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#personal thought


just wanna put my insight.

This song hits the feeling of one-sided love. Sobrang ganda eh, you know what? Even I never experienced the situation of what Moira’s says to the song. It could turn into something that you would say “ouch”

You’ll realize the fact that when you enter into a relationship you should act matured eh. Kasi kung hindi? Talagang ikaw kawawa sa huli eh. Ang hirap kasi na ikaw yung kailangan pero hindi ikaw yung mahal. Anyone can be hurt or worse become miserable. Marami kasi talagang nasasaktan in terms of love. We can’t deny that, ‘coz we know that love is part of life.

Stop giving hopes. Stop people make confuse. Stop being playful in love. If you’re staying because you need them, then it does not love. U didn’t love the person, u just love the things that he/she can give/provide to you.

Anyway, let us be matured in terms of love. Know your worth. Naniniwala naman ako eh na bawat isa ay mahahanap yung tunay para sa kanila.

I hate seeing people crying. Totoo yan! Ang hirap kayang umiyak duh! Kaya sana sa lahat ng taong nasaktan, HINDI KA SAYANG. Sadyang nalaman mo lang yung halaga mo.

No hate! Spread love. Keep Safe!

-mjmu 112020

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I just read BSD wan chap 114 (here’s the link if anyone interests: I just laugh how Atsushi accused Akutagawa of avoiding his eyes while he was the one to shut his eyes right before saying that (and Akutagawa had to order so he had to look away). And then when Akutagawa called for larger meal than Atsushi, Atsushi called him competitive but then got competitive and the two just started these childish game (Atsushi was also the one to start every games). Man Atsushi is really competitive when it comes to Akutagawa 😂

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I passed out from drinking again.

It took me an hour to remember why I stopped giving away my energy time, and time, and time again. Circumstances and ruling kit basised opinions matter because of the misconceptions that I have usually implied on other people.

Stress rules in to environment, opportunities, and initial reaction as a respondent to both sides of availability. So where does self care chimes in? Doing the best that’s possible, desiring the result without a melt down of how you aren’t already in the shoes of success (confidence).

I still think about someone at random times. I’m still suspecting this is mutual since when I do move on, there’s always a lingering feel.

Checked a song on their page since I senses there might be a pattern of song lyrics making a message when I’m around prevalent to the relationship.

Music means a lot to me. So seeing the playlist someone forms matters a lot to me when I get a chance to see it.

If this person hates me, then my deed is unfortunately done.

The transformation continues…

Blessed be ~ xoxo ~ KQ

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Driving me into a vivid path and opening my eyes to truer colors, making it that much clearer that I’m doing the right thing. Motivating me to excel and do more greater things for myself. Giving me the insight to what true “value” means and the distinction between trust and dishonesty. Life lessons, I thank you… the little signs, I’m grateful… fallen paths, I’m forever in your debt.
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I think parents should really have some common sense to apologize to kids when they’re wrong or they hurt their kids.

Like, my mom is my biggest blessing and I know she loves me more than she loves herself but sometimes she disregards her own mistakes easily by making up to me in various ways. Like no, I want your apology mom. Not because I feel like I’m above you because I’m not and respect you too much to ever think that way. It’s because you make me feel sure you’ve realized your own mistakes and you value me as equal who deserves apology as another human being. I love you, but it hurts sometimes to see that you have too much pride in yourself to admit your mistake out loud by simply apologizing.

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Sunday, October 25, 2020 - 6:14am

I spent the night at a hotel away from home in order to gain some clarity. Most of the hours were consumed by deep conversations with a friend about life, goals, regrets, and dreams. I got a total of about four hours of sleep and woke up just at the peak of sunrise.

I used to love sunsets more, and I still do think it’s one of the most alluring times of the day, when light meets dark and the sun kisses the moon good night. However, I am seeing the calm that sunrise brings. The light that comes through and breaks that darkness and slumber. It’s such a rare sight to see and when the light dawns on a new day I can’t help but feel this overwhelming warmth of joy and hope, that perhaps this is my reset button time and time again.

