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#personal post

Me: I’m a beast, a heartless motherfucker, a chaotic bastard, an angry mess, an aggressive asshole-


Me, sobbing: I just want to pet him I love him so mu

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Have we talked about how The Masked Singer feels like something out of The Hunger Games and I can’t explain why?

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For those of you on my side of the pond who celebrate, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. If not, I still hope it was a kick ass Thursday instead. 💕

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Two shows in a little over a week?! Granted, they were both only one season long, but. Anyway, this is another “Katelyn binged a tv show and is now going to make a post about it” post. This time it’s The Queen’s Gambit. It was phenomenal, from the acting to the writing and everything else; it was *so* good.

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