in law pass the salt?”
Everyone looked around the table, confused, but all of their gazes landed on you. You could feel yourself turn a cherry red as you choked on your water. Camilo was also flustered, shapeshifting into you, then his mother and then you again. The family giggled at your reactions, smiling at the awkward teenagers. Passing the salt to your ‘mother in law’,  your boyfriend squeezed your knee and whispered something in your ear.
“I love you, mi vida.”
this was a long one 😼
also i dont know much spanish so if you want me to include some spanish words pls comment!
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camilosbf · a month ago
1. Your first request was really sweet and well written :)
2. If it’s not too much trouble, could you possibly write about Pepa and Felix reacting to the reader (he/him or they/them, doesn’t really matter) and Camilo having a loving relationship?
If not, it’s totally fine, don’t worry about it :)
≡;- ꒰ °they’re perfect..꒱
↳ CAMILO MADRIGAL, fluff!! you and camilo being cute, pepa and felix being proud parents
a/n : i am in love with this i can’t-
Tumblr media
A large smile crept onto your face as you swung around with Camilo. Just a minute ago, you were laying on the grass, bored out of your mind. It’s just the difference he makes, he always knows how to cheer you up.
‘H- hey!’ You giggled, as he stuck his foot out, causing you to topple over right on top of him. You tried to push yourself up to playfully hit him, but you ended up even more tangled together.
‘I didn’t mean for you to fall over!’
‘Yeah, yeah..’
You chuckled at Camilo’s pout and reached out to squish his cheeks. You laughed even more as you pushed his face into stupid faces.
‘Stop laughing at me, amor..!’
‘I can’t help it!’
You spent a while like that, messing around with each other, laughing at one another and exchanging spontaneous kisses. What you didn’t notice, however, was Pepa and Felix watching you both from the balcony.
Pepa had a content smile on her face whilst Felix looked extremely proud. As they watched you both, they made a silent agreement that you were the one for their son.
‘I hope they get married.’ Pepa spoke, and with that, they both walked inside.
They’d tease him about it later, along with Dolores…
Tumblr media
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xayers · 28 days ago
happy birthday
word count: 3019
gif cred : @ cometcrystal 
camilo madrigal x gn reader
Tumblr media
Camilo flopped down onto his bed as he contemplated what the next few days would be like. Your birthday was coming up and he was puzzled about what he should give you for that special day. You were amazing to him and he didn't want to mess this up. Giving gifts was never an easy task for the shape-shifting Madrigal. In fact, he DREADED his relatives' birthdays because of the fact he would have to give them a perfect present, which he was never good at. For instance, on Isabela's last birthday, he gifted her a pink rose.. As if, she couldn't make those by hand… and his reasoning for this beautiful, yet pointless gift was even worse than the gift itself. 
"I see you making these things everywhere so you must like 'em! If you dig just a bit deeper and look at the real meaning behind my considerate present to you, I gave you your favorite flower, and on top of that, it matches with your dress, too! I believe a ‘Thank-You!’ hug and the title of your favorite cousin should be in order." 
Needless to say, he had to get Isabela a brand-new present and he had to get treated for the busted lip that Isabela had also given him. See, the thought and meaning behind all his gifts were there, it's just that the execution behind the gifts could use tremendous work. That's why Camilo was determined that his gift to you wouldn't be in vain, he didn't want a repeat of all the years where he had to suffer the consequences of giving substandard gifts to the people in his family. 
He was struggling and staring up at his ceiling as if the perfect gift for you would just fall onto his face. Soon enough, he got tired of trying to think and decided he needed to bring in backup, and by "backup" he meant begging anyone in his family to help him with his dilemma.
Camilo stood in front of Dolores' door reluctantly. He didn't want to ask her for help, but he had no other choice. No ideas were popping into his numb skull and Dolores did know about everyone in Encanto so she should be able to help with his problem .. right?
"I can hear you outside my room. You can knock, 'ya know? I don't bite!" Dolores teased. Camilo sluggishly opened the door and then flopped onto her bed. "Woah, Cami. You okay?"
"I've been better.” Camillo sighed while placing his hands behind his back, making a make-shift pillow, and closing his eyes.
"Yeah, you don't say.. What brings you here, you need help with something?"
