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#percy jackson
thebigqueer · 25 minutes ago
I'll Come Back to You - Valgrace
hologram_1: Loving You From Behind a Screen
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[image of LEO VALDEZ frowning] is this working yet? oh!
hey! so, uh... i'm not dead?
i know that sounds kind of crazy. you saw me disappear into the sky and i kinda just went... [image of LEO VALDEZ fluttering his fingers in the air] poof!
but the thing is... i'm actually not dead. i had some re-vitalizing potion and whatnot. that's not important right now, since these holograms aren't able to hold too much time on them.
i already sent one of these to camp half-blood, by the way. [image of LEO VALDEZ smiling shakily] i hope they got it.
i don't think i plan on sending these to you yet, jason. i don't even know if i could track your location. i don't know where you are, what time it is, any of that. and... and that scares me, to be honest.
besides, you probably think i fell of the face of the earth. which, in a way, i kind of have.
but i can't help to be nervous for you. who knows how long i've been gone? time is different here on this island.
can i be honest with you?
[image of LEO VALDEZ looking down guiltily]
i thought that... i thought coming here to bring calypso back would make me feel good. because i finally found someone to love me. i finally found someone who didn't look at me strangely when i did something weird.
but i was a fool, jason. i thought love could fix me. i thought that the moment i found a girl to "cure" me [image of LEO VALDEZ making air quotes with his hands] i'd just magically feel like i could belong.
but i was wrong. it wasn't about girls. it wasn't about romance. it never was.
it was about me being inadequate. it was about me not knowing who i was.
now i've got a girlfriend. and i don't like it as much as i thought i would.
i thought i'd discover new things about myself by having a girlfriend. i thought i could be happier.
but i've only lost myself. i lost myself in this unknown island, with some girl i don't know, and now i'm stuck here having no idea who i am.
[image of LEO VALDEZ running his hands over his face in frustration]
[shaky laughter] there's another reason i don't really plan on sending this to you...
through all of this, jason, i guess i kind of realized... it wasn't even about girls. it wasn't just about feeling inadequate about myself.
it was also about feeling inadequate for you.
because... because i didn't like calypso. i thought i did, but i don't. i only fell for her because... i couldn't have you.
she's nothing like you, jason. and i guess i liked that. it was a chance for me to forget about all this mess. it made it easy for me to try to move on from you.
and it's not fair to her. i should break it off. she doesn't deserve this from someone who doesn't truly care for her.
i care for her. but i don't care for her the way i have ever cared for you.
yet i can't move on. no matter how hard i try. i've run off to some island where you can never find me, and even then somehow you're stalking me, creeping on me, contaminating my thoughts.
so that's why i'm making this. i'm talking to you as if you might be able to help me.
[image of LEO VALDEZ looking to the side, eyes wandering]
i'll make my way back to you, jason. and maybe, when i do, i'll be able to confront my fears. maybe we could be something.
but not right now. for now, i'll stick to loving you from behind the screen.
just like i always have. couldn't hurt to do so for a little while longer.
[end hologram]
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sodamnbored · 58 minutes ago
Chiron: You’re going to love Cabin One. Decorated very finely indeed. There’s even a statue of your father to watch over you.
Jason: Oh, that’s...nice. Is it - is it big?
Chiron: Oh Yes, very big. Giant. It’s really the centrepiece of the whole room. Really dominates the space.
Jason: That’s gonna be terrifying.
Mr D grunting: It should be terrifying. That’s how you know gods love you.
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annaversechase · an hour ago
I think I like the SON trio because they reflect the original trio in that nostalgic way. Because we have Hazel, a powerful child of the big three who is kind of ostracized because of her parentage, like Percy when everyone discovered he was a son of Poseidon. It’s the undertone of you’re not supposed to exist that no one says but everyone thinks. They’re both sarcastic, take-no-shit defenders of the helpless and fighters against injustice.
Then we have Percy, the veteran fighter/unofficial leader who mirrors the role Annabeth played on their first quest. Even if he doesn’t remember it, Percy knows how monster fighting works and leads the team through the obstacles they face with quick thinking and past experience.
And then there’s Frank, the unsure and nervous guy with incredible power he has yet to discover, like Grover. He immediately becomes good friends with Percy because like Grover, he sees how inherently good Percy is and feels like it’s his duty to protect him in exchange for saving his life at the border.
