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Tumblr media
All the mutuals are drawing Encanto so now it’s my turn ✨🌈
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my favourite Madrigals + the capybara
Tumblr media
cr: @/hourlydolores on Twitter
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Encanto Parents Headcanons:
Abuela never had the chance to really do any matchmaking, like she tried with Isabella and Mariano, with her girls - although she definitely wanted to - because long before romance became even the vaguest idea in anyones mind it was rare to see either of them without their 'shadows'.
Augustin genuinely doesn't remember a time before he fell in love with Julieta. He was brought to her for healing at 4yo shortly after she got her gift, and just never left, or at least never wandered too far. Every time she heals him for the first few years he just stares in awe, and the emotion never does fade, although he gets better at toning it down and snapping out of it. By the time they were 8&9yo it was acknowledged by even them that without her he'd be dead. Because he was so young when he fell for her though, it takes him forever to realize that his love far exceeds even both best friends and 'she saves my life on an hourly basis'. And even once he realizes this the idea of telling her and being rejected is so terrifying that he stays silent on the matter till she just pulls this gangly boy down and kisses the heck out of him.
Julieta on the other hand found him (and still does to a degree) endlessly exasperating and is convinced that he's going to give her a heartattack someday. The first few times she healed him with the same concern she had for everyone else. But then he kept coming back. And then just not leaving. And she's really grateful for the second because it means he gets better almost as soon as he’s hurt. Because they're just little of course they become almost instant best friends. But his tendency to somehow manage get stung by an enture beehive or both climb and fall out of a tree in the time her back is turned to heal someone else is the most irritating thing in the world. If you ask who her best friend is she doesn't even hesitate to say his name, but she's also just so done with everything he does. And then he actually almost dies one time. And the level of 'NO!' at that prospect makes her realize that somewhere amidst the annoyance she's fallen in love.
Augustin's love starts with the fact that he literally wouldn't be alive without her, and snowballs from there. Julieta's starts with the realization that she couldn't live without this dork no matter how frequently she has to heal him.
Felix and Pepa are another story. There is hardly any time between them meeting and her declaring she's gonna marry him. He's 6yo when the triplets get their gifts, and thinks controlling the weather is the coolest thing ever. So he tells her the first chance he has, which between school and chores and such happens to be a year or so later. And she beams. Full on double rainbow and everyone needs sunglasses. Because she's still just a kid so no one yells at her yet, but she's not oblivious and she can feel the glares when her tantrums accidentally destroy the crops. That alone is enough to cement his place as her best friend for life.
The fact that later that day Felix makes her laugh so hard she cries rather than having to be sad to water the crops makes Pepa drag him to her mama and declare they're getting married someday. Of course Alma just laughs at her little girl and her new best friend, because kids make such claims all the time, but never follow through. Pepa however is stubborn, and Felix is smitten. And as years pass it becomes increasingly obvious that getting married someday wasn't simply a childish claim, but stating a fact.
People almost wonder if Pepa knew she'd marry Felix because Bruno had a vision.
Bruno did indeed have plenty of visions that included the fact that his sisters would both marry their childhood sweethearts, but he never told them. Both Augustin and Felix were such facts of life by the time he realized they'd be his brothers-in-law rather than just all of their best friends that he figured it went without saying.
And all five of them very much were best friends. When one of your triplets comes home with a heart-eyed shadow at such a young age, and announces he's their best friend, there's really no other option than to accept that he's one of your best friends now too.
As soon as they start learning their instruments Felix and Augustin become the musical accompaniment for Bruno's rat puppet shows. It definitely disturbs the adults a little, but the younger kids think it's endlessly amusing. (For a few years at least. As Bruno's visions grow darker and his reputation diminishes, so do their audiences)
Felix is actually Julieta's second most frequent patient, just from lightning zaps alone. She frequently wonders if her sister permanently fried some of his braincells, because he never seems to learn to get out of the blast zone, but also is so glad that he runs towards Pepa to calm her down rather than the other way like everyone else.
Once the triplets are adults Alma does briefly consider attempting to set up an arranged marriage for one or both of her girls. Its not that she disapproves of either young man, merely that on paper they seem not to be the 'best' options. Those musings are quickly shot down however when she finds and questions one of Bruno's vision tablets and he merely shrugs and comments that it's "Augustin teaching our neice piano." Alma merely sighs in exasperation and gives up such silly ideas. She has both the physical evidence in front of her, and her clairvoyant son acting as if such marriages are already a fact of life. She really can't fight that.
