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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Soft November imagine 🍂

I want you to be warm and safe in November.

We could stay huddled together under a blanket when rain pours outside and the wind tries to howl through the tiny gaps between the windows. With a silly YouTube channel or a creepy horror movie on the screen of my laptop and eachother’s (more or less) silent company, current events that are happening outside wouldn’t matter, at least not when we’re in that moment.

Maybe we’d have lit a candle, maybe the bedroom’s filled with the pleasant smell coming from the kitchen: whether it’d be gingerbread, a carrot cake, vanilla cupcakes or anything else you had had on your mind when I asked you.

One of us would press pause so that we could go make two cups of hot chocolate and fetch you the treats you wanted without missing anything interesting. I’d stand on my tiptoes to kiss your lips, while the milk’s slowly getting warmer on the stove, and maybe you’d help me sit on the counter so that it’s easier for me to reach. We’d chat quietly, with our cheeks reddened not only from the warmth still emanating from the oven.

Coming back to our spot in the bedroom both with our drinks and a plate full of whatever you chose to munch on, we’d nestle comfortably against the pillows, settling the goods between our legs, careful not to spill the hot chocolate.

Once the movie or video’s playing, I’d shuffle closer to lay my head against your shoulder and extend one hand to rest it on your chest. It rises and falls slowly and rhythmically, stretching the straw-yellow sweater ever so slightly. You’re so warm to the touch, and not the feverish-sick-warm of course, but the good, comfortable and gentle kind of warmth.

I admire you beautiful face and lean to kiss your cheek, and you can’t help but giggle around a spoonful of cake.

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Well it seems my following J2′s carreer will end with SPN. I am sad, I love them so much.

I can’t care about Texas Ranger. As a story, I just don’t care.
The Boys? I just tried to get through a 15-min recap of S1. I got bored out of my head and stopped at 6 mins. Is there even a story? (and I’m not gonna list all the things that got on my nerves - if you like the series, I don’t want to rain on your parade).

Fuck, I was hooked on SPN at “Whoa, easy, tiger!”

SPN will have been the exception, the once-in-a-lifetime series. Oh well.

I hope Misha gets into something I can get on board with.

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