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#pepper potts

sure! we have a pepperony masterlist in the queue to be posted on june 21st!

but here’s a couple fics i pulled from that masterlist to share until then:

an exchange of voices in repetition (ao3) - sandyk

Summary: Pepper hadn’t really thought about the difficulties of planning a wedding around all the rest of her life.

Middles (ao3) - pukajen

Summary: “I was going to pack for you, but Jarvis said that at this stage of our relationship that it wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Search and Rescue (ao3) - SailorChibi

Summary: There is no way Pepper Potts is going to let her fiancé die alone in space.

The Courting of Tony Stark (ao3) - boombangbing

Summary: It only takes her nine years to say ‘I love you’ back.

- Tori

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Nebula: If you bite it and you die it’s poisonous. If it bits you and you die it’s venomous.

Peter: what if it bites me and it dies?

Harley: that means you’re poisonous. Jesus Christ, Peter, learn to listen.

Morgan: what if it bites itself and I die?

Stephen: that’s voodoo.

Pepper: What if it bites me and someone else dies?

Shuri: that’s correlation, not causation.

Rhodey: what if we bite each other and neither of us die?

Tony: that’s kinky.

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Pepper is holding a very big, very sharp knife in her hand when something bumps into her. Luckily, she doesn’t drop it on the kid who is clinging to her legs now. “Peter,” she breathes out, carefully setting down the knife, thanking whatever guardian angel Peter has that this didn’t end in a bloody mess, “you scared me.”

“Sorry,” he says, looking indeed very sorry. However, he quickly forgets about it as he tries to peer over the counter. “What are you doing?”

“I’m cooking.”

Peter hums, getting up on his toes to get a better look at the vegetables. Tony has been spending a worrying amount of time in his workshop the past few days, only leaving the room to put Peter to bed or give him a bath. Peter is allowed in the workshop, playing with his Legos and the robots, making up some stories that he tells Tony, who comments on them while still working on his newest project.

Since Peter was born, Tony rarely gets these obsessive moments where he forgets everything that exists outside his workshop, and weirdly enough, Peter seems to understands that these moments of his father not paying as much attention to him as usually doesn’t have to do with Peter himself but more with the toy – like Peter likes to call them – he’s working on. Pepper isn’t sure if that means Peter is already as much of an eccentric genius as Tony is or if Tony simply explained it to him, but she is glad he isn’t sad because of it.

However, only because Peter accepts it doesn’t mean Pepper accepts it. After all, it’s her job to make sure that Tony is at least functional enough to lead a company. So, she makes him food. Pizza, to be exact, because she has a feeling that Tony won’t eat anything else. And she uses the same trick they always use when they try to get Peter to eat more vegetables: chop them up as tiny as they can and hide them. Tony may be an adult, but he really needs to eat healthier.

“What are you cooking?” Peter continues to ask.


“Can I help?”

Pepper’s first instinct is to say no because she still has to cut more vegetables and they already had one almost-accident. But she could use Peter helping her to her advantage. Tony can’t say no to food that Peter helped prepare, no matter how deep he has sunken into a project. “Of course, you can help.”

Peter is absolutely excited to help, which almost ends in another knife accident. They pull up a chair for him to stand on. Pepper realizes that only because Peter has very nifty fingers when it comes to his Legos, it doesn’t mean he isn’t a messy cook. Because he’s so unbelievably messy. The flour lands on the floor as they roll out the dough. The tomato sauce goes everywhere but on the pizza. Peter keeps eating the toppings.

But besides the mess (and the fear of the knife getting too close to Peter), it’s actually quite fun. They make a game out of hiding the vegetables, both vowing to not tell Tony about the sneaky move, and he asks her a lot about cooking and healthy food, which Pepper hopes will stick. She can’t handle two geniuses with unhealthy eating habits. While the pizza is in the oven, Peter insists on helping with cleaning up.

Later, once they cut the pizza and put it on plates, Peter proudly carries it down to the workshop, Pepper hot on his heels. “Daddy!” he announces over the loud music, “I made you food!”