Instead she just tries to set Bruno up with someone, with hilariously bad results every time, until she ultimately gives up.
There's one particularly bad date that if mentioned will cause him to turn beet red, look like he wants to die, and attempt to hide in a hole. Meanwhile Pepa, Felix and Agustin will all start cackling, so hard they can't talk, and even years later Julieta has no clue what she missed other than that she had to heal everyone involved afterwards.
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Saw your asking for requests for pepa and felix. How about Pepa finding out she pregnant (any child idc) and telling felix, and a few weeks later Felix's having a hard time keeping up with pepas mood swings but loving every minute since it means they are gonna have a child.
Another request can be Felix being the one having a bad day and its Pepas turn to be with him/cheer him up. Havent seen any fics this way, usally its felix being their for pepa
Thank you!
Unfortunately, I'm going to respectfully pass on your first request, since that topic is a trigger for me. But I love the second request! This ended up being longer than anticipated, I hope you like it!
Pepa was having a wonderful day. Ever since their Casita had fallen apart, people in the encanto had learned to get by without their gifts. Even better, it had stayed their way once they had rebuilt the Casita.
As a result, Pepa had fielded far fewer requests for specific weather recently. People had discovered this wonderful thing called “irrigation” to get them through dry spells. And although Pepa loved helping, it was a relief not to have others constantly relying on her manipulating her own emotions to suit their needs.
So, instead of having to wake up at the crack of dawn in order to deal with the weather requests of the day, she had slept in. Her kids were old enough now that they could take care of themselves in the morning without her help. It was a sight to see her Tonito getting ready with birds swooping around to reach the things he needed that were too high for the five-year-old to reach. That used to be Pepa’s job. Part of her missed it, but she relished the freedom from obligations.
Once she’d had a leisurely breakfast, she swiped some arepas from the plate in the middle of the kitchen table and tucked them into her dress for later. Making sure they were secured, she went up to her room and curled up on her bed with her blanket and her novela.
It wasn’t until her stomach started rumbling that she realized how late it had gotten. She was completely engrossed in her novela; the main character and his love interest had tragically been kept apart for the entire plot, and it looked like there was hope for them ending up together at the end. Pepa wiped a tear from her eyes. A small cloud misted her gently, collecting on the blanket which she’d tented over the book to keep it dry. It wasn’t unpleasant, but rather welcome, like a summer drizzle after hours of unyielding heat.
Things had been better after they rebuilt the Casita. Not having to deal with everyone demanding sunshine or rain showers or a freaking rainbow meant she could breathe. Her control over her powers grew. The clouds that were once omnipresent whenever she was upset had shrunk even more. But intense emotion still brought them on, which was why she had to protect her novelas from the onslaught of rain that inevitably resulted from the tragic stories she was so fond of.
She made quick work of the arepas she had taken, turning to share one with Félix when she realized that she hadn’t seen him all day. That was odd. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d gone so long without seeing him around. He usually would love to surprise her with little affections and happy exclamations during the day. Where was he?
Pepa searched the entire Casita; tearing through each room, followed by her cloud. He was fine. He had to be fine. Of course Félix was fine, why wouldn’t he be fine, there was no reason for him not to be fine, he was fine, he was fine, he was fine. And she would find him. She would find him. She rubbed her braid, starting to worry about his whereabouts. Where could he be?
The air had become oppressively heavy, suffocating her. She had to go outside. Maybe Félix had done the same thing. If he wasn’t home, he had to be in the encanto.
She ran up and down the streets, holding up the skirt of her dress to keep the hem from trailing along the ground. Finally, she found him sitting on a bench near the river. She breathed out a sigh of relief, her cloud evaporating away. He seemed quiet, which was very unlike him, and his shoulders were slumped. Taking care not to spook him, she approached him.
“Félix?” she called out.
He turned his head to face her. A smile lit up his face, but his features immediately crumpled into the unhappy expression he’d had previously.
Pepa went and sat next to him. “Mi sol, are you okay?”
Félix gave a dry chuckle. “I don’t feel particularly sunny right now, mi amor.” He sighed, scooting closer to Pepa on the bench.
