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sixresults-blog · 7 months ago
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ta9973 · 2 days ago
Curtains Vs Blinds - Advantages And Disadvantages
Blinds and curtains (or drapes) have been two very popular styles of window treatments over the years, with many homeowners selecting options from one or the other for their homes. However, what is the better option you might ask. Let’s see what they both offer in terms of advantages and disadvantages.
Design possibilities – While both provide great aesthetics, curtains offer many more options and many design possibilities, where you can match different types of fabrics, colours or even prints. You can even get customised prints for your curtains which add a touch of personalisation. However, unlike curtains in Sydney, Blinds don’t really offer many design options, except variations in colour, fabrics etc.
Light & Privacy control – Both blinds and curtains provide great control of both light and privacy, as you have the options of opening and closing them according to your specific requirements.  
Energy Efficiency – Curtains tend to provide greater insulation and therefore bigger savings in terms of energy consumption than blinds. This is because you can line curtains or get very thick fabrics that insulate the room. The other reason is that curtains cover the entire length and width of your window with no gaps for air to escape, unlike blinds.
Cost – Blinds are far less costly than curtains, because in order to cover large windows or get effective insulation you will need to have more fabric, which can increase your costs. Blinds are one of the most cost-effective window coverings around and ideal for those on a low budget.
Cleaning and maintenance – Blinds are far easier to clean than curtains in Sydney, as curtains will need to be completely removed, washed or dry cleaned and reinstalled. This process also takes a lot of time. With blinds a simple vacuum on a daily basis will keep them looking clean and new.
Safety – Both these options have cords for operating which can cause a safety hazard for young children and pets, however with blinds you can go for a motorised option which removes this risk altogether.
Durability – Blinds tend to be far more durable than curtains, since curtains can fade and will need to be replaced far sooner than anticipated.
Since both these types of window coverings have pros and cons, for those looking for the ideal blinds and shutters in Sydney for their home, it is really a personal choice and what their specific requirement calls for. Most interior experts recommend combining both blinds and curtains to get a more efficient functionality and greater aesthetics.
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byliving · 4 days ago
Advantages of Decorative Wall Hooks in Australia
Tumblr media
Wall hooks are the definition of being organised. They are often used in areas such as kitchens, entry foyers, washrooms and so on. With the advent of minimalism, these are becoming quite the rage. 
If you are in Australia, you may notice that interior designers try to usually include these in their layout. But, these aren’t regular hooks, they have a higher aesthetic appeal and are referred to as decorative hooks. The best part about them is that they are available in various unique designs. Moreover, different materials can be used to construct an accent piece for your interiors. Additionally, these are often a low-budget investment when compared to shelves and cupboards. 
Before you go all out to look for decorative hooks in Australia, you need to know that they aren’t just charming but also provide innumerable advantages. Some of these are discussed below:
Decorative wall hooks in Australia are a part of the minimalistic aesthetic because they promote decluttering. With these in your home or commercial space, being organised is a guarantee. They provide a place for most things and therefore, there will no longer be hats, coats, mugs and other personal items lying around the place. You can ensure that ultimately you get a neat space that is elegant and attractive.
More than anything else, there is one thing that makes wall hooks the go-to for everybody, it is their versatility. Decorative wall hooks in Australia are not only attractive but just as useful. They can be used to hang a number of things from kitchen utensils to clothes. Hence, they can be inculcated in your living room, office, lounges, kitchen or bathroom. This makes them highly versatile, such that they can fulfill your requirements and promote organisation at every place. They can also be used in retail stores to display items while creating an appealing ambience.
Character Building
The best part about decorative wall hooks is that these can be used to display personality traits in your interiors. You can use them as accent pieces for hanging personal items that give your interiors a bit of a personalised feel. Apart from this, the design you choose also speaks a lot about your style preferences.
Investing in decorative wall hooks in Australia will make your space look larger. While shelves and cupboards consume space, wall hooks are compact and easy to hang anywhere. You can save up on space and fill up your interiors with other interesting things. 
