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#percy jackson
seven-halfbloods · 16 hours ago
Percy: nono it was so cool Annie! I crashed in there and he was all like ‘KNIFE TO MEET YOU’ and he stabbed me and I was like woah! nice one!! And th-
Annabeth: you got??? stabbed???
Percy: well yeah bUT HE MADE A PUN ANNABETH
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"This 100% applies to boys too. If a boy is in a abusive relationship, household, etc... then he’s allowed to join." Okay, now i'm imagining that if Sally really did died in TLT, Percy could have joined the hunt to avoid living with Gabe
Based off of these HCs
Oh... damn, I REALLY vibe with this. I love the idea of Percy growing up with the Hunt. Imagine if it was even earlier than TLT too and it was just baby Percy who was on the run and he bumps into Zoë who is very clearly annoyed by him but also he's little and injured and clearly a demigod so whatever she'll bring him to Artemis. And by day #3 with this kid she's sitting there like 'we have to keep him'
MAYBE HE WAS THERE WHEN THEY RAN INTO LUKE, THALIA, AND ANNABETH! Oh, that would be fun, too. I can totally imagine Zoë and Thalia arguing and what not only for 7-year-old Percy to pop up all decked out in silver to start trying to take Zoë‘s side like...
Thalia: I am not leaving Luke behind to join some stupid girls’ club-
Percy: It’s not a girls’ club. I’m here too!
Thalia: what the-? who the Hell are you?
Zoë: This is Perseus. He’s being raised with us.
Thalia: He’s a hunter?
Zoë: Maybe when he’s older, but right now we’re just looking after him.
Thalia: But I thought you didn’t accept boys?
Zoë: Sometimes we do. When they are honorable and worthy or are in need of help.
Percy, puffing out his chest: And I’m honorable and worthy.
Annabeth: you have chocolate on your nose.
Percy: You look like you need help. Do you want to live with us too?
Zoë: Wait. Perseus-
Luke: Personally, I’m always in dire need of help.
Percy: COME WITH ME! You can share my tent. Phoebe made it out of special stuff that glows in the dark-
Zoë: It appears you are staying with us after all.
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heyimboredtalktome · 18 hours ago
Chiron: All boys and girls have to be at least 3 feet apart at today's party
Nico and Will: *laughs in gay*
Jason and Leo: *laughs in bi*
Shel and Piper: *laughs in lesbian*
Reyna: *laughs in ace*
Percy: *crying* But what about me and Annabeth-
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three-gods-at-a-party · 13 hours ago
Apollo: You know, there’s something weird going on with your face.
Zeus: What
Apollo: You're smiling. Can terrible people even do that?
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bisexual-momfriend · 15 hours ago
No one:
Rick Riordan: *hints at sending Nico and Will to tartarus and killing one of them off*
The fandom:
The fandom: what the fuck RICHARD
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simpingforpjo · 21 hours ago
Nico: My daily routine is very simple. I wake up and I suffer
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heyimboredtalktome · 16 hours ago
Dionysus: No, I totally haven't adopted Will and Nico
Nico: *passes him* Sup dad?
Dionysus: Hello, Nico
Will: Dad, is it okay if me and Nico go out to see the new Star Wars film today?
Dionysus: Yeah, just be home by 10
Dionysus: Okay listen
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thejudgingtrash · 15 hours ago
Browsing through PJO & HOO artwork and some of y’all need help. How in the actual hell are Annabeth Chase and Hazel Levesque for some of y’all STILL interchangeable??
Hazelbeth Chevesque ain’t a thing!
Hazel is a dark-skinned black girl and Annabeth is a WHITE WOMAN! How are they able to have the exact same skin tones in some artworks, sometimes even in creations from the same artist??
You clearly don’t understand how skin tones work and what the term tan means. Annabeth might have a tan, but she is still white and will never be confused with a poc like Hazel. Tans à la Ariana Grande are NOT NATURAL ! Tans can also fade away. Tans don’t mean orange Tr*mp skin or being close to dark-skinned???
Just say you hate darker shades and deeper skin tones on actual characters of color and move on, for real…
PS: While we’re at it stop giving Hazel‘s hair the deep fried nearly burned churros treatment and give her some black/brown eyes (throw Piper in there as well!), my god.
