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#pepper x reader
just-another-wanda-fan6 · 2 months ago
Wanda: We need to distract these guys
y/n: Leave it to me
y/n: Centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. Discuss.
Tony, Bruce, and Peter: Immediately begin arguing
Pepper, watching in horror: Oh this. I don’t like this. I don't like this at all.
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miss-minty-writes · 2 months ago
warnings: female reader, 18+, praise, a little dirty talk, mating press, tummy bulge, size kink, daddy kink, breeding kink, just ushi being built like a corrida bull
Tumblr media
“too—‘s too much, toshi!” you cry, tears streaming down your face as you squirm in his grasp. it’s hot, too hot—everything around you blurs, pleasure blinding you momentarily and making you gasp and moan. you scratch at his back, trying to get a grip, to ground, anything—he silences your needy sounds with a passionate kiss that steals your breath away.
“hush. you can take it. you’re a good girl,” ushijima whispers, lips brushing against your temple. his thrusts are languid, slow and almost painful—the obscene squelching your pussy makes has your cheeks burn. ”my good girl,” he breathes, snapping his hips with such intensity that it shakes your entire body. the praise leaves you a whimpering mess—his fingers dig further into the back of your thighs as your legs are thrown over his shoulders.
he’s so big, so well-built, towering over your little body as if you’re a doll. and his cock is just as broad as he is—not that you’re complaining.
one arm circles around your waist, the other supporting him as he looks down at your quivering form, eyes flicking from here to there—everything about you is perfect, from the plush fat of your thighs to your round breasts, to your pretty face and—
the slight bulge in your tummy makes something in him snap. he presses his palm down on it gently, making you arch your back and mewl his name, eyes filled with an insatiable hunger for him and him only—his last sliver of patience disappears when you whine a little “toshi” and he starts slamming his cock inside your aching cunt, holding you tight against his chest. your moans and borderline screams fill the room as he splits you in two with his cock.
“good girl—taking me so well...” he grunts, landing a harsh slap against your ass that has you gasp. “daddy’s going to pump you full of his cum—you like being stuffed full, don’t you? you like it when daddy fills you up like this?” he continues, pressing a kiss to your neck. to every question, you answer with a frantic nod or a strangled moan. you can feel the nth orgasm of the night approaching—and so does ushijima, by the way you’re clamping down on him.
“gonna come, baby?” he asks, pressing the tip of his nose against yours. the look in your eyes tells him everything he needs to know. “go ahead, then. i want to know how good i’m making you feel.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @nakizumie; @lovelytarou; @risjime;
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somedayholland36 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
In “Avengers: Endgame”, the three characters who say goodbye to Tony before he dies (Rhodey, Peter and Pepper) are wearing armor that he designed. The explanation for this is that Tony wrapped the people he loved with his protection, in the end he might not have been able to design an armor to protect the Earth but he made one for each person he loved.
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scarletxwinter · 2 years ago
Ned: Hey man, I know how you and Mr. Stark were close. I mean he’s freaking Iron Man and he saved the entire world. At least you should look on the bright side.
Peter: what’s the bright side?
Ned: At least you’re not going to be checked in multiple times like he always done?
Peter: Yeah...about that...
Ned: What?—
Carol flys down and lands next to Peter: Pete, is this guy bothering you?
Ned: W-W-What——
Wanda flys majestically next to Carol: Peter you forgot your homework.
*Pepper, Valkyrie, Hope and all the other women avengers appear*
Peter: Yeah, I got moms too.
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yconic · a year ago
Out of boredom, I decided to play around with faceclaims I think would be fitting for the characters of Marvel's Earth 616! (This is just for fun, I don't have any problems with the MCU cast. I did this for entertainment, not comparison.) Enjoy and tell me what you think!
David Gandy as Tony Stark//Iron Man
Tumblr media
Bryce Dallas Howard as Pepper Potts //Rescue
Tumblr media
Isaiah Mustafa as James "Rhodey" Rhodes//War Machine
Tumblr media
Charlie Hunnam as Steve Rogers // Captain America
Tumblr media
Liu Yifei as Natasha Romanoff// Black Widow
Tumblr media
Hugh Dancy as Bruce Banner // The Incredible Hulk
Tumblr media
Travis Fimmel as Thor Odinson
Tumblr media
Jensen Ackles as Clint Barton // Hawkeye
Tumblr media
Dylan O'Brien as Peter Parker //Spider Man
Tumblr media
Ben Barnes as Bucky Barnes// The Winter Soldier
Tumblr media
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lxdyred · 2 years ago
I need my girl ~ Tony Stark x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Death of a main character, Angst, Blood...
A/N: English is not my maternal language, there can be gramatical errors. Sorry about that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Last chance to keep scrolling, guys!
Morgan was asleep in Y/N's arms, as the female watched in silence and in the company of Tony, the incredible views from his porch. A fan of colors purple, pink, orange, yellow and blue flooded the sky, there was an incredible and imposing sunset in front of them, hidden behind the trees, just on the other side of the lake shore. The noise of the water, the crickets and the cicadas accompanied the majestic sunset, which transmitted a serenity that made them forget at times the truth that both adults would have to face the next day.
"I don't think you should have done it," the young woman broke the silence as she watched the girl, she hugging between her arms, trying to find a more comfortable posture. "I don't see it necessary."
