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hetaczechia · 11 hours ago
Gandalf: With every second I spend with this fellowship, I can feel my sanity getting lower and lower.
Pippin, probably: What sanity?
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hetaczechia · 12 hours ago
Pippin: You lying, cheating, piece of shit!
Merry: Oh yeah? You’re the idiot who thinks you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!
Pippin: I’m leaving you, and I’M TAKING FRODO WITH ME!
Sam, picking up the monopoly board: I think we’re gonna stop playing now.
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simbxlmyne · 20 hours ago
eleven months (pippin x hobbit!reader)
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
summary: the reader waits for pippin to return after his sudden disappearance
requested by: @starryeyedrogue
a.n: first time writing for pippin, so i hope it turned out alright :) enjoy
"And you'll never guess what Paladin Took told me this morning. His boy's run off with some no good Baggins, he has. Just last night. Never even bothered to leave a note."
You lingered a little longer than you intended to as you placed the two half-pints down onto the table. The customers' conversation had not interested you up until now - right up until the mention of Pippin. Just the other day, you had caught him glancing at you from across the room as you dried some of the glasses. Being a bar maid did not allow you much time for rest, what with rushing around, trying not to spill a single drop of ale in the mean time; however, you couldn't help yourself, and in that moment, you felt your whole world seemed to slow down a little.
Nothing had been explicitly said between the two of you, but knowing how flushed Pippin always got in your presence, you naturally took this as a signal. In all frankness, you had been hoping that he would come back to the tavern that night and vocalise his feelings: in all frankness, you had spent all your night awake imagining it.
"Oi! Nothin' for nosy!" the man who had been talking shouted, clutching one of the glasses close to his chest. His companion gave you a menacing glare, and you left with a swift apology.
Upon doing so, you make your way out into the kitchen, knowing that the chef was on a break.
How could he just leave without saying anything? Granted, it wasn't as if you were married to him, yet in your heart you still felt as though an injustice had been done. You had no time for tears now - there were jobs to be done - so gathering up all your strength, you inhaled deeply, before once again stepping out into the tavern, wondering how you would make it through the next three hours without your emotions betraying you.
Many months passed, and though you had been told that time heals all, it had not been the case. At the beginning you believed that after a while, you would forget about Pippin, marry another man, settle down, have many children so as to please your mother and father. That was to be the way of it.
But that did not come to pass. Six months or so went by, and then it hit you; still you thought of Peregrin Took, and the image of his face never slipped from your memory. Many nights you cried, and despite your mother's best efforts to set you up with some of her friends' sons, it was all in vain, and only made your mental distress worse.
The time was coming up to a year since his departure, and you had made a promise to yourself - and your family after their insistence - that you would begin looking for a husband if he had not returned. That seemed agreeable to you, and despite what your heart truly thought, you had begun to accept the reality that he would not return. Rumours of his journey had spread about the Shire, some particularly morbid ones reporting great anguish, though all of these you tried to deafen yourself to. They were but airy words, and in your heart of hearts, you knew it not to be true.
Upon one particularly dreary evening, you were busy pulling drinks behind the bar, when suddenly there came a slight hush over the tavern. Too occupied with trying not spill any of the beer, you hadn't had time to notice the cause, and soon enough, a figure appeared before you.
"Um, four half-pints, please," the voice said.
You did not realise that the drink you had been pulling had overflowed, and quite frankly, you had given up caring. Upon looking up, you were met with the familiar face of Peregrin Took, looking rather sheepish, and hardly having changed a day since his departure (though oddly enough he seemed a few inches taller than you remembered).
"Pippin?" you breathed out in utter disbelief.
"Oh, you might want to watch out there, (Y/N): the beer-"
You let out a loud curse, realising just how much you had spilled. Regardless, you wiped your hands down with the nearest towel before rushing around to stand beside him. Truly now, you noticed he was taller, yet when you embraced him with all of your might, he was still the same hobbit that you had fallen in love with.
"I thought you were dead," you breathed out. Pippin could hardly believe it, but very welcomed was your show of affection.
