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'crayons' and Jake/Amy

(okay so i picked you as my “crash test” for this new baby name haha let’s see if i like it.)

Amy lifts her head up from her book, her eyes immediately finding her son and husband on the other side of the living room — Hugo seems focused on his own work, crayon in hand and his face looking down at the piece of paper lying in front of him while Jake sits by his side and whispers some instructions into his ear. She keeps watching them for a little while, taking in the sight; now is just as good a time as any other to take a break from studying, she decides.

It doesn’t take long for the other two to feel her lingering gaze on them, and soon her son is looking at her with a big smile, then exchanging a knowing look with his father, and then rushing by her side, handing her his previous work before wrapping his tiny hands around her in a tight hug. “For you!” he says excitedly, and Amy can feel her heart warm up in her chest when she realizes he and Jake were working on a drawing to wish her good luck for her upcoming exam.

(well i couldn’t stop at 3 sentences so you get 4 lmao.)

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic

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love for jake and amy if you’re still doing it

(idk what this is… seeing your word just reminded me how much i loved killian calling emma ‘love’ on ouat and… this happened haha.)

Apart from the exceptional ‘honey’ that Jake lets slip from time to time when talking to Amy, it’s been naturally established pretty early on in their relationship that ‘babe’ would be their designated pet name — they both like it very much.

But then they’re assigned on a case together, and Jake, hiding behind his undercover persona, calls her ‘love’ instead, and it’s like something switches inside Amy’s heart when she hears the new term of endearment; there’s something about the way the word rolls on her husband’s tongue that makes her swoon completely. It’s a good thing they’re playing a couple, she thinks, because otherwise the looks she gives him in return, full of adoration, would have probably given them away regarding the true nature of their relationship.

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic

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“dark” for jake/amy :)

(i’m sorry apparenty i can’t write anything else but baby fics 😂🤐)

He’s got ten fingers, ten toes, a heart that beats perfectly and is the most beautiful baby Jake’s ever gotten the chance to lay his eyes on.

A tear of joy and emotion falls down his cheek as he holds his son for the very first time; he can feel the softness of the few strands of dark hair already showing at the top of his newborn’s head against his palm, and can’t resist the urge to press a small kiss there — he only just met him, but he loves that tiny human so much already.

“Welcome to the family, pal,” he whispers softly with a smile.

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic

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If you end up doing the sentence prompts: Jake and Amy and the word is emojis :P

(okay sorry if this is not too good i didn’t know what to write haha.)

It’s just an emoji — a red heart emoji, yes, but still just an emoji.

Jake shouldn’t feel his own organ start beating faster in his chest over something so simple coming from his girlfriend, and yet he can’t help it; as he looks at Amy’s answer, that same woman who almost never uses emojis in any of her texts (and definitely never punctuated one of her texts to him with a heart before), a feeling of warmth spreads across his whole being.

Maybe he’s starting to fall in love.

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic

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Peraltiago + goodbye 馃槶

He doesn’t want to say goodbye.

From the comfort of his mother’s arms, his son is looking at him with wide, brown eyes filled with curiosity and it takes everything inside of Jake not to let down his bag and call Holt to tell him that he can’t come into work today — his paternity leave definitely didn’t last long enough; he could have used a few more days (if not weeks or even months) in his wife’s and boy’s company.

But he can’t, so instead Jake grabs his son’s tiny hand and presses a kiss at the top of his head then onto Amy’s lips and says, “Bye, baby, I’ll be back soon”; and as soon as he’s out of the apartment, he already thinks about how he hopes the day will pass by quickly before he can finally be by his favorite people’s sides again.

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic

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ah yes, the trope where person a has something really important to say (like…yknow…a love confession) to person b but then person b interrupts them to say something that completely deters person a from their important thing to say (like…yknow…”i’m dating someone else”) and then person b goes “what were you going to say?” and person a goes “oh…nothing” and then the conversation ends and i scream in frustration 

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GIF REQUEST MEME: favorite season of b99 
Ames, today has been a crazy day. But I shouldn’t be surprised, because we’ve had a lot of crazy days. There was our first date, our first kiss, the first time you told me you loved me, and the day you told me you would marry me. Also yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, because every single day that I get to be with someone as amazing as you is crazy to me. I love you. And I’m worried about dancing in front of our friends. 
↪︎ requested by damnsarge and @jakeperaltu 

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10 & 13

Thanks for the ask!!

10. Share an headcanon you have about them.

That after Ticking Clocks, Amy surprised Jake by sending him a bouquet of flowers and he went all heart-eyes because he loves her so much and she didn’t have to get him one but she did.

13. Share a song that reminds you of your favorite ship.

Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

favorite ship ask game

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1,2, 12 + 15?

Thank you for the ask!

1. Who’s your favorite ship and what show are they from?

I have so many ships but peraltiago from b99 is in the spotlight of my brain right now.

2. Why do you consider them to be your favorite ship?

They have so much chemistry! And they’re very different people but they have a lot of similarities deep down, and love each other’s weirdness. Also, the scene where Jake tells Amy that he started reading Harry Potter because she loves them so much is my favourite thing.

12. Is there something (storyline, etc.) that you’d change about your favorite ship?

In Jimmy Jabs 2 I would have liked to see them talk about how Jake let her win.

15. Do you watch fanvideos of your favorite ship? If so, what’s your favorite one?

I’ve loved every single one that I’ve seen but this is the one that has stuck with me (partially because it uses cruel summer but mostly because it’s so good and I love the concept):

favorite ship ask game

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18 & 20 for the ship ask? (Once again thank you for not leaving me alone lmao)

no worries and thanks for the ask! ❤️❤️❤️

I can’t say that I have an absolute top favourite ship but I’m in a #dieforperaltiago mood rn so…

18. Which character of your ship do you prefer (and why)?

Amy for sure. Words can’t express why. I just love her so much.

20. If they’re still on screen, how do you think their story will end?

With Amy becoming captain and Jake being the best dad ever.

favorite ship ask game

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'perfect' pls 馃グ

(inspired by a conversation with @amez-santiago earlier haha.)

“Well, your baby is in perfect health,” the doctor says with a smile and both parents let out a sigh of relief as they share a loving look.

Jake can feel Amy holding his hand tighter as they quickly bring their gazes back on the screen, where they’re able to see their future child for the very first time. A new wave of emotion and love, so much love — for both the woman currently lying next to him and the tiny healthy human that’s growing inside of her — washes over him, and he can’t retain the tear that falls down his cheek when it hits him even harder than usual than they’re truly doing this; in just a few month’s time, they’re going to welcome a third member into their little family.

send me a ship and a prompt word and I’ll write a 3-sentence fic

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