"What are you talking about?" asked Stark as he looked at the woman with a confused expression.
"I'm talking about the video you recorded an hour and a half ago. I've seen you do it," Y/N spoke as she stroked little Morgan's hair and looked at Tony with a sad expression.
He lowered his head as he looked down at the floor and sighed. "I just want to leave something behind, something ready, in case something happens to me."
"No," said Y/N with a frown. "I refuse to let you come up with the conclusion that you need to leave something recorded in case something happens to you, Tony. It's not necessary, because nothing is going to happen to you tomorrow," she said as she raised her voice slightly, causing to the little girl to let go a little whimper. "Sorry, darling," she apologized to the kid.
"You don't know that," whispered Tony as he closed his eyes and enjoyed the gentle breeze caressing his face.
"Tony... You must think about her, about both of them, before doing anything. I know that our mission is to bring back all the vanished, but...  Your real responsibility and concern is this!" Y/N pointed out as he looked at Morgan, letting Tony understand her message, what she really meant.
"I know, Y/N. But still-"
"For once, don't be the fucking hero. Leave that role to someone else, damn it..." whispered the woman with a frown, as she rocked the girl carefully. "For once in your life, I'm begging you, don't be the one who has to do everything!"
"You don't say all this just because you've seen me make the video before, do you?" asked the genius Stark as he pulled away the hair that fell on his daughter's face and put it behind her ear.
"No. You see, I've had these strange dreams again... Like the ones I told you about before the Sokovia agreements and the... You know, before everything that happened five years ago," said the woman with E/C eyes, as she bit her lip, trying to hold back the urge to cry.
"You have premonitory dreams again," said the brunette man looking at his friend with concern.  He placed one of his hands on Y/N's shoulder to try to comfort her, but it was in vain as she began to cry in silence.
The youngest Stark seemed to notice how the woman holding her in a hug must have been feeling, so she unconsciously grabbed her with more strength, still asleep, as if she was trying to calm her, to comfort her, and make her understand that everything was fine. That she was there, and that everything would be fine.
"Aw, Morgan," whispered the c/h haired woman in tears, noticing how the little one was trying to comfort her. "Thank you, little miss Stark..." she said before posing a kiss on the crown of the toddler, so that she could rest her chin on the little head.
"Hey, guys," Pepper whispered as she approached the couple of friends who shared an intimate moment. "I've come for Morgan, it's time to put her to bed. It's a bit too late," said Tony's wife, as she crouched next to Y/N and held her daughter in her arms. "Thank you for being with her today.  We missed you so much," the redhead said with a small smile.
"It's the least I can do for my goddaughter. After all, I missed her too. All of you." said the young avenger before caressing the girl's cheek as a sign of farewell good night.
Tony got up from the stairs on the porch so that he could give his daughter a proper kiss and send her off to bed. "Night night, Maguna. I love you tons, baby girl." he whispered softly in the girl's ear, before posing a long kiss on her forehead.
"I do it 3000, papa," said groggy the little one, as she rested her head on her mother's shoulder, looking for comfort and warmth in her.
"I'm going to sleep now, too," Pepper said, trying to disguise his desire to yawn.
"Alright. Good night, Peps." said goodbye Tony before giving his tired wife a short kiss on the lips. "Sleep well."
"Good night, Pepper" Y/N said goodbye to her friend with a small smile and a small hug, after getting up from where she had been sitting.
"See you tomorrow," the woman said goodbye before getting inside the house, this time with her daughter in her arms.
"I love you," exclaimed the Stark before he lost sight of the lady of the house.
"Tony." Y/L/N called his friend, thus gaining his attention. "This is something you can't miss for anything in the world. I wouldn't forgive you," she earnestly pointed out.
"How long have you been dreaming of my death?" asked the man as he folded his arms and watched his friend, while waiting for a sincere answer.
"Since we started looking for a solution to this fucking disaster."
"That's... plenty of time."
"I know, that's why I'm asking you to play your part in the background tomorrow. I can't afford to lose anyone else, you know? I can't afford to let anyone else die. It wouldn't be fair to anyone else."
"It would be great not to die," Tony said.
"That's why you're going to promise me you won't, okay?" She asked him.
"Y/N, you know I-"
"Alright!?" Y/N insisted, raising her voice slightly. "Tony?" she called her friend's attention as she folded her arms and stared at him.
The Iron-man sighed and looked at her attentively before nodding Slowly. "I'll do what I can."
"That's not good enough for me, Stark. You have to swear, give me your word or I'll kill you," threatened Y/N to Tony as she pointed a finger at him.
"You realize that doesn't make any sense, right?  That's-"
"God, how stubborn you are, Y/N. Okay! I swear, I won't die tomorrow," said the man as he raised his hands as signal of surrender.
"Sounds like a plan to me!" smiled the avenger and then hugged Tony tightly.
Tony hugged her for a long time. He well knew that this might be the last time they could be like this, since the next day anything could happen, to any of them. Any scenario could develop, and that terrified him in an unimaginable way. Losing his family and friends was a blow that he would never know how to fit in, and so he preferred not to even think about it.