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jasonandhisbrick · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
I actually really like this quote. it’s rick riordan poking fun at his own cheesy writing while also showing how nico and percy are different. rick riordan wrote as percy for 5 consecutive books so I think it’s cool how he’s acknowledging that he wrote some goofy ass lines for percy to say
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thisdamfan · 2 hours ago
Annabeth: i wanna put a quote on my wall where i will see it every morning. Any suggestions?
Percy: it could be; ‘Percy is amazing’
Annabeth: no
Will: how about; ‘its a new day, you’ve got this’
Annabeth: too basic
Nico: ‘rise, shine, and kick ass’
Annabeth: yes!! That’s perfect!!
Nico: *smirks*
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newandold · 9 hours ago
Crack crossover idea with lots of potential
Danny Phantom X Percy Jackson
They both have dark hair and green eyes
Literally only reason i came up with the idea
Percy Phantom lol
Percy Phantom son of Poseidon, becomes half ghost doe to accident, does all the ghostly shenanigans
Hades hates him
For all but 5 seconds until he realizes percy phantom could basically piss off zeus while getting rid of pesky ghosts wreaking havoc bc working in the underworld is below minimal wage and percy phantoms basically doing the job for free
I mean, its free real estate labor while pissing off your favorite, darling olympians
Zeus trying to kill him when percy is in air but percy is half dead when flying around in air
Hades finds loop holes and doesnt accept dead status so zeus throwing that lightning might make you feel better but it aure wont do anything for someone who's already DEAD
Poseidon is just being all supportiv dad from far far away lol
Percy Phantom goes to camp half blood for the summers, goes to school for the school year
Ghost shenanigans -- a natural form of monster repellant bc... eau de death lol (or is it au de ectoplasm...?)
yeah thats all i have rn while sleep deprived
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In my defense- it's not my fault! It's the numerous incorrect quotes' fault! I can't be blamed for writing it! 😔
Percy was distracted. Well, that wasn't new, as he was distracted most of the time when he was in school, as his ADHD made it difficult to concentrate and his dyslexia made it extra hard to even keep up with the mandatory readings.
But that time, he was even more distracted than he was in any other lesson. No matter what he tried, he couldn't focus on anything else other than him.
His soothing voice, his soft, mortal body, his handsome face, his salt and pepper hair, his enthusiastic gestures…
He was hot for his English teacher.
While he met with literal Greek gods and powerful demigods, something about the extraordinary ordinary looks of his teacher made him hot all over.
For Percy, he was perfect.
While Mr. Blofis was not the most popular teacher in terms of good looks, for Percy, there was no competition. He was flirted by the sun god, Apollo, he regularly saw the messenger god, Hermes, he sparred with half naked, sculptured bodied demigods-
And all he wanted was a middle aged mortal man, who had a thing with his mother.
He sighed in frustration, both because of his thoughts, and because he could feel himself getting harder and harder the longer he stared dreamily at his teacher.
To his frustration, nothing could change his predicament. He was getting a boner in the middle of his English class, which was not fun, to say the least. So, when Mr. Blofis asked them to start reading the next chapter of their current reading material, he snapped.
"Isn't it your job to teach this stuff? Why are we reading this in class, why don't you teach something more useful?" he snarked. The whole class boo-ed, gleefully waiting for the teacher's response. While he was a pretty bad student, he never started the conflicts. He answered them, of course, he sassed with everybody, even with the teachers, but he never started one, so this was an interesting moment for everybody.
Even for him, as he didn't even think that he was going to say something.
"Mr. Jackson, you stay here after school," was the teacher's simple answer. He didn't even look annoyed or angry at him, just… disappointed.
Percy huffed in frustration, but gathering the last of his survival instinct - which was called Annabeth Will Maim Me If I Keep Doing This -, he just nodded, and stayed quiet.
After his classes, he walked towards the English classroom, ready to waste even more time in the school he hated. His mind was a mess, his body was full of repressed energy. He just wanted to end his day.
He knocked on the door, and when he heard a confident "come in," he stepped into the room, eyes locking with his teacher, who sat on his table, relaxed.
At the sight, Percy's mouth watered.
