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Peppermint (2018)

Genre: Action

Who’s In It: Jennifer Garner, John Gallagher Jr, John Ortiz, Juan Pablo Raba, Annie Ilonez

Who Directed It: Pierre Morel

Plot:  Five years after her husband and daughter are killed in a senseless act of violence, a woman comes back from self-imposed exile to seek revenge against those responsible and the system that let them go free.

Running Time: 101 Minutes 

IMDB Score: 6.5

Metascore: 29

Rotten Tomatoes Score:  Critics 12%   Audience 71%

Why I Watched It: It’s an action movie and it was on sale

How I Watched It: PS4 Rental

Random Thoughts: Well look at those numbers, here’s one of those movies where it’s clear audiences liked it way more than critics.  Now the story is usually the critics snub their noses at a B-Movie and the audiences just lap up dumb entertainment with Peppermint I think people who liked it just liked it for what it is a revenge story and for the ones who didn’t like it either felt it was one note or it was just a basic story.

Let’s talk about the title, it’s a very bad title.  The little girl before she was killed had peppermint ice cream that’s it imagine if she had ordered Rocky Road or Cookie Dough.  Not a good action title.

What I Liked: I was surprised by this movie cause the trailers didn’t do anything for me it just looked like another version of Death Wish with Jennifer Garner as the lead and I will say Garner is the film’s biggest selling point.  In a film like this the leads job is two-fold you have to show the pain and the trauma and you have to come off as a bad ass, many actors can do one or the other few can do both and Garner does.  For me I liked her more in the action parts, you forget she can pull off action and she does here she sells he pain and the anger very well.  

I for whatever reason thought this was going to be a PG-13 action film and it’s not, the action is gritty and intense and it’s done very well.  I have some problems with the story but director Pierre Morel does I nice job not only setting up the action but filming it as well.  It’s a dark film not only in subject matter but it’s mostly filmed at night.  It’s a brooding and intense film and I was surprised that this film is pretty brutal, Garner’s character goes all in she all about the revenge, there’s no hand wringing nice she gets started and I liked that it’s the old in for a penny in for a pound. 

I did like the one small twist, they shock up the cliches there.  The using of some of the side characters was pretty good, and the cast for the whole was solid.

What I Didn’t Like: The main weakness with the film is the main villain, he’s one of those drug lords and he didn’t actually kill the husband or the daughter he ordered it so he’s more of a figure head and sure he’s a very bad guy but he’s bland and boring as hell.  He’s a stock villain and he didn’t do a thing for me, they throw a lot of henchmen in cause this film needed a body count, we need Garner to work her way up but this big boss doesn’t bring anything to the table.  I blame the writing and the performance.

The film does the set, we see Garner’s character not get justice then we see her run, and then it’s 5 years later, I which they spent some time on her becoming the bad ass that comes back for revenge.  We hear her story but we don’t see her transformation.  I buy it because of Garner cause I know she can play both but I don’t buy it for the character.  The other main problem the film has it’s very cliched and it does lean very heavy on troupes.  It’s like well it’s different cause the women is the lead she’s the one getting revenge, kind of but story wise not really.  I wish there was more depth and I do wish we dealt with Garner’s character more as the bad ass once she comes back she almost has no dialogue, she turns into Rambo. 

The ending was fine but yup it was like most revenge endings, they didn’t reinvent the wheel here.

Final Thoughts: It gets points cause it’s a lot better than I was expecting, I recommend it for the action and Garner.