If you are looking for decorative wall hooks in Australia, By Living is the ultimate destination. Browse our collection and shop at our store.
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showerscreenseals · 12 days ago
Why are Frameless Shower Screens Popular Amongst Consumers and Experts Alike?
The domain of interior designing has long embraced the sleek elegance of minimalism. The frameless shower screens are a trending home renovation project. It offers many advantages over traditionally fitted ones. Installations of these items often require careful planning during the early stages of designing the bathroom and home renovation.
What is so Unique about Frameless Shower Glass?
Metal framing, hardware, and brush brass handles are the most distinctive features of glass showers. Traditionally, framed glass showers use rubber, metal, or other materials to secure the glass along its edges. Frameless glass doors blend seamlessly with any bathroom style and decor. Moreover, it offers unobstructed transparency.
Frameless glass doors come without any frames to rely on. Thus, manufacturers use a thicker variety of tempered glass to ensure its durability and functionality. It features an extensive range of features that offers numerous advantages beyond its aesthetic appeal. Some of them are –
Contemporary Aesthetic Appeal
Frameless shower doors have garnered immense popularity amongst people who prefer minimalist design. Many consumers suggest that framed glass doors often look bulky with metal or rubber seals, while the frameless ones give off modern, sleek, and trendy aesthetics. Upon eliminating the hardware, it imparts a spa-like appeal that is a luxurious touch. Consumers often opine installation of these screens enhances the aesthetic appeal of the home.
Corrosion Free
Homeowners most often replace their regular metal-framed shower doors due to corrosion. Frameless glass doors come without any metal hardware, thereby eliminating all risks of erosion. Thus, owners can save much on long-term replacement expenditures. Moreover, the product often looks fresh and new for many years to come.
Unlike conventional doors that are mass-produced, frameless shower doors feature full customization. Thus, dealers can fit the products according to the needs of the home.
Consumers are always searching for fresh and trending aesthetic decor. They often strive to implement inspiring techniques of upscaling their residential and commercial properties. Experts suggest bathroom renovation as one of the most popular and effective home improvement projects. Customers often flock to established businesses dealing in frameless glass showers to embrace and make the most out of this minimalist design.
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sedarglabal · 15 days ago
Why wooden blinds are top choice for both traditional and modern spaces
Wood has a special place in human history and has been widely used for a long time for a variety of purposes. Wooden window blinds have long been a popular choice for interior stylists the world over. Elegant yet practical, they have an impressive durability. This lends them perfectly to use with children or in high-traffic environments while also injecting a premium feel into any room.
Consistent with this trend, the use of wood in making window treatment products is nothing unheard of. In fact, window coverings made from wood are massively popular due to both their utility and their aesthetic sublimity. If yo are looking for the best window blinds bahrain then Sedar is for you. Wood is a natural material and has its own distinct advantages.
Wood is a resilient material and hence is quite durable. This durability ensures that you don’t have to invest in window treatments frequently. The wooden blinds will last you for a long time and probably outlast window coverings in your house which are made from fabric. This longevity also makes these blinds very cost-effective in the long run even though these are a tad more expensive than fabric blinds.
Along with the different shades, you can personalise your look further with different textures. For example, our Glacier White Wooden Blinds are entirely smooth – ideal for those with minimalistic or modern style. In contrast, and if you’re willing to move over to faux wood options (which we’ll go into in more detail later), take a look at the True White Grain Faux Wood Blinds. Here, each slat has been finished to resemble natural wood, complete with a gently embossed grain pattern. Choose your texture to suit the other accessories in your home and the particular look you’re aiming for.
Easy to Maintain
High-quality wooden blinds require minimal maintenance. Every homeowner hates to spend time and resources doing tiresome maintenance-related tasks. They are also extremely easy to install. You don’t need an expert to install it for you.Furthermore, it’s easy to clean wooden blinds. You just need to dust them once or twice a week using either microfibre or a feather duster. This is enough to remove dust and keep it fresh. You can use warm water and a cotton duster when it’s stained.