She took his hand in hers. “What’s wrong, cariño?” She rubbed her thumb along the side of his palm soothingly.
“Ah, it’s nothing. Just feeling down.” He tried for a smile. “It’ll pass. I’ll be back at the Casita soon.”
The dismissal was obvious. Now that definitely wasn’t like Félix. He loved to be surrounded by people. There was hardly a time of day that they could get to themselves. If he thought she was going to abandon him just because he wasn’t smiling, he was mistaken.
“We can stay here as long as you need,” she promised, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
He turned to face her, confused. “We?”
“Well you didn’t think I would leave you like this, did you? No seas ridículo.”
“No, but I figured it would be better if you didn’t have to deal with my bad mood. You’d been doing so well lately.”
“So what, you think I would leave my husband to be miserable by himself? Is that what you take me for?” The question was punctuated by a crackle of thunder.
“I just didn’t want you to worry,” Félix said, squeezing her hand in his. “Like I said, you’ve been doing so much better lately. Fewer storms, not so many clouds. I didn’t want to ruin that for you.”
“Félix Madrigal, do you really think being around you, my husband, the one I chose to spend the rest of my life with, would ruin anything for me? I got worried when I couldn’t find you. I thought something had happened.”
“Lo siento, mi vida, that is the opposite of what I wanted. I don’t want to be the one to bring you down.”
“And you’re not,” she replied, taking his other hand in hers. “You are the best part of my day. Even if you’re not feeling good, you are still mi sol. The sun doesn’t shine all the time. You don’t have to either.”
“Shhh” she put a finger on his lips. “You’ve helped me so many times. Let me help you.” She looked into his eyes, pleading with him.
Félix looked like he was about to argue, but he closed his mouth and nodded. “Thank you.”
Pepa smiled, leaning her head on his shoulder. “No te preocupes, mi amor. I will be here as long as you need.” She shifted from side to side gingerly. “But does it have to be on this bench? Ay, it’s uncomfortable!” The hard wooden surface wasn’t doing her spine any favors. She wasn’t twenty anymore.
Félix laughed, a real laugh this time. The sound was music to Pepa’s ears. “We can go somewhere else if you want, mi corazón.”
She smiled. “I know just the place.”
Taking him by the hand, she stood and swooped him off the bench. She ran along the river, practically dragging him behind her. For once, she didn’t care if the bottom of her dress would get ruined. Closing her eyes, she let out a whoop. She hadn’t felt this free since she was a teenager.
Finally, she slowed, coming to an abrupt stop. Unfortunately, the top part of her body hadn’t gotten the message, and her momentum led her to topple over onto the grass, bringing Félix down with her. They ended up sprawled out on the grass, surrounded by peals of laughter.
Ever the charmer, Félix took the opportunity to sneak a kiss.
Pepa smiled into his lips, pulling him closer. When she had to come up for air, she pushed him up and to the side, raising herself up to sit. “I take it you approve?”
Félix looked around at his surroundings. They were at the bottom of a small hill, opening up to a wide meadow dotted with wildflowers. “It’s beautiful. But not as beautiful as you.” He kissed her nose, causing it to fog up around them.
“Coqueto.” Pepa smacked him lightly on the arm, then snuggled up to his side. “I used to love coming up here when I was younger.”
“Really?” Félix ran his hands along her braid, not undoing it, just feeling her hair. He loved to touch her hair.
“Really,” she confirmed, bringing her hands up to the end of her braid and starting to unbraid her hair as she went on. “Whenever things would get to be too much, I’d come here to get away. It’s far enough from everyone to be able to,” she waved her hands around, “you know, have my storm without worrying about hurting anyone.”
Félix just watched her, entranced. His eyes followed the hypnotic motion of her hands crossing and uncrossing strands of her long fiery curls, over, under, around, until she had a veritable mane of hair exploding over her shoulders and down her sides. “Why did I never find out about this place?”
Pepa shrugged, shaking out her hair. “After we met, I didn’t have to be alone when things were bad. I had you.” She beamed at him, running a hand down his cheek.
He was too overwhelmed to speak, so he just nodded. “I’m flattered, mi vida. All I have ever wanted is for you to be happy.”
