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Today I am being stubbornly crabby and cold.  I am letting the pollen and humidity (cold wet) get to me and bring mean memories home from a stifling work episode. Trying to unpack those for disposal but they are being very persistent. But I digress in my whine.

The violas have sprouted. More lemon cucs. A few more holly hocks have emerged. Rotating trays so I don’t get some stretchy leaners. I really need a better table/ bench in there. The transplants are coming back around. Still anxiously waiting cherry toms. I think they need a heat mat but to bring them in would be certain death as the cat is being obnoxious to the canary who sits on a seed mat (toms and bird would be mat-mates). The quince is starting to bloom more as are the pears (Asian and Rescue). The lemon verbena is leafing out. The kiwi still holding tight to their leaf buds which is fine by me; I’ d like to take a few more swings at it to trim it back a space or two.

I am getting anxious to know if my asparagus will emerge. I planted crowns last year. One came up from a dozen and then I got some purples from a friend last year. I am hoping that they will pull through and start, you know, doing what asparagus do best – grow  profusely/ productively.  

I need to go street side and dig up some bulbs that are done blooming. This time next year they will be completely covered by the rosemary hedge so now is the time before their leaves are disintegrated or snail food or both. While I am there, I should move the African daisy that is being swallowed by the privet. Would love to shave the holly!

I need to seed a flat or two of lettuce mix for Kat. I had to use compost mix which I set out to warm and get a little drier … the bag was sitting under a single drip hole and with the last couple of storms, proceeded to gather up the rain. I am thinking about doing turnips for her but in honesty, do people really buy turnip starts? I have seen them in nursery tables and at farmer’s markets but really? Maybe just a six pack or two.

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I think my planting is all done for now, it’s already late for planting here.

Not pictured is the big bucket of corn and melons planted up, and the rest is labeled in my patio that desperately needs another sweep from ALL of the leaves. It’s not totally reorganized yet but it will be.

I replanted some holy basil in the snake pot, planted cubanelles in the old herb pots, and started some more ground cherries and basil since they got hit by the cold.

The jalapeño is bouncing back and needs to be repotted, a bean plant randomly died and dried out? And we have some carrots starting, very exciting stuff!

Now I just need to repot the jalapeño, avocados, and the papayas.

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A lot of people are planting Victory Gardens to help boost morale and I support it 100%

While I don’t have room to set one up separately I do still have my other containers and for me that’s good enough. I encourage everyone to plant some sort of garden or plant through this time even if it’s just an herb, succulent, or replanted root base from some kitchen scraps in a solo cup or old chipped mug, or even an old mushroom container from the store. Get creative and be as frugal as you need, caring for plants will help ease your mind and keep you attentive to your surroundings.

Life continues, stay simple and clean.

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Yo so hey I’ve been slowly working on reforming the backyard of the house im living in during quarantine and I’m making it a food garden. Ive got the first plot dug up and seeded with wildflowers. It previously had a stupid amount of crab grass growing up and over leaving most of it bare, and a bumble bee give took up residence in one of the patches so im leaving that one there.

I have a huge back yard to work with n i was wondering if anyone would be keen on helping me plan it out for where to put what.

Pretty much the ENTIRE back yard is south facing so it gets sun all day long, and theres trails going up to the front of just grass and soil so i could do more shaded things there.

I still have a lot of digging up to do but im at a loss for how to plant and where to put what.

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We really need to make every aspect of our culture, of our daily lives, of celebrations, of travel - of everything! - regenerative and healing. Everything should encourage and nurture recovery and healing and growth.

From growing food in a way that grows soil as well instead of depleting it to making household chores into little grounding rituals to rethinking the entire concept of christmas (for those who even celebrate it to begin with) to overthrowing capitalism.

All of it. Every aspect of life should be reconstructed to be as healing and nurturing as possible. We need community and networks and friends for this, but it’s possible.

It’s mostly a matter of (collective) intent.

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So soaking the seeds for about 16 hours made so much of a difference we didn’t even need to set up the heating pad or put on the flimsy little cover to raise the humidity. The marigolds came up first at about 24 hours after planting, and this is 48 hours after planting. They already went outside today for a few hours of indirect sunlight since the single indoor light we have is so weak they were all leaning. Everything that’s come up in the hex tray is either marigolds or tomatoes, the peppers are in the cells that haven’t sprouted.

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My husband just called these Thai Sensitive seedings, “artist plants”. LOLOLOL.
I’ve had time to garden lately and have a surplus of easy to grow plant starters.

There are Malabar Spinich, Peppers, Paypaya saplings, Mango saplings, kale and tomatoes which may be too late too plant, herbs and lemongrass plants available and I could always take cuttings from lots of different fruit trees and vines.

There will be more kinds of seedlings coming up and I’m happy to make anyone a tray of plants.

If you are looking to start a garden, I can leave plants for you on my front porch in East Boynton Beach.

Watching things grow certainly gives me hope:) #garden
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