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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Hi guys………..
my first edition of vanilla beans macerated in sandalwood oil 💧is sold out. I have now started the second batch with some improvements, Alhamdulillah.

we are retailing and wholesaling.
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4/100 days of productivity

        One more time i forgot to register another day here, i even though about putting an alarm for posting on tumblr, but i guess i’ll gradually remember as i form a routine. The feeling is better when u feel the need to write about ur day!


        - Today i started getting the first symptoms of my PMS, so i decided to take good care of myself with nourishing food, some games, more water than i normally drink, and a whole spa kind of day, i too spent most of the day a bit alone, it helps me concentrate my feelings and don’t really lost myself sometimes. 

        - I used my favorite perfum (first pic), and it came to my mind that during these days at home, i stopped using a lo tof cosmetics that i would normally use to go out, so i might as well use them for the next weeks! <3

        - I played Pokemon Ruby w/ sis, and it was fun fun times, i like spending time in her bedroom also!

        - I got a black fabric mask (don’t know if this is right but i guess it’s understandable).

        - I took such good care for my skin! I haven’t been following my skincare routine for a long time, so now it feels awesome to conquer doing it again. Sometimes i was too much depressed to do anything related to taking care of my body. It’s a proud victory for me, hope i can continue taking care of myself like this!

        - Today i said no to my mother. Also, today i didn’t let bad coments push me down, i just continued doing what i wanted to, without giving up of everything bc of mean behaviors!!!!!!! (proud luysa!!!)

        - I took my vitamin C. :)

        - I watched SNK w/ bf. <3 (yesterday we watched Kill Bill vl.1 till late, i guess that’s why i forgot to post).

        That’s it for today, as far as i can remember! Hope you a good weekeng!

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ما افضل العطور تناسب مقابلة عمل 👔☕⌚ ؟

١* تيري دي ايرميس

٢* سينشوال اوركيد

What’s your favorite fragrance for Meetings 👔☕⌚?

Terre d Hermès

Sensual ourchid LM Parfums

‎#parfumelovers ‎#perfumesimportados

‎#scents ‎#fragrances ‎#perfumecollector

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