Tony looks up from his project, blinking a couple of times as if to make sure that they aren’t just a fabrication of his tired and overworked brain. “You made food?”

“Yes, I helped Pepper,” he specifies, running over to couch in the corner of the room where Tony usually crashes if he can’t make it to his bed room. “It’s very yummy. Do you want to try it?”

“Yeah, of course, buddy,” Tony says with a smile – because he really can’t say no to him – setting down his tools and coming over to them. When he sees the food, he raises a slightly suspicious eyebrow. “Pizza?” He’s a bit of a snob when it comes to Italian food, but once again the fact that Peter helped make it trumps his usual persnicketiness.

“Pepperoni,” Pepper says, knowing better than to hand him a plate with a slice of pizza and instead setting it down on the low table before them before sitting down next to Peter with her own plate. The corner of Tony’s mouth twitches, but he doesn’t comment on it. He sits down on Peter’s other side, pulling the plate close and taking a bite.

“Do you love it?” Peter immediately asks, not giving Tony time to chew or let alone swallow the food. Tony gives him a big thumbs up and to prove his point even further, takes another bite of the pizza, not caring that there’s still food left in his mouth. Peter giggles, probably because of the secret vegetables, but as long as they are eating, Pepper isn’t about to correct their table manners. At least for now.

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You probably couldn’t have picked a worse person to talk about horror movies because I don’t watch them. At all. I never really liked them because I get scared very easily and because I was traumatized by a haunted house when I was 4 but I watched a thriller when I was about 14/15 because my brother recommended it and it scared me so. much. It still haunts me. Strangely enough, I am kinda addicted to watching FoundFlix’ Ending Explained videos on YouTube, tho.

Nevertheless, here are a few ideas:

They don’t usually watch horror movies. Mainly because they don’t really have that much time to watch movies (which changes when they move to the lake cabin, but then most movies are child-friendly because they don’t want her to accidently play one of them and traumatize her)

Tony can’t shut up while watching it. He comments on everything. The plot. The characters. He can’t stop complaining if they use technology wrong. He points out why the dramatic ways to escape the killer can’t work in real life. After the first five minutes, he guesses who the killer is - it’s either spot on or he changes his guess every other scene. It’s just a running commentary, picking the movie to pieces. They have yet to find a horror movie Tony doesn’t find completely unrealistic.

I can imagine Pepper either being really bored and not faced by it at all, or a secret horror movie fan. She’s not really into the movies with a lot of blood (because after Tony became Iron Man, she can’t look at blood and not fear that it might be his), but more into the psychological thrillers, the one that make you afraid to go to sleep because bad things always happen when you go to sleep. When Tony finds out, he asks her how often she imagined him being the one tortured in the movies after he pissed her off, especially before their relationship. Pepper chooses not to answer that question, and Tony would be lying if he claimed to not be a little worried about her not-answer.

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(Pepper has been gone on a business trip,Tony is lonely, Steve and Peggy are both old)

Tony(on the phone with Pepper):…I ended up going out to dinner alone with Steve and Peggy, who bickered the whole time about which Beatle is alive and which is dead.

Pepper: So, where’d they land?

Tony: John and Keith are dead. Paul and Bingo are still kicking.

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I wonder so much about post-series armored adventures pepper potts…she wants to be a shield agent and at some point will have to confront that agents aren’t heroes and operate in a morally ambiguous world. I think she understands this on some level, but I wanna see her experience it

While I like pepperony in that universe I can’t see it lasting if she joins the same shield that bought Tony’s stolen armor designs and was gonna blow a satellite with their own people still on board. You know shield would leverage her relationship with him and while Tony can work with shield I don’t see him trusting shield. She can’t be rescue and an agent of shield so I can see them amicably breaking up. Pepper had a perfectly good date with Happy and feels some kinda way about Gene so I can see her just finding someone else.

The easiest way to get around all of this would be for her to keep being rescue instead of being an agent but I don’t see that happening either…one of the things that makes her interesting is that she’s not motivated by Tony she’s motivated by her own ambitions and design to stop crime…

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Sometimes, Peter forgets to eat. Not on purpose. But he has to deal with spiderman and school, and sometimes it’s just too much. He gets distracted. 