"(Y/N) brings me here, that's what, and I DO need help with something. You know, their birthday is in a few days and I have absolutely no idea what I should gift them"
“Okay, so why’d you come to me about it?”
"Well, is the fact that you know almost everything about everyone who lives in Encanto so you should know some things about (Y/N) that could help me get them a good present good enough for you?"
Dolores let out a small chuckle then sat beside her brother who was sprawled across her bed with his hands on his face. "You do make a good point with that last reason but you two are literally dating! No amount of information I provide will ever come close to what you already know about them, but I can tell you this, give them something from the heart, something that you know they'll enjoy. Try and think back to some things that they expressed fondness in. It could be a certain garment they've been fawning over or a piece of jewelry they think is beautiful. Just try and give them something that shows you listen and care." 
Camilo started thinking to himself. He started thinking about something that you've been wanting for a while, and then, it came to him! On your last outing together, you said that you wanted a stunning diamond-encrusted hairpin Sure, it would be expensive, but when he thinks of you, he'd buy the whole world just to be next to you for a second. He was hopelessly smitten for you. You were his weakness, his kryptonite, but you made him feel like anything was possible and he wanted to be stronger for you because of this. You made him feel light and like he was constantly floating but you also pulled him down to earth and showed him the beauty in many things he would have never noticed before. You made him feel a lot of contradictory emotions but he loved you nonetheless. He made a promise to himself that he'd make you the happiest person on the earth and nothing would ever get in the way of that promise. 
Camilo got up from his somber position, thanked Dolores, and quickly left her room. He knew what to get you, but that wasn't enough for him. He truly believed you deserved more and the hairpin wasn't enough, so he was on his way to speak to his mother to get more advice on what he should give you.
"Mamí!" Camilo shouted while running into the kitchen.
"Holá, mi Hijo, how are you today?" Pepa gleamed, seeming happier than ever. Ever since you and Camilo started dating, Pepa was over the moon. In her eyes, her son had become a man and she seemed less stressed. She had someone to look after her little boy, someone to make him laugh and smile like how he does for everyone else around him, someone to entertain his pranks when even she was too tired to handle him, someone he could spend time with, and someone to love him unconditionally, just like she does. 
"I'm doing fine, but I do need help with something," Camilo muttered while taking a seat at the table. "(Y/N)'s birthday is in a few days and I'm still not set on what to get them. Do you think you could give me some advice on what I should do?"
"Oh, Camilo," Pepa sighed while she played with the strands of her hair, eventually taking a seat across from Camilo. " I can't tell you exactly what you should get, but I can tell you this, try and take all of their favorite things into consideration when getting them something. I know you're not the best at giving presents, but try and think of things they love. Like their favorite place to be, their favorite song, favorite people, favorite foods. All of those will show them that you care about their comfortability and that you want them to feel happy!"
"Alright, Dolores told me something along the lines of that. I'll try my best, thank you, Mamí" Camilo murmured while sluggishly sliding out of his seat. He knew that your birthday gift had to be perfect. Absolutely perfect. There was no room for errors because he had his fair share of those, he wanted you to enjoy the 24 hours dedicated just for you… aanndd the other people who shared your birthday, but it's still your day since nobody else can compare to you.
time skip to a few days later cuz i'm lazy 
The day has come, your birthday. To say Camilo was a nervous wreck would be a BIG understatement. He was pacing around his room with the 2 presents he had gotten you on his dresser. The first present was a diamond-encrusted hairpin that Dolores had helped him choose. The second present was a heart locket with a picture of you and him in it, in front of the tree, you two met. That was where you both would go to meet up when you guys decided to hang out, the tree you'd two go-to when you guys got stressed, the tree you two would go to when you needed time alone, even though one of you would probably be there already. That place was special to both of you and it held irreplaceable memories. He wouldn't trade the days where you two would just sit under the tree together, basking in each other's presence for anything. 
Camilo finally grabbed the gifts and put them in a little bag that read "happy birthday," and with that, he headed off to your house. On his way there, he saw a street vendor offering bouquets of your favorite flower.
"Hey, you're the kid from the Madrigal family right, the shape-shifting one ?" Questioned the vendor.
