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#person of color
LGBTQ+ people of color exist.
LGBTQ+ people of color have always existed.
LGBTQ+ people of color often feel ostracized in both the queer community and their racial communities.
LGBTQ+ people of color have to face homophobia, transphobia, and racism, and yet are often told to be quiet.
LGBTQ+ people of color don't get enough representation.
LGBTQ+ people of color face disproportionate amounts of violence.
LGBTQ+ people of color have made significant contributions, yet are often ignored.
LGBTQ+ people of color deserve to be recognized and respected.
Please be an ally to us, and support us as we stand up for ourselves and advocate for our needs.
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6480n · a year ago
Making this guide because I see this question time and time again on here. This post is mostly directed at white artists and writers who are wondering how to best design their characters of color. Full text description is at the end under the cut.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Full disclaimer, I am biracial (mixed E/SE asian and white) and grew up in majority poc communities, but I am just one person and this post is only based on my own experiences. If any other poc want to chime in, feel free to do so.
Once again, a full plaintext description is under the cut. If you find the information useful, please pass it on by reblogging <3
(Finally, even though I spoke vaguely on genetic inheritance, this is NOT the place to comment on certain features being mutations, as if being a mutation means something is inherently lesser or isn’t supposed to exist. Mutations is everything! All of our traits were at some point or another, an emerging mutation. Love yourself ^__^)
Text Description: A Brief Guide on Designing Biracial Characters: “Are my character’s green eyes REALISTIC?”
Disclaimer: I am a geneticist but this is by no means my topic of expertise. The information here is based on EXPERIENCE, and common knowledge of genetic inheritance.
A LOT of people will ask “If my character is mixed white and X, is it OK/realistic for me to give them green/blue/grey eyes?”
SHORT ANSWER: Biracial people with super light eyes exist, but this is uncommon and often plays into trends of whitewashing.
[Two diagrams. One is of light eye colors being combined with dark eye colors, and the other is light hair colors being combined with dark hair colors. Both of them display a range of potential hair and eye colors from these combinations. The brown, dark brown, and black colors are noted as “Most Common”, while green, blue, grey eyes and blonde, red hair fall outside this range. end image]
When someone has one parent with darker features and another parent with light features, their features will normally be a mix of the two or the darker color will be dominant.
Having green or blue eyes if one of your parents has very dark eyes is really rare.
Green and blue eyes are characterised by a LACK of melanin, which means that if that person inherited even one melanin-producing eye color gene from their parent, they will have eyes that are at LEAST hazel or light brown.
[Drawing of four people. A person with dark skin, black hair, and black eyes and a person with pale skin, brown hair, and brown eyes are marked as “Pretty common”. A person with tan skin, dark brown hair, and blue eyes and a person with dark skin, black hair, and hazel eyes are marked as “Very rare”. end image]
A good rule of thumb for making ANY characters of color is make their eyes around the same shade as their hair. Also, hair tends to be several shades darker than skin, and eyes will almost never be lighter than their skin.
Biracial characters can range from looking a lot like only one of their parents to looking like a perfect mix of them, but if one of the parents has extremely light features like blue eyes or blond hair, it’s unlikely your character will have identical traits.
As always, EXCEPTIONS EXIST, but if you are white and choose to make your character one of these rare exceptions, you should examine WHY you find light eyes more desirable.
It is extremely common for media to give characters of color light, unnatural eye colors, and then justify it by saying “it’s possible” or having an in-universe explanation (eye colors in ATLA, Yennefer in the Witcher series, etc).
This plays into tropes of whitewashing (touched on earlier in this post) and inadvertently teaches children of color that their dark eyes are somehow less desirable. As mentioned, the VAST MAJORITY of half-white biracial children have brown to black eyes, so I would really recommend that you give your own characters dark eyes, because they’re lovely too!