"I think it's time for me to go home. It's late and I had promised Nat that we would-"
"Y/N." said Tony as he held his friend's face between his hands and made her look into his eyes. "You know perfectly well that I love you very much, don't you?"
She nodded and smiled warmly. "I know perfectly well, Tony," she replied, causing Tony to pose a kiss on her forehead, then hug her again. "I love you too, Stark." whispered Y/N to him before she broke the hug.
"Goodbye, kiddo," said Tony goodbye as his friend headed to her car.
Y/N raised her hand as a bye sign and smiled at him broadly, with a little laugh. "See you, my dude." She wavered at him as she got into her car.
"Hey, Y/L/N!" Stark exclaimed as he watched the woman start the vehicle. "No surprises tomorrow!"
"Take your own advice, you old wreck. And remember you made me a promise!"
"I am... Inevitable." Thanos said arrogantly, before snapping his fingers, which didn't work, because the gauntlet didn't have a any of the infinity stones.
The mad titan looked with an open mouth and incredulous look at the gauntlet and then at the young woman in front of him. He saw how the power of the stones invaded the body of the female human and how her body react at such magnitude of power. Y/N was in pain. And because of that, she shouted and complained, until her body ended up adapting to all the stones.
But it wouldn't last long.
Y/N looked defiantly at Thanos, who had remained static looking at her, knowing what was coming next for him and that it was inevitable. "Yeah, well, and... we are... the Avengers!" snapped the young woman without hesitation.
A white flash flooded the place for a few moments, followed by it, all the allies of Thanos and himself, began to turn to dust in the battlefield, as 5 years ago millions of beings from all over the universe had done it before.
Karma is a bitch, huh?
"I just fried myself, well done Y/L/N..." commented Y/N to herself, trying to make her situation less serious, as the right half of her own body was totally burned and a huge wound in the area of her femoral artery from where emanated lots of blood.
"Y/N/N..." called a soft voice, which addressed to her. "What ha-... What have you done?"
Y/N finished sitting and leaning on a pile of rubble, looked up and saw Tony, Rhodey, Peter, Pepper, Steve and Thor approaching her. Some of them ducked on to stay at her height and others stood watching everything.
She smiled weakly and looked at his dearest friend. "I've made them to bite the... dust, you get it?" the woman laughed briefly, before grabbing her side because the pain she felt. "Goddammit..." she complained.
"Don't worry, we'll still take you to a place where you can be cured and-" Captain America tried to talk, as he approached his friend and tried to hold her in his arms.
"No, no... Steve, no. It's okay, there's nothing that can be done for me." she whispered as she took the captain's hand and stroked it. "Let it be, please..." she whispered and then gave Tony a warm look. "This is how it had to happen, you know..."
"No, Y/N, please..." begged Stark as he stroked her good friend's cheek, who was beginning to have trouble breathing. "Friday, tell me her situation." he asked to the A.I.
"Her vital signs are compromised, sir." answered Friday.
Everyone began to cry in silence. Tony sobbed a little before leaning his head against Y/N's head as he stroked her cheek. She smiled weakly and gently wiped away his tears.
"Your girls need you, Tony. Morgan has both parents. I can't ask for anything better..." she whispered as she looked at Pepper, who was crying in Rhodey's arms and dedicated one of her last smiles to them.
"But, I-I..." Tony whispered between loud sobs as big tears were falling down his cheeks. "Y/N..."
Y/N placed her hand on her friend's chest, over the light of his Ractor Arc, and then gave him one last, small but warm smile. Tony held Y/N's hand on his chest and watched her life flee by moments.
Indeed, nothing could be done for her, it was late.
"N-No, Y/N" Peter begged as he got on his knees and embraced the corpse of his friend. "Don't go, stay. Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay. Stay with us. Don't die. Stay... with us." he sobbed so hard, that Thor started to cry even harder.
"You were... No, you are also my girl. I need you in my life." whispered Tony in his dearest friend's ear, even when he knew that she couldn't hear him. "God, I need my girl." pronounced before closing Y/N's eyes for ever.
Silence and sobs ruled the place once again.
And that's how it all ended.
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Tony with the Avengers:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Avengers with Tony:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
---- Join us on April 24th on Twitter and spread the hashtag #BringBackTonyStarktolife 😭
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just-my-fandom · 2 years ago
Stay on the Bus (Peter Parker x Stark! Reader)
Request; Angsty Peter!!! Okay here I go, reader and peter have been dating for a good two ish years, shes a superhero like Peter and is Tonys daughter. She risked herself to save the world and almost dies in peters arms and its just saddd but Tony can save her???
Tumblr media
"Y/N? Y/N, can you hear me?"