"Yeah, that's me," Camilo answered. "How much for a bouquet of those flowers, the ones right there" He pointed to a batch of your favorite flowers. They swayed in the wind and looked golden as the bright sun hit them. They had a gold lining to hold the bouquet in place that made the flowers all the more enticing. To Camilo, those flowers were absolutely radiant and entrancing, but there was one flower in the bouquet that had yet to bloom, but despite this fact, it glowed and swayed just like the other flowers, but it still was beautiful, regardless of the premature nature the flower was in. Camilo brushed his fingers against the petals of the dainty herb and smiled. 
"The price for these is 2.25 but I'll give it to you for 1.25 since your cousin Luisa helped me move my cart into the town's place!" 
Camilo handed the man the money and left with a new batch of flowers in his hand, along with the gifts, and continued walking to your house.
another time skip cuz why not lol
Once Camilo arrived at your house, he saw that you were sitting in the front yard. Once he noticed you, he immediately ran and hid in the nearest bush. "Okay Camilo, you got this. Just give them their gifts and spend time with them without making it awkward or weird. That can't be that hard-"
"Camilo, is that you over there?" You blurted while running toward the mysterious figure hidden behind a garden bush.
Camilo panicked and transformed into you then back to him, dropping the presents and flower bouquet on the ground, he rushed to the ground, fumbling to pick up the objects that he just lost his grip on, all the while you got closer and closer to his little 'hiding spot.'
"Cami, what are you doing back here, you could've asked to come inside instead of conspicuously hiding behind a bush that can barely cover your head." You teased while you leaned on the hedge. 
Camilo let out a slightly embarrassed chuckle, as he dusted off the dirt from his pants. He always had a soft spot for your silly banter. 
"Happy birthday, mi vida." Camilo said, flustered. He was bright red as a tomato and he had barely spoken to you yet. He handed you an assortment of flowers and 2 jewelry boxes. One contained the expensive, but exquisite hairpin, while the other box had the beautiful heart locket. All with an embarrassed smile to seal the deal.
You immediately looked up at Camilo, back at the presents, and back up at Camilo with a surprised look on your face. 
Camilo looked up at your face and immediately regretted coming to you directly to deliver your presents. 
"I- I'm sorry I really shouldn't have -'' You cut Camilo off to give him a long, loving hug. You looped your arms around his neck and held him closely, burying your head in his neck while he stammered some more. He didn't know what to expect but he certainly wasn't expecting this. 
"Thank you, Camilo." You whispered while still holding your lover close. Camilo then wrapped his arms around the back of your torso. You two just stood there in silence for a while, enjoying each other's warm embrace.
 "Hey.. do you want to go hang out somewhere?" Camilo asked as he broke away from the hug.
"Of course." You said, taking your flowers and gifts. You both intertwined your fingers with each other and locked hands. It's as if your bodies were magnets, constantly attracting each other and Camilo couldn't get enough. You were infatuating and perfect in every way to him. 
"Oh, and mi Amor," you began to ask.
"Hm? " Camilo muttered, turning his head to look at you. 
"Why on God's green earth were you hiding behind that bush? If you really wanted to disguise yourself, you could've turned into a random passerby. You chose the worst hiding spot EVER.” 
"Well, I didn't know you were the hiding spot judge? When did this come to be? Cause if you ask ME, my hiding spot was pretty damn good, especially since you are not the observant type and wouldn't be able to see a fly if it landed on your eyeball."
"Says you! Do you remember when you were mocking your Abuela and she was right behind you?! It seems as if YOU aren't the alert, wise person you claim to be"
"Okay, now I never claimed to be any of those things, and you know how I feel about the Abuela situation. I wasn't allowed to leave my room for a week. That was the hardest 7 days of my LIFE ."
"Camilo, you snuck out every single day. YOU DIDN'T EVEN FOLLOW YOUR PUNISHMENT. HOW IN THE HELL IS THAT HARD?!" 
"Are you forgetting my sister hears everything about everyone? When people use the saying ‘The walls have ears,’ they're literally referring to Dolores. She hears everyone's business. Hell, she even heard me ask you out!"
"Okay but Dolores wouldn't tell on you for sneaking out, would she?"
"Oh yes, she would! There are some secrets she simply can't keep which I find ridiculous since she keeps all Isabela's secrets with no hesitation, but the second I ask for a teensy weensy favor, she requests 20 dollars and a free dessert.”