So often, he gets a midnight snack. 

Peter was at the compound, and he and Tony had just finished watching Narnia for what must have been the 80th time. They had munched on popcorn and licorice sticks, which were not very filling, to say the least. The boy was half asleep, head in Tony’s lap as his fingers carded through his curls.

“Mister Stark?” he mumbled quietly. 

“Yeah, tesoro?” 

“D’you think that fish feel wet all the time?”


Tony had carried the weary boy to bed hours ago, tucking him in and planting a gentle kiss to his temple. But Peter could feel the hunger tearing at his stomach. He was so tired- honestly, he just wanted to sleep. But sleep wouldn’t happen until he got some food.

Grumbling quietly, he dragged himself out of bed and walked slowly to the kitchen, stumbling every so often against a piece of furniture he didn’t see. 

Peter did reach the fridge (with bruises to prove it) and pulled it open, browsing the shelves. Vegetables. Leftover pie. Spaghetti. Strawberries. Energy drinks (eww- the last thing he needed). 

Realizing there was nothing he wanted there, he moved to the cupboards. Cap’n Crunch (that was for him). Cheerios. Golden Grahams- eww again. Why did they have those? Finally, he spotted a package of Oreo’s. Perfect. 

But they were at the top of the shelf. No way could he reach those. So, with his halfway asleep brain, he climbed sideways up the wall and along the ceiling until he was upside down next to his food. The package had been opened but only one was taken. (Who only ate one Oreo?)

The child began chomping his treat, but he stayed there, upside down, the spider part of him telling himself that there was no reason to get down.

And what a scene it was for Tony to walk in on at 1:00 in the morning, searching for a snack himself.

In fact, he screamed. (Quite high, though he’ll deny it.)

Peter screamed as well, almost choking on an Oreo.

Tony nearly had a heart attack as he tried to get Peter down, thinking he needed the Heimlich maneuver.

Eventually, the small boy jumped down himself and offered his father an Oreo. 

And that was how Pepper found them the next morning, curled up on the couch, Peter in Tony’s protective arms, an almost empty package of Oreo’s beside them.

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Hey. I’m looking for a fic, where Peter is walking home (or maybe to Stark Tower) when a villian attacks, while he’s walking on a bridge. Somehow his backpack (where his Spider-Man suit is) ends up drowining in the river below the bridge. Everyone (The Avengers) thinks Peter has drowned, and look for him near the river. In reality, Peter saved a kid from drowning. I think eventually it’s Pepper who finds him?

Hey Nonny! Sounds like you are looking for this oneshot from this series! Happy reading lovely!

  • Chapter 40 of Perfectly parental by Bergen
    • Snippets from the daily life of Peter trying to settle into his new life with his family of Avengers, and Tony trying to get used to being ‘perfectly parental’. Feel-good stuff. One shots to follow up 'I told you I had issues’. Individual stories, but there is still some character development. Peter is a bit of a smart-ass with rough edges, a troubled home life, but a good heart of course. And Tony is really really bad at dealing with emotions, but Pepper has his back.
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Part 1

The omelette isn’t completely burned which surprises Pepper. Ever since he got Peter, Tony got a lot better at cooking. Which doesn’t actually say anything, because the genius had been absolutely terrible at cooking before.

“You like it?” Tony asks, obviously trying to come off as nonchalant while literally vibrating with waiting to hear her opinion.

One side of the omelette is slightly burned and it could use a bit more salt. “Yeah,” she answers truthfully, because it’s still the best home-cooked meal she ever got from Tony. He rewards her with a bright, blinding smile that the paparazzi never get to see, and she lets her hair fall in front of her face to hide her blush.

Peter giggles happily between shoving forks full of scrambled eggs into his mouth. He’s been very excited to wake up and find both Tony and Pepper at home. He’d been even more excited when Pepper said she’s staying for breakfast.

However, the weirdly domestic moment is ruined. Because of course it is.

Sir,” JARVIS interrupts the meal, “Mrs. Smith is at the door.”