Excellent Thermal Insulation
The reason your home loses so much heat through windows is that your windows have poor insulation. What’s the best way to reduce heat loss through windows? Invest in quality wooden blinds.Wood is a better insulator than glass. It has the best insulating properties, so by choosing it, you will keep your home warm and comfortable during winter. They help reduce energy consumption. The insulating properties of the wooden blinds will not only keep your home warm during cold season but also keep it cool in the hot season.During hot seasons, the thick wooden slats block out sun rays and ensure its only cool air circulates in your home. The fact that it keeps your home comfortable through all seasons, and does it well makes it a good investment.
Regardless of your home design and interior décor, using wood blinds for windows is a great option. Apart from it being a unique feature of the room, it also makes your home cozy. The Sedar blinds dubai Wooden blinds are durable than other wooden blinds and require little maintenance.
Wooden blinds are a firm favourite here at Sedar global Blinds and we’re sure you can see why. From their durability through to the luxurious finish, they have something to offer every single room. And, a versatility that ensures they’ll continue to be popular for many years to come. If you’re looking for high-quality wooden blinds dubai, we sedar have an extensive range of made-to-measure options available on our website today. Contact us today and let our helpful advisors point you in the right direction. You’ll create the home you’ve dreamed of in no time at all.
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sunteaflower · 24 days ago
Bedroom Tips
The cutting-edge decorative technique is actually the spot of the mattress in the details particular niche that may be defined due to the distinguishing to the entire interior decoration. If it is actually achievable to develop the room along with an unique bathtub that is actually implied merely for managers of the room, it will definitely be actually wonderful. Certainly not simply healthful design, nevertheless similarly the dressing desk along with self-governing illuminated up changeable mirrors will certainly be actually set there certainly. See more here.
A vast bedroom can easily be actually placed much coming from the wall surfaces if the bed room dimensions enable. The origin of such a selection remains in our subconsciousness that needs a safeguarded, also symbolically, area for sleeping.
Tumblr media
Depending on to the personalised, the bed room is actually split up as well as is actually invested some of the quiet as well as much component of your house, nevertheless at will, one may furthermore plan right here an office that will not allow the homes to "stand up abandoned" in the daytime or even the drawing-room. (Due to the strategy, the location to always keep garments is just one of the key elements of the bed room. Even when it is actually feasible to set up a various clothes closet, it will far better to position it beside the bed room.
The personality of your room, that psychological state of thoughts that it creates, significantly relies on the accomplishing reps, and also unbelievably, certainly not merely their decorative, having said that additionally their functional premiums mould the wrapping up ambience. Generally, folks aim to make use of noise-insulating components for bed rooms. Visit:
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photompau · 29 days ago
If you're looking for an easy way to make your bedroom look more interesting
If you're looking for an easy way to make your bedroom look more interesting, try using a moon lamp. These lamps have been around for a very long time, dating back as far as the 1930s. They are great decorative touches in any room and add a soft glow to the environment. Read on for some information about these unique lamps, as well as some tips on how to choose the right one for your home. moon lamp
The first step in choosing a moon lamp is finding one you like. Since there are literally hundreds of different moon designs available today, this is quite a challenge! To help you find one that will work well in your home, here's a quick guide to picking out your next lamp. It has 8 different RGB colors that you can cycle through in its Touch Control mode, or by using its remote control.
* If you love nature and the outdoors, then a moon lamp with a wildlife design would absolutely love you. These come with many different options, such as different animals, birds, flowers, trees, or even rustling leaves. With a beautiful background such as this, your lamp would absolutely spark up the room and make it feel like you're in the great outdoors. A great design would include a bear or tiger.
* If you love stars and personalised moon lamp the night sky, then you'll absolutely love a night sky moon lamp. There are literally hundreds of designs available, so you're sure to find one that suits your personal preferences. Some of them feature a collection of different constellations, while others are simply inspired by the moon. Either way, they're a beautiful addition to any home. Try putting one in each room!