“And I want the same for you.” She offered him the ends of her hair to play with as she adjusted her position and practically lay down on top of him. Her eyes fluttered shut and she hummed at the sensation of his fingers running through her hair. It felt so good, but she forced herself to focus on what she was saying. “Which is why I brought you here. This was my happy place. I want to share it with you.”
“Thank you, mi amor.” Félix dropped her hair to cross his arms over her around her waist.
They stayed like that for a few minutes, savoring their closeness, before Pepa broke the silence. “Do you want to play a game?”
“A game?” Félix was confused. “What kind of game?”
“Well…” her voice trailed off as she twisted to look at him. “You know how sometimes clouds look like they have shapes and you try to guess what they are?”
Félix grinned, cottoning onto her idea. “But cariña, there are no clouds in the sky.”
It was true. For the however many days in a row, it was dazzlingly bright and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. Just how everyone liked it, including Pepa.
“You forget who you are talking to, mi amor.” Pepa concentrated on her love for Félix, how much she cherished him and cared about him. Suddenly, a group of fluffy white clouds appeared in the sky above them. “There.”
Félix squeezed her hand. “Perfect. Now let’s see…” He scanned the clouds, then pointed to one near the edge. “That looks like a mountain.” And it really did. Peaks and ridges and all.
“Very good.” Pepa smiled, snuggling closer into his middle. “And that’s a…” Her finger wandered around the sky until she locked onto a cloud. “That’s a tree.”
“That’s right. And there’s Casita!” Félix exclaimed.
Pepa had to laugh. It was a perfect likeness of their home. “You’re too good at this,” she fake grumbled. Time to find a challenge for him… “What’s that one?” she pointed.
“That’s a capybara,” he answered confidently.
“A capybara? Are you out of your mind? That’s clearly a donkey.”
“A donkey? What are you talking about? That’s obviously a capybara. Look, it has a snout, and a body.” He pointed out the features on the cloud.
“So? Donkeys have those too,” Pepa said defiantly.
“Well where’s its tail, huh?”
“Its tail?” Pepa closed her eyes, concentrating.
“Ah, ah, no cheating. You can’t change the cloud just because you’re wrong.”
“I’m wrong?!”
“Yes you are.”
“Look, it is clearly a donkey, I-“
“No, you are wrong, plain and simple. Do you want to ask Antonio? He’s the animal expert.”
A stormy expression crept up on Pepa’s face, with a crack of thunder to match. “Do not bring our Tonito into your tonterías.”
“So you admit you’re wrong?”
“I admit nothing, because I am not wrong.”
“Okay, if you say so.” Félix raised his hands in defeat.
“I do say so,” she insisted, a lot more surely than she felt. She wasn’t even sure why she still cared at this point, but it felt good to be concerned about this instead of something serious.
“Okay…” Félix’s hands crawled up her sides and began to tickle her mercilessly.
“Oh now who’s cheating?” She demanded in between screams of laughter.
“Still just you, mi amor.”
Pepa couldn’t respond, the tickling overcoming her and leaving her breathless. “Stop, stop, I need to breathe,” she panted, tears now rolling down her face.
He stopped immediately, bringing his hands back to her hair. “Your hair is so beautiful,” he said, watching his fingers disappear inside a waterfall of red streaked with gold.
Pepa could have just sat there and let him play with her hair all day. In fact she would have, but she felt a chill creeping into the air. Sure enough, as she opened her eyes, she was met with a molten sun sinking over the horizon. “Are you feeling better, mi sol?”
“I am. Thank you, mi vida.” He leaned over to kiss her.
Once again, she had to fight the impulse to just stay here with him forever. “It’s going to get dark soon,” she pointed out. “As much as I can do, I can’t keep the sun up indefinitely.”
Félix groaned. Clearly he was as enthusiastic about leaving their little haven as she was. “If we must.” He looked around for Pepa’s ribbon, discarded somewhere in the grass earlier. “Let me fix your hair.”
Pepa sat there, sighing contentedly, as his fingers flew through her hair, weaving it back into the braid she had worn earlier. “Thank you.” She rewarded him with a kiss. “Now let’s go.”
They ran back, holding hands and hoping they weren’t too late to dinner.
mi vida: my life
mi amor: my love
mi sol: my sun
mi corazón: my heart
cariño/a: dear
lo siento: I’m sorry
no te preocupes: don’t worry
no seas ridículo: don’t be ridiculous
tonterías: nonsense
coqueto: flirt
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themusesof75 · 5 hours ago
Looks like Rain
Bruno said this in a clumsy pep-talk to Felix.
