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will someone fucking hug me? i feel so lonely

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Persephone: Where are you going?

Hades, on his way to a meeting with the rest of the gods: Hell

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Hello darlings! It was a cold, rainy day, but I managed to go over my garden a little, and even planted some radishes! I guess we’ll see if I’m hopelessly optimistic, or if they really are as cold-hardy as I hope!

Today’s story was brough tot you by JDR! I love this prompt. It’s always a treat to see my more powerful Others calling down the real power they posess. I hope you don’t mind that this is a quieter ‘epic’ than usual, but I hope you love it!

Prompt: Evelene being epic


It wasn’t all that often that Evelene felt the need to intervene in the affairs of mortals. She was old, after all, and generally preferred to involve herself only to the point of managing the safety and well-being of her sister’s daughters. Crashing Oreithyia, and stormy Thanleia. The sisters who would birth a species.

Evelene missed them, even now, millennia later.

Some grief faded with time.

Some just got older.

The new galaxy was interesting. She had enjoyed exploring it, thus far. Had ridden in Carrier Indiawith Blaec when the Empire answered a distant call for aid from their colonies. Now, with the permission and grateful welcome of the Galactic Alliance, they were beginning to colonize.



HGE - Terrors of the Deep

There are some enemies that give even the First Mermaid reason to be cautious. The Sea Witches were the first.

Dive Down Deep (Free on Patreon!)

The Lighthouse on Styx (Subscriber Only!)

A Story of the Ages


More Stories!


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JanuRWBY Day 13- Mythology AU

yes, I am a fair game shipper and yes I am aware what happens in volume 7, but who needs cannon wen I can sketch out a Persephone and Hades au of these two ahahahahaaha

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her touch was as soft as the feather of a dove. her body was as fragile as porcelain. her innocence was not only betrayed by her stature, but in her eyes as well. her eyes, as dark as the night sky, were wide and naive; ignorant of the horrors others have faced. her skin, darkened by her time in the sun, was speckled with brown freckles that seemed to flow endlessly throughout her body, like the stardust seen perfectly by the naked eye when the moon hid in the night. if one looked carefully enough, they would soon find that she too, had her own constellations written in her body, each one telling a different story of her life. 

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I think it would distress him greatly. He may even lock her out of her art studio and make sure she can’t go in which would be a grave mistake…it would harm the mc just so Namjoon wouldn’t have to see such a visceral expression of pain. 

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Oh yes, protective papa Joonie indeed. 

Also, thank you hunny!

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Yep, he just hasn’t shown it yet 😂

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The Gods of Olympus would never say it out loud, but they don’t trust Persephone.

Everything about her was unassuming- from her golden hair to her laugh to her bright smile- she was her mother’s child in almost every appearance- all except for her eyes. Those yellow eyes were distinctly her father’s. Like the way the moon’s light shone differently on the world than the sun’s, those eyes made all the difference.

They painted all her docile features in a new, more sinister way. Her smile was sharper than before when matched with those eyes. Her childish laugh would turn bone-chilling and her curls would look so tight it was as if they could strangle you. With those eyes, she was every bit her father’s daughter.

They did their best to keep the peace- For Demeter’s sake. Demeter, who loved her daughter like the sun loved the newly sprouting crops. Demeter, who did the best she could to keep her daughter on the straight and narrow, despite Hades’ influence in her life and in her blood. The others couldn’t imagine what that child would put her through.

They’d warn their own children and children’s children to keep wary of the goddess of spring, because at any moment there was a chance she could end up like her father. And they saw it more and more everytime they saw her- Demeter refused to admit it, of course.

Persephone would be the ruin of their great family, they just knew it.

