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misterrimpossible · 30 minutes ago
percy Jackson in quarantine be like: [starts a new hobby] [ditches it] [starts a new hobby] [ditches it] [starts a new hobby] [ditches it] [starts a new hobby-] it's been half an hour
annabeth chase in quarantine be like: [weaves endlessly] [learns to bake] [builds scale model of nyc] [makes the nicest animal crossing island youve ever seen] [reupholsters Sally's furniture] [cleans their home twice] it's only been 2 days
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shionneblina · an hour ago
Annabeth: *points at Solangelo* Awn look, Percy, they are so cute.
Percy:Oh, Nico got a bro, thats good news.
Annabeth:Percy, they are kissing...
Percy: Yeah? So what?
Annabeth: that is not a 'bro' thing...
Percy: Why not? I do it all the time with Jason.
Annabeth: ...thats a boyfriend thi- Wait! What??
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percy-the-diet-coke · an hour ago
Remember when Annabeth used our little boi Percy as a "Border Patrol" aka a bait to win his first "Capture the flag", but then Poseidon claimed him as his son, and Annabeth murmured, I quote "This is really not good"... Yeah...
Karma is a bitch.
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hecatedaughter · 3 hours ago
I'm curious,
what's your godly parent?
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frostxiix · 4 hours ago
Percy: Yesterday I goed into my room.
Annabeth: I-
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cherrylipscherrycheeks · 7 hours ago
Just finished THE MARK OF ATHENA.
That's it.
My funeral will be held in a few days.
Thank you.
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gh-0-stking · 7 hours ago
Will: If life gives you lemons make lemonade
Nico: Or squeeze them in the eyes of the person closest to you.
Will: Nico, no.
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gh-0-stking · 7 hours ago
Percy: I swear I won't get in any more trouble.
Apollo: Hi.
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gh-0-stking · 7 hours ago
Nico in Starbucks
Waiter: What kind of coffee do you want?
Nico: I want coffee the way my girlfriend is.
Waiter: Hot? Sweet?
Nico: I don't like coffee, a cookie please.
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gh-0-stking · 7 hours ago
Percy: Am I in trouble?
Annabeth: Think.
Percy: I'm not?
Annabeth: Think again.
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life-wise-girl · 7 hours ago
Will: *says something dumb*
Nico: remind me again why I'm in love you?
Will: *smiles*
Nico: ah, of course
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I already did a headcanon on the Percabeth wedding, but it's nearly one in the morning, and this one won't leave me alone. Plus it's a longer one. So here we go!
Percy and Annabeth had 2 separate weddings. One for mortal friends and families, and another for their demigod and less mortal friends and family. The second wedding took place on the beach in the summer time at Camp Half-Blood. Chiron married them, and Tyson and Grover were Percy's best men. Both weddings had the same invitation, a trident below Percy's name, and an owl below Annabeth's. In their mortal wedding, Annabeths father walked her down the aisle, but at the CHB wedding, Athena walked her down the aisle, and approvingly nodded and smiled warmly at Percy, finally accepting that he was the right man for her daughter. Annabeth's dress was simple, white with silver accents and silver, nearly invisible owls decorating it that could only be seen in a certain light. Thalia was her Maid of Honor, and Clarisse, Pipper and Rachel were among her bridesmaids. A lot of people turned up, including the Kane siblings, Magnus and Alex, Reyna, the rest of the Seven, and special permission was given for Percy's family to be there, seeing as Sally could see through the mist, Paul wasn't about to freak out after being very used to this side of life, and Estelle really really wanted to be the flower girl. Pretty much every god on Olympus blessed their union, after everything those two had done and sacrificed for them, and even Hera finally decided to leave Annabeth alone, seeing as she is the godess of unions and marriage. Aphrodite cried a lot because she was "just so happy to finally see those two tie the knot". Haephestus had offered to make the rings for them, but they kindly declined, telling him Leo was making them instead. Mr. D congratulated both of them with their proper names, and even Ares couldn't help but be happy for those two punks. They were an unstoppable duo, and there was no stopping them now. They held the reception in the dining pavilion, and Percy had insisted on the cake being blue, which Annabeth had agreed to, laughing. All in all, it was an amazing day for them both, and they had both seen it fit to get married at CHB, where they started their journey together, and now, they were beginning the next chapter of their journey together in the same place.
(NGL, I kind of want to write a fanfic for this. Cause this is a pretty long headcanon. At this point, it's more like a prompt. I think I might just do that. If I do, I'll hella link it on this blog for y'all to read)
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ale-bookworm · 10 hours ago
Leo: C’mon, Percy, tell Annabeth that someone broke one of her blueprints.
Percy: But she is going to be mad at me!
Leo: Exactly! If you tell her she is going to be mad and if I tell her she is going to kill me.
Percy: *sighs* fine, but you owe me.
Percy: Hey, Annabeth, guess what!
Annabeth: Who broke my blueprint and sent you to tell me?
Percy: *Point to where Leo is*
Annabeth: Leo, you little-
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genderbendpercy · 11 hours ago
Male annabeth : Man I hate you
Male Rachel : I hate you more
Fem Percy: (inhale’s) GAY
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sophiemass · 12 hours ago
The thought of Percabeth having a baby voice and speaking with each other with it, when they are alone, stuck in my head.
Like, imagine Percy babysitting Estelle and using that type of voice with her, and later starting to use it with Annabeth too, and Annabeth being completely cringed about it the first time but growing fond of it after quite some time and, without she noticing, started to speak like that. It is a super corny and I love it.
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crazyfandom-addict · 14 hours ago
Am I the only one that has notes upon notes for headcanons and fic ideas for characters and ships, but does not have the time, motivation, nor the confidence to post fanfic or headcanons online
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chasegrangerkingdom · 14 hours ago
Percy [nervously]: Wise Girl, there's something I want to ask y-
Annabeth: Finally! You're proposing!
Percy: Wha- how did you know?
Annabeth: Seaweed Brain, you've dropped the ring five times during dinner.
Annabeth: I even picked it up once.
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