Felix hears this as Pepa is having second thoughts on the wedding; she's a goddess and would want more. His nightmare realized.
Pepa, in her wedding dress and her heart full of joy, sees Felix across the courtyard. He's walking away into the village, she can tell he's upset by the way his hands fidget widely.
Pepa begins to thunder with panic. She is crying, she found her great love and he's walking away. He's realized he's charm itself and she's a skinny disaster.
Julieta is six-months pregnant and still running between her weeping sister, guilty brother and mother nagging them both.
Alma likes Felix so she tries to speak with him. Agustin also likes Felix so he tries to speak, Alma tries to speak. Alma and Agustin show how it is to be in-laws, they argue but Felix talks them down because he loves them both. And he loves Pepa enough to stop and think of what he knows she really wants. What they both want.
The three look overhead and see a hurricane brewing.
Julieta stands by her sister and assures her she's is more than worthy of happiness. Bruno also assures her she'll always have her family, even if she never marries and blows away in the wind. The winds grow stronger as Pepa begins yelling at him yet Bruno and Julieta hold her hand.
Alma and Agustin push through to get to the Triplets. Agustin is relieved his wife and unborn child are safe, he's made peace that she'd sit in a hurricane for family so he holds her hand. Alma twists Bruno's ear for speaking evil at his sister's special day.
Pepa sees Felix waiting at the altar. The hurricane strengths as she is in a whirlwind of passion. Felix sees her smile and the tears running down. He smiles with great relief, walks through the storm (trusting her winds) and takes her hand.
They are married by the bravest catholic priest in the world.
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Tumblr media
Here’s an excerpt from the latest chapter of “You Are My Sunshine” which is out now! I think people will be particularly pleased with this chapter - hope you enjoy!
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sweetiepie08 · a day ago
So I’ve been waiting to watch Encanto because I was waiting to watch it with a friend who just had COVID.
But I have watched We Don’t Talk about Bruno and, Pepa & Felix’s part... 🥺 particularly Felix... 🥺
I just love how Felix looks at Pepa like she’s the best thing in the world. And how, even though Pepa’s talking about how her wedding day was ruined due to the rain, Felix, who’s smiling through the whole song, clearly doesn’t see it that way because it’s still the day he married Pepa.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairings: Pepa Madrigal x Félix Madrigal x GN Reader
Genre: Horror, Yandere
Synopsis: Yandere! Pepa and Félix with a Suicidal! Darling! Reader
TW: Suicidal Tendencies, Yandere Tendencies, Self Harm, Suicide Attempts, and Gore ig
Tumblr media
Pepa and Félix were absolute monsters and it was no secret, you wanted to die because of them and any normal person would too if they had to live with those two and had to be under their supervision everywhere you went
You couldn't escape them at all, not even in death.
It wasn't like you haven't tried, you've actually tried many times but they always found some way to stop you and 'save' you from the paradise that you've been waiting for
Even when you self-harmed, they found a way to stop you and save you.
It was like they knew whenever it would happen and what you did because even if you did the simplest thing like overdose on melatonin gummies, they would know and you didn't know how or why
At first, you would cry because you couldn't escape from them but you've gotten used to it by now and you don't do anything nor do you say anything because you don't care enough and you're just too tired of life and everything to argue with them or fight back
You just let them drag you around and hug you whenever because you didn't care anymore, you just hoped that you would randomly drop dead in front of them so that they could feel the pain that you felt
You sat on the floor of pepa and félix's room, the couple was outside doing something that you didn't care about, all you cared about was the sewing needle that you were currently pushing into your arm.
You hissed at the feeling of the metal needle touching your muscles as blood spurted out of the small wound in your arm and down your arm, you dragged the needle down your arm to your wrist leaving a long bleeding wound on your right arm.
You then took the needle out as tears fell from your lash line and onto your cheeks, you were going to do your left arm but your right arm was too weak to hold anything and even lift up, You dropped the needle on the ground and then fell on your back as the blood started to drip on the floor.
That's when the door opened to reveal félix and pepa with a plate of Julieta's food, they walked over to you with no expression on their faces, it's like they didn't care and they only cared about you being alive and being with them than you yourself.