* Those who love a more organic feel can find original moon lamp with wooden frames that feature natural materials. They come in a variety of natural colors, including brown, black, and many others. This kind of lamp would definitely match anything that's outdoorsy, and would be just as much fun to display in an interior space as it is to use in the outdoors.
* While most people go all out during the holiday season, some of us still want to bring joy into our homes without going over the top. That's why a lovely moon lamp by itself is so refreshingly different. You can actually get a beautiful lamp with a snowman on it as well! This would be the ultimate Christmas gift for anyone, anywhere, and it would certainly add to the theme. photo moon lamp
There are literally hundreds of different designs available to choose from, so no matter your personal style, there's a moon-light design that's perfect for you. Moon lights are generally small enough that they can easily fit on tables, mantles, shelves, and practically any other flat surface you might have in your home. So if you're looking for a special touch without being a little bit extravagant, then the best option for you is to purchase an original moon lamp or even a new light for every night of the year.
Regardless, of which moon lamp or lights you choose, you're sure to find lots of great things to enjoy, both while you're decorating and once you're done. You can easily find moon lights on sale, or perhaps pick up a bargain at a flea market, second hand store, or online retailer. You'll definitely end up having a lot of fun while improving your home decor, while adding a wonderful little extra to your home environment. No matter what kind of moon lamp or unique lights you choose to buy, you're sure to appreciate them for years to come.
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simmyseo · a month ago
Sliding Wardrobes
Sliding Wardrobes
A fabulous collection of sliding wardrobes is available at genuinely attractive prices. JR Interiors is a market leader in UK. We are manufacturer and installer of high-quality bedroom designs at affordable prices. Personalise your wardrobe space with our extensive range of awesome designs.  The bedroom is a foremost area of your home. You will be extra careful to every part of your bedroom. Our sliding wardrobe doors are just tailor-made to fit perfectly in your bedroom. These neat wardrobes will serve as a storage solution as well as a decorative element.
Customised Sliding Wardrobe Doors
We offer sliding wardrobes in tonnes of different sizes, colours, and finishes. You can just pick up the one you like and we will do rest. Select the combination of door panels, interiors, and frames of your own choice. The designs are developed with high-quality guaranteed materials. Technical expertise meets beauty at JR interior designs of sliding wardrobe doors. With our affordable sliding wardrobes, you will be enjoying durability, convenience, and style. We have developed a range sliding doors that will need least efforts from you to run and maintain.
Contemporary Wardrobes
Sliding doors are the modern wardrobe doors which give a stylish appearance to your bedroom. Contemporary interiors of your sleeping room will have a perfect companion in this type of closets. The simple linings in vogue will be beautifully combined with glass or wood effect. This design is available in multiple door systems. While two-door is the popular choice, some people also prefer three doors or four doors.
How to Choose the Best Sliding Door Wardrobe
Our team of expert designers will also take into account the furniture already present in your bedroom. This helps you to get a perfect sized wardrobe. The style and size are analysed to coordinate with the bedroom décor. The wardrobe is a significant furniture for your bedroom and needs to be accommodated with a great care.
JK Interior is a leading sliding wardrobes supplier in UK. Your design for this focal piece of the bedroom is selected on the basis of the existing walls, floors, windows, and other furniture. In the absence of exactly matching colours, we select the best complementary colours.
We will custom sort the sliding wardrobe doors to meet your choice. Besides being affordable and trendy, our products are also well organised. The layouts are planned to meet different needs. The planning of hanging space, shelves, and chests is given utmost care. The adjustable shelves to store bigger items are also available in our designs. Unlike, models with drawers to store small articles are also readily available.
Our beautifully designed sliding doors run smoothly and create a wonderful pivotal point in your bedroom. The wardrobe doors are meant for urban living and greater convenience. You will be getting a picture perfect sliding doors to suit your bedroom interiors. The variety of designs and colours will give you an option that will not look out of place in your bedroom for a single second. JR interiors welcomes you to the world of the most affordable wardrobes in UK.