The tickle of your hair on your face drags you from your unconsciousness, face twisting in pain at the sharp daggers in your side,
"Hey," A voice drags out softly, soothing you when you emit a whimper, "Hey, I'm right here, it's Peter,"
A hand from the voice cups the back of your head, resting in against their chest so you could hear their thudding heart beat,
You let your eyelids pull open, taking in a deep breath and exhaling sharply at the burns,
"Peter?" You question, hand clutching at the suit holding onto you and eyes searching for the voice, "Peter,"
"I'm right here," The superhero tugs off his mask, brown eyes meeting yours to reveal harsh tears, "Im right here Y/N I promise,"
"It hurts," You release a soft sob, Peter brushing hair from your eye's to cup the side of your face, holding it close to his,
"I know," He breathes out a trembling breath, "M-Mr. Stark will be here soon, he's going to help you,"
You shake your head, feeling the tear that slid down Peters cheek fall onto yours, "Dad can't help me,"
"Don't say that," Peter swallows, rocking you slowly to ease you, "Its going to be okay, we'll go back home and we'll be with Ned and MJ again,"
"We should have stayed on the bus," You crack a smile, Peter breaking a laugh and you shut your eye's,
"Kid!" Tony lands on his feet yards away from the two teenagers, Rhodey following quick behind,
"Mr. Stark," Peter looks up at the man in the armor, "She needs help,"
"Karen, check vitals," Tony kneels down at your other side, hand at the wound,
"She is suffering from blood loss, a minor conscusion, a broken wrist, and needs to seek immediate hospitality,"
Tony glances to the side, cursing beneath his breath, "We can't just walk into a hospital in our armor,"
"Mr. St-stark? She's not waking up," Peters panicked and red brimmed eye's look up at Tony, tightening around you, "You have to help her, please, I can't lose her too, Mr. Stark, I just can't,"
"Kid," Tony alerts firmly, eyes sharp, "I'm going to need you to remain calm, for my daughter. You understand? We're going to take her back to my house and aid her there. But you have to go home and tell May you're safe,"
"And leave her?" Peter stammers, a tear falling down his chin, "She risked her life for us, I-I'll call May, tell her Im okay,"
"May needs to see you in person, Peter," Tony growls, "I know you're upset, but you need to trust me,"
"Okay," Peter exhales deeply, slowly letting Tony pull you up bridal style,
"I'll send you the address to my house," Tony nods once, "She'll be okay, kid,"
"Is she alive?"
Tony looks over at the quiet voice at the door, Morgan peaking inside of the bedroom that had a hospitalized device beeping off the sidelines,
Tony forces a chuckle at his daughters question, nodding and extending a hand, "She is,"
"All because you saved her?" Morgan asks, and Tony pulls her up onto his lap, eyes drifting to the girl curled into her blanket, breaths steady,
"I guess I wasnt ready to stop being a superhero huh?" Tony brushes hair from Morgans face, "Wheres your mom, eh?"
"Mommy and Uncle Steve are making lunch with Peter," Morgan answers, smiling, "Cheeseburgers,"
"Ugh, my favorite," Tony sighs, and kisses Morgans cheek, "Why dont you go help them with lunch while I wait for sissy to wake up?"
"Okay!" Morgan giggles, jumping down and taking off out of the bedroom, yelling for Pepper downstairs,
Tony exhales, gaze moving over when you inhale deeply, eyes slowly peeling open, "Dad?" You slowly turn onto your back, looking around, "Where am I?"
"Hey, sweetheart," Tony stands up, crouching down onto the bed next to you, "You're back home. The battles over,"
"Did I do it?" You swallow through your dry throat, rubbing your eye out of exhaustion, "Did I beat Thanos?"
"You did," Tony chuckles weakly, leaning down to kiss your forehead, "How do you feel?"
"Refreshed," You sigh out, and Tony leans back, grinning,
"You should be. You slept for a full three days," He raises an eyebrow, and your eyes widen, looking around again,
"Where is everyone? Are they okay? Peter?"
Tony instantly reaches forward, hands at your shoulders when you begin to sit up, "Hey hey, easy. You still have major injuries. They're all okay, promise. Peter and Steve are downstairs,"
"Thank God," You rest your forehead at his shoulder, Tony placing a hand on your head to hokd you close against him, "I didnt want to die for nothing,"
"First off, you didnt die," Tony points a finger, "Second off, you dont understand how pissed off I am at you for doing that,"
"Sorry," You frown, and Tony sighs, kissing your forehead a second time,
"I forgive you. But no superheroing for a good while," He pulls away, just when you pout,
"Should have seen that coming," You groan as you stand up, Tony taking the hand that didnt have a brace on it,
"I feel like Ive been hit by a bus," You whine, "Dad, save me,"
"Ive already saved your ass once, no more please,"
You snort, Tony chuckling as you step into the kitchen in slow footsteps, all eyes turning to you,
"Sissy!" Morgan squeals, cheeseburger stuffed in her face, "You're not dead!"
"Sure hope not," You laugh, Pepper instantly coming up to cup your face, staring at you before tugging you forward, releasing a sob,
"Im okay Pep," You smile, wrapping your arms around your mother figure, "Im okay,"
"What were you thinking?" Pepper leans back, eyes darting between yours, "You almost died, Y/N. Do you not understand how much that would have effected your father?"
You nod, and Pepper sighs, curling hair behind your ear, "Please, start being more careful,"
"I will," You smile, and she steps back when Steve comes up, his more built figure making you sink back,
"Are you mad at me too?" You ask quietly, Steve looking at Tony then at you,
"No. Im disappointed. Proud that you saved everyone, but, disappointed,"
"Figured," You open your arms, "Can I have a hug?"