You began to cackle at what Camilo just said. “You actually paid her the money?!” 
“I had no other choice, but then again, paying her 20 dollars was nothing if it meant I could spend the day with my lover.” Camilo gushed.
Camilo and you walked a little more before you reached the town's place. 
“Hey, mi Amor, you wanna spend some time here for a while, while we wait for the sun to set?”
“Of course, but why would we wait for the sun to set?” You asked.
“I just want to show you something at that time, that's all.”
..another time skip cuz i'm fed UP, sorry y'all 💀..
“Cami, the sun is setting, didn't you say that you wanted to show me something around this time?”
“Oh yeah, come on,” Camilo said as he took your hand inside an old, abandoned building.
“You're not trying to kill me, are you?” You said, half-jokingly. 
“You know, with the number of questions you ask, I'm starting to actually consider that idea.” Camilo teased back.
You both started walking up a flight of stairs and after a while, you saw a light, signaling you guys were nearing the top and you were soon going to be on the roof of the rundown building.
“Oh, so you're gonna push me off the roof? How romantic.” You said sarcastically.
“Yep, and I'm gonna look amazing while doing so, and when people ask why I did what I did, I'm gonna reply with ‘their pessimistic attitude pushed me off the edge so I pushed them off the edge .. of a building.” 
“Hardy har har, Cami. I'm dying of laughter.”
“Yeah, you will be dying soon although, it won't be from laughter, and then again, pushing you off a building this high would result in an instantaneous death so you won't really register that you're dying, you'll just be dead.. but you won't feel any pain so that's a plus! No need to thank me for giving you a quick, painless death!”
“Okay, first off,  I'm not even gonna ask why you know so much about falling off a building, and secondly, ENOUGH OF THE DEATH TALK, CAMILO MADRIGAL.
“I know so much about falling from high places because I was researching how to properly dispose of you! Also, don't get mad at me, you started the whole death talk thing.”
“What did I just say about the D-word Camilo.”
“I was just answering your question, my love.”
What felt like an eternity of death talk for you, you both reached the roof of the building and the view there was something straight out of a movie. It's as if the sky was a coin and when the sun would set, we would be able to see the sides of the coin, which would be the golden-ish yellow side, whereas the blue ocean that took over the sky was on one side of the coin and the black, star-filled night was on the other. Camilo and you got there just in time to witness the sides of the coin where gold reigned the sky and other colors such as pink and yellow helped the sky look even more radiant. The sun looked over both you and your lover and gave you both a warm, golden embrace.
When you turned to look at Camilo, you could tell he was just as entranced with the scenery as you were moments before. The sunlight ghosted over his skin and made him look like an extraterrestrial being, something angelic-like. You stared into his eyes for a moment longer and saw the sea of colors reflecting off his glossy orbs. Then he turned his head to look at you.
“Beautiful, isn't it?”
“It is,” you said while beginning to sit down, bringing Camilo down with you. “Thank you for this.”
“It's nothing, really,” Camilo said, then reached into the bag he had given you for your birthday box and pulled out the hairpin he had gotten you, then clipped it in your hair. 
“I love you.” You muttered while laying your head on Camilo’s shoulder.
“I love you too, Mi Vida.”
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squeamishdionysus · 25 days ago
can i kiss you?
Pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Reader
TW: none to note
Summary: you never get tired of kissing your boyfriend, and Camilo never gets tired of being kissed.
Pronouns: The reader is female and uses she/her pronouns in this story.
Notes: first fic in a while! more camilo stuff on the way and requests for Encanto x readers are now open!
Tumblr media
Today was a special day. It was the first day in weeks that Camilo wasn't completely busy with chores around town, and one of the few days where the two of you had an opportunity to just do whatever you two pleased.
The day had started with Camilo bringing you some arepas his tia had made, sharing a whole plateful with you while you walked through town. His brother, Antonio, had recently shown him a beautiful hiding place near the Encanto's mountains, one where you could see the entire town from. He had wanted to take you there ever since, and today, he planned just to do that.
When you finished your last arepa, you two were already passed the edges of the town, and getting close to the bottom of the mountains.
"You did remember to bring a blanket, right?" you asked him, swinging his hand back and forth gently as you walked. Camilo nodded, gesturing to the bag he had on his other shoulder.