This is my chance to do what I couldn’t do yesterday or the many moons before so.. embrace it.

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If you can make somebody, anybody’s day better, even ONE.. then making a fool out of yourself for the latter half is so ridiculously fucking worth it. 

Go out and tell a stranger they’re beautiful (in a non-creepy way), tell the whole world that they are special and loved. Gentle reminders to yourself can be gentle reminders to those around you so don’t ever doubt what you do or put out into the cosmos. You’re making a difference in some shape or form, even if it’s just for your own personal journey and that in itself is pretty amazing. ;)

- Joyce

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I’m getting to this point in my life where I don’t want to be a people pleaser anymore. I didn’t even think I was until recently when I realized I was still trying to prove to the people I use to hang out with that I was cooler and better looking and not as weird as I was in high school. Like I befriended this girl I considered a best friend back in school when she got sober even though when we were friends she was always really mean to me, talked bad about me behind my back, let her friends talk down on me, etc. and I realized I was still pinning for her to think I’m cool and I’ve come to realize that’s the truth for several of my rekindle relationships with people I use to know well. I don’t want that for myself anymore, I don’t want to be stuck in this past where I’m constantly trying to prove myself to be worthy of other people’s love and attention when they clearly don’t care to this day. I just want to be myself even if that person is the weird quiet girl that has no friends bc I’m not that little high schooler anymore and anyone that wants to be my friend will make an effort to and will like me as exactly who I am and not who I present myself as.

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I had a sweet boy I was talking to and we got really close. we talked every day, and it was so nice to be mutually showered in affection. one day he went through this severe depressive episode and he communicated that he’s not entirely ready for a relationship. I initiated that it would be best if we remain friends for the time being…he got upset but ultimately he understood and agreed. Now I haven’t heard from him in a week… I really miss him.

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138.9 - fuck yes!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped on the scale this morning 🤩🤩🤩 was very happy with that. Yesterday I only finished off my daughters leftovers, and tasted the food I was cooking for the household, I didn’t actually have a proper meal anywhere 😶 oh and my husband last night decided he wanted Hungry Jacks which came to the door while my girl was still awake. And so I told him not to bring it into our room, so he ate outside… and then comes back in when she fell asleep with a cheeseburger 😩 which I had a few bites and then decided I didn’t want the bread, just the patty, cheese and sauce and pickle 😂🤦‍♀️🐷🐽 so even though it resulted in a loss this morning, I still need to work on my self control. It’s a hot day today - I’m doing a stovetop grill for dinner with chicken, veggie strips and potato salad for dinner. And I’ve just made myself a green salad now with heaps of corriander and chilli with some leftover bbq chicken. So if I only eat that tonight, I should at the very minimum maintain the loss I’ve just had!

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@rockshortage I was originally just gonna send an ask, but there ended up being too much to fit

So I was thinking about Hector losing his arm at the plant, and what got me thinking was that even if he already has another arm ready to go back at his base, he can’t just leave nuka world to go get it. Not only that, but Mason and Mags can’t know that his arm is gone, and neither can the raiders, so he has to pretend he still has it while excusing why he has to do things one handed, maybe by faking just a broken arm and shoving something into his coat arm

But he also can’t leave bc one of the gangs literally just betrayed him, and he has to get everyone back under control before he can even think about leaving. Probably can’t send Gage to get it cause he needs his help - not just with his is missing arm, but with the gangs - probably can’t send Butch to get it since he (and likely Gage) probably doesn’t trust them enough, so he’s either gotta wait until he can leave, or try to grow a new one at the grille

But then that might take even longer to do, because he doesn’t have his lab equipment, his tools, or all of the “ingredients” he needs to get it done. Plus, there’s always the possibility that one of the raiders (Lizzie, most likely) could find out about it, so he has to really weigh and debate if it’s worth it to send Gage to go get an arm from a place that’s likely hidden and/or pretty far away - while also keeping it from getting damaged or rotting on the way - or if it would be better to gather everything he needs and set up a smaller version of his limb growing tank inside the grille (in the little pantry next to the kitchen, maybe? Inside one of the two bathrooms?)

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