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#personal log
bashircore · a day ago
i love how u can list episodes of star trek by what their basic plot is and they look like you’re exaggerating but ur not like
- the ds9 communism episode
- the one where spocks brain gets stolen
- trip tucker mpreg episode
- janeway tom paris lizard sex episode
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willlikesfish · 2 days ago
fuck dc jason and damian love their mom and she loves them
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polygon-draws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a cat showed up from out of nowhere and started meowing at my window around the afternoon. idk if she's one of the street cats i used to feed before but it seemed she wasn't afraid of me at all.
i gave her some catfood, of course, she ate, hung around a bit and left. later on, around dinner time, she popped back in again omfg
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leehallfae · 4 months ago
disney’s first gay characters should unionize
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sufjannatural · 2 months ago
i like watership down because it has wonderful worldbuilding & parts that strike genuine fear into my heart but my favorite part is when the bunnies settle down in their new home and hazel is like this isn’t going to work. and all the bunnies are like why hazel? and he goes WE HAVE NO FUCKING WOMEN
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tribbleclefs · 7 months ago
(to the tune of YMCA) Brunt, FCA
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deepspaceclawstation · 5 months ago
Kinda mad at people who reply to a valid critique of the sexist 'lone woman at the top' trope in a show with "But they gave us strong female characters 😌😊" like you all know that isn't the point, the point literally is that women should not have to sacrifice their relationships (especially with other women) for their careers like I swear sometimes I feel like I'm talking to people in a completely different wave of feminism than me
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starcrossed-perceivers · 2 months ago
Every time a trek fan says they hate a character I like for x reason I’m like “oh right. I just considered that to be out of character and therefore not canon to me”
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bashircore · 2 days ago
ok i don’t mean to bully dominic keating and i mean this in the most loving way but i saw an interview where he said he has played a lot of gay characters because he “guesses he’s good at it” and. I’m sorry but sir i think it’s just becuase you look Like That i don’t think your skill at acting gay characters has anything to do with it although I’m sure you’re quite good at it i think you just get cast as gay people people you just look Really Really Gay
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willlikesfish · 19 hours ago
Damian never admits it but the warmest place at Nanda Parbat was in his mother’s arms
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keanu-reeves · 3 months ago
me straight up lying in the “hobbies” section of the CV to seem more interesting and less like a loser
Tumblr media
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kaijudick · a month ago
the thing is that when well-meaning cis people ask "what are your preferred pronouns" they never offer their own pronouns in exchange, and they don't ask anyone who isn't visibly gender nonconforming. Instead of "normalizing" sharing pronouns, what this actually does is train cis people to 1) look for and 2) single out trans people in public in order to perform allyship in a way that is mostly self gratifying. and then they'll still misgender you
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deepspaceslime · a month ago
Tumblr media
Weyoun 6 is so special
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demongoth · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
living by this from now on
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leehallfae · 7 months ago
ok but the way he’s Both of them in this part of the mv??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
idk it just embodies the whole concept of gay self hatred and self condemnation so well... the way we punish ourselves and it runs so deep we end up thinking we deserve it..... God....
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captain-picard · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
hello WHAT is this ad
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jimkirkachu · 6 months ago
I chopped off my hair today for the first time in 20 years--so I did a new Picrew to celebrate. And the one I found is AWESOME!! 😃🖖🌈💫🪐🌟🛰🌙🚀💙💛
Tumblr media
I am hereby tagging: ANYBODY who wants to make their own Starfleetsona! 🥰🖖
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