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Drawing Takuto Maruki as Disney Characters Just to Spite My Sister Challenge: 1 of ??

My sister said my Aladdin AU was “weird” so now this is a thing. We’re starting with 101 Dalmatians, one of my personal favorites! This AU is pretty tame so expect a more scandalous crossover next time.

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With Haru’s excessive trauma of having men controlling her most of her life and it leading to her being really nervous when making friends, especially with boys, and generally opening up about herself, i like to think the way she talks with Makoto- it’s so free form and she speaks, she likes to give her input and Makoto does the same and they can just,, talk to each other and that shows. their dialogue is written so well and i don’t know seeing a girl go through something really horrible but being able to talk with a girl who makes her feel comfy, it’s really comforting to watch and it’s one of my personal favourite parts of the game <3

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