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hermyohkneegranger · a day ago
I feel like all my ships should just be in a room together. I don’t know what would happen but I want it to happen.
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armen-jimmy-jab · a day ago
In Brooklyn99, does anyone ever feel like Terry had some real mental health issues and I'm not talking about just the 'scared for his family thing'
Like just think, he grew up with a bully of a father (told in S03) and had to make take care of his brother when their parents fought when he himself was just a child (told in S07). Then, he had a relationship where his girlfriend cheated on him (Chiaki, told in S01). After this with Sharon he had to move in with her even though he didn't want to (told in S04). And even had kids before he wanted to (told in S06).
Terry deserves a million hugs :)
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peraltiago-headcanons · 2 days ago
Jake and Amy often have impromptu slow dances in their living room when Mac is asleep
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benslie · 6 hours ago
isn’t it insane how exactly four years ago we were all collectively losing our minds over jake peralta proposing to amy santiago?
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