"Yep! Mirabel made a new quilt for me this week, so I just brought my old one."
You giggled and leaned against his shoulder.
"I'm surprised you're even this prepared," you teased, and he rolled his eyes.
"Oh, it gets worse," he said sarcastically. "I brought water and extra snacks, too!"
You gasped dramatically, placing a hand on your chest and bumping your hips into him lightly.
"who are you, and what you have you done with my 'Milo!"
He gave you a wicked grin and spun away from you, his arms bending to resemble the claws of a maniacal villain.
"Ah, you have caught me, senorita! I am not Camilo, I am-"
He straightened his back and threw his arms to the sky, his body shifting and morphing dramatically into a familiar looking middle aged man, holding his arms out in a large wave.
"Jose! The local carpenter!"
You burst out laughing at that, knowing the many times you had injured Jose while helping him move furniture around Encanto. Camilo knew how embarrassing it was whenever you did that, but never failed to tease you for it regardless.
"Camilo! You're so mean!" you laughed, walking up to him and wrapping an arm around him as he shifted back into himself. "i wouldn't be surprised if he was out to get me at this point, though. Did you see his nose after that bookshelf fell on him?"
Camilo winced, the image of Jose's swollen, broken nose filling his mind as he remembered the awful incident that had happened only earlier that week.
"ugh, yeah... it took quite a few arepas for that to get better."
You cringed, laughing awkwardly as you rested your head on his shoulders.
"I'm seriously impressed that you packed so much just for a hike."
A smug grin came across the curly-haired boy's features as he gave a nonchalant shrug.
"Oh, you know my mama! She made me pack most of the snacks and water, just in case."
You chuckled, already picturing Pepa dragging Camilo back to the house to make sure he packed everything she deemed necessary. She was such a caring and doting mother, and you were lucky that she not only looked after Camilo, but you as well.
"I think its sweet how much she cares about you."
"Between you and me, she seemed more worried about you."
He transformed quickly into a shorter version of his mother (just so you could keep your head on his shoulder).
"If you let anything happen to my future daughter-in-law, Camilo, the Encanto will be flooded for weeks!"
You flushed hearing the words "future daughter-in-law," smiling softly and avoiding Camilo's eyes.
"Did... did she really call me that?"
Camilo gave you a soft look and slowly transformed back into himself, giving you a small "mhm," and squeezing your waist.
"She's done it many times before, ever since you came over for dinner a while back."
You grinned, looking back up at him.
"It makes me really happy to know that."
He gives you a small kiss on your temple, slowly slipping out of your grip.
"I'm glad, mi vida," he says softly, taking your hand and showing you the bottom of one of the many mountains surrounding the Encanto. he slung the bag on his shoulders to his back and lead you forward to the side of the mountain, letting go of your hand to hook his on one of the many vines growing up it. He glanced back at you and smiled.
"Follow me!"
And so you did, allowing Camilo to lead you up the short climb to this hiding spot he had been waiting to show you, eventually pulling you up to a small part of the mountain that jutted out. When you finally got a chance to look around, you realized just how beautiful the spot was, with smooth ground below your feet and captivating trees and plants growing all around and above you. You smiled brightly at Camilo, who was taking the blanket out of his bag and laying it on the ground. He gestured to it gentlemanly, waiting for you to take your place and lie down.
You chuckled, taking your time to lie down and take in the view above you. The trees framed a round picture of the clear blue sky, in which you could see toucans and hummingbirds flying from tree to tree and flower to flower. it was truly a sight to behold and you were still surprised Camilo had even managed to find it.
Soon, Camilo had taken his place beside you, taking your hand in his yet again and giving it a gentle squeeze. You turned to him and gave him your most sincere smile.
"This place is amazing, Camilo."
He chuckled, his brown eyes staring deep into yours.
"I'm glad you like it so much, mi amor."
He looked down at your hand intertwined with his, and he slowly brought them up to his face, placing a gentle kiss on the back of your palm. You giggled again, a blush creeping up your face. You slipped out of his hand to hold the side of his face, taking a minute to just admire the boy in front of you. His wonderfully curly hair and adorable nose, and those eyes you could get lost in for hours. The freckles that dusted the bridge of his nose that you often counted when the two of you were alone, and the soft lips that could render you defenseless with a kiss.
