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bjy-on-ao3 · 7 minutes ago
Fic Friday: (Not So) Private Affairs
(As usual, you can find the AO3 version of all my uploads [and some things I don’t post here to tumblr] via my Masterlist blog page.)
Wrote most of the initial draft of this at 1-2 am via keyboard attachment for my tablet. I don’t know where it came from or why I’ve been writing about blowjobs so much lately in the past couple months, but hey, at least I could write something for my favorite Persona 5 DILF.
Summary Reader has a late-night rendezvous with a local airsoft shop owner not long before the store closes for the evening.
Blowjobs, Creampie, Consensual S*x, Oral S*x. Reader-Insert, Semi-Public S*x, Shameless Smut, Vaginal S*x, Wall S*x
(Not So) Private Affairs (F! Reader/Iwai Munehisa)
It was difficult to recall everything that had led up to the moment you found yourself in, on your knees on the cold, hard floor of the airsoft shop in a small alley in Shibuya. Some idle chat here, some flirting and innuendos there, and throughout the entire conversation trying to suss out whether the object of your affections was even vaguely interested in returning them. Lucky enough for you, Munehisa Iwai was interested, and the banter that came from him was implicit but easy enough to read. Though, you weren’t entirely sure whether Iwai’s interest extended past the simple physical side of things. You would settle for something physical to start. If things went well, there was always time later to figure out if a more involved relationship had potential.
It was rather late, not long before closing time, and there was very little chance any more customers would wander into the store. Despite that, it surprised you just how bold Iwai was, given it was only the counters and display cases and dim lights separating the view of you from anyone who might walk in the door. Hell, even someone passing by too close and peering in would have a rather clear idea what was going on if they more than glanced. Yet, you surprised yourself, as well, with your willingness to take that risk.
Initially, when his veiled invitation had been thrust into the conversation after you had dropped in and talked for a little while, you had been thoroughly flustered. Your face had heated instantly, your mouth becoming dry and your heart seeking to jump up your throat. Coming around the counter and kneeling between his knees, you had fumbled with his belt, fingers trembling with excitement and nerves alike. But once you had successful unbuckled it and reached into his pants and underwear, those nerves had swiftly died.
Under your touch, Iwai was hot and thick, mostly soft but velvety at first, growing quickly harder the longer you brushed your fingers over him. Pulling him free of his clothes left any doubts or distractions to wither away to nothing. Left in their wake was only a hunger that made your mouth water. Glancing briefly at Iwai out of the corner of your vision without moving your head, you spied a pleased little smirk on his lips, broken only by the stick of the sugar candy jutting from them. The sight only exacerbated your craving for him and weakened your control.
You didn’t bother wasting time teasing him, as much as part of you wanted to. With only a soft lick as a small test of his flavor, you wrapped your lips around the head of his dick fully, flattening your tongue against ir. The salty tang of skin and bitter pre-cum greeted your tongue fully, and you released a small, stifled moan of delighted satisfaction. You sucked lightly for a moment, swirling and skating your tongue around the head and wriggling it against the sensitive spot on the underside until you heard Iwai inhale sharply. An appreciative, growling hum of pleasure from Iwai spurred you onward, and you took more in more of his hardening length. You relished the way the distinct taste of him filled your mouth, and how the thick vein on the underside of his dick throbbed against your tongue.
“That’s it, just like that, you’ve got it,” Iwai praised with a gravelly groan.
The weight of Iwai’s hand settled over your skull, not to steer you, but to thread through your hair and rub your scalp gingerly. The gentle touch was more encouragement and you could have practically purred, mouth still wrapped around his cock, hungrily taking more of him. When you reached your limit, you paused, sucking harder and hollowing your cheeks. Tongue pressed against the bottom of him, you bobbed your head up and down in a steady rhythm. Lost in your enthusiasm, you ignored the ribbon of drool that dribbled past your lips and down your chin, lost among what already coated Iwai’s length. You let him slip from lips with a half-audible ‘pop’, before circling the tip and diving back onto him all again, and repeating the motion.