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The Nobility of Normandy (Part 2)

Branden, Earl of Armadam

Andromeda, Chevalière of Normandy

Morrina, Lady of Argonia; Daughter of Rufus & Martha

Cassander, Lord of Brimm; Son Nikolas & Maeverly

Caius, Lord of Vale; Son of the Viscount of Vale; Husband of Galatea

Galatea, Lady of Gracefield; Wife of Caius

Roger, Lord of Colette; Brother of the Viscount of Colette; Ambassador to Vosh'ala

Persephone, Lady of Soaren; Daughter of the Baron of Soaren

Nathan, Lord of Crossfield; Son of the Earl of Crossfield; Husband of Greer

Greer, Lady of Tenia; Daughter of the Marquess of Tenia; Sister of Edward; Wife of Nathan

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ᴅᴀʏ 6: ᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ʀᴇʟᴀᴛᴇᴅ ᴅᴇɪᴛɪᴇꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴇɴᴛɪᴛɪᴇꜱ ᴀꜱꜱᴏᴄɪᴀᴛᴇᴅ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴘᴇʀꜱᴇᴘʜᴏɴᴇ

*note: this list is not absolute


  • Demeter: Goddess of agriculture, grain, harvest, and fertility, and Persephone’s mother. Grief-stricken over her daughter’s abduction, Demeter neglected her duties as goddess of agriculture and fertility, causing the earth to turn barren and inducing a great famine. The only way to save humanity from starvation, Zeus had to compromise and convince Demeter to let Persephone stay with Hades for a third of the year and spend the rest above the Earth with her mother. When Persephone returns to her each Spring, Demeter’s joy brings an abundance of plants, and when Persephone leaves for the Underworld, Demeter grieves once more and brings Winter upon the world.

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happiness sporadic so i’m crying on a wednesday, not trying to be combative but i’m dealing with some dead weight // verbalize the hurt inside make me wanna burn alive, my heart was never broken, it was circumcised.

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I made a lineup of the named characters of hadestown for my character design homework

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My empty room
Crowded too soon
I look for the fire escape
I picture myself
Running like hell
Making my getaway

(break me out, the rescues)

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So I thought I’d draw Hecate, The goddess of witchcraft, the moon and spooky things in the Hades art style! I know it’s not perfect but it’s very different from my regular style so happy nonetheless!

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Short answer: the two pairs are not the same, so the same logic can’t apply. While there was an unhealthy imbalance in Darrow and Eo’s relationship - which was unfair to both of them and hurt both of them - it was unfair for Cassius to be used, he didn’t deserve for his romantic feelings to be used in a House Feud. It’s the entire situation that Cassius didn’t deserve.

Long answer: Virginia was simply contemplating that Darrow deserved to receive the same love he gave - Eo did love Darrow. Their relationship was based on love. It’s just that it wasn’t balanced, it was that sort of selfish, young love.

On the other hand, what Cassius and Virginia had was never completely based on love. So you can’t compare the two pairs on this. Yes, Cassius deserved and deserves to be loved romantically, but Virginia is under no obligation to provide those feelings. She did him extremely wrong by using his feelings for her own ends and he deserved to fall for someone who was genuine in her pursuit and feelings. But I don’t think that this thing between them has much to do with deserving or with an unhealthy imbalance, when the entire situation on Virginia’s part was completely unfair to Cassius. Also when you consider that Cassius taunted Darrow with intimate things about Virginia and was an overall fuckboi at the gala, but that matters less.

Hope I am making some sense…

I said that it is fair for Virginia to have opinions about Eo, just like Deanna had opinions. Both are keeping their opinions to themselves, unless Darrow asked for them (which he usually doesn’t) - he asked Deanna about Eo. If Cassius thinks that it was unfair of Virginia not to love him - when in fact it was unfair of her to fool and use him - well, thats his opinion.

I do want to highlight that you don’t have to agree with either Virginia or I. This is just how I feel about this entire thing. I am not trying to hate or bash any character (especially Eo, it wasn’t fair to her to be the center of Darrow’s universe either, because she had her own dreams and priorities and principles and she shouldn’t be expected to cater to Darrow’s emotional needs and live a life she would come to resent; Virginia feels Darrow deserved to be loved with that all-consuming love and maybe she could have given Darrow that in different circumstances, but Virginia is Virginia and Eo is Eo, they are just different - I know a lot of people insist on their similarities, but…they truly are very different and in the same situation they would make different decisions), it’s just how I feel about things and interpret things.

Howl on!

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