Pepa made you sit up as she glared at you then the bloody mess on the floor "Why won't you stop, you're gonna ruin my floors!" Pepa yelled as a thundering cloud appeared over her head whilst félix force-fed you Julieta's arepa's making your wounds heal within seconds "Mi amor, be easy on her..." Félix said to the ginger woman as she tried to make the thundering cloud go away.
You didn't care about what was happening or what they were saying, you just cared about dying but you knew that it would never happen, as long as those monsters were around.
You would never be free.
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levicorpusbitch · 2 days ago
*pepa's mad*
Camilo: papi, she's got this.
Felix: I know, she's terrifying. I love her so much!
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pepa-brainrot · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
I spent way too long on this but anything for my darling
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seventeenangrybees · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
in 2022 romanticizing toxic relationships are OUT and romanticizing sweet and handsome plus sized man x his fun and pretty wife is IN
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carlaerosie · a day ago
matching Encanto profile pictures (part two)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cubesandbones · 9 days ago
Even more encanto headcanons let’s go~
*Luisa sleeps with a tiny teddy bear.
*She can also play the piano.
*Mirabel can also play other instruments other than the accordion, she can play the piano as well, and the guitar.
*She also knows how to cook, and likes to add fun designs to whatever she makes.
*Mirabel babysits a lot of the kids in the village, and a lot of them see her as an older sister, which she really likes getting to be the older sister for once.
*Mirabel suggests the family should have game nights together. Alma is very competitive, but so is Pepa, so the game usually ends with those two (not actually aggressively) fighting about who’s winning with Felix on Pepa’s side, while the rest of the family is sitting there, very tired, wanting desperately to get to bed, but Alma won’t let them leave. Bruno quietly uses his power to see when this will end, and starts weeping when he sees it lasts for another two whole hours.
*Julieta and Pepa had many relationships that all ended up turning sour, a few times for Pepa because she would excitedly ask Bruno to look into the future and tell her if this one was the one, and Bruno would, very cautiously and nervously, tell her that, no, sorry sis, but this one isn’t the one yet. And as gentle as he tried to be, she was always a wreck. Julieta told her to stop asking Bruno for visions, and told Bruno to stop giving them to her.
*She didn’t have to ask Bruno when she’d started dating Felix, because after a little while she knew she didn’t have to, he was definitely the one for her.
*Alma was not very impressed with Augustin at first, she thought he was handsome but too much of a klutz, but Julieta had seen him so many times for her healing that she was already enamored by him. Abuela was finally charmed by Augustin when he ended up getting stung by bees (again) and had a terrible allergic reaction to some beautiful blue flowers that he went out of his way to get for Julieta around the mountains, and decided that if he were willing to go that far for her daughter, he was a good man for her (Julieta, however, was NOT impressed, and was quite angry that he put himself in harms way for her like that, and made him promise to never do that again.)
*Augustin used to pick up Luisa and throw her into the air when she was little, and when she received her gift she started to do the same to him. It scared him at first but then he thought it was kind of fun.
*Isabela started drinking coffee when she was young, but it didn’t make her too hyper or anything.
*When Mirabel was little she would switch glasses with her dad a lot for fun, but he only let her do it for a few seconds so she wouldn’t get a headache.
*Despite how clumsy he is, he is a bit of a thrill seeker, and likes doing all kinds of outdoorsy things. He loves sports and loves bike riding.
*Pepa knew Felix for a while now, and was super oblivious to his crush on her. She had a crush on him too, but didn’t think he liked her, especially since he was sometimes surrounded by other women charmed by him, even when he would straight up tell her he would love to take her out sometime.
*They finally went on their first date when he was flirting with her again, but Julieta was there with her, and was like oh my god this really is all just going right over her head, and finally took the initiative and said “my sister loves picnics. There’s a certain flower patch she likes to go to, I’ll make the food, you two have fun.” And left them both just standing there stunned. Pepa was blushing so hard and the wind started blowing but Felix took her hand and smiled at her and his smile somehow calmed her down.
*The picnic was a disaster, pepa had been so nervous that it started raining and wind was blowing everything away, and she felt humiliated. Felix, however, just shrugged all of that off, told her “a little rain never hurt anyone,” and took her hand again and led them somewhere more dry, where he sat close to her and started to play his guitar for her. Pepa fell in love right then and there.