Steve rolls his eye's, embracing you carefully when Tony warns him of your sore form,
"Best for last?" You grin at Peter, who remained to stare at you, eyes only flickering to Tony when he feared to come near you,
"Peter?" You release yourself from Steve to slowly walk up to the spider boy, hands coming to your face, "Hey, look at me,"
His eyes move from Tony to you, revealing harsh tears like the night of your near death
"Im okay," You whisper, smiling, "See?" You lean up, allowing your nose to brush his, "Im right here, promise,"
Peter releases a silent sob, stance to prove your father he could remain strong faltering as he collapses into your arms, his own wrapping at your hips and clutching to your shirt,
You shut your eyes tightly to hide your own tears, hand in his hair as you sniff, ignoring the pain in your right wrist,
Tony steps forward to peel Peter from you, but Pepper grabs his arm, tugging him back. He looks at her sternly, but her look is deadlier as she silently told him to let you be,
Peter wipes the tears off his cheeks and sniffs, glancing over to see Tony being dragged by Pepper to make his cheeseburger,
You make sure your dad isnt looking, hand grabbing at the side of Peters head and directing his lips to press firmly to yours,
Peter relaxes against you, eyes shutting, Tony looking up and clenching his jaw, but reminds himself of his wives death stare and continues to silently make his burger,
You slowly pull away, eyes opening to meet Peters, your arm sliding to his backside as you bury your face into his chest, muscles releasing all tension,
Peter looks your dad, who nods once, smiling lightly, Peter exhaling and rubbing your back,
"Y/N!" Morgan runs up, tugging at your hand, "I made your burger, just how you like it! Come on!"
You laugh despite the sob in your throat, following Morgan to the island stools and sitting down, clinking your orange juice with hers,
Tony walks up, arm at your shoulder, and he whispers into your ear, looking at Peter and winking before following Steve and Pepper into the living room,
"What did he say?" Peter asks quietly, sitting at your other side as you take a bite of your burger, humming at the taste od food you havent had in three days,
"Dont eat all the cheeseburgers," You grin, and sip your drink, "Joking. He said that if he sees you kiss me again you're fired. But we both know hes joking,"
"Haha," Peter laughs nervously, "Right,"
Tony looks up from where he was wiping his wet hands on a rag, placing the rag in the sink when he finds you in one of his button ups and a pair of old shorts,
"Whats up, bug?" Tony questions, leaning against the counter,
"I'm sorry," You exhale, eyes shutting, "For all of this. Stressing you, and Pepper out, scaring Peter so bad he cried in my arms. You didnt deserve that. I was just trying to do the right thing,"
"Hey, its alright," Tony cups your face, wiping his thumb across your cheek, "You're a Stark, after all. We make stuoid decisions for a good cause,"
"You're not disappointed?" You ask, Tony rolling his eyes and scoffing,
"Hell no. I could never be disappointed in you,"
You crack a smile, "What about mom? Do you think she would be proud?"
"Dont even think about it Y/N Stark! Being a superhero could get you killed!" Tony immitates your mother in a high pitch voice, grinning when You laugh,
"Seems about right," You shrug a shoulder, and Tony grabs your shoulder, pulling You into his chest,
"Love you tons, kid. But you are one day going to give me a heart attack," Tony sighs, and you wrap your arms around him, nose in his shoulder,
"I love you three thousand," You shut your eyes tiredly, enjoying your fathers arms around you in a much needed, long embrace,
"Come on," Tony murmurs in your ear, "Lets get you to bed. Bruce, Wanda and Rhodey are wanting to see you tomorrow,"
"Can I meet this Bucky and Sam Uncle Steve talks nonstop about?" You ask hopefully, following Tony up the stairs of your home,
"Mmm, maybe,"
"Ah come on,"
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breakfastatsloanes · 2 years ago
My Love, My Life (Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader) - Chapter 1
Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader, Eventual Peter Parker x Reader
Series Summary: The world’s famous playboy inventor, Tony Stark, is the father of a little girl.
A/N: This series will follow the timeline of the MCU leading up to Endgame. Thank you so much for the love from the teaser I released! I really hope you all enjoy this series!
Tumblr media
Las Vegas
“Tony Stark. Visionary. Genius. American patriot. Even from an early age, the son of legendary weapons developer Howard Stark quickly stole the spotlight with his brilliant and unique mind. At age four, he built his first circuit board. At age six, his first engine. And at 17, he graduated summa cum laude from MIT.   Then, the passing of a titan... ” 
The Starks were indeed titans. They had the world wrapped around their fingers and could outsmart 100 scientists combined. Hate them or love them, every person wishes they could be even the slightest bit successful. It all started when Howard Stark created an empire filled with inventions that revolutionalized weapons building. Since then, they haven’t stopped growing. 
“...until, at age 21, the prodigal son returns and is anointed the new CEO of Stark Industries. With the keys to the kingdom, Tony ushers in a new era for his father's legacy. Stark along with his wife, Diana L/N, have created smarter weapons, advanced robotics, satellite targeting.”
Tony Stark did go to that cafe. He had never met someone who understood him more as well as someone who was able to handle him. Tony Stark, a long known bachelor, finally met the woman of his dreams. He tied the knot with her within a year of dating and Tony swore he has never been happier in his entire life. He had never been so in love before  and was excited about his future with her. Especially about something they created together.
“...following Diana’s death in 2004, Tony Stark continues to carry her and his father’s legacy by ensuring freedom and protecting America and her interests around the globe.”
