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So I noticed your types from your current "obsession" per se: Goofy, outgoing, dumb jock energy and smart, sweet women. Do you by any chance have any other type ? 馃憖 just curious

O0o0o0o. Very interesting question, anon. Very observant lmao.

I do have another type, yes.

I call it “the badass delinquent who everybody hates but it’s actually a big fucking softie and an actual dork” type.

Traits and appearance may include but not limited to:

Long black hair and a sharp jawline. 🤡


Alex Vause


Lena Luthor


Originally posted by gail-shark


Beyond fictional characters, I present to you:

Hope Solo


Originally posted by soccerforlifenr3


Feel free to add more if you got anymore 👀

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We all die from the same thing: the loss of homeostasis (the internal balance in organisms). We can’t prevent it. We can, however, choose how we lose homeostasis.

We can choose to vape, and smoke, and drink, until our bodies are so wasted they can’t perform effectively. We can choose to engage in behavior that will lead to lung cancer and liver failure.

We can choose to eat high caloric foods and give our body what is doesn’t want or need to perform optimally. We can. It is our choice.

No one will live our lives for us. We have to take charge of our health. We only have one body. While we may not be around forever, we can try to stay around for as long as we can so we can put goodness out into the world.

In the end, we make the decision because we are the ones living in these bodies. We have to think big, and look into the future. We need to ask ourselves if what we are doing will have negative consequences in the future. We need to create a lifestyle for ourselves that our older selves won’t regret. We need to take the long view and really consider our actions.

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There is a twitter storm about a rather abrasive comic / late show host who said something about fat shaming.  I am not saying he is right, or frankly the other side is right.  There is a serious epidemic of obesity in most of the first world.  That is the rich countries, if you are not clear on first, second, and third word jargon.

Being overweight is not good for the human body.  That is a fact.   Medical issues caused by fat are overtaking smoking as a leading cause of death in those countries.  Yes smoking is in a gradual decline but when 70% of American adults are significantly overweight there is a real problem. It is not OK. 

I have never criticized a person or in any way shamed one who is “too heavy.”  I keep quiet on that.  One of my coworkers is about 100 pounds too heavy for his frame size.  He knows it.  He knows he can change it.  He just is not motivated to do so.  I do not blame him or in any way try to make him feel bad about it.  He is intelligent, and very good at his work.

I think it is particularly hard for him as the other people in this office space are either very fit, or very very fit.  One is a runner.  Another is a Martial Arts instructor.  I am a cyclist who rides up mountains.  He tried and succeeded in losing 80 pounds several years ago.  He then gave up on it.  It is more complicated than just a BMI.  I know that.  He knows that.

My issue is the political insistence that this is a mystery.  More studies, more research to find the cause are needed.  Yes white coats need to earn a living.  The truth is that is a smokescreen.  Oh and do not talk about it in public!

If you take a step back there are a few things that are obvious:

It is not genetic! The parents and grandparents and great grandparents of the current generation of overweight people were not as heavy.  Go back one hundred years and the average was skinny.  If it were a genetic trait the rates of obesity would be steady.

Later generations are far less active than earlier ones.  That is very important.  Do not eat like a 19th century farmer unless you work as hard as one.

Large food servings are aggressively marketed as better value.  Restaurants are rated by portion size.  Those servings are always getting bigger. All you can eat is good!  A half gallon Slurpee is a good deal.  30 years ago the idea would be laughed at.

Bad advice is rampant.  Always feel full is the worst one.  Our bodies are designed to survive starvation. You can feel hungry and not panic.

The really tricky part is that each and every person is responsible for themselves.  It is not society or your community it is you.  It is a decision process each person must make.  Being honest about your body is the first step.  The second step is not to go into an emotional spiral, but to do something about it.  Then the decisions fall in order. 

The biggest thing, the most critical, is to realize it is you who must do this. The idea that you can be healthy and very heavy is wrong.  There must be back pressure of some kind to that.  In the most extreme case that is fat shaming.  So is gentle fat shaming an option?  It should not be offensive to ask; “why did you order two Big Macs?”

Fifteen years ago as I approached middle age I was getting pretty heavy.  I was comfortable as a couch potato.  I liked fizzy drinks and there were always a gallon in the fridge.  One day I looked at myself.  For financial reasons I had commuted to work by bike for three years.  I stopped for several years because I was hit by a car and was hurt.  I had seen a stronger fitter person who was then fading into fatness.  I had a big gut and a spare tire.  I was not angry or disgusted with myself, but I was disappointed.

I made a decision.  It was not to lose weight as a goal, but I hoped that was going to be a result.  I started to ride my bike again.  I got rid of the fizzy drinks. I actually made no other changes.  I bought a new rather expensive (at the time) bike which made riding longer easier and also motivated me to ride even more.  I became committed to the sport.  I lost a lot of weight.