Tony and Pepper share a quick look at the mentioning of the usual babysitter being at the front door. “Let her in,” Tony says in a slightly cold voice, and Pepper wonders if he’s going to fire her. He accepts mistakes from most of his employees, especially when it’s their first mistake. But Grace is looking after Peter, and Tony can be very cutthroat when it comes to who spends time around his son.

Grace all but runs into the kitchen and almost falls over her own feet as she comes to a stop. “I am beyond sorry,” she starts to apologize. Usually, she looks very put together and calm, but it’s the complete opposite right now. Her hair looks like a bird nested in it, her shirt is turned inside out, and the make-up on her face looks like it’s at least two days old, already smudged and barely visible anymore. Peter waves at her and puts more egg in his mouth. “My brother was in an accident and I looked after his girls, but I left my phone at the hospital by accident and it ran out of battery and I completely forgot what day it was and-“

“Hey, it’s fine, calm down,” Tony quickly says, his anger from before evaporating as he sees the distressed woman, walking over to her and grabbing her arms to steady her. “It’s fine, nothing bad happened. Take a deep breath. Please don’t have a heart attack in my kitchen. Okay?”

“Please don’t fire me,” she gets out between shallow breaths, trying to regain control of the situation but failing.

“I’m not going to fire you.” Finally, Grace can breathe again. “Was it unfortunate and had really bad timing? Duh. But it was an emergency and nothing bad happened. I hope your brother is okay.” Grace nods, thanking Tony again and again that he isn’t firing her. “Take the day off. Look after your family first, and let me know when you’re free to work again, okay? I’m back here anyway, so it’s time for some quality father-son-bonding anyway.”

“What about Pepper?” Peter asks after swallowing down another bite of his breakfast.

Tony blinks at his son. “What do you mean?”

“Does Pepper stay, too?”

“No, Pepper will go home. She has the day off, too.”

“But I want her to stay!” he yells, looking at Pepper with tears in his eyes, and she immediately wants to promise him that she will stay. But she decided a long time ago to not butt in Tony’s parenting, so she stays quiet.

Tony shakes his head. “No, Peter. It’s her day off.”

Peter doesn’t hear no very often. For one, he’s a very polite and kind kid, so it’s barely necessary to tell him no. And Tony lets him have a lot of things, either because he doesn’t see the point in not agreeing or because he just wants to spoil his son. But that’s why when Peter doesn’t get what he wants, especially from Tony, he throws a tantrum.

“No!” He yells again, kicking his feet against the table and throwing his head back. “No! I want her to stay!”

“Peter –“

“No, I want Mommy to stay!”

Time freezes. Nobody can draw a breath, least of all Peter who is very busy screaming from the top of his lungs.

Pepper forgot about the question – well, no, that’s not true. She ignored the question, but it was still there, hiding behind the thoughts of having a home-cooked breakfast with the Starks and actively reminding herself that Tony is her boss. Of course, she still doesn’t have an answer for the question, and she feels the same panic take a hold of her that made her freeze not too long ago. But now it’s worse, because Tony is here.

Tony who looks like he’s the one having a heart attack now. His face is pale to the point that it looks sickly, his mouth agape, and eyes impossibly wide as he stares at his still screaming son. Pepper would like to say that she got used to read Tony, but that’s not entirely true. While she could read his body language, she was never able to figure out what was really going on in his head. After a while, she got used to it, but now it makes her so nervous, her heart beats in her throat.

Eventually, Tony breaks out of his stupor and picks his still screaming and kicking son up. Then, his eyes fly over to her and Pepper can’t not look at him. The only time she’s seen them filled with so much panic was when they got the news that Mary died. “I-“ he starts, but no more words follow. Pepper offers nothing herself. “Don’t leave.” It sounds more like a question than an order and that’s maybe because of the pleading look in his eyes.

As if Pepper is able to move. But, apparently, she is, because she can feel herself nod sharply, and then Tony carries Peter away, presumably to his bed room to calm him down. The panic inside Pepper doesn’t dissolve. She barely notices Grace leaving.