They’re all underdogs in their respective camps, bound together by their separate desires to fit in and form relationships, and you could argue that Annabeth wasn’t an underdog on their first quest but she still had yet to prove herself and earn the respect of camp.
In contrast, the TLH trio are not explicitly underdogs. Jason is a well established son of Jupiter, Piper immediately fits in with her cabin (minus Drew but like... that was a weird conflict to begin with), and Leo also seamlessly blends into his cabin (except for the fire user thing but they don’t know about that so it’s not an explicit source of conflict). It’s interesting they all have a secret to protect, but at the end of the quest Leo and Piper are both head counselors (despite having been at camp for like a week?) and are never treated like they don’t belong (at least at camp).
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lemonyflicker · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New line inspired by the Percy Jackson and the Olympian’s series, available now!
Candles come in five sizes, mini, small, medium, large, and extra large, and come with a Percy Jackson necklace at random! 
Link available on my description to my Etsy shop, and more to come very soon!
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sodamnbored · an hour ago
Frank, addressing the Legion: This battle will not be easily won. But you’ve trained hard and I have faith in us. Apollo, care to say a few words?
Apollo pledging dramatically: As long as I draw breath, and you provide me with copious amounts of attention and adoration, I will be there for you.
Reyna, unethused: Inspiring.
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creative-geek1 · an hour ago
So, you mean to tell that there weren't any half Greek half-Roman demigods before Percy and co.'s generation? Like no Greek and Roman demigods had interacted with each other at all before the events of Heroes of Olympus?
Yeahhhhh... I don’t buy it.
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kmbrose · an hour ago
If they forget about Percy and his love for blue food Imma be depresso espresso.
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natebronwyns · an hour ago
“He imagined holding hands with Annabeth in a cafè. Maybe when they were older, watching their own kid chase seagulls across the forum...”
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extrabluecement · an hour ago
percy showing up with nico at school, telling them that this is his cousin and he’s transferring schools. the absolute havoc those two would cause, not bc they’re demigods of the big three, but bc it’s percy and nico.
now, annabeth showing up with will and saying he’s her cousin... they’d be president and vice president of student government in a day. tell me i’m wrong.
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apollosspawn · an hour ago
Percy: I LOVE blue waffles!
Everyone: *spits drink*
Annabeth, coughing: w-what..?
Percy: you know, 'cause of my mom!
Everyone: *spits drinks a second time*
Chiron: Percy, my boy, do you know what that means?
Percy: Come on y'all know I like blue food!
Everyone: *facepalms*
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procrastinationaccount · 2 hours ago
Nico in SoN: 🎶 I don't know about you 🎶
Percy after getting his memories back: Bitch I hope the fuck you do, or you're going to be a dead son of a bitch I'll tell you that-
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thebigqueer · 2 hours ago
nico taking leo into the woods and making jason appear from the underworld for just a few moments so that leo can confess what he's felt for so long because sometimes the best way to let our ghosts stop haunting us is by confronting them 👀
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goose777 · 2 hours ago
i feel like a lot of PJO fan's top 5 usually consists of
1. percy or annabeth
2. a character they love that they also happen to ship with whoever they picked for number one
3. one of the 7 who they strongly believe is-or could've been if rick had written his HOO characters better-the most powerful
4. a side character who had like 3 pages of canon content but is wildly popular in fanon
5. sally
not necessarily in that order though
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por-tras-dos-livros · 2 hours ago
"- Olhe, docinho...
- NÃO me chame de docinho."
(Pg. 97)
Percy Jackson e os deuses gregos - Rick Riordan
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yourstrulytaaay · 2 hours ago
Sea of Monsters Thoughts
Okay poor Tyson, I'm so sorry I thought you were an asshole based on your name alone :(
Rick loves his classic bullies lmao
Awe he printed out a picture of Annabeth and keeps it in a notebook 🥺
Okay related note: fuck this dude?
Wow the monster dudes tried really hard to blend in didn't they (note the sarcasm)
"Marrow Sucker" "Skull Eater"
Goddamnit, this Mist is a PROBLEM
Tyson 🥺
"Laistry—I can't even say that. What would you call them in English?" "Canadians"
When I say I genuinely started cackling, I'm not even kidding
Percy is so smart and yet so dumb oh my lord
Like dude... you are WELL aware of there being like mythical beings and monsters and demi-gods but when Annabeth and everyone else seems wary of Tyson, somehow you assume it's just.... because.... he's..... "ugly".....