As you brushed your thumb across his cheek, you shyly asked a small question.
"Can I kiss you?"
Camilo's smile faltered a bit as he became flustered at the question, a pink hue crossing across his freckles. However, his look of shock was quickly replaced with a dopey grin.
"Sure," he whispered excitedly, and with a swift movement, your lips were on his. The kiss was sweet and gentle, full of the love and admiration that you had for this boy. You felt his arms snake around your waist, pulling you in a warm embrace as he kissed you back. You could practically feel the smile on his face as he kissed you, and when you pulled away, you could've sworn his smile was glowing.
Camilo slowly opened his eyes again, a lovestruck look gleaming in his eye as he tucked a stray piece of hair behind your ear. you leaned into his touch, giving him an equally romantic look back.
It was amazing how much love this boy could have for you.
He felt his heart beat fast as you opened your mouth to ask him, "can I kiss you again?" and he laughed.
"Mi corazon, do you even have to ask?"
You giggled and rushed to meet his lips again, rolling over so that you were on top of him, placing kiss after kiss all over his lips and face. You dotted over every freckle, and Camilo smiled as you leaned back down to kiss his lips, a loud laugh emitting from his chest.
"Amor, it tickles!'
You gave him one last peck on the lips before leaning above him, looking down at the dopey grin spread across his face.
"Sorry! You're just so kissable, Camilo Madrigal!"
He gave you a skeptical look, combing his hand through your hair.
You sighed dramatically, feigning a distraught look on your face.
"Oh yes! It's just so hard to simply not kiss you," you kissed the tip of his nose, "every time we're together."
"Oh, trust me," he said, gently pressing yet another kiss to your lips. "I know exactly how you feel."
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magicalencanto · 25 days ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Madrigal family with sibling! reader who can control water ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Madrigal family x sibling! Reader who can control water! (Platonic, duh!)
✎ ⁞ requested by @kanattac
✎ ⁞ date: 28.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Let's say, you're Pepa's child, because her gift is connected to the nature. You're younger than Dolores but older than Camilo.
You're gift is something to admire, because water is everywhere. In the air, in our bodies, under the ground and so on. Water is everywhere and a force to be reckoned with.
And that means you can use your gift everywhere and however you want it.
That's why you were put in the same spot of a perfect child like Isabela. Both you and her gift were truly beautiful, and together, you could created a true piece of art. Imagine beautiful flowers moving around with a little water droples floating around it, reflecting like a little diamonds.
But water has a lot of shapes and sizes, and you love to experience with it in your room. So far, you turned water into an: ice, snow, steam. Then, you turned them back into a fluid, and once again changed their state. You discovered that it was connected to your emotions. When you were sad, the water froze, when you were angry it started to boil, when you were happy it becomes pleasantly warm.
In Encanto, you help people by watering plants, finding the sources of water and helping to clear the water, to make it drinkable. People truly appreciated your help.
Your room is like sea side, with a small, wooden fisher hut and a endless sea before you. Depending on your emotions, the water can be either still a peaceful or there could be a full blown storm.
Your room is consider a safe heaven in Casita. Whenever someone is having hard time or wants to have some peace and quiet, then they go to your room, just to sit on a sand and listen to the sea waves crashing. It was so relaxing...
Dolores especially liked to spend time in your room, because she liked the sounds of waves and sand. It was soothing for her sensitive ears.
You also often lead your mother there, to breath and relax. You knew she needed it. And she was thankful for that, because something in the sea was so calming to her, when being near it, she felt her negative emotions stabling.
Other than that, you can breath under water! You could swim in the sea for hours and discover all the wonders of your room.
Antonio like to hang out in your room, because he gets a chance to meet new animal friends that lives in the sea. He's so happy about it!
Overall, you're the calming force, who brings peace to your family members.
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ taglist: @10n31y-100n3y-10s3r, @justbookworm, @beamingbeaming, @vampireviel, @dreashappyworld, @wtfwithmylife, @realgaytrash, @pls-love-me-camilo, @chamomiledelight, @nightmare-chaser1, @mythicalbinicorn, @islandoffllowers, @kaz3yo, @sleemao, @i-yam-awesome, @camileon, @ermespop, @kanattac , @spilltheyeasis, @fangirl-2610, @mnomno,
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yoursweetdenial · 16 days ago
Pepa, pointing to the wall: What color is this?
