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floweroflaurelin · 2 days ago
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Painted this in the background while watching tonight’s Critical Role! My bff @therogueamongus gifted me a copy of Tal’Dorei Reborn for my birthday and I was so enchanted by little Gwendolyn de Rolo I just had to paint her and Papa Percy 🥺
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technoturian · 2 days ago
Vex’ahlia didn’t like the idea of it at first.
Percy had always held that there was a great power within names and remembrance and throughout his line he had an abundance of each to give, and so it was an easy thing to let him lead the way. He even made lists. He added names to those lists for her as well.
Vex didn’t like the idea at first. It felt cruel, not just memorializing pain that was still fresh, but also making her child carry the weight that came with her grief. And so her mother’s name was in the middle, and she could pay respect and show remembrance and she could call her daughter after a woman she never knew. A name that didn’t hurt to say.
Then came the twins. They were named after distant ancestors in a family tree she had more fondness for than her father’s and Leona would also be named for Pike, a living aspiration of strength and goodness.
The years went by, Vox Machina drifted away on their own adventures. Pike, Scanlan and Grog in Westruun and Tary in Wildemount, never too distant in the grand scheme of things but far from the constant companions she had grown accustomed to. Only Keyleth was a regular and ready companion, yet in their visits she felt the unspoken grief that bonded them. The silence that weighed into every step along the snowdrop trail.
And one day, as her fourth child grew restless within her, her twins played at her feet, burbling their early words at each other as she guessed she had once done with him; language that they shared before she was old enough to remember sound, a constant background noise from before memory. Only now, for her there was a hollowing silence. Vex’ahlia sat in that internal silence. It was a void so loud it drowned the babbles of her little quarter-elves, and as it filled her ears she thought of the sounds she missed the most.
How long had it been? How long since she had heard his name spoken? How long since she had spoken it? She didn’t know when she stopped.
Religious delegates had taken to speaking of “The Champion of Ravens”.
Or they would say “Brother”.
Your brother, they would call him.
As if his name was a wound. Had she been treating it like a wound?
But it wasn’t a wound, it was a cord. It was wound tight around her heart. She hadn’t felt its tug in a long time. She felt the consonants settled behind her lips, under her tongue.
The birth was short for their second son. Percy joked how courteous he was to not make them wait on him long, how kind he was to his mother. He was quiet when he came into the world, so quiet that Vex’ahlia worried there was something wrong when she didn’t hear his cry, but they were assured he was healthy and strong. Her husband at her side, she held her little one and got to really see him for the first time. His head was already full of thick, dark hair.
She felt him tugging on her heart.
Percy always had a list. There were some names on this one that meant a lot to him as well. But he would never deny her anything, she knew.
She cradled her second son. Quiet. Quick. Kind to his mother.
She cradled him and she smiled, then she filled the silence with sound and memory and the great power of names. The great power of love. And it didn’t hurt to say. She wanted to say it, hear it, fill the hollow points inside her and out, fill the world to the brim with it.
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balleater · 2 days ago
i've been adding the tal'dorei reborn backgrounds into dndbeyond and i'm losing my absolute shit over this bond from the reformed cultist
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criticalyasha · a day ago
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7 days left!
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starsisbig · 18 hours ago
crs best besties finalized
campaign 1: percy and kiki
campaign 2: jester and essek
campaign 3: laudna and dorian
will be taking no criticism thank you :)
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doryym · 2 days ago
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this art from tal’dorei reborn just warms my heart, i love vox machina so much
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bisexualnoodle5 · 2 days ago
They are such losers.
But they’re our losers and we love them.
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bardicgunslinger · 2 days ago
I’m imagining the process behind finding Anna Ripley’s amazing voice. Like they probably asked Taliesin,
“Can Percy point to the nasty woman who hurt him?”
Then he hears THAT voice and goes, “That one. He says it’s that one. He’s scared…”
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secretsalute · a day ago
In Tal'Dorei Reborn it’s stated that Kiki and Percy are refining whitestone into residuum in Zephra, but no one else knows about it. The attack on Kiki was right around the time the Tal'Dorei Reborn book takes place, which is right around the end of the M9 Campaign (836PD).
I’m thinking someone found out about the Residuum and attacked Keyleth as a distraction in order to get their hands on it.
Years later, 842/843 PD, in EXU the Nameless Ones got their hands on some of that residuum from Zephrah. That means that they have found other means to get the residuum from there.
It also tells me that Keyleth and Percy are about to get in very big trouble or seriously black mailed if the Nameless Ones decided to use that stolen residuum against them.