This child really sees two and two and comes up with five, doesn't he
the adorable 13 year olds have wordless communication now 🥺
"She was also the daughter of Ares, and I'd had a very serious argument with her father last summer..." understating that a bit, Percy?
"BAD COW" ah Tyson, you sweet, sweet soul
Okay I know Percy's little quip about wondering what Poseidon would turn him into if he were dying but damn if that doesn't hurt my heart a bit
And the fact that he has nightmares about it 🥺
Tyson being absolutely enamoured with Chiron oh my god 😂 this is fricking precious
"You'd think getting chopped into a million pieces and cast into the darkest part of the Underworld would give him a subtle clue that nobody wanted him around." Percy you sassy little shit
Tumblr media
seriously let me count the ways in which I adore this kid's wit and sass
Also Chiron just casually not comforting the 13 year old girl who is crying and instead just being like "make sure you look after Percy" like SIR?
"I must entrust your safety to Mr. D..." hmmm methinks this is not gonna be your best idea Chiron
Ohhhh Tyson 🥺 "Pony! Don't go!"
Let me cry in peace ok this is so sad
But also Percy casually not knowing anything about Greek myth is hilarious "Who is this Tantalus guy?" Jfc
@percyjacksonfan3 "Real talk tho, if I found out I was a DEMIGOD from real Greek myths, I'm pretty sure I'd brush up on my Greek mythology PERCY"
Oh lord this scene with Tantalus trying to eat and drink is fully so dark
"You all look good enough to eat." um sir?
Annabeth... honey... maybe Percy is telling the truth?
Lmao at Percy negotiating with the horses
Percy yet again knowing nothing about Greek myth lmao
Tantalus is sus with all his "we don't need saving" uh huh SURE babes
Lmao Hermes just casually aiding and abetting
Awe Tyson and Rainbow 🥺
Annabeth talking about Thalia and Luke makes me 🥺
Giant mood tbh
Annabeth's priorities do make me laugh lmao
Ahhh there's the lowkey redemption arc for Clarisse I was expecting
On a super related note: fuck Ares
I feel like Tyson's not actually dead but 🥺🥺 babyyyy
Suspicious people know their names hmmm
Percy and his adorable crush on Annabeth makes me 🥺🥰
Okay seriously lmao how are they so CUTE ffff
"No, Seaweed Brain. That's hummus. Hubris is worse." "What could be worse than hummus?"
Seriously 13 year olds being so innocently crushing on one another is so PRECIOUS god
Holy fuck Clarisse are you... are you actually serious rn
I do love Odyssey references, I really do
Oh Percy you sweet, sweet boy
Hey there Tyson 🥺
"I knelt beside Annabeth and was worried sick by what I saw." GOD i love them sm
GROVER AWE "No my friends talked me out of it"
Huh okay so Clarisse is back in my good books
Yeah y'all probably should have figured that Polyphemus would not be defeated so easily lmao
Okay I take it back AGAIN about Clarisse for FUCK'S S A K E stop talking to the fucking cyclops fuduuvudufh
🥺🥺🥺 "you're a genius" BABIES
PERCY you smart, smart child
Ahh Percy and his water powers 🥺
Honestly I hate Luke sm like I know I'm supposed to but good grief... this dude is The Worst
The fact that he doesn't even give a shit about killing Annabeth at all like dude wtf y'all grew up together?
Ah I do love Chiron most times... now is one of those times
This... whole thing lmaoooo; I am also having trouble processing everything, Percy
Chiron coming on hot with the burns damn "They don't have the braincells to spare."
TYSON 🥺🥺🥺 this CHILD is going to have me in TEARS wtf
He made him a SHIELD 😭
Wow Camp Half Blood is REALLY not great in some crisis are they lmao like sure just stand and stare at the poor girl
@percyjacksonfan3 here you go lol
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slytherindemiwitch · 2 hours ago
Leo's mom died in a fire
Hazel's died underground
Frank's died fighting a war
Who can say Sally won't drown?
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