Bruno: Gray.
Julieta: Grey.
Pepa, turning to Y/N: Now tell them what color you think it is.
Y/N: Dark white.
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bellathechildbitch · 9 days ago
pepa madrigal x wife reader, where the reader gets hurt when casita was breaking down and after that pepa and the kids end up getting clingy and scared of something bad happening to reader again
😭 damn
Tumblr media
The day that Casita lost her magic was a living hell.. for both you and your family...
Mirabel was trying to get the candle while Casita was falling apart, you first made sure your children and wife got out safely. But you couldn't just leave your niece behind.. As you were escorting Pepa handing her to Camilo you would take a moment to look at your family before dashing back into the collapsing Castia.
Pepa would turn around to expect you behind her but when she saw that you were gone a dark cloud hovered over her head "(Y/n)..? (Y/N)! NO STOP COME BACK YOU'LL GET HURT!" Cried Pepa as she tried to run after you but Camilo held her back "No! mami please you cannot go in there..! You'll get hurt as well.."
Pepa would resist as she would slowly fall to the ground, crying as rain would begin to pour. Pepa can only wish that you and Mirabel make it out before the structure collapses on you two.
As you ran through the Casita you chased after Mirabel "Mirabel! It isn't worth it please! " she would ignore you as she would snatch the candle from the window it sat on. Making it down you would grab Mirabels hand and you would be running to the exit, Castia slowly began to come down you threw Mirabel to the exit as you were left inside a pillar would fall onto your foot as it held you down. Crying out in pain you tried to remove the pillar from your foot but you didn't have much strength.
Looking around you would cover your face waiting for the impact of the house to come down onto you, but whatever magic that was still left Casita would cover you with the last of the furniture that was left behind as the house would slowly lose all of its magic as the house finally came crumbling down
Everything from then was a blur you passed out from the impact you didn't feel any pain.. but there was a loud ringing in your ears and a bright light hitting your face. You woke up with Pepa hovering above you, frantically looking at you as she would be crying "Mi amor! Oh goodness you're alright!" She sobbed into your chest
Groaning quietly you would look around you were surrounded in the rubble of what once used to be a fun a lovely home.. now nothing but lifeless fragments of that home..
You sighed as you leaned your head back "Don't cry mi princesa.. I'm fine.. "
Camilo would gently rest your head on his lap as he sighed "Oh hush mama.. you were nearly crushed ... Tia Julieta is making something for that foot of yours.. Luisa managed to get the pillar off of your foot.. everything will be alright.." he said softly.
You would look up at him and smiled "Thank you for comforting your Madre.. I know it was a scary situation.. you were very brave.." Camilo would stay silent as he teared up a bit as he nodded "Of course mama.."
Soon in came Dolores and Antonio both of them looked shocked to see you in such a terrifying state. Both of them came up to you gently kneeling down beside you.
Dolores would frown "Mama.. don't ever do that again..please I think we were going to lose you.." she said as she took one of your hands. You would sigh as you nodded "Don't worry mi vida.. I can assure you I won't be.. going anywhere.. ' which made Dolores giggle quietly
Antonio wouldn't say anything as he would lay his head against your stomach tightly holding onto your dress skirt afraid if he let go you'd he gone.
Pepa would continue to sob against your chest but soon calmed down "Mi amor I thought I lost you..! What would I do with myself if something bad happened! " She whined
You would slowly reach out to her as you cupped her cheek "Don't cry princesa..I'm still here.. don't cry.. " you reassured as she would nod sniffing up her tears as she calmed down
Soon Julieta would heal you right up but you still felt weak and sluggish from what just happened. but overall you were fine
A few weeks passed and the new Casita was built.. everything was great expect the fact that..your family kept hovering above you..
They were usually clingy.. but now? Oh boy you barley get time to yourself without one of your children sitting beside you examining your evey move.
It's not just you're children.. also your lovely wife as well..
You managed to sneak out of the Casita without anyone noticing. Hiding under a tree as you finally got to read the book you were trying to catch up on. Sighing in relief you would open it, as you began to read you felt a certain tug at your skirt, looking down you found Antonio he would be looking up at you as he frowned.