Obadiah Stane cheered as the video presentation ended. Of course, his longtime friend James Rhodes would be the one presenting the award to him. It didn’t shock him, however, when he wasn’t there to accept it.
The world wasn’t shocked when they found out Tony Stark turned back to his old ways after his wife died. The woman he loved most was gone and there was nothing he could do about it. Except maybe gambling, sleeping around, drinking, and partying. But it was just like old times for him. While he does have responsibility (for reasons only he would know), some wished he could be a better role model.
It was the usual, Stark would go out to some luxurious party, drink some (maybe more), meet new people, and bring home some beauty who was fool enough to fall for his tricks. This one, however, was as irritating as it could get. Sure, she was pretty, but she did have a big mouth especially since she’s a journalist. Tony did not like her, not one bit, but he wanted to celebrate on getting his award somehow. 
The next morning, after being awoken by JARVIS, she threw on the shirt he wore last night and truly took in the beauty that is the large mansion he lived in. A beautiful view of the California coast, it was truly a dream home.
“Tony?” she whispered, exiting the bedroom.
She made her way towards the living room, not a single peep could be heard. That is until she reached the living area. She gasped softly as she saw a smaller figure on the couch wearing pink bunny pajamas. A bowl of cereal sat in her lap as she chewed the sugary chocolate bran.
“Hello,” she said, putting her spoon down into the bowl. 
“Hello?” Christine Everhart whispered, confused on why there is a small child in Stark’s home
“My name is Y/N. Are you Number 4?″ she said
“Number 4?”
“The fourth girl daddy brought home with him this month. He tells me that they are from work. Do you work with my daddy?”
“Something like that. I don’t think your daddy likes me very much”
“He’s not the only one,” she said out of the blue
Ms. Everhart was taken by shock, although she shouldn’t be at all.
“I see you’ve met Mr. Stark’s daughter,” a female voice said behind her. She turned her head to see a taller blonde woman behind her, carrying a hanger of clothes covered in plastic.
“I've got your clothes here. They've been dry-cleaned and pressed,   and there's a car waiting for you outside that will take you anywhere you'd like to go,” she said, Everhart walking towards her.
“You must be the famous Pepper Potts,” she said
“Indeed I am”
“Funny, I didn’t know that Tony had a little girl.”
“A lot of people don’t. It is his best interest to keep her existence out of the public eye as he wants privacy for his daughter. It’s what his wife wanted as well”
“Huh. And after all these years, Tony still has you picking up the dry-cleaning.“ Everhart snarked, taking her clothes from Pepper
“I do anything and everything that Mr. Stark requires; Including, occasionally, taking out the trash.” Pepper replied, eyeing her up and down. A little giggle can be heard from the little girl on the ouch
“Will that be all?”
“Daddy!” the girl squealed, making Tony turn his head back. The small girl ran to him as Pepper hung up the phone, tucking it under her folder. 
“Hey squirt,” he said, groaning as he picked her up. She was almost seven, but that doesn’t stop him from loving his little girl any less. 
“I thought you supposed to be leaving for school?” he practically cooed
“She didn’t want to leave before saying bye to you first. Which by the way, you should be halfway across the world by now.” Pepper said
“That's funny, I thought with it being my plane and all, that it would just wait for me to get there...” 
He and Pepper always bantered. Business this business that. He’s late for this She can’t do that. You thought it was cute. It wasn’t fighting, it was them being them. Sometimes you wondered if your father liked Pepper (yes in that way) and you’ve asked him. He never gave you an answer. 
Tony never let you out of his hands. You rested your face into his neck as he rubbed your back. All the talking he and Pepper were doing
“...get yourself something nice from me.”
“I already did.”
“It was very nice. Very tasteful. Thank you, Mr. Stark” she said, smiling
“You’re welcome Ms. Potts”
They gave each other one last smile before Pepper snapped out of her thoughts.
“Come on, Y/N. Let’s get you to school little missy”
Tony let you down, not before kissing your cheek.
“I love you squirt, Daddy will be home soon. Be good to Pepper okay?” he asked and you nodded.
“I love you, daddy”
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living-dead-parker · 2 years ago
Married? - P.P
Summary: The Avenger’s finally learn about Peter and Y/N’s marital status. This is like a part two to Ordained and I might as well make it a series or something of Peter going all “That’s my wife!” John Mulaney mode.
Warnings: idk if there’s cussing but there might be, ooc characters but hey it makes it funnier, SCIENCE SQUAD!!, mistakes as usual
Word Count: 1.2K
Also, please feel free to request something, send in asks about anything, or leave feedback!! I love when y’all interact
Tumblr media
Chatter fills the enormous table as heroes hold conversation left and right. Scott and Clint talk about boring parental stuff and childrens' recitals they have to attend. Bucky and Steve discuss random topics, catching up on the past year. Pepper and Christine dive into a deep conversation after their partner's get lost in each other. Tony and Stephen became really close, causing the two women in their lives to run with an ongoing joke that the two men should've probably married each other instead. Shuri, Harley, Michelle, Ned, Y/N and Peter all catch up on random memes, showing whatever random reaction pictures reminded them of each other.