In the back of your mind, there lingered the nagging reminder anyone could come in and see you so eagerly blowing the airsoft shop owner in his seat. Somehow, the thought was exhilarating rather than frightful, and the longer you bobbed up and down on Iwai’s cock, the more turned on you found yourself, as if you were the one receiving such salacious attention rather than the other way around. Your arousal reached such a smoldering height, you couldn’t resist any longer, not bothering to stop as you slipped a hand into your pants and panties. You slid a couple of fingers through your lips, already slick, and rubbed in light circles. Even with a soft touch, the added feeling was bliss, and you moaned lewdly around your mouthful.
Iwai didn’t miss the sudden change in volume, nor what it meant. He grinned down at you in amusement through a haze of pleasure. His free hand dipped down to grab your arm, pulling it up and out of your panties and denying you the stimulation you desired so badly.
“I don’t remember saying you could do that,” he scolded, though his tone was almost playful, far from harsh.
You whined around his cock, casting your gaze up as far as you could without stopping your rhythm, trying to plead with him silently. His grin remained as he looked down at you, and you knew he wasn’t like to give in to your wordless pleas from some simple puppy dog eyes. You didn’t let the theft of your ability to touch yourself deter you for long, though, or from trying to slyly pry your arm out of his grasp to disobey him, as futile an effort as it was.
After a bit of that game, you renewed your initial efforts, deciding that if you finished him, Iwai would hopefully return the favor. Worst-case scenario, he shooed you off when you were done and you could take care of things yourself as you had already tried. Noting the shift in your focus, Iwai at last let your arm free, and you moved it immediately between his legs. Reaching further into his underwear, you found his balls, cupping and gently fondling them as you moved up and down his shaft.
The added touched earned you several quiet, raspy groans. Once when you looked up again, you were treated to the arousing sight of Iwai with his eyes closed, his mouth handing partly open, the lollipop looking as if it were about to tumble out and escape. A new shock of heat tore through you, agonizing strong and intoxicating. Iwai’s dick twitched harder against your tongue and the soft, throaty noises above you increased, alike almost to growls of pleasure. You clenched your thighs together needily, trying to suppress the need Iwai refused to let you tend.
When Iwai’s hips started to shift beneath your welcoming mouth, he stopped you, holding you down on his dick for a moment before pulling you up and off abruptly. With his hand curled in your hair, you looked at him with a mixture of concern and confusion. Had you screwed something up? The thought came to you quickly, but was wiped away just as fast at the expression on Iwai’s face. His cheeks were flushed, a bit of sweat beaded on his brow, and his eyes roiled with intensity and hunger.
Iwai got to his feet quickly, not exactly pulling you along with him, but urging you to rise, too, and follow him. He directed you away from the display cases, away from the storefront where you, too, may as well have been on display. Iwai had finally seen a need for privacy it seemed, though your lust-addled brain was too preoccupied to consider why he didn’t just lock up shop to keep out any potentially intruding eyes away. You were bent only on following wherever he beckoned, waiting to see what he had in store for you, and hoping it would sate your ravenous hunger.
In the backroom, cluttered with box and inventory and other miscellany you’d expect of the airsoft shop - and some you might not have - Iwai stopped, turning to face you. You wondered briefly if he would have you finish what you started, now that you were away from stray prying eyes. But Iwai set upon you instead, pushing you back up against a wall on the least cluttered side of the room. He had clarity enough to toss aside what you saw was hardly more than just the stick of his lollipop before his hot mouth sealed over yours.
The kiss was ardent, sloppy from the lust burning behind it. There was a stray clack of teeth, and you winced before forgetting about it entirely when Iwai slipped his tongue past your lips. As it fought your own into submission, you couldn’t help but notice the taste that clung to it from the candy, fruity and cloying. His body lay flush against yours, radiating heat through his clothes and only magnifying the heat already rushing through you. His arms caged you in on either side, hands splayed against the wall, and there wasn’t an inch of him you couldn’t feel. The hardest part of him, still standing at eager attention, was especially difficult to ignore.