You sighed as you set the book down for a moment "What is it my little Toñito.. "you said softly
He would scoot closer to you as he rested his head against you staying silent.
"Lemme guess.. mami is freaking out because I'm not at the Casita huh..?" You asked as you wrapped your arm around your son. He'd give you a slight nod "Shes worried something bad will happen to you.. we all are.." he said quietly as he nuzzled into your side.
Frowning a bit you would shake your head "Oh goodness.. Antonio.. what happened that day was an accident.. yes I was hurt.. but look at me now! I can run up to the tallest peak and back down to the encanto within a minute!" You teased as he would let out a quiet laugh
"No you can't! That's impossible!" He teased back
"oh yeah? Wanna bet on that mister..!" You said as he you would tickle his side. Antonio would jerk forward as he let out a high squeal bursting out in laughter as he tried to push you away "Mama! Stop it!" He whined
You would chuckle as you stopped "But seriously Toñito.. mama will be fine.. nothing will take me away from you and our family.. I will live up to a hundred years~" his eyes would lighten up "R-really!?" He said as he seemed surprised
Nodding you would smile down at him "Of course.. I mean I am apart of the great family Madrigal.. so who knows what lies in the future for me.."
Antonio stayed quiet as he hugged you tightly. You returned the hug as you would grab your book "At this point I think mama will never have time to herself anymore.." you teased as you got up, Antonio would do the same as he rolled his eyes playfully
"I'm sure one day.. but for now.. let's go before your mami starts panicking.. " you said as you grabbed a hold of his hand "Yea.. she almost started a tornado in the Casita when she found out you were gone.."
"Oh boy.. that means I'm in big trouble .." you whined. The little boy would laugh "Yup! " He said cheerfully as you two began to walk back to the Casita.
As you made it back to Pepa's room, there stood Dolores and Camilo comforting their mother as she seemed to be on the verge of a panic attack. You frowned a bit, you hated to see your wife in such a distressed state..
"Pepa I'm home~" you called out as Antonio would laugh as he would sit down on his mother's bed watching the incoming action.
Pepa would spring out of her seat and into your arms as she would be shaking a bit "W-where have you been! I was worried sick I nearly caused a hurricane!" She barked as she pulled away from you.
You would rub the back of your neck seeming a bit ashamed "Calm down princesa.. I went to spend some time by myself .. because every five seconds one of you guys starts to hover over my shoulder.. " you said calmly
Pepa would be surprised as she blushed a bit from embarrassment. So did Camilo and Dolores
"Look I know that day was scary.. you almost lost me.. but mi amores.. I'm fine.. I can assure you nothing like that will happen again.. Mama is fine and she will always be fine... Don't think that I'll disappear at any second.." you said softly
Your family would stay quiet. Pepa would be fiddling with her hair as she sighed "We are just..scared.. Scared that we will lose you again.." your wife said as she looked up at you. With tears in her eyes.
You dramatically gasped as you clutched your chest "Ah! Mi amor.. how could you think of something like that.. "you said as you gently pulled her into a hug "you will never lose me.. I am not that easy to get rid of.. ain't that right Antonio?"
"Right! She said shes gonna live up to a hundred years!" Antonio would chime in as the others laughed. Pepa would hug you tightly as she grumbled a bit "we were a bit clingy weren't we..?"
You would shrug "Ehh.. just a little bit.." you said dramatically as Pepa rolled her eyes. Looking at your two eldest children they still seemed uneased
"Hey you two.. I'll be alright.. it's fine to be clingy.. and it's fine to worry.. I don't mind.. but I am fine.. as long as I have all of you I will be alright..!"
Camilo would smile a bit as he came over to the both of you and joined in the hugging. Dolores seemed hesitant as she looked at you, frowning a bit "You promise..?" She said quietly
You smiled "I promise.. not get over here before I go over there and get you my self!"
Dolores would smile a bit as she rushed over to you guys and hugged you tightly as well.
Antonio anxiously waited for you to call him into the family hug. You dramatically whipped your head over to your youngest son "Get over here my little Toñito!" You cheered as he sprang up from his spot on the bed and joined in with his family.
"Aw my lovely familia ..!" You cheered and you enjoyed the embrace. From that day forward .. yes they are still clingy.. but not as bad as they were.. and everything ended up well for both ends of the family 😌
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