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“there’s power, real power, in love, joy, and friendship.”

a day late but of course i had to draw my girl for her birthday! happy birthday perfuma <3

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Ok since I’m sharing some of my cosplay content now after yesterday I want to show this cool Perfuma video my friend helped edit!

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The Rebellion
*gets lost*
I think we have to keep going straight-
*elbows Bow*
Right, sorry, keep going "Gayly Forward".
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Am I the only one who doesn’t like Glimbow and Scorfuma?

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Happy (late) Birthday Perfuma!

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Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: “And that’s why you don’t mess with Frosta, the Princess of the Kingdom of Snows!”

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Ok so let’s pretend I wasn’t extremely busy yesterday and forgot about perfumas birthday. so…

Happy late birthday perfuma!!


“Keeping your heart open makes you vulnerable but it doesn’t make you weak.” -perfuma

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She-Ra POP Fans

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2018) means a lot to so many people. Since discovering fanfics about 15 years ago I never delved too deeply into any fandom’s discourse, until SPOP. This is because I’ve found to relate very closely to a lot of the characters (mainly Entrapta, Catra, and Adora) and the stories of abuse, of friendship, of finding yourself, resonated with me and have taught me a lot about myself. And I know this isn’t new amongst fandoms but the divisions within this fandom is astounding and disheartening. There so much hate between character stans and shippers.

While I can’t fathom truly hating any of these characters, everyone has their own opinions that they’re entitled to so don’t go seeking out specific character tags and leaving hate there. The same goes for ships. If you don’t like a ship, block the tag. If you don’t like a character, block the tag. If you happen across content for it anyway, ignore it and move on. If you find someone hating on your favorite character or ship in the tags not containing “anti,” simply let them know to tag it accordingly. If you want to hate on a char or ship, tag as “anti.” If this isn’t done, some posters may purposelessly be looking for a fight. Don’t give them that satisfaction of attention (unless you’re into arguing in which case go off I guess, but likely you won’t change their minds). If an anti comments directly to you, it’s the same.

I’ve seen so many people saying “so and so shippers” or “so and so stans” are toxic/problematic/abusive. From MOST spop tags; no one is innocent. Liking any of these characters or ships doesn’t mean you are any of those things. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. After all, this all is fiction and everyone interprets things differently and focuses on what resonates with them most. But what you do say and do as an anti DOES hurt. These are real people behind all these handle names.

Please respect each others’ spaces and comfort characters/ships.

Sorry if it’s a mess, I’m not the best with getting my thoughts across. Anyways, stan peace and happiness. Rant over.

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New Scorfuma Fic from me. This time focused on Perfuma as a mother

Been a while since I posted any fan-fic but here we go.

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Drew a quick Perfuma when I learned it was her birthday today!! I’ve never drawn her before, but I found out quickly I LOVE her color palette! 

(Reblogs Loved!)

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since the 1st of March is both Perfuma and Flora’s birthday, I’m officially proclaiming it to be the Magical Flower Girl day!! 🌸

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Happy Birthday Perfuma!!!

I was gonna do a drawing but school has kept me pretty busy

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Perfuma: Guys, guys! Lets take a vote!

Glimmer: Secret vote! Everybody cover your eyes!

Everyone: *Closes eyes*

Adora: We won’t know the result

Glimmer: Well, say your vote out loud

Bow: We’ll know each other’s voices

Mermista: Perfuma has a point

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