Some Miscellaneous Notes:
If a character is E/SE asian and white, their hair texture might be thick like their asian parent’s (even if light colored!), or have a thinner texture like their white parent (even if dark colored!).
If a character is mixed black and another race, their hair texture is going to very likely have the same or a similar texture as their black parent’s.
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thegaylink · 8 months ago
@netflix really out here saying "oh we really want to get more POC leads" and "oh we really want to have more shows with LGBTQIA+ characters" but in reality they already have those shows. They just dont want to renew them once they gain traction. Anne with an E? I am not okay with this? One day at a time? A letter for the king? Julie and the phantoms? All of those shows did really well, and they had either a woman, a POC or a queer lead, but once they gain traction, they decide not to focus on them. And dont hit me with the "well they might not do as well" excuse. Julie and the Phantoms has been trending multiple times on numerous media outlets over the last few months. Every post about them on Netflix's account had millions of views, likes, and comments and has won multiple awards. And guess what? It has a main POC lead family, with POC side characters, and 2 queer characters. They have the traction. They have the fanbase. Netflix just chooses not to renew them. Most of these shows ended before COVID was a thing, so that's not an excuse either. Plus, even during COVID, Netflix has been filming things like The Kissing Booth 3. A movie with pretty much just straight white cis characters. It's not that they cant renew them. They just dont want to. And its bullshit.
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pro-royalty · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alexa Demie for “Fairy Tales” by Petra Collins
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writingwithcolor · a month ago
Dark character with name that means Black/Dark, Light character with name that means White/Light
@arowanaprincess asked:
Hello! I’m Filipino, so I guess I’m POC, but I fear that I may have been racist in naming my characters. I have these “two” characters who, spoilers, turn out to be the same person. They look totally different, including skin tone. The character in question was able to permanently change their appearance and they decided to change their skin color in order to completely shave off their old self. My biggest concern is that the light-skinned character is named after a word that could mean white and the dark-skinned character has a name that could mean dark/black. 
The character did not choose the name “Black” because of their new skin color, but because of their special interest, which has to do with their new name. Would it be okay to keep the names? I’m worried that people would call me out for naming them like that, especially with the Meaningful Name scheme I have for almost every character. I’ve made some backup names for the light-skinned character just in case, but I’d rather keep the original name if possible. For further information: they didn’t actually change ethnicity and this all happens in a fictional Filipino-coded country within an alternate universe. Sorry for leaving out the exact names, it feels too spoilery for me! [Names were shared privately with mod team]
The general consensus from the mods that have reviewed this question is “why?” 
Why is this character changing skin colors?
Is it solely for the purpose of later revealing they’re the same person after being perceived as two different people? You can make characters look like completely different people without varying skin color much or at all. 
What about their 
physical features
body type
What’s the intent in the name/skin color changes?
It does feel strange to name the dark skin person after “Dark or Black” and when they’re lighter “light/white” without further context on the why. And it won’t go unnoticed by readers, who might question the emphasis on skin color too. If this character is Black, naming them what is essentially “black”, while other characters have names that have different meanings beyond their complexation, stands out. The same goes even for when this character is physically light-skinned.
Because whether dark or light...
skin color wouldn’t change their race alone (unless you are making them change race as well with the skin change?) 
being hyper-defined by their skin color while others I assume are not named after their skin tone, stands out.
There’s a meaning for the names beyond their skin colors, you’ve explained. Whatever that reasoning is, I suggest you make it abundantly clear and emphasize said reasoning. Although, without knowing more information, I struggle to see how people would not associate your name choices to their skin color, even if given another explanation. 
Black/white symbolism
Mind the ways you associate the character(s) when they’re dark-skinned vs. lighter skinned. For example, are their special interests “Darker” or more sinister when dark-skinned and innocent when light-skinned?  
I suggest not going down the route of “Black is evil and white is good” symbolism by 
avoiding it altogether
acknowledging to make a commentary about it
adding depth what dispels the notion that all black is bad / white is good
You might also use contrasting names that would have a similar affect.