"At some points, I thought so too, (Y/N)," he chuckled, bringing his hands up to your back. Suddenly, you pulled back, remembering yourself. Truly there had been no formal declaration between the both of you, however now, the both of you seemed to have a mutual feeling, and just as fast as you had pulled away, he was pulling you toward him again.
"I thought about you all the time."
Pippin smiled behind your back. "I thought about you too, (Y/N); I have much to tell you." Holding you at arm's length, he moved to tentatively brush a stray piece of hair behind your ear. "But there is one thing I have waited nearly a year to ask you."
"To ask me?" you said with a small smile, darker blush coming to your already rosy cheeks.
"Can I -" He paused and held up a finger, contorting his face as if wondering the best way to approach the situation. "Can I -" Again another hesitation, and before he could react, you leaned forward, gently pressing your lips to his. The heat resonating from his face was almost palpable, and it only spurred on your new-found confidence; deepening the kiss, you wrapped your arms around his neck, though you found you had to reach a little further than you had been expecting. This illicited a few whistles from the tavern-folk, most of all from Merry, shouting something that went unnoticed by the pair of you. When you finally pulled away, Pippin looked extremely flustered, and his eyes were like two moons upon a red plain.
"Well," he gasped out, "that was nice."
You couldn't help but giggle, and Pippin joined in unison.
For the rest of the night, you stayed with him, in awe of all of his adventures, never hearing of such excitement before, save the travels of Bilbo Baggins - though most of that was altered based who you asked.
The only thing he kept from you was how throughout the whole journey, he made a promise to ask for your hand in marriage upon his arrival back at the Shire.
That could wait until another night.
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eetrelibre · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thinking about Arwen making friends with the hobbits and listening to embarrassing Strider stories
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Merry: Did it hurt when you fell from the vending machine?
Éowyn: What?
Merry: Cuz you a snack
Pippin, in the background: *gives Merry a thumbs up*
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Frodo: Shit, I lost Sam.
Frodo: I got this.
Pippin: *bursts through the wall* WHAT
Merry: *gallops in on a pony* THE FUCK
Gandalf: *climbs out of the ground* DID YOU
Boromir: *rolls in his grave* JUST
Aragorn: *draws sword* FUCKING
Sam: *drops out of the sky* SAY?!
Frodo: what
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Pippin: I have kind of a crazy idea.
Gandalf: Those are never good words, coming from you.
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Merry: Pip, is something on fire?
Pippin: Yeah.
Merry: Okay.
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Pippin: Sometimes Gandalf asks “What do you think you’re doing?” But that just means stop. He doesn’t actually want to know my thought process.
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Legolas: Which way did they go?
Aragorn: Well based on the direction of the wind, the broken sticks in the corner, and the slight disturbance in the dirt, I'd guess they went left
Gimli: You could really figure it out from that?
Aragorn, holding up his phone: No you idiot they sent me a text
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hetaczechia · a day ago
Merry and Pippin are in a dark part of the hospital.
Merry: *annoyed* Will you let go of my hand?
Pippin: *scared* I'm not holding your hand!
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messiambrandybuck · 3 days ago
Boromir: What's that?
Pippin, holding up the sword Aragorn gave him: A Sword!
Boromir: NO!
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gamgeesgarden · 3 days ago
[at the zoo]
Pippin: So, what are you in for?
Frodo: Pip, this isn't a prison.
Pippin: So they can leave?
Frodo: Well, no, but see--
Pippin: [points at a giraffe] I bet that one killed somebody.
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aromantic-enjolras · 4 days ago
Peregrin Took for the song ask? 💙
Ah, Peregrin, Pippin, Pip, arguably my favourite character in the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy... How can I make you justice. <3
Well, the first song that comes to mind is "The Bath Song" by the Tolkien Ensemble. Yes, the one that he canonically sings in the book. It always makes me smile and think of him "making the water of his bath resemble a fountain".
In a more general sense, the Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". I feel like one of his defining characteristics is his ability to be cheery even when everything goes wrong. So what song better than that? ^^
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beenovel · 5 days ago
Aragorn: You’re grounded. No TV.
Merry: My TV is broken.
Aragorn: Then no computer.
Merry: I need my computer for school.
Aragorn: Then… no Pippin!
Pippin: What?! No Pippin?!
Aragorn: NO Pippin!!!
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