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#percy jackson
moncuries · 23 hours ago
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actually can i have 5 more of these little blond bitches?
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euripideez-nuts · 2 days ago
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kinda wanna read the three theban plays, kinda wanna read the entire percy jackson series? time to decide what kind of academic i’m going to be this week
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latinopercy · a day ago
thinking about your percy again <3
<3 then for you: old animation test percy my beloved
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jupiterspraetor · 2 days ago
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i noticed that people have trouble distinguishing Rick Riordian’s blonde boys from each other so I thought I would offer how I tell them apart in my mind’s eye.
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sassy-thalia-grace · 2 days ago
This fandom could rant endlessly about how horrible Luke was to leave Thalia and Annabeth, but we hardly ever acknowledge how much it must have affected Grover. Just think about it:
Grover rescued Thalia, Luke, and Annabeth and brought them to Camp when they were all so young, and new to being independent in the Greek Mythology world. The two of them bonded quickly while traveling together and once they got to Camp, they became even better friends.
So the news of Luke taking Kronos’s side must have been shattering to Grover. He cried himself to sleep every night for weeks. How could Luke betray him and Thalia and Annabeth like that? How could he throw years of happy memories of being a demigod, no matter how absent his dad was, out the window for some ‘revolution’?
But he had to push through. Because Annabeth was still young, and now she had lost both Thalia and Luke. She needed to know that he wasn’t going to leave. And he had to help make sure that Luke didn’t succeed, whatever the cost and no matter how much it hurt.
He bottled his feelings up, and it wouldn’t be till much later when he and Percy got their empathy link that Percy discovered all of the trauma and anger and grief stuffed down inside of Grover.
With some therapy and more than a few new houseplants, Grover was finally able to recover from the grief and come to terms with the fact that bad and good can exist in a person simultaneously, and there was nothing more he could have done. 💚
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that-blue-cupcake · 2 days ago
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heyimboredtalktome · a day ago
Reyna: I'm a woman of action. You have to act first and learn to apologize later, like I do
Nico: You never apologize
Reyna: Well, I would if I had ever been wrong
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stanning-reyna · 2 days ago
Tw: alcohol
Imagine drunk Percy going into mom friend mode (because he tries to act all cool and hide it but he can’t help caring for his friends like his mother cared for him) and our girlie Annabeth has no clue what to do. She’s in utter confusion when he keeps insisting that she bring a jacket. At first Percy thinks she’s just taken by surprise, but then he realizes that she never had a loving parent to take care of her growing up and this must all be foreign to her and he sobs
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butt-puncher · 2 days ago
Crosstagging is annoying and I hate doing it but I feel like this must be said
JASON IS NOT 3 YEARS OLDER THAN NICO. I dont know where yall keep getting the idea that jason and percy are the same age, but it explicitly says in the books that jason was 15 and turned 16 in MoA. He was also 16 when he died and it was confirmed the nico is 15 in trials of apollo. The age difference is a year in a half. Stop calling jasico gross for their non existent age gap.
If jasico is problematic for their age difference then so is valdangelo (leo and jason are around the same age which means that the age gap between leo and nico is similar)
Also jason and nico having a brotherly relationship isnt canon either. We only ever see the start of their friendship in BoO, then jason dies and we never see them interact again. Theyve only known each other for like a year and no amount of saying "oh theyre like brothers" will actually make them brothers. Even if it was canon, a bromance turned romance doesnt have the same moral weight as actual incest. Don't equate the two.
Jason and nico were canonically close friends, and generally intimate friendships are a good base for both ships and sibling headcanons. You can personally hc them as brothers all you want but people are allowed to have different opinions than you.
Again super sorry for crosstagging and shoving discourse in your face. I'm just tired of seeing ppl hate on jasico bc of canon and it being problematic when its "problematic" aspects is just shit they made up. Please reblog this
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