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Okay but it’s kinda funny to me how the pancake incident was barely a mistake, or at least nothing Goro could have avoided if he was smarter. I might be wrong here but it’s technically never been confirmed that he had ever seen him or heard Morgana’s voice before, and even if he had, he didn’t know about his form in the real world. Either way, Mr. Ace Detective screwed up real big, but he didn’t make any mistakes, technically. Which basically means that the phantom thieves’ entire victory during Nijima era and the fact that Joker is still alive is all thanks to them being lucky.

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Thank you so much! I love these! :D


The Palace ruler sighed, languid and easy in his motions as he reached up and knocked gently on the beak of Goro’s helmet. The motion was fond, affectionate even and Goro tried hard not to think about what that meant that Ren’s cognition seemed so keen on him.

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Favorite thing about them:

He’s such a ray of sunshine!!!!! And he’s so protective of his friends, like if anyone dares hurt them, they’re gonna catch his hands.

Least favorite thing about them:

He tends to pin the blame for everything on himself and accepts punishments that he doesn’t deserve. I’m mostly thinking of that scene with the track team…

Favorite line:

“I guess bein’ free is like… It’s like how I feel when I’m talking to you.”

I also love Max Mittelman’s delivery of the “Stop looking down on me with that stupid smile on your face!!!”


Ann. I dunno, I love the idea of these two being the best friends that are so close everyone thinks they’re dating but they’re really not interested in that way. Like, they support each other in everything they do and they’d probably be each other’s wingmen. Probably wouldn’t do a very good job at it but they’re trying, and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters.


Ren. Those two just have such a great relationship and damn, Ryuji says some heartfelt stuff to Ren that makes me 🥺🥺🥺

Also as a little bonus (and because I know you love her, Digi) I really like the pairing of Ryuji X Hifumi. A friend introduced the idea of them together to me and opened my eyes to all the possibilities. And now I really wish that they got to interact.


I don’t really have a NOTP for Ryuji??? I haven’t seen any ships for him that I dislike.

Random headcanon:

I personally like to headcannon that Ryuji has ADHD and things he does like tapping his foot and rocking back and forth on chairs are his stims. Plus he always seems to work better when he has a reward in mind (i.e the fireworks festival while the group studies for their midterms) I dunno. I just like the idea.

Unpopular opinion:

I don’t find his desire for fame as annoying as everyone else does. I mean, he had an abusive father and then had his entire future ruined by one man, so when he finally has power to fight against people like that and save other victims, I suppose it’s only kinda natural to want some recognition for it.

Song I associate with them:

Sable by Nano

Favorite picture of them:


He’s so happy to see his best friend again, he’s so cute

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Futaba, after Yusuke fucks with her Featherman figmas: You come into my house and disrespect my aesthetic?!

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Maruki: What do we say when life disappoints us?

Akiren: Called it.

Maruki: No.

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Ryuji: I’m bisexual and stupid. That’s all I am. God took one look at my shitty tiny frame and said “you’re going to be a bisexual moron” and then released me into the world.

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I’m kindof nervous asking this to tumblr. But for December I’m planning to do a big Persona 5 writing project where I just base it on Vocaloid song. They are not songfic in particular. I’m planning on doing on song per producers so drop me some nice songs or producers that you like. 

I might as well increase my Vocaloid knowledge while I’m at it. 

The producers I used so far








The list will increase as I find more songs and make more prompt

Thank you

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