"Mr. Jackson, please, close the door," the teacher waved. Percy did so, but hesitantly shuffled his feet in front of it, wondering whether he should just run, or try to survive the next hour. "Now," Mr. Blofis smiled, and he motioned Percy closer, "we should talk about your behavior."
Percy gulped.
"And what if we just… didn't?" He asked with a weak grin, already knowing the answer.
"Mr. Jackson… Percy," the teacher sighed in disappointment. "You are a good kid. You would be capable of so much more! I know that you don't like to cause problems, that the problems find you, so what happened today?" Mr. Blofis' caring, soft voice, compassionate speech left him breathless. Percy was unused to this. Gods and demigods expected him to do extraordinary things, but nobody told him that they believed in him. They just told him to do it, or else.
"I…" he started, throat dry.
"Come on," the older man patted the desk next to him, showing the green-eyed demigod that he should sit there. Hesitantly, he did, secretly enjoying the warmth of the body next to him. "What happened today?" Mr. Blofis asked again.
"I… I wanted… I was frustrated," Percy stammered, trying to find the right words.
"You were frustrated by…?" The man sitting next to him prompted.
"By you," the young man blurred out.
The teacher blinked.
And blinked.
And blinked, while Percy was silently freaking out.
A strange kind of tense silence fell over the room. The demigod was avoiding eye contact, hoping that his teacher would misunderstand what he said, and would not take his words the way he meant them, but. Paul knew Percy didn't hate him - so the only logical conclusion was that he liked him.
"So you caused a scene in the classroom because you were distracted by me?" The man sounded amused. Percy glanced towards him from the corner of his eyes, but when he saw the strangely flustered sight of his teacher, he snapped his head towards him. He didn't look disgusted, or angry-
He looked flattered.
Maybe even hot and bothered.
Percy grinned, his confidence returning. "I can't stop thinking about you in class," he confessed his tamer thoughts, waiting for a reaction. He got what he wanted.
Mr. Blofis' lips parted to wet his dry mouth, his pupils widened. Jackpot.
"When you stand in front of us, so confident and hot, I can't take my eyes off of you. I want you all over me. Touching me, kissing me… fucking me," Percy whispered into his teacher's ear. He waited, and he wasn't let down: as he breathed out the last few vowels, a big hand grabbed his tight, so deliciously close to his crotch. "I want you to kiss me, Mr. Blofis'."
The young man didn't have to wait for too long; he was immediately silenced by foreign lips pressing against his. Even he was surprised by the needy whimper he gave out as his deepest desires came true. His surprisingly strong teacher pulled him from his place, closer to the older man, and he immediately melted against him.
He felt as big hands traveled down on his body, exploring everything through his clothes, and finally finding their place on his round ass, grabbing him, pulling him closer.
"You are going to kill me," Mr. Blofis' whispered into his mouth.
"Yes, I am," Percy answered in a confident grin, and instead of getting his fill with passionate kisses, he smirked, and went down on his knees.
The older man's eyes widened, reflexively snapping his head towards the door in fear of somebody seeing them in this compromising position, but didn't resist. In fact, he spread his legs wider, letting his student fit better between them. Percy bit into his bottom lip, as he unbuckled the belt and freed the mouthwateringly hard cock from his pants.
"Such a good boy," the teacher purred, as Percy wrapped his lips around his head. The older man's groans encouraged Percy, who vigorously bobbed his head up and down on the erect cock. The thick pre-cum filled his mouth, and he couldn't hold back his moan at the taste. He wanted to taste the real deal, so bad!
Before he knew it, his head was held down, his teacher's cock deep in his mouth, cum spurting down on his throat. He couldn't breathe, his mind was foggy, and black spots danced in front of his eyes, but it was so worth it. Absolutely worth it.
Letting the flaccid cock out of his mouth, he slumped against the man's legs, gasping for air. The closeness of the other man relaxed him, even if he didn't cum, he felt floaty, happy, a feeling that wasn't familiar to him, not even after masturbating.
It was something else entirely - and he wanted more of it.
"You were so good for me, Percy. So good for your teacher," the man whispered as he gently stroked the boy's fluffy black hair. Percy smiled contently against his legs, and said,
"We should do this again. Soon."
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