I made a decision and now my fitness numbers would be good for a person 40 years younger that I am.  I am still a big person, but I am not fat.  I eat much less than my co-worker does and am and order of magnitude more physically active.  Is my very presence offensive to him?  Some would say so.  I have heard that.  Maybe it was a joke.  Maybe it was serious.  Thin shaming seems to be OK in some circles. (I aint thin either)

I belong to a bike club.  I am the heaviest person there.  I am surrounded by lots of really skinny people.  They are also typically younger.  Should I feel shame because I am bigger than they?  Should I feel shame because I am older?  I do not because I am doing a good job of this thing called fitness.

I have seen a lot of tumblr sites for people on the weight loss journey who have lots of photos of food.  Too much quinoa and avocado is still too much.  I could not eat some of those salads at 196 lbs and 6 ft 1inch.  Obsession is obsession.  Be gentle with it.

It should not be shame nor should it be encouragement to be any given size.  You should be honest about it.  It is your body.  You have one shot at this.

Please respect your own life.

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Fuckin sick of people giving their opinion of my facial piercings without being fucking asked. THANK YOU for the backhanded compliments and the unsolicited advice of how to make myself more attractive.

The piercings are here to stay. And I’ll get as many as I fucking want. Because you know what? It doesn’t affect my personality or the fact I have more fucking manners than most strangers telling me to take the metal out.

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My top 3 movies of 2018

3: Avengers Infinity War

A Brilliant movie. Never expected to understand nor sympathise with Thanos. A really good movie well worth the 10 Yr wait

Excellsior ❤️


2: Thor Ragnarok

Seriously funny.. Who would have thought the God of Thunder was a comedian.. Love every minute of this movie 😂


My number 1 of 2018 is:


A controversial choice. Most ppl walked out o this movie at the Cannes film festival. I can see why but…

It’s amazing, funny, dark, twisted and indescribably beautiful. Well worth it. I highly recommend this movie!


Marvellous 👏👏👏

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Some things are more important than money. We all have priorities, and we all make choices. Yes, sometimes there is real discrimination, and that should be called out whenever there is clear evidence it has occurred. However, we should not be too quick to assume that this is the only possible reason for differences in the situations of autonomous individuals.

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Due to various reasons, I’m going with a new name. May be subject to change later, and my info pages do have the first name added somewhat, idk if I’ll eventually completely get rid of the name Credence but I am of the position that in canon should be allowed to get rid of it, eventually, given that it is a name given to him by his abuser, so.

Say hello to Aurelius Blackwood.

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The other day I got asked what I thought was the most iconic scene in a film that I’ve watched and I think they were expecting something like the scene in Titanic when Rose lets Jack go or something but I went with the scene from Shrek 2… ya know, the one where Shrek is tryna break into the castle to stop Prince Charming kissing Fiona - it’s iconic to me anyway 😅 but they did agree with me so! 😂


Originally posted by my-beautiful-wickedness

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This game is amazing, and I’m addicted to the songs. I had to make a list of VAs I’d pick to voice our main characters.


Originally posted by iamprikle

Mae Borowski: Michaela Dietz 

She can give us the aggressivity, sadness and happiness we’d like to hear from our feline protagonist.

Gregg Lee: “Weird Al” Yankovic 

He can sing, parody and voice act! A triple threat in the best way possible!

Angus Delaney: Troy Baker

Do I have to clarify this one? His voice is a charm talking or singing.

Bea Santello: Ingrid Nilson 

Bea is either a Goth or a Punk, and Maud Pie’s voice is perfect. If we’d hear her voice in Bea, we’d probably get a glimpse of how she’d sound with a bit more “excitement” in her voice.

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I originally saw this on FB, and wanted to share the link here because it’s a great video that addresses that there’s so much the average non-Muslim person (I’m including myself in that btw) doesn’t know about the traditions and culture. It’s great to see these ladies addressing their personal choices and showing that it’s not all sound bites from Fox ‘n Friends or whatever the British equivalent is. 

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I know you’re probs only taking small simple prompts atm, but could you consider writing a bechloe fic where Beca cheats on Chloe with a man, they break up but after all the angst Chloe forgives her and they get together again? Xx

Um..well I’m not a big fan of writing ‘cheating’ fics anon.

Yes, I’m only taking small prompts at the mo that don’t describe the storyline of a one shot - mostly to keep my followers wondering what the one shot is about, and also to keep my creative spirit a’flowin’ (as I’m sure many of you may have noticed by the 3 to 4 short one shots I’ve been able to kick out so far even though I’ve had a long day at work today too)

So as much as I appreciate you sending in a prompt anon, I don’t feel comfortable writing it.

But do give some of the other bechloe authors a go 👍 or maybe even give the writing a go yourself? No harm in trying 🤗 I’m always keen for people to try writing fan fiction!

Hope you have a lovely rest of the day!

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Writing the dissertation has been extremely exhausting. I still have some things to finish up and then next week to send it in, but tomorrow I have an exam (which i didn’t take last time) and I am not even sure I will pass this time.

I am not sure if I would be mad if I didn’t pass and didn’t get to sustain my dissertation this year or simply be relaxed because I am done with everything.

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