It's the two year anniversary that Tony and Pepper got married. So, gathered at the dinner table in the Avenger's compound are the Avengers, Shuri, Stephen and his fiance, Christine. Scott, also decided to make an appearance. The younger adults, or the Science Squad as they liked to call themselves, decided that you're never too old for a sleepover with friends, so they're all together again for a sleepover. The big group feeling almost like a family, celebrating the festivity.
"So Peter," Clint starts off, hit tone teasing right off the bat. Immediately, Clint's sudden change conversation caught everyone's attention. "When are you proposing to Y/N?" he asks. He chuckles, expecting the young man to be shy and stuttering.
"Y/N will probably have to propose to him." Sam jokes, earning a high five from Nat. Everybody knew Peter was shy, a very fragile soul too. Peter turns to Y/N, giggling a little as Y/N turns to look at him. The pair calm themselves down, convincing almost everyone that the sudden shift of topic made them feel awkward. However, Tony and Pepper gave them an expectant look.
Eyes are shifting from Y/N to Peter. From Tony and Pepper, searching for any sign of discomfort or disagreement. Then, attentions shifts to Shuri, Michelle, Ned, and Harley as they giggle as well, giving the other two a knowing look. Brows furrow, coughs are heard as everyone awaits some sort of response. Y/N nudges Peter and nods her head at him. He never expected to just admit this at the ripe age of 20.
"We're already married." Peter says, his tone nonchalant and calm. On the inside, he was reeling. While the marriage was all a joke, he could say that Y/N legally was his wife, which made him extremely happy. However, for the joke, he remains poised and calm. Nonchalant.
Suddenly, a wild chain of events ensues.
Bucky's jaw drops, Sam's eyes widen. Steve spits out his drink and Nat opens and closes her mouth, not knowing how to respond. Clint has a confused smile on his face, still trying to take in what the young man admitted. Bruce and Thor are both nodding happily, feeling good about the couple. Overall, there's a thick blanket of confusion and awe coating the room as everyone truly tries to grasp the thought of the two being married already.
"What?" Nat asks.
"Yeah, we've been married for a little bit over two years." Peter continues.
"Tony, did you know?" Steve asks, turning to look at the man. His eyes are laced with genuine puzzlement. Tony erupts into laughter, holding his stomach as he lurches forward, cackles escaping his mouth.
"Yes, we knew. But we didn't find out until three or two days before our wedding. And we still don't know a lot of the details." Pepper answers, as her husband is too busy crying from laughter. Tears are streaming down his face, fist pounding on the table. All of the Science Squad, no matter how bad they want to join Tony in the laughter, manage to power through and hold their facade that nothing odd has gone on.
"Please enlighten us? I'm so lost. Who proposed, when? Why? Where was the wedding? How?" Sam urges. He looks over at all the other younger adults, feeling deep in his soul that they too had something to do with it. Which, he's not wrong about.
"A day after Peter turned 18, we were having our fourth annual sleepover. Like, the fourth one of the year. Anyways, we were bored and it was three in the morning," Y/N starts. She looks over, noticing everyone is paying attention.
"So, Y/N suddenly remembered she was ordained, and wanted to officiate Shuri and Michelle, but they weren't together yet and they were still very much closeted at the time." Peter continues. Shuri and Michelle flip him off, earning a loud laugh from Bucky and Sam. Peter rolls his eyes, looking back at you to continue.
"Anyways, I remembered I was ordained, which was a different creation of my usual three AM boredom. Suddenly, Peter asked me if I wanted to marry him. We were lying down on the floor and he just straight up asked, 'wanna get married' and I said sure." Y/N explains, using her fake Peter voice to imitate him.
"Shuri, Michelle, Ned, and Harley encouraged us to do it, and screw traditional views, we don't care too much about the sanctity of marriage so we decided to go through with it. As you do." Peter continues. He earns a glare from Tony and Steve. Steve has more traditional views, so obviously, he felt almost threatened by this child.
"We did some research and saw that in California, you can get married as long as you have two witnesses to sign off on it and we had four. So we printed out the documents, signed them and sent them off. We got Shuri and Ned to sign off on it as they were of age by then. So then we sent in the information that night and then we got the confirmation in the mail two weeks later." Y/N adds. The two friends mentioned wave as their names are said, the other two nodding along.
"Anyways, we also saw that in Pennsylvania, you can do the same, a Quaker marriage. So we did that too the same night. So, we're legally married in two out of 50 states, but it's valid anywhere, so we're married." Peter says, gabbing Y/N's hand and kissing the back of it.
The room goes quiet again, the members stunned as they take in all of that information. They're married. Thriving and married. Nat looks at all the young adults. Yeah, they still refer to them as kids, but three out of six can legally drink now. Two of them are legally married. It takes them so long to process it, but then Sam starts laughing. He erupts into a laughter much like the fit Tony was in earlier. Bucky joins him, not knowing how he feels about it. Then Clint, followed by Scott, and then Nat. They lean forward in their seats, tears streaming down. Steve finally takes it all in and just stares at the two careless children. He's not mad, just in shock still.
"Y'all crazy." Sam says through his fit of laughter. Peter smiles, turning to Y/N and nodding at her. He sure is crazy for his girlfriend. His wife.
"Awe look, Y/N is blushing?"  Nat teases. Peter playfully glares at the fellow arachnid.