For example, 
different pair of colors besides Black & white
seasons (e.g. summer vs. winter) 
numbers or figures
words with contrasting meaning 
More reading:
Black and White Symbolism Guide
~Mod Colette
Ask published October 2021
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renlo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Microsoft Paint.
A simple looping blinking GIF since I wanted to finally finish this sketch!  I don’t often make full body drawings (at least when I’m working with MS Paint), but I wanted to draw legs at least once this year.
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bezzly · a year ago
tips for protestors.
igas my parents went to many protests when they were younger, and although i can’t go to any protests because i’m too young (in their eyes) i do have some tips from them.
note: trump HAS given the word for the national guard to use lethal force against protestors. i understand that it is hard to stay silent if there is a protest in your area, but there is a chance the bullets won’t be foam or rubber. stay safe, stay smart. please don’t become a statistic.
secondly, if you are in the san diego area, do NOT attend the protest that was advertised on facebook. it was created by white supremacists to target black youths.
cover any scars, tattoos, or distinct features you have. cops will use this to identify you, especially if you live in the area. they will take anything you may have done and attempt to arrest you by any means.
wear a face mask, bandana, or some other covering. this is not only because of covid-19, but it will make it harder for them to identify you.
wear clothes you wouldn’t normally wear. this is for the same reason. make sure not to wear those clothes in public until after the protests are over, that way they can’t identify you based on your outfit. also avoid jewelry and accessories.
bring a backpack. this will not only help carry the items you should bring, but it will also keep your hands free and make running easier when needed. make sure it is a real backpack, one that is on your back. and over the shoulder bag or satchel will make it harder to run.
bring plenty of water, a tourniquet (or, if possible, the items needed for one) a medical kit, an extra face covering, and milk. the water is important for 2 things: rinsing your eyes from tear gas and putting out the actual grenades. a tourniquet will be especially important for when the cops start using lethal force. do your research before using one, though, to avoid causing additional harm. the milk will help with your actual skin that will be burning from tear gas, but don’t put it in your eyes.
prepare to be tear gassed. if you sense things are getting tense, try to douse an extra face covering (like a scarf) in water. it will keep the gas from getting in your airways. wear goggles, like the ones you use when you swim. they stick to your face to keep the water from getting in, and will do the same with tear gas. cover as much of your head as possible, and tie up long hair. don’t wear makeup, because tear gas clings to it like it does your bodily fluids. also, if possible, avoid contacts. it can get stuck behind your contacts and that isn’t something you want. similarly, don’t rub your eyes, because the chemicals can get behind your eyes, which will open a whole new set of problems.
if and when you get gassed, stay calm. if you are able, find anyone on the ground and get them help. tear gas will settle low to the ground shortly after being fired and will make their afflictions worse. make sure to watch out for yourself and others, and get out of the area as quickly as possible.
there are two methods to put out tear gas. the first is by covering the capsule with a traffic cone, then pouring water through the hole until it goes out. make sure to wear gloves and don’t touch your face. the downside is that this takes a lot of water because this is not very accurate. the second method needs to be handled with extreme caution. only do this if you are wearing heat protective gloves. take the capsule and put it inside of a metal water bottle WHILE WEARING PROTECTIVE GLOVES. shake it until the fire inside the grenade goes out. it is very important that you have proper protection, especially with such close exposure to the gas. a gas mask is your safest bet.
another way to avoid identification is by putting a rock in your shoe. im unsure of how advanced the stride detection system is in the us, but during the hong kong protests, they would recognize protestors based on their walk. if you put a rock in your shoe, although it will be uncomfortable, it will help keep you anonymous.
use your privilege for good. if you are not a poc and are attending the protests, protect your poc counterparts. unfortunately, cops are statistically less likely to attack white protestors. (see the physical protesting of the quarantine which was led mostly by white people.) if things are getting tense between a cop and a poc protestor, step between them if you are comfortable.
