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Nice.perfect style

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Barry Druxman

Professional Los Angeles Photographer. Calabasas area.
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鶯籠【バンドセット公演】鶯戯記 - 其の肆 目黒 鹿鳴館  2019/12/08



あの日 あの場所で 凍りついた時間が  逢えないまま どれくらい たったのかな きっと 手をのばしてももう届かない

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It had been m a LONG time since I actually forced myself not to read too much of a book because otherwise I would finish it too soon… the best feeling…

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Just had the realization that my entire sense of style can be summed up by Megamind and I just. Yeah. Yeah okay I wanna be Megamind yeah

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