Rating: 6/10

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Petrified Wood - someone who works from home or runs their own business, great for stabilizing, bringing in good fortune, luck and financial success

Emerald - stone of spring, wonderful for finding business partners

Bismuth - creating structure, helps bring in avenues and open pathways to discover your work

Pyrite - stone of wealth and good luck

Aventurine - harmonic stone, brings groups together to bring everyone together, never lose a gamble

Malachite - used by Egyptian royalty, brings in transformation

Lapis Lazuli - also used by Egyptian royalty, promotes success and promotion

Citrine - a.k.a. the Merchant’s stone, most common crystal used for money; if running a business of any type, it will attract money, strength, will attract customers to you, will increase will and creativity with finding money; attract whatever it is you want

Moss Agate - personal charisma, attracting money towards you and helps your money to grow and expand

Tree Agate - strong roots of money so money comes to you from all different directions 

Clear Quartz - enhances everything


Bee Pollen - great for so many types of magick, puts your name in a lot of people’s mouths, good to attract customers

Catnip - taking your name and business where it would not regularly go

Anise - success of money spells, you can the star pods use the seeds, recommended

Licorice Root - protects money you already have, and protects money you are attracting to yourself

Mandrake - builds up your power

Peppermint - aids in smooth transaction of that money, wherever the money is coming from, it is not hurting anyone

Lemon balm - good for attracting old money

Basil leaf - need a blast of money? Basil leaf

Hops - if you’re bad at saving money, it’s great to clear a path to help hold on to the money you already have, Hops are the flowers (also called seed cones or strobiles) of the hop plant Humulus lupulus, a member of the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants 

Black Pepper - use this once, it will eat away from the blockages from money entering your wallet

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Many organisms evolved to live in a niche. That is they have adapted to one or more specific characteristic of a habitat. This served them well as it meant there was more resources for them, such as food. However, climate change is changing many aspects of the planet and making many of these niche adaptations obsolete or work against the species they once served.

Sarker, S., Yadav, A.K., Akter, M., Hossain, M.S., Chowdhury, S.R., Kabir, M.A. and Sharifuzzaman, S.M., 2020. Rising temperature and marine plankton community dynamics: Is warming bad?. Ecological Complexity, 43, p.100857.

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Wishing Bottle for Remembrance

- Eucalyptus (mental clarity, sooth mental exhaustion, invigorates the mind)
- Juniper Berries (clarify thought)
- Peppermint (mental strength, improves mental focus)
- Salt (protection)
- Clear Quartz (to charge)
- Carnelian (focus, energy)
- Orange wax seal (improve memory)

Crystals for Remembrance

- Carnelian (focus, energy)

Sigil for Remembrance

“I remember”

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Casting Goals: Moulin Rouge!

Ask and ye shall receive!

Ya’ll know that I absolutely hate the musical adaptation of Moulin Rouge! I think it is complete and udder garbage. But anyway, I have my own version of Moulin Rouge! that I wrote and here is how I would cast it. Also my dream designer would have been Maria Björnson, but since we lost her several years ago, I would have to chose Bob Crowley as my second choice. I was thinking Rachel Chavkin as director or honestly just bring back Baz… More importantly, I think the ensemble needs to be like Cabaret where every cast member has their own specific name and personality (The swings as well should play their own character when they are on) so I took the liberty of creating those names. Also Nini was literally played by an older woman (Caroline O’Connor being 39 at the time) so can we go back to that?

Keep reading

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Wishing Bottle for Depression

- Yarrow (courage)
- St. John’s Wort (energy)
- Peppermint (mental strength)
- Salt (protection)
- Carnelian (energy, focus, courage)
- Clear Quartz (to charge)
- Red wax seal (courage)

Crystals for Depression

- Amethyst (soothing, calming)
- Carnelian (energy, focus, courage)

Sigil for Depression

“I am strong”

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Wishing Bottle for Focus

- Pennyroyal (patience, tranquility, endurance)
- Eucalyptus (soothes mental exhaustion, increases mental clarity)
- Peppermint (mental strength, improves focus)
- St. John’s Wort (infusion of energy when feeling tired or drained)
- Juniper Berries (protection from negative energy, clarify thoughts)
- Salt (protection)
- Carnelian crystals (aid to focus, luck, and productivity)
- Clear Quartz crystals (to charge)
- Yellow wax seal (focus, learning)


- Carnelian (aid to focus, luck, and productivity)

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Repost @leticia_.baddie

OKAY soothing and invigorating peppermint light refreshing hair care will leave your senses awakened. This unique formula will invigorate and soothe while leaving hair and scalp refreshed. Tap picture to shop now.

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