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#personal stuff

Anyway while i was looking through my photobucket account to dig up old stuff I found these of the horse I once owned and me back in 2010 :’)

Her name is Shakira, she was actually a welsh pony breed but somehow grew to tall xD Also yes we did a cute pose in front of a dung heap what of it.

I still miss her, hope she’s happy with whoever she is now.

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I’m not sure if want to cry because I’m upset or because I’m relieved, but either way, I feel endlessly sad because I just had to drop one of my master’s courses at uni because of my anxiety

Of course, the good thing is that I get to write my master’s thesis after the summer (thankfully!) and I only have to take an extra course either during the autumn semester or the spring semester next year (so that I get enough points)

But I’m still really upset about having to drop out of a course due to not being able to handle it mentally. I mean, I was to determined to succeed, and it just sucks having to throw in my towel and accept that I couldn’t do it 

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One of the foster cats is sleeping in my bed for the first time… Thought for sure he’d leave when I got in bed as well but he didn’t and just went back to sleep

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i HATE!!! CRYSTAL PEAK!!!!!!!!! i keep dying and i hate those stupid crystal shooting little bitches hate hate hate hate

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“Here’s the link to the pdf with all the info, you can ask questions in class” BITCH DO YOU REALLY THINK WE CAN MAKE THIS ALL OUT ON OUR OWN. 


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Being busy just too much… Hopefully I’ll get to reply all waiting people this week

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This is such a sweet ask🥺

Hmm… what are 5 things that never fail to make me happy?

I guess the first would be, like, being with my family and/or friends. Especially if it’s anout some kind of festivity.

Then, I’d say… going somewhere with a view andbjust sotting down and looking at it woth some good music in my headphones. But by view I mean both like, a landscape, and something that’d be considered mundane like the trees getting red and rusty in autumn or the snowdrops coming out around this time.

Ngl, getting good grades mever really fails to make me happy too🤣

Neither does hearing/reading a comment about someone who in one aay or another appreciates something I did, be it something I said or my last fic. It feels good to know something you did made someone else feel better. I like that feeling.

Also, I’m a very picky reader. But ai’m just as picky with my movies too. So I’d say finally finding a good book/fic/movie makes menreally happy😆

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tagged by @batsinurbelfrey i love you

last song: uhhh… icarus by bastille

last movie: avengers age of ultron

reading: right now really nothing, im technically 2 pages into firefly big damn heros

currently craving: Sleep. Sleep more sleep a lot of sleep

tagging @oetterbopper

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Hi I use to a band blog account back in 2015 when I was 15 years old…. I’m now 20 and wanting to come back and we’ll things have changed I’m starting to learn about myself and taking care of myself more… follow me on my journey as I talk about my day, emotions, creative thought as well as my physical/mental health!!!

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So I’ve been showing KH to a couple of friends and we were talking about it after a little bit when we finished CoM today and one of them after we finished talking literally was like “You know now that I’m seeing KH and know how much of an impact it had on you when you were younger you getting this into SW makes a lot of sense” and I hate how right he is because he’s right KH is just Star Wars except instead of Lightsabers we have Keyblades I cannot believe I was this called out by him.

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i feel like i need to talk with a psychiatrist or a therapist really badly hahaha


Originally posted by heartsnmagic

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😔 😔 😔 😔 

feeling really sad. not going to keep whining about it but just letting that be clear. sad hours.

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asriel tutorial anon ur not spamming or anything, i just don’t feel up for talking too much at times + i’ve been busy with some personal matters/a few projects

i do want answer ur asks I just don’t have the energy/mindspace, i’m terribly sorry! and thank you for your kind words. i’m really upset about Texas and that awful evil governor but otherwise i’m alright mostly, all things considered i’m doing pretty ok. (might have some health issues i’m not getting into, but again, i’m just happy to have power and be in a better state that the recent ice age lmao)

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That feel when you can’t tell whether your anxiety is lying to you or if you really did screw something up aaaaaa

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