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#percy jackon and the olympians
heyimboredtalktome · a day ago
Jason: Who would win in a fight between Reyna and Will?
Nico: I can't answer that, Will is my boyfriend
Jason: So, Reyna?
Nico: Yeah
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goddessofcrying · a day ago
nico: i don’t do “love”. love is for fools.
will: hey! :)
nico: well shit.
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simpingforpjo · 2 days ago
Percy: Okay but why are we not scared of crabs, but we're scared of spiders and scorpions? Crabs are like the weird love child of both, and I don't understand.
Annabeth: Well, I can easily avoid crabs by just not going to the beach. Ms. Arachne likes to live in my home and oppress me because I'm bisexual....And a child of Athena
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pjononsense · a day ago
Hazel: if you had to separate your dog from 49 other identical dogs that were all equally excited to see you, how would you determine which dog was yours?
Percy: I would take my 50 dogs home and live like a king.
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sweetjackson · 2 days ago
I don't know if the Doors of Death affect mortals but imagine if Gabe got out. Like, when Percy was fighting monsters, his eyes widened when he recognized a certain someone. Gabe shows up and Percy just freezes in shock not knowing what to do, while flashbacks and memories fly through his head with Gaea laughing in the background drinking in his misery—
Damn. That hurt.
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ouraniaa · 21 hours ago
Leo: If you live to be 70 years old you will spend TEN YEARS of your life on Monday.
Jason: It's literally 3 am Leo please go to sleep
Jason: wait-
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wisegirldanielle · 2 days ago
Things I've said and done as Percy Jackson characters
Percy Jackson- I'm sarcastic and hot what more could you ask for?
Annabeth Chase- Why are people so threatened when I'm holding a knife? As long as you don't upset me you won't get stabbed
Jason Grace- *internal screaming while keeping a straight face*
Piper Mclean- Don't underestimate me I could stab all you bitches
Leo Valdez- *doing the peace sign every two seconds*
Hazel Levesque- I may seem like a total sweetheart but I could kick your ass easily
Frank Zhang- *a really realistic impression of a goat*
Nico Di Angelo- *angry yelling and cursing in italian*
Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano- I'm trying to be a civil person right now but I want to punch you in the face so bad
Will Solace- I don't understand how y'all survive day to day life considering the stupid shit y'all do
Rachel Elizabeth Dare- This situation simply does not pass the vibe check
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Chris: I will put my a down to make ‘a’
Luke: I will add onto your ‘a’ to make ‘at’
Silena: I will add onto your ‘at’ to make ‘rat’
Alabaster: I will add onto your ‘rat’ to make ‘biostratigraphic’
Ethan: *flips table*
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theescapismproject · 2 days ago
Annabeth: This is a mistake. 
Percy, enthusiastically: A mistake we're going to laugh about one day! 
Annabeth: But not today.
Percy, still enthusiastic: Oh, no. Today's going to be a mess.
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sierice · 18 hours ago
Secrets of the Sun- Chapter 4
“You guys… have dragons?” Thalia smirked.
“Hunter-confidential info, Jackson.”
I am so, SO sorry for the long wait <3 But yes!! Hello!!! I'm back with one more chapter! 💚💚
Chapter 4
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pjononsense · 2 days ago
Reyna, reading over a report Jason sent: you meant ‘stronger’ here right?
Jason: what’s it say?
Reyna: 'I'm proud to report that our team is stranger than it was a year ago.'
Reyna: that’s a typo
Jason: it could go either way
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Prompt 16: “Marry me.” / “We’re already married.” / “Marry me again.”
Requested by anon. Self- indulgent Percabeth one-shot.
Annabeth had never been so exhausted in her entire life. Her body hurt in places she didn’t know that they could hurt, and she had to do so many things at once, that she felt like she would pass out from sleep deprivation. She had never thought that she would have a baby, let alone twins. All the trauma and the stress she had gone through had made her believe that she was never going to have kids. Her doctor had told her that she had a hostile uterus, so she had promised herself to never get her hopes on having a baby. She wasn’t going to be lucky with that.
But she got lucky. She managed to have the most beautiful twins in the whole world with Percy. It wasn’t what she had planned, but definitely something worth living with. She loved them more than words could imagine. She knew how love felt mainly because of Percy, but the love she felt for Charlie and Zoe was so intense that it was overwhelming. She couldn’t understand how someone couldn’t love their kid. She couldn’t understand how her dad could look at her and not feel all of the emotions. She felt sorry for him.
It was a calm Sunday afternoon. It was mid-March, but the cold and the rain made it impossible to get out of the house. Percy was busy changing Charlie’s diaper while she was giving Zoe her bottle before naptime. She was holding Zoe in her arms while seated on her bed with a blanket over her shoulders. Although the sun was covered by the grey clouds, she saw it setting from a distance. Zoe had her eyes wide open, looking at her mum. Annabeth knew that was what love felt like.
“Marry me,” Percy said as he sat next to her.
Annabeth looked at him. “I don’t know if you have forgotten,” she held Zoe’s head a bit better, “but we’re already married.” She smiled.
“Marry me again.” He pleaded her. “I want to marry you a million times over again.” He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. He rested his head on her shoulder. “We make cute babies.” He noted.
“We did a great job, partner. Although having a daughter means that I am not your number one anymore.” She turned to him.
“I can have two number ones. You’re always my top priority.”
“I love you.” She said softly. “But Charlie is my number one. You have degraded to number two.” Annabeth teased him.
“I knew this day would arrive,” Percy said mockery. “I’ll try to get over it.” In the meantime, Zoe had finished with her bottle. “At least Zoe still loves me. Relax. I’ll handle her.”
He scooped Zoe out of Annabeth’s arms and went inside the nursery. Charlie was already asleep in his crib, so Percy decided to be as quiet as he could. “You have the greatest mum in the whole world. I know you might think that I’m exaggerating princess but believe it’s the truth. She’s the coolest person on planet earth. And when you’re older she’s going to teach you so many cool things. But try not to grow up too fast.”
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leovaldewz · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
EXCITING NEWS, EVERYONE! My shop at redbubble is officially open! there you can get prints, stickers, pins and every sort of my fanart’s merch. I have 7 designs available now (including Leo, Nico, Percy, Annabeth, Solangelo and Aang), but I intend on adding new ones as soon as possible. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! LINK HERE.
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needtochangemyname · a day ago
You know when Percy mentioned the Hermes cabin was so crowded before the first war? I like to think that some gods would allow unclaimed children to stay at their cabin or just be chill about it cause there's no space in the Hermes cabin. Maybe like Apollo or Aphrodite cause they seemed pretty okay.
Also, if there were girls uncomfortable with staying with guys, they were allowed to seek sanctuary in the Artemis cabin whether the hunters were present or not cause there's lots of space in there.
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