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I made a post earlier that I think could’ve been interpreted as being disrespectful though I didn’t mean for it to be. I’m spiritual but I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I believe. I’m a flaky ass Christian but not even really. I believe in an ultimate creator (God/dess, whatever. I don’t think they really have a gender perse) and I think Jesus was an important player in the story of religion. But I also think I believe most of the gods we’ve read about existed in some aspect? Idk what do with that though and there’s so much it religious stuff it hurts my head to think about. I’ve always kinda felt a connection with Greek mythology but never really did anything about it. I don’t even know much. Randomly I got really into it again a couple days ago with a strong feeling towards Persephone and then immediately started seeing her symbolism and references everywhere. Coincidence? Calling? And how am I supposed to know if they were just stories or real old gods or something? And Would incorporating that with my preexisting beliefs be disrespectful to the ultimate God/dess? Or visa versa? And I’m not one that really does offerings and stuff. I try not to get into that. If I accidentally summon a demon or a spirit that doesn’t want to leave because I’m a gullible dumbass I don’t have the spoons or know how to get rid of it. But it seems like with polytheism offerings and alters and stuff are a big part of it So I don’t… know what to do and I’m having a spirituality crisis I felt like venting over.

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Some doodles from a few of the Webtoon comics I’m currently following!

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by fishball

Gourmet Hound by leehama

My Deepest Secret by Hanza

Refund High School by LICO

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe

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Hi everyone, please support me if you can by buying me a Ko-fi

Each “coffee” means you’re donating me 3 USD. You can buy more than one if you like.

I’m gathering money in order to be able to publish my HadesxPersephone novel. Your support can make a difference for me! ❤️ 

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It’s finally here! The first ever Hades and Persephone fic! I am super nervous for this one, I really don’t know how good it is or if anyone will even read it. I worked really hard on this fic and I do hope you enjoy it. I was up until 6am and decided to finish this while I couldn’t sleep. Anyway, enjoy! 

-MaKenzie ♥️


Persephone was always known as a free spirit. She was known for spreading warmth and joy everywhere she went. Steph enjoyed it when everyone around her was happy and joyous. To her, she always wanted to make the world around her a party!  

This “free-spirit” came about because of the way she was raised. When she was younger her mother was a bit stricter than other parents. Not that her mother was cruel or mean in any way she just wanted her daughter to be the best that she could be. Demeter was known for her successful winery and farm to table restaurant that was located just outside of town. She had gone through many different road bumps in her life that shaped her to be who she is.

Those challenges that she faced brought out the desire to help her daughter to be the best. She just wanted her daughter to not have to face the same mistakes and traumas that she experienced. At times she knew that she was overbearing but she would rather be overbearing than allow her daughter to suffer.

Young Persephone saw this as her mother trying to control her. She believed that her mother was trying to groom her to be the same woman that she was. It infuriated the young woman and drove her to be this free-spirit. For some on the outside, it may have seemed that the young woman was rebelling but Persephone saw it as being “free”.

The young girl spent her free time at her dear half-brother’s, Hermes, bar. While he didn’t fully support her underage drinking he did help supply her. He knew how she felt about her mother and the “lessons” and wanted to help relieve stress any way that he can. The young girl would host parties almost nightly at the bar.

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So last night I got super emotional with my SO and told them how overwhelmed I am. My anxiety is so bad and now that we’re quarantined I’m trying to find ways to cope without sinking into depression. So, after trying to explain my feels I decided to do a tarot reading on myself.

Bish called me out so hard I felt the whiplash from that slap!

I basically asked what is wrong with me and I got an on the money answer. So I did a second reading and asked what can I do to fix this and again it hit me with a hard truth that I’ve been running from.

Healing is something that never really stops, and that’s okay. This allows you to create yourself over and over. Better versions of you will come from healing.

I just have to keep reminding myself of all the good that can come from facing what I fear.

May Persephone guide me

Hail Persephone!

***I am reblogging this to my other two witchblrs. This is still personal and I would appreciate it if you didn’t reblog. ***

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Thinking about how Orpheus was said to have established the worship in Aegina of Hekate, who was the goddess responsible for guiding Demeter through the underworld to find Persephone and later became Persephone’s companion who guided her through the underworld.

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