*Isabela would decorate her sisters and cousins hair with flowers and other accessories a lot when they were kids, their hair styles were usually pretty crazy since they were all so little but they loved them.
*Felix loves dogs, and Pepa loves cats (get it, because it’s raining cats and dogs) and are really excited when some come hanging around Antonio but get closer to them.
*Bruno is a very restless and deep sleeper, but he prefers sleeping in a hammock so he’ll often get really tangled up or accidentally throw himself out of it and wake up confused with a mouth full of sand.
*Alma is very hesitant to let his rats eat dinner with the rest of the family, but Antonio and him insist, and she figures that since they’re eating Julieta’s food, the risk of disease is probably pretty low, so she begrudgingly allows it. Camilo and Mirabel end up bonding with a few themselves.
*Dolores loves puzzles and riddles, and gets really excited when solving them.
*She’s also really into dancing, and learned from her dad. He would twirl her around and let her stand on his shoes and as he taught her the steps.
*Camilo likes to perform, and always knows how to make his sister laugh the most. She has a really loud and long laugh, and Mariano loves it.
*Augustin, Julieta, Isabela and Dolores liked to read a lot, and would often excitedly talk about which books they’ve been reading lately. Dolores loves drama, romance and mystery, Augustin and Isabela like adventure stories, and Julieta loves fiction and history books.
*Antonio gets art lessons from Mirabel, but she charges hugs for each lesson.
*Bruno kept himself isolated from the family most of the time, but sometimes one of the kids would just randomly pop up around him and scare him, and he had no idea where they came from. He would still play with them for a little while, usually as one of his personas.
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magalidragon · 4 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I am in love with them. There are no others. Goodbye. 🥰
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megpeggs · 13 days ago
They (but younger) <3
Tumblr media
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hup1hty · 22 days ago
i’m requesting again bc i loved the last one you wrote :) okay so Camilo x fem reader (or gn) they have a secret relationship but they act like enemies when anyone else is around so no one knows there dating so when they finally tell the family there shocked or something lmao
btw i love ur writing <3
AHHHH! im glad u liked it, i loved writing it!! u can request as many times as you want! sorry i focused more on the enemies side of the prompt!
I Hate Him (But I Want His Last Name)
pt 1
pt 2
camilo madrigal x fem!reader
Ever since you were 12, you had a rivalry with Camilo Madrigal. It started when you were babysitting your younger sister, and she started ranting about how Camilo would shapeshift into princes and princess to entertain her. At first, you thought nothing of it, but when all of your clients started cancelling on you for Camilo, you became curious.
You had approached him, a box of chocolates in your hands as a peace offering.
"Could you please give me back my clients?"
Camilo has looked at you with awe in his eyes before snatching the chocolates out of your hands. Stuffing his face with some, he replied,
You hadn't expected this, and took the box out oh his arms.
"What do you mean no?"
"No means no."
Camilo snatched the box back and ran away, leaving you stunned. A rage had filled you, an anger that you have never experienced before. That was the day you realised that you hated Camilo Madrigal.
Since you lived near Casita, you grew up next to him and eventually became best friends with his cousin, Mirabel. Whenever you slept over, you would avoid Camilo like the plague and during mealtimes you would stare him down as he ate. The feeling of hatred was mutual, as he would shapeshift into little kids that you babysat to prank you. You were the victim of many of his pranks, you had even been covered in spiders once.
One day, you were helping Mirabel doing chores and bumped into the shapeshifter, clothes falling everywhere. You started apologising profusely, dropping on your knees to pick up the clothes. He did the same, and your hands touched while trying to grab a shirt. You glanced up and your eyes made contact. You both jumped back.
"YOU!" you said, wiping your hand on your skirt. Camilo echoed you, before a voice called his name. A pretty teenager about your age approached the two of you, smiling widely at the boy. She helped him up and kissed his cheek. Your heart ached, but you didn't know why. You finished picking up the clothes and walked away with the laundry basket.
"What were you doing with that hag, Cami?" you heard as you turned around. Your eyes burned as you picked up your pace, not hearing how Camilo responded. He had said,
"She's not a hag. She's beautiful."
pt 2
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incorrectencantoquotes · 18 days ago
Pepa: I don't need to go to bed. I'm not tired, I'll be fine.