identify undercover cops. undercover cops will deliberately cause mayhem in a peaceful protest to give reason for cops to attack. you can identify them by their shoes and their masks, as well as their attitudes. all cops, undercover or not, will almost always wear the same shoes because they have iron fillings that allow them to break people’s feet/hands/other bones when they have no other defense due to being undercover. they will also wear the same gas masks as the other cops. if you see a protestor put on one of these masks, you should leave because it means there will be tear gas deployed soon.
don’t bring any weapons that are illegal. this will give them probable cause to arrest you.
most importantly: stay safe. protect yourselves and others. if things get bad, run. they can’t catch everyone, and if they take more lives it will only fan the flame.
i will probably add more things as they come to me. i am a really small account but i hope this helps anyone. if you have any tips, comment and i’ll probably add them on here.
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thinking-about-fiction · 13 days ago
Why do people think that being a love interest or in love with a man takes away from a female character?
If a woman is otherwise a good character, then unless being in love with this man is making her act in a bad way, it shouldn't make her any less of a good character
Even if she is a woman of color in love with a white man
It doesn't make her any less independent, and it doesn't make her bad WoC representation
I saw someone say that the fact that Makkari is in love with an "awful white man" like Druig takes away from her character. Please stop this. The fact that Makkari loves a man who is sweet and affectionate with her, cares about her, and treats her well, doesn't make her less of good WoC representation.
Anyway, I thought y'all wanted WoC shown in healthy interracial relationships, and now that we got that, you've found something else to complain about?
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60berry09 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
This is an old trans comic lmao from when I first cut my hair and started dressing more masculine. Not much has changed tho 
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Reminder that black lives will still matter in 2021.
Reminder that people of color face oppression even when it isn’t in the headlines.
Reminder that the fight for justice never stops.
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thatoneraven · 2 months ago
I know I haven’t been on here in a while, but life has been crazy recently. I’ve come back to ask for help. My partner is in a really bad situation, and he’s struggling to get out. I’m currently saving up to help him, but it’s a slow process, and we want to get him out as soon as possible. Please help him. If you can’t donate, please share this. We’re desperate.
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buubletealee · 25 days ago
Who ever the fuck started the “whitevember” tag on Twitter, ✨✨✨f u c k y o u✨✨✨
Also fuck you if you think it’s fine or are taking part un-kindly fuck off
As a black person, seeing people take some of my favorite black characters and make them white is making me beyond mad. And the fact that they aren’t just doing it with black characters ether. This is extremely fucking stupid and disrespectful and if anyone on my page thinks this is ok block me thanks
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louezem · 4 months ago
'Person of colour' added to the foclóir
Bualadh bos! 👏
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avese23 · 3 months ago
It is so normalized in liberal spaces to hate men and to question ‘are the straights okay?’ But when people of color do the same thing with white people it’s ‘reverse racism.’
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dietothemusic · 7 months ago
I’m getting tired of some of these fanfics that be misleading people on the characters. I was reading this Daryl Dixon fanfic on Wattpad where the main character was Glenn’s sister and I was like ohh okay YASS I love a woman of color as a main character especially in a Daryl Dixon fanfic because it’s really rare to find one that’s like that. But it ended in disappointment because the girl ended up being white and had the same parents as Glenn which I didn’t get. But that’s just me. But the point I’m trying to make is People Please Include Women and Men of Color in Fanfics! Especially if it’s suppose to be a xreader one. As soon as the words:
And some other ones ( y’all know that they are) is used it’s not an xreader anymore. Just go ahead and put the type of people it’s for (white/caucasian/ etc.) if you are going to use stuff like that. Because a lot of us people of color get ready to read a good imagine/story/ oneshot/ etc only to find out it’s not for us and it kills the mood.
Thank you for reading my rant and i hope you have a fabulous day!
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