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Tony Stark x Teen!Reader

Avengers x Kid!Reader

Requested by: @ali-lie

Word count: 1272

Your parents had passed away suddenly. You were all driving home from one of your soccer games when a driver on the other side of the road swerved into your car. The car rolled a few times and when you woke up you were an orphan and paralyzed from the waist down.

Your world seemed to shatter around you as you sat by helplessly. The one shining light through all of this had been your Aunt Pepper. She was your godmother, and from the second she heard about the accident she never left your side. She sat at your bedside at the hospital and helped you through physical therapy. When the doctors finally gave up, she was there. She helped you adjust to your new life and your new normal, and she never looked back.

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Interactions I wish we had in the MCU

Gamora x Nat

Two badass assassins 100% done with their teams? Yes please.

Thor x Peter

I would love it if Thor saw Peter’s cosplay as him from Homecoming.

Bruce x Peter

Science family hehe

Steve x Stephen

Kinda wanna see them argue over Tony ngl. But I can’t believe they haven’t met?

Valkyrie x Carol

They haven’t even met and they’re still a ship. I love this fandom.

Peter x Shuri

This has also been accepted as fanon which is great.

T’Challa x Star Lord

They had this little snippet in EG so I wanna see more of that.

Pepper x Peter

Again, I don’t think they’ve “met-met” but I wanna see more of that.

Tony x Shuri

Yes please?

Wanda x Stephen

It’s gonna happen so yayyy.

Wanda x Loki

Two sorcerors? Yes.

Feel free to reblog/add more!

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Stephen: I put a tracker in Tony's coffee so I can know where he is at all times.
Rhodey: Yeah, so did I.
Pepper: Me too.
Peter: Do you think all that radiation is bad for him?
Christine: I’m sure he’ll be fine.
Harley: He’s lived a long life already.
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Tony to the team: Be careful how you speak. Harley is still my child.
Pepper: He vaped on the airplane, punched a flight attendant, yelled at the cops, and carries a ziplock baggie full of broken glass to get free stuff.
Tony: He's adopted.
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Last fight you guys had ?

We’ve only been together a few months, we haven’t really had a fight involving all three of us. Me and Tony had a fight about me going to MIT I guess? Does that count if we weren’t together yet?

Me and Tony’s last fight was about him being a fucking idiot and telling a known terrorist where we fucking live.

Pep, I’m wounded!


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vouchsafe by sagemb on Ao3 ~ 1/1 ~ 1,872 words ~ Teen and Up Audiences ~ No Archive Warnings Apply ~ Irondad

Tony covered his face with both hands and screamed very gently. “Can I just bribe the school to let Peter in?“

-  lol a cute lil story about Tony writing Peter’s college recommendation letter, i’m Australian so i don’t really understand this process but i still really enjoyed it and it was really funny :) - Ella <3

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Peter: So, Dr. Dad, Mr. Stark, we’re sorry we ruined your anniversary party. To make it up to you we’d like to offer you a proper birthday dinner! Dr. Christine chose the restaurant

Stephen: It’s perfect! I’ve always wanted to come here.

Peter: And aunt Pepper chose the menu and champagne

Pepper, pouring champagne: I’m sorry about your party, Tony. I tried to keep them in line, but I failed.

Tony: Well that wasn’t your job, Pep. I’m only sorry you didn’t get a chance to enjoy yourself.

Peter: Harley has brought back all the silverware he stole from your house

Harley: *dumps a large pile of forks and knives on the table*

Tony: …what?

Peter, placing a clock on the table: Also this clock.

Stephen: Good heavens

Tony, picking up the clock: This isn’t ours

Peter: And my contribution is to promise to never try to discuss the New Yorker again for the rest of my living days! Enjoy!

Stephen: Thank you Peter.

Peter: You’re welcome Dr. Dad!

Stephen: Just call me ‘Stevie’

Tony: What?! you don’t even let me-

Tony, to Peter: Oh. I see. You told him to say that!

Stephen, taking Tony’s hand: Well you are always playing pranks on me, love. Just once let me be the funny one.

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