"Hey, that's my wife!" Peter argues, defending Y/N. His face goes red, making Sam scream from laughter.
"Look at the kid, his face is red." Sam says. Taking a page from the Peter Parker Playbook, Y/N stands and glares at Sam.
"Hey, that's my husband!" she yells at the grown man. Suddenly, the laughter stops for a few brief seconds only to continue again.
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · a year ago
More Like Pepper (Tony Stark X Teenage!Reader)
Characters: Tony Stark X Teenage!Reader
Universe: Marvel, Avengers
Warnings: None
Request: Could I request a fic where the reader is Tony's kid but lowkey has no time for the teams shit and is savage?
Tumblr media
It was a normal day for everyone in SHIELD. Steve came into work after his workout, Natasha and Clint were stalking the grounds to keep people on their feet, Thor was for the most part absent, Bruce was in his lab working, Wanda and Vision were walking around and chatting and Tony was late in. The usual day. Eventually Tony came in, but he wasn’t alone. Alongside him was his teenage kid. 
The media of course knew about you- Tony and Pepper’s kid, and everyone could tell that you took after your father with cleverness, and your mother with how little bullshit you were willing to put up with. The second you got social media, you were quick to correct and teach people a lesson in the most savage ways when they said something bigoted or rude, and neither Pepper or Tony had punished you for it. You were in the right after all. You’d become rather famous after a reporter tried to dirty your reputation, only to have you to respond in the most calm way someone could when turning the tables, ruining their career instead when you proved that over twenty of that reporter’s big stories were all staged and faked. 
It wasn’t a surprise that most of the Avengers had heard of you, though only Wanda, Vision, Natasha and Clint actually knew of your reputation, that had recently come into real life and not just online when the press bombarded you while walking home from school, expecting to make you squirm about being confronted in person about your doings online, only to get cold, hard facts and a bored tone. 
Wanda followed your social media to keep up to date on which idiot you silenced that day, Vision kept up to date through her, and he admitted it was entertaining to watch. Clint’s kids had found your social media and Clint wasn’t sure if he liked you because you taught his kids the difference between good and bad with your discussions, or despise you because his kids had started to mimic your responses with him. Natasha may have been the one to introduce them to your social media and she was almost giddy when word got to her that you were on base, and she pulled Clint along to go find you. Wanda, Vision and Steve saw them and decided to follow. 
They found Tony and yourself in the lab, you siding with Bruce instead of your dad, your arms crossed and legs on Tony’s desk with you sat in his chair. You were for the most part bickering with your own dad so he couldn’t bother Bruce. However, when the team came in you quietened and turned your attention to them. “What are you all doing here?” Tony asked. 
“Heard the infamous Y/N was here and wanted to meet the legend.” Natasha smirked. Tony turned to you and you grinned at him smugly, kicking your legs off and getting up, going to shake Natasha’s hand. “Nice to meet you.” 
“You too.” You greeted. You noticed Steve looked particularly confused, and Bruce also looked a little lost.
“Sorry I’m a bit out of the loop… I know you’re Tony’s kid but… you’re famous? Are you a musician or actor?” Steve innocently asked. 
“Y/N is like the internet version of you, Steve.” Wanda explained to him, but that only seemed to confuse him even more. 
“People on the internet say stupid stuff more than in real life it turns out. All the kinds of people you’d not hesitate to throw the shield at. Y/N is the one who goes around correcting them and ruining the reputation of people who fuel those kinds of people.” Natasha explained more thoroughly. 
“Made me more famous than my dad.” 
“Hey.” Tony warned playfully. “Should warn you they’re just as ruthless in real life so if you’re gonna poke ‘em, make sure it’s with a stick.” Tony warned. 
“Hmm, why? Because you didn’t follow that rule with mom and now I’m here?” You responded. Your dad went stiff, looking up and sucking a breath in, while Wanda had to cover her mouth to not giggle while Steve’s eyes widened and Natasha smirked. Tony always thought he’d gotten used to your smart mouth but you always proved him wrong. Every. Day. He mumbled a little ‘okay’ and turned to do his work. 
By the time the day was over, you’d definitely left a mark in SHIELD. Wanda had shown some of your conversations with people online to Bruce and Steve who were both horrified and impressed that you, a kid, spent your free time dealing with idiots because you found it fun. Clint confronted you about your impression on his kids and you commented about how his kids were nearly teenagers and his ‘old ass needs to keep up with the times and realise younger generations were trying to stop the world from imploding’. Thor came for a visit, didn’t realise who you were but learnt the hard way and spent the rest of the day hiding from you. You discussed with Bruce and Steve, and Steve mentioned how he lived in a tiny apartment despite him being- you know- Captain America, and you disapeared for an hour. You came back grinning, but didn’t inform them where you’d been or what you’d done. Pepper was able to come pick you up so you could go with her to a press confrence- something that had become more common when press realised that if they said something rude or stupid, you’d rip them a new asshole. After you left, Fury informed all of the Avengers (except your father) that you’d ‘talked him into’ raising their paycheck by several… hundred bucks. 
Natasha suggested having you be the one to represent the Avengers when something big happens instead of herself. Fury is considering it, and Tony couldn’t wait to go home and tell you that calling people out on their bullshit could soon be a job you get paid to do. 
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in! 
*Not my gif
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