The passionate kiss didn’t last as long as you might have liked, however. But when Iwai broke away, you could hardly be mad, as his focus turned to your pants. He worked them down and off, hooking his fingers beneath your panties and dragging away, too, until they both dropped to the floor around your ankles. You stepped quickly out of them before Iwai wrapped a firm hand under each of your thighs and lifted, pinning you harder against the wall. He urged you to tuck your legs around his hips, fitting hotly against you, skin-to-skin. You placed your hands on his shoulders, holding tightly, even though you had no fears Iwai might drop you.
When his cock brushed against your lips, welcomingly wet from your hot and bothered state, you couldn’t resist the impulse to buck your hips into his. You groaned in unison, and his hips twitched reflexively in answer. You reached down, taking his length in your hand to guide him closer to your entrance.
“Eager, huh?” Iwai teased, though he didn’t seem to be interested in wasting time either.
With the head of his cock kissing your slit, he pushed forward, sinking in smoothly, halfway at first, before pulling out and driving back home. You moaned and mumbled a few incoherent curses under your breath. The sensation of his cock buried inside you and unmoving even for only a fleeting few seconds made you feel mad with need.
“Iwai, fuck, please, move,” you begged, grinding your hips against his, intentionally squeezing your core around him, trying to entice him to do as you bade.
“Shit. I will, just be patient,” he half-scolded again, though the guttural groan that broke his speech ruined any attempt to sound stern or serious.
He was true to his promise though, pulling out easily and pushing inside with a bit more vigor, and then again, faster and harder, and again and again until his pace was swift and steady. You ground and rocked your hips against him, striving for more of the delicious friction you needed to help you come undone. It was enough on its own though, and the tortuous surge of heat and tension firming in your belly made you cry out, desperate and obscene.
Your cries and enthusiasm only piqued Iwai’s own arousal, and he buried his head in the curve of your neck, grunting and panting hotly against your skin. His rhythm picked up further, and his hands still looped around your thighs gripped harder, making you wonder if they would leave fingerprint-shaped bruises come the next morning. That train of thought was disposed of quickly, though, when Iwai’s husky voice rasped in your ear.
“Go on, you wanted to touch yourself so damn bad earlier. Not like I can stop you now, right?” he growled, and you shivered.
You didn’t need to be told twice, relinquishing half of your grip on his shoulders and making a beeline to between your legs. You brushed your fingers over your swollen clit, rubbing frantic circles, your fingertips sometimes brushing Iwai’s length when he pulled back.
Pushed so close already to the edge from the aching fullness from Iwai’s cock and the tantalizing friction and primal sounds, you didn’t need long. The telltale tenseness in your gut drew almost painfully tight, your muscles tensing along with it, before everything burst and sent you spiraling into bliss. Your cunt clenched around Iwai greedily, fighting to pull him back inside and deeper still.
His groans mingled with yours, muffled where his face rested against your skin. You worked your clit until it was simply too sensitive to go on anymore, leaving your orgasm to ebb away into small, but still pleasurable ripples, your walls continuing to flutter around his cock. Each new thrust into your heat elicited a new noise, a moan or a whimper, each impact sending a shock wave of over sensitivity through you that was both devilish and divine.
When you thought you couldn’t take anymore, though, your cries reaching an airy pitch, Iwai’s pace increased even more, becoming the roughest and quickest so far, before he stuttered against your hips. He came with a few last, hard thrusts, pumping cum into you with each, filling you to the brim with a wet, hot sensation. He groaned bestially against your neck, teeth scraping against your skin as he tried to stifle the sound.
There were several moments of pleasant, sweat silence that followed your orgasms, broken only by labored breathing that slowly became more soft and relaxed. Moments in which you lingered in the afterglow of your passion before coming back down to earth. Iwai slipped of you, some of his cum leaking out and down your thighs as he gingerly retracted your legs from around his waist and settled you onto your feet.
