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so i called my mom this morning to ask if i could make a banana smoothie for breakfast and
me: hey what do you put in a banana smoothie besides like BANANA and ice??? like do you put milk or ice cream orrrrrr?
my mom: how bout i teach you how to use and clean the blender this weekend
me: ight bet, cause i wanted to make a smoothie but my mind went YEET and that wasn’t very cash money, so
my mom: what
me: nvm, so this weekend, smoothie?
my mom: yeah
my mom: *goes on to explain random smoothie shit, idfk*
me: and THAT’s on periodt
my mom: huh
me: nothin BAIIIIII
me: *hangs up*
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More Mall Rats fluff based on this draw the squad meme. I feel like Grace would do this to tease Simon while he’s tending to his figurines early in the morning.

Simon doesn’t actually mind though because he enjoys the company.

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The DWD bois were drinking their respecc juice and it fkn shows.

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daisuke fucking kambe should be illegal, like wtf?

and yes, i literally binge watched the whole fugou keiji in a day cause like that mf keeps popping out everywhere in my feed and on pinterest, so i thought i’ll give it a try and the man diD nOt have to do this to me.

also, i think i could be gay for suzue, i’m not even joking at this point.

evERyOne lOoKs sO gOoD, thiS sHiT shOUld bE iLLegAL. 

my brain doesnt even know how to properly function anymore.


Originally posted by the-word-huntress

lOoK aT hiM anD bRuhhH dOn’t eVen geT mE fuCKinG stARTed oN hiS vOiCe-

but anyways this is unhealthy for me and i need to shut up for a second ;) 

thanks for listening to this shit, goodbye. 

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