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#persona 3
phantomstatistician · 33 minutes ago
Aigis from Persona 3
The sample size is too small on, so I'm going to attempt to do this using AO3. Stay tuned!
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mi-soni · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
ペルソナ3 キタローとアイギス
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denizen-of-dreamland · 2 hours ago
The thing about Rumi as a means of grief processing is that she not only has to grieve the murder of her parents and the loss of her fiance, but, in a way, she has to mourn herself too. The loss of her identity, of her memories, of her control over her own life, of the lifestyle she had... After all, it’s safe to assume that the version of herself that’s in her head, the one who grew up in the countryside, had a vastly different education to the Rumi that grew up in the city and attended school with Takuto. She had a completely different job. She had a different upbringing with a different family in a different environment. Her worldview, her outlook on life, and her attitude towards the world must be completely different. She’s a whole new person, with new experiences, maybe even with a new personality and moral compass and goals and wants.
Regardless of how much the cognitive dissonance did or did not affect her, she definitely has to confront that contrast once she recovers her memories. In the moment it all comes back to her, Rumi is truly a blank slate -- she’s unable to return to either her life as Takuto’s fiancee or her life in the countryside, so... where do you go from there? What do you do when you discover that everything you thought you knew about your past was a lie, but you can’t return to your “real life” because you’ve been living the fake one for too long?
In a lot of ways, her struggles echo Sumire’s, except that, in her case, she isn’t trapped between her identity and her sister’s, but between two versions of herself. Her memories might’ve been a lie, but the Rumi that was shaped by them was just as real as the Rumi that Takuto knew... They are both just... her. But after she recovers her memories, she can’t be one or the other anymore -- the two parallels lives she’s been living have collapsed into one and now she has to start over from them.
It’s an interesting study on nature vs. nurture, if nothing else. But she would also have to mourn all the years she lost from her previous life while she was living the fabricated life -- the love of her life, the friends she lost contact with because she didn’t remember them, the education/jobs she might’ve missed out on when she suddenly up and left for the countryside, her home, her family... It forces her to reconsider who she is, to rediscover her sense of self now that both of her lives have fallen apart, to ask herself what life does she prefer, because she’s had the opportunity to see two different paths she could’ve taken in life... and then she’d have to mourn both of them anyways because she can’t go back anymore.
There are so many possibilities to explore... the identity crisis... the existential crisis... The potential is criminally underused.
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paperstarzz · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
I started playing p3p and I love that Minako does the Korean heart thing ♥️♥️
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ventus-rogue · 9 hours ago
Yukari Takeba from persona 3
Tumblr media
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Never played Persona 3, but boy she is making me consider it. From her design she seems like a pretty cool lady.
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hypogryffin · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
yukari and bow poses
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was-it-really-worth-it · 11 hours ago
I’m still chugging away at Persona 3! Really liking this one.
[spoilers? I’m 13 hours in, and please don’t spoil major plot points for me I know I’m late to the party]
I just recruited Fuuka and she’s replaced Mitsuru as my tactics master. It might be just because I adore Mitsuru (seriously I’ve never loved an anime character like this before), but does Fuuka ever stop sounding like Omochao from Sonic? The other characters are acted really well (looking at you Aki) but Fuuka’s voice annoys me a little bit. It sounds really robotic and the tone doesn’t match what is happening very well?
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princekirijo · 16 hours ago
Ur thoughts on,,,, saori hasegawa <3
I ADORE SAORI! I'm not exaggerating when I say she's one of my favorite links in P3P. I love how kind and sincere she is. She's one of the sweetest characters in the game and GOD does she have a rough time of things... I just want to hold her and fight off all those assholes :(. Like in that one rank (I think it's 6??? I don't remember off the top of my head) when Minako threatens to go beat up the dudes harassing her??? I'm right there with Minako they deserve it. And I absolutely love her story too! How at the start she's really shy and just let's people walk all over her but with Minako's help she comes out of her shell!!! And ngl when she stood up for herself and made that broadcast on the school intercom? I was so proud of her I nearly started tearing up myself... And HER ENDING KILLED ME 😭 SHE DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER!!!
And I will die on the hill that she was in love with Minako she should have been a canon romance route. Saoriham is definitely a ship I don't talk about enough but I absolutely adore it... They're so cute together...
And what really hurts? Is her letter to Minako at the end of the game. I'm taking this from the wiki but it says:
"At the end of the game, she sends a letter to the female protagonist, revealing why she was sent overseas. Her parents had sent her because they blamed her for a serious incident. Once there, she had no one to support her, so she never went to school and took refuge in a church. Saori also mentions that she used to love someone but it's implied he killed himself because she "pushed them into a corner" and so she prays for his soul every day at the church"
LIKE OMFG??? SAORI IM SO SORRY YOU DO NOT DESERVE THIS I WANT TO FIGHT YOUR PARENTS 😭. She's been through so much shit and she really doesn't deserve it she only wanted to make some friends... And then when she finally does she ends up having to move away... And then P3 ending happens...
Basically I love Saori very much, her design is awesome, she's wlw and should have been a canon romance for Minako and she has such a sad story but it's bittersweet... And I love that so much her link is so different from the others she's just one of my favorites and I don't talk about her enough.
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Mitsuru: Language!!
Minato: ...
Minato: Heckity heck, I crave death.
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uselesslesbiab · 19 hours ago
unpopular opinion hour: The character writing in p4/p5 sucks and im tired of people pretending that its not. Sure, there are some really good high points, but then Atlus will backtrack and cancel out they're actual good writing for whatever reason. We see this with so many good characters that have their establishing moments that then Atlus will decide nah nevermind. Thank f*ck Katsura Hashino is moving on to work on other stuff so we can actually get some new life in the series and good writing
This is definitely an unpopular opinion (for the most part). I agree that the character writing in P4 and P5 has flaws and I talk about those flaws a LOT on my blog but I’d say overall the good outweighs the bad. At their core these characters are good and I like their stories, but the way it’s executed sometimes in game is just horrific. I also think P3 has its good share of flaws as well but they’re not as glaringly obvious (I’m not very far into P2 so I don’t feel like I can make an accurate judgement of it yet but so far the story feels a little too fast). I don’t think a change in directors will necessarily get rid of this curse of bad writing because it’s just something Atlus always does. That’s why we have fanfics and mods to fix things lol. I do partially agree with this ask though so 7/10 because I love how pissed off you are about this.
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umbralwinds · 22 hours ago
join our persona kin server!
Tumblr media
welcome to our kin server for the persona series! anyone who kins from the persona games is welcome to join. here's what you need to know;
— please be 18+ to join!
— any kins from the persona series are welcome.
— please don't join if you ship the protags with the adult characters.
— be kind to others in the server. no form of bigotry allowed, no drama starting, etc.
— once in the server, read the rules and make an intro to gain access!
to join, click here:
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aphroditesgrotto · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
artist: はるな
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n00dl3gal · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 8 of @akishinjiweek​ and the next part of the Akihiko Sanada Vs. The Forces of the Universe series is here! We’re taking a sledgehammer to canon and making these kids happy for once tonight kids.
Read it here:
Special thanks to @caramellody​ and @madaras-guitar​
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beauty-marked-beauties · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today's Beauty-Marked Beauty is: Ryoji Mochizuki/Pharos from Persona 3
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