Felix: But, darling, I'll be so lonely without you. Come curl up in my arms so I can feel whole again.
Pepa: O-oh. Well. Are you trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping patterns??
Felix: Is it working?
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wordsmith30 · 5 days ago
Can you imagine what it must have been like when Pepa started falling for Félix? It’s clear throughout the film that he’s like an emotional anchor for her; his presence and consideration instantly make her feel better. She wouldn’t be able to hide anything. He’d walk into a room and the sun would come out from behind a cloud. Rainbows would leap across the ceiling. A gentle breeze would swirl around him and make his curls flutter. Bruno would be out here watching a live telenovela, Julieta would be gushing over how cute they are, and cute little Pepa would be a blushing bundle of smiles.
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rabbit-head-007 · 4 days ago
Honestly just give any of your headcanons related to Pepa and Felix being adorable and head over heels for each other, especially the fact that (according to the junior novel) Camillo can’t stand when they get lovey-dovey in front of him alsjdhag
I’ve got quite a few! Gonna add in some family headcanons regarding Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio too for the fun of it as well :)
-Pepa and Félix are definitely the sort of mushy lovey-dovey couple that drive people nuts sometimes
-I don’t think it’s just Camilo who gets sick of them being so saccharine with one another but the whole house too, and it doesn’t take long before even Casita starts pushing them along the tiles to somewhere out of sight to continue their romance in private
-they never left the honeymoon phase - it’s only gotten stronger over time
-And I think all that lovey-dovey-ness lead to Antonio being a ‘happy accident’ so to speak
-Félix, excited for their third child: Pepi! Can you believe it? :D
-Pepa, who just turned 40 and thought her child rearing days were behind her:
Tumblr media
-Félix seems like the kind of person whose hardly phased by *anything,* and because of that I think he could handle scary stories and other horror genres very well
-Félix having a lovely time in a haunted house: Pepi, come look at this! They made this burning corpse look so realistic! :D
-Pepa: *unholy screaming*
-I think Camilo gets on his dad’s nerves the most because he’s such a little troublemaker (and sons just tend to annoy their dads more than their moms) and whenever he’s about to get in trouble he goes and acts especially sweet to his mom as a buffer
-Félix: Pepa, we need to talk about Camilo’s behavior
-Pepa, whose darling Angel son who could do no wrong just handed her a blanket and some tea five minutes ago: what do you mean? <:(
-Camilo and Antonio are probably just huge mama’s boys in general too, whereas Dolores is a papa’s girl
-Félix is definitely a Pun Dad and Dolores tells him all the lamest ones she’s heard from around town to drive the family nuts with
-Félix about to tell Pepa the same pun he’s told her every single time it’s foggy over the 25 consecutive years they’ve been married together: wow Pepa, sure seems like a *mist* opportunity, eh?
Tumblr media
-Sometimes when she knows he’ll be away for awhile, Pepa dabs some of Félix’s cologne on her wrists to keep a part of him close by
-Pepa’s got a nervous stomach so she doesn’t eat much (as evident by her plate being the most bare during the breakfast scene), whereas Félix likes to snack quite a bit between meals (it gives him good energy throughout the day) so he always grabs extra to share with her
-Matching outfits. Always. It was Félix’s idea. Color coded and everything.
-Félix was very elated when Antonio was born because he looked just like him. One day, to surprise Félix, Pepa dressed Antonio up just like him and even painted on a fake beard and mustache. Félix laughed so hard he curled in on himself and was left a wheezing ball on the floor
-When he got older Félix had to get reading glasses. Pepa finds them very handsome. She thinks the same of the grey streak in his Afro too
-They both took time to learn how to take care of each other’s hair, and usually set aside some time in the mornings to do just that
-I think in their own ways they were both very lonely people before they met each other, so once they became a part of each other’s lives they hardly left each other’s sides - wherever one goes, the other is close to follow
-And then finally, this one will be relevant to future chapters in “You Are my Sunshine”: Félix is an excellent swimmer but Pepa? Not so much. She knows the dog paddle and that’s it. So whenever the opportunity to go swimming comes up she won’t get too far in the water unless she knows Félix is going to be there too
Ok that’s everything for now, thank you for the ask! 🧡💛🌥💛🧡
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missararts · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
From that meme-
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