Slowly, she buries her face in her hands. Does she have to resign now? She doesn’t want to. She loves her job. And she loves Peter and Tony. But it’s not like they can just forget this. Pepper can’t be his mommy, no matter what he means when he says that word. And Tony clearly doesn’t want her to be Peter’s mommy, if his reaction is anything to go by. That thought hurts a lot more than it should.

It takes her a few minutes and two glasses of water to stop shaking. Pepper can’t hear Peter’s screams anymore, but that doesn’t have to mean anything, seeing that pretty much every room in the mansion is sound-proofed. Telling herself that it doesn’t help if she continues to hide in the kitchen, Pepper squares her shoulders and makes her way to Peter’s room on somewhat steady legs.

The door to his room isn’t closed all the way, that’s why Pepper can hear Peter’s sobs and Tony’s attempt to calm him down. They aren’t working. Taking another breath and praying that the day won’t end with her looking for a new job because she overstepped a boundary, Pepper knocks against the door before entering. Both geniuses look at her, but while Peter’s are filled with hope, Tony still has the same deer-caught-in-the-headlights-panic all over his face.

“Hey Peter,” she says with a gentle (and hopefully not-shaky) smile, “can we talk about what just happened?”

“Stay,” Peter whines again, reaching out for her. Deciding to give in just a little bit, she walks over and sits down next to him on his bed. He immediately latches on to her, wrapping his arms around her with a surprising amount of strength, like he can keep her from leaving if he just holds on tight enough.

Tony looks visibly uncomfortable, starting to crack his knuckles.

Pepper ignores him for now, running a hand through Peter’s hair, hoping to calm him down a bit. “Peter, I’m not your mommy.” He starts to whine again, soaking her shirt with tears, and tightens his grip. “But I am your Pepper. And that means I can stay and play with you sometimes.”

Peter is so surprised by her words that he completely forgets he’s been crying. Instead, he looks up at her, eyes wide and red, but no more tears follow. “Really?”

She gives him another smile. “Of course. And I promised you we do something fun today, so we’re going to do that. Okay?”

“Okay!” he agrees, now smiling himself. He squeezes her again before he runs off to the bathroom, leaving two slightly uncomfortable adults behind.

It’s Tony who breaks the silence. “So, uh… his Pepper?”

Deciding to push her luck once more and once again hoping it won’t get her fired, she raises an eyebrow. “Jealous?”

For a second, Tony looks like he wants to say yes.

For a second, Pepper wants him to say yes.

But then, the second is over.

“Well, you have to spend at least forty hours a week with me because of the very binding contract I made you sign, why would I be jealous?” Pepper tries very hard not to snicker. “Anyway, what exactly qualifies as fun in Pepper Potts’ eyes? I always imagined you reorganize everything in your office for fun.”

“Guess you just have to find out yourself.”

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tony: I have a moral dilemma. We have tickets for Lady Gaga tonight, but Steve's sick. Does it make me a horrible person? I kind of want to go without him
pepper: well, how sick is he?
tony: I don't know. He's sick. They're not gonna make a lifetime movie about Captain America's illness
pepper: what's he like when you're sick?
tony: *thinks about how the last time he wasn't feeling to walk to the kitchen and Steve carried him bridal style, whispering sweets, reassuring things*
tony: he's okay
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My most current story is something I’ve never written before: a romance. This is an attempt because I believe that the romance and sexuality of these two characters together shapes other, larger parts of the main narrative. They learn together and support each other.

This story is only the beginning of their romance; I would write more if it becomes needed.

I would encourage you to read “You’ll Rise Up, Free and Easy” along with this.

Summary: Samuel “Pepper” Potts visits his boyhood friend, Tony Stark, for his eighteenth birthday. Seven years have passed since they formed an important friendship— a friendship kept alive through correspondence, even across the U.S.-Canadian border, throughout their adolescences.

In writing these letters, Pepper and Tony revealed more about themselves to each other, becoming increasingly vulnerable with each other. However, what is the true difference that distance makes in an intimate relationship? Both young men find themselves challenged by the proximity of the other.

Their friendship may well shatter.

Read Chapter One on AO3.

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