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#personal growth
ivemanifest16 hours ago
馃晩Becoming Your Manifestation馃晩
When we finally decide that the separation no longer exist, these key points are important to remember
馃尶Scripting is no longer scripting, it is called journaling
馃尶Affirmations are no longer affirmations, it is called facts about me
馃尶Visualizing is no longer visualizing, it is called memories
More free spiritual manifestation guidance here
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hearthpixie4 months ago
Healing is a constant state. You don't have to be "fully healed" to give or receive love, to chase after that dream, or to get yourself to that next level.
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adviceformefromme4 months ago
Honour the little girl inside of you, the little girl that was abused, hurt, abandoned, who felt she was never enough. Let her feel safe, let her know she is loved, tell her everyday. Make her feel so special, she deserves it, keep her clean and warm and nourish her with the nutritious foods. Let her feel free. Let her embrace the things she loved doing, skating in the park, jumping on the trampoline, painting, running, swimming, making sandcastles, girly sleepovers, making stories, playing dressup. It might sound silly, it might sound irrelevant but honouring the little kid inside of you is going to bring you so much joy and fulfilment. That little version of you, still exists, and deserves to be honoured. Give yourself the love and care, and joy that was stolen from you as a child.
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cancer-son5 months ago
If the universe put you in a challenging situation, just know that you鈥檙e meant to be there. Learn from it, grow from it - it will not only make you a stronger person but it will also open new horizons for yourself.
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idee-montijo3 months ago
Tumblr media
The Raven
Photo by @idee-montijo | Kilimanjaro National Park, 2013. I really like how the natural light picks up an iridescent blue in the raven's black feathers. We all bear a beautiful light, even in our darkest features.
Live that expedition life with Idee Explores - Idee is an expedition photographer documenting discovery and field science with a focus on conservation and sustainability. Find her portfolios here.
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hearthpixie2 months ago
馃尵 You are allowed to unlearn parts of you that do not align with who you are now 馃尵
馃拰 You are allowed to re-evaluate your beliefs
馃崈 You are allowed to change your mind
馃 You are allowed to redefine your identity
鈽锔 You are allowed to let go of behaviors and habits that hinder your growth
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strangesigils8 months ago
Tumblr media
"I Have The Energy To Improve"
I can think of a page-full of ways to use this sigil, so I'll put only a couple here, but as always I encourage everybody who uses my sigils to feel free to get creative with how you use it, because the possibilities are limitless.
You can keep this in your workspace you use to practice the thing you wish to improve on You can keep this on yourself You can put this on a cup of coffee or other drink You can draw or tape this onto a mirror you use frequently
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michaelbogilda month ago
I am here to tell you (and I really want you to listen and take this in) that all of your negative and self-limiting beliefs, every single damn one of them, has absolutely NOTHING to do 鈥 at all 鈥 with reality as it actually is, with the truth, with the facts, yes know this, zero, zip, zilch, goose-egg, nuclear squadoosh, so for God sakes, begin to really believe in yourself, begin to dream with wonder again, tell yourself that you love yourself, that you have what it takes, that the future is not the past, and that everything is possible for you, especially with the right mindset, and THAT you will create, day by day, step-by-step, affirmation by affirmation, positively certain that everything will get better, that you will grow stronger, that more order will begin to arise, that more meaning will be felt, that more love will be received and given, and that more blessings will come into your life鈥 for this鈥s all鈥ossible. FUCK YEAH!
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