Feeling somewhat weak in the knees, and a little light-headed, you rested against the cool wall for support. It was another minute before you thought you could support yourself without stumbling or your legs buckling. You managed, though, with a slight wavering that was amusing to Iwai, if his gruff, tired chuckle was anything to go by.
“Was that too much to handle?” he jested with a rakish grin, and you rolled your eyes. Though you were unable to resist matching his smile. Iwai glanced at the time, realizing how late it had become during your little rendezvous. “You should probably be getting home. Getting too late to be safe,” he cautioned.
Iwai’s concern was touching, though the fact he had left you a perfect opening was what made your grin widen. “Oh, you think so? Well, if you’re worried about me, why don’t you escort me home? I’m sure I could make up for the trouble.”
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princess-who-resembles-god · 26 minutes ago
Ryuji: why do you deceive me
Goro: when have I ever deceived you?
Ryuji:lists off things*
Goro: okay well those don’t count.
@swampy-427 you fucking ryuji kinnie
Ever seen a ryuji and goro kinnie be best friends??? It results in conversations like these
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detective-lumos · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Inspired by marigolds, written by colbub! Cognitive Akechi really is sly huh?
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randomuser-blog · 33 minutes ago
can Morgana stop being weird about Ann? he is literally a cat
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brightwanderer · 46 minutes ago
Thinking a lot about how Persona 5 really was all “look at the varied romantic relationships you can have! even the ones with questionable age dynamics are pretty wholesome! isn’t that neat!” and I really was like *walks up to the psychotic teenage hitman who wants to murder the protagonist* I want this one.
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Ryuji: Playing chess with Akechi is pretty wild because I’ll move my pawn once and he’ll be like-
Ryuji: “I see you’ve elected to use the Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III defense you absolute buffoon.”
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randomuser-blog · an hour ago
how is Futaba just standing there in her normal attire while it snows and it's like super fucking cold
Tumblr media
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yusuke-of-valla · an hour ago
It occurs to me that the reason Shujin is The Worst might be because it’s either a money laundering scheme for Shido and/or it’s hoping to produce workers who are willing to look the other way when recruited to help with Shido’s plans.
I mean there must be SOME reason the principal of a highschool is reporting to the conspiracy
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randomuser-blog · an hour ago
Persona 5 Royal is just like: you wanna kill a god? we got you
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draconicdeityarts · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yesterday’s doodles. It’s been a while since I got the markers out, but I’m pretty happy with these!
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fruitsamuraii23 · 2 hours ago
btw is it just me or i noticed that akiren reaaally cares about morgana (ofc and others too) like when mona went missing all he could think of is mona and he tells himself how much he’s worried abt him and notice how mona was always with him (playing vidgames, training, making lockpicks and stuffs)
and you guys still call him “no personality” protag smh
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electricprincess96 · 2 hours ago
When you one round a group of enemies with Ann and her quote at the end of the battle is "we all did great" it ends up sounding more passive aggressive than congratulatory. Like come on Joker, Mona, Skull quit slacking!
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p5confessions · 2 hours ago
i personally think that most of the people that akechi killed (bar wakaba isshiki) fucking had it coming. yall are really that worried about anime jeff bezos dying? youre sad that he hurt a cop? youre upset that he murdered the director? all these bitches were corrupt old politicians who had it coming and were actively involved with shido like why are you so invested <3
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ginnyicyidragon · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
My OCs of Persona 5
Serafina ‘Sera’ Price and her uncle, Peter ‘Pete’ Price
Serafina becomes a Phantom Thief in P5 while her uncle was just a supporting OC until he becomes a main OC in Persona 5 Strikers.
Serafina’s mask is based on the Tanuki aka Raccoon Dog. It was inspired by the myths about tanuki and Sly Cooper. Peter’s mask is based a griffin that has eagle like blue jay griffin. His first choice was Blue Jay which was a no from Pete 😆 Make sure to click on their names if you hadn't seen them either of them yet or want to know about them.
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