I also think, that similar methods are being used in Marquet in regards to the Brumstone and that the Lumus Twins study of Crystal Fauna was tied to that, and MAYBEEE a sect of Earth Ashari (or maybe Genasi?) that could possibly be in that area?
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me thinking the "percy should be allowed to kill" post was abt pjo until I glanced at your tags bc I was wondering which book tlovm was in pjo (I am a fool) and also yes percy critrole should be allowed to kill as a little treat
In total fairness, I feel that Percy Jackson should also be allowed to kill people who treat him badly, as a little treat. If you are treating him badly, then honestly this was your own decision.
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avitart · 2 days ago
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So soon!! Also, what flavor ice cream?
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nighinvulnerable · 2 days ago
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In honor of Legends of Vox Machina coming out in a week I'm reposting this.
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technoturian · 2 days ago
Adding onto my little ficlet from last night, a de Rolos headcanon:
It’s hard being Vax’ildan 2. It’s a lot of bittersweet looks and expectations. I think he goes by a nickname, be it Dan or Freddie, something that’s his and light and free. At least with his siblings, and sometimes Percy will use the nickname too.
Vex’ahlia only ever calls him Vax’ildan. When Percy is with her, he also calls him Vax’ildan because he knows she needs to hear it.
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damien-maye · 23 hours ago
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The de Rolo family in Sims 4!
damien_maye on the gallery
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l-herz · 2 days ago
Perc'ahlia in the legend of Vox Machina show. "darkling take your mask off" scene. What keeps me going
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bixbiboom · 5 days ago
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[ID: A portrait of the De Rolo family of Whitestone, and an image of a placard naming each person in the portrait, each done by artist Jessica Scates. Vesper Elaina de Rolo is the oldest child, with white hair like her father’s worn in a long braid like her mother’s. Gwendolyn Zahra Melanie von Musel de Rolo is the youngest child, and a red-skinned tiefling with black hair. She’s clutching an owlbear plushie in one arm and holding her father’s hand with the other. Percy has reached middle age. Vex is seated regally in a chair and looks virtually unchanged from the Vex we came to know during the campaign, if perhaps a touch older. Wolfe Kristoff de Rolo is one of the middle children, and posed in a way that suggests he’s inherited his father’s penchant for pompousness, but Leona Pike de Rolo standing next to him is poised to give him a wet willy. Both of them have dark hair and are dressed in similar styles of tunic and breeches with tall boots. Vax’ildan Fredrick de Rolo is sitting on the floor; he’s also a child somewhere in the middle and looks to be younger than the twins. A bear cub, Charlie, is in his lap, while Trinket lays placidly beside them, on the floor alongside Vex’s chair. The portrait is dated 832 PD. /end ID]
The fact that Trinket has a baby and they named them Charlie, after Laura’s beloved dog who passed away a couple years ago, is ending me. 😭
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bisexualnoodle5 · a day ago
Judging by all the reviews I’ve read so far, I think The Legend of Vox Machina is going to be EVERYTHING we’ve ever hoped for.
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wildmelora · 6 days ago
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We're Vox Machina, we fuck shit up.
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orristea · 2 months ago
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Just started listening to vox machina and I was NOT prepared for how dark percy is??
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ford-ye-fiji · 2 months ago
Eshteross should’ve made them write the letter
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Dear Lady Vex’ahlia and Lord Percy of Whitestone, 
We regret to inform you that this old man your friend? Sir Bertrand Bell said he knew you and was once a member of Vox Machina. He’s dead now. We regret to inform you he has passed away. Uh here he is. And his personal effects.
Oɾყɱ σϝ ƚԋҽ Aιɾ Aʂԋαɾι, ꧁༺ʄɛǟʀռɛ ƈǟʟʟօաǟʏ༻꧂, ꜰʀᴇꜱʜ ᴄᴜᴛ ɢʀᴀꜱꜱ, ᴬˢʰᵗᵒⁿ, 𝔇𝔬𝔯𝔦𝔞𝔫 𝔖𝔱𝔬𝔯𝔪, 𝓘𝓶𝓸𝓰𝓮𝓷, and L̸͎̣̻͍̯̅̋͘a̶̡̜̳̬̘̫͒͊͊̽ų̵̻̮̈́̅̋͋̔̃̕͠d̵̙͙͚͙̮̖͈̺̎̆̓͋͂̀͋͜ͅn̵̩̿͂̀̏͂͛̃͘̚ä̵̧̛͕͔́͐̉̇͘̕͝
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