Fitted Wardrobes in Wolverhampton, Bedroom Fitters Birmingham, Fitted Wardrobes in Birmingham, Bedroom Fitters Wolverhampton, Wardrobes Wolverhampton
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hsmithphotography · a month ago
Art Photography Now Task - Pt. 3
Zwelethu Mthethwa
Series and images included in the book - Interiors:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Other images I found in a book from the library that I liked from the series:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mthethwa’s work addresses the economic and political reality of present day South Africa by photographing portraits of South African migrants in their living conditions. He started it off as a project just for himself with no audience in mind. His portraits are very relaxed as to document the everyday life of domestic living for his subjects. When taking the portraits he didn’t tell people how to pose or sit, allowed them to just be comfortable in their space, and because he wanted them to be comfortable he allowed them to present themselves however they wanted to, whether that’s in their best clothing or tidying up a bit before they’re taken. He did this because he also explains in the Art Photography Now book that he always wanted the subjects to love their image. The images focus not only on the person in the image, but also on their home and how they have used colour to decorate.
“What is a home to a person who doesn’t have money?” -Mthethwa
I found a book in the library about Mthethwa’s work that had more images of this project and includes an interview by Isolde Briemaier, asking Mthethwa a few different questions about his work. In the interview he talks about how he wanted to show something real and wanted the subjects to see something of themselves when they look at the image. He says that the individuals he chose to photograph were located on the outskirts of the city, they were people that had moved into the city from rural areas after the laws changed that allowed anyone to live in the city; before this change there were laws that conducted who could live in the city and who couldn’t. The change allowed for people to move into the city to find work to support their families, though they say that the rural areas remain their true home, these are the people Mthethwa chose to photograph (93). He chose these people because he wanted the project to be about giving them back their dignity and authorship, he saw how their homes were made of weak materials like cardboard and corrugated tin and wanted to highlight how colourful designs and coverings and posters have been used to make it more homey and personalise it (Mthethwa 93). He also tells in the interview how he always went back and gave the subjects a print of their image and he tells that they would often send it to other family members that lived in the rural area where they’re from as proof of who they were and how they were living in the city (Mthethwa 93).
Included in this book was also an essay by Okwui Enwezor that discusses the powerful use of colour that Mthethwa used to give back dignity to the sitters as he considered colour to be a dignifying tool (102). Enwezor explains that Mthethwa saw black and white photography as something that places the subjects in a position of news, placed them as victims rather than people or true individuals; colour photography detaches the image from history and brings them to the present-day (104). The essay tells the history of Mthethwa’s schooling, photography was something he couldn’t study at a ‘black’ institution, he had to prove this and only then was he allowed to go to a ‘white’ university (Enwezor, 105). This history allows us to understand his deep investment into the project, the themes he is representing in his work is clearly something that means a lot to him, they’re themes that have effected him in his own personal life.
Works Cited
Mthethwa, Zwelethu. et al. Zwelethu Mthethwa, New York: Aperture, 2010.
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simmyseo · a month ago
Matt Vinyl
The matt finish on the walls of the bedroom is quite popular nowadays. Meet our wide range of matt vinyl bedroom decors. JR Interiors in the UK is a renowned interior designer and gives best solution for all your interiors. Our modern, traditional, contemporary and customised designs are available for all areas of your home. Besides the trendiest kitchen designs, we offer a full range of bedroom décor. Whether you are planning altogether a new home or want to remodel, you will take extra care for your bedroom interiors. Create a beautiful resting place by using our services. We offer matt vinyl bedroom decors to give you a neat and non-shiny finishing.
Why Matt Vinyl
If you are planning for the matt vinyl bedroom décor for the first time, you might be confused. Our wide range of matt vinyl bedroom designs will solve your queries. This finish can give you varying levels of sheen to your bedroom décor. It cleverly conceals minute imperfections of the bedroom ceiling or walls. Additionally, it is also very child-friendly. You can easily scrub it and maintain it for a longer period.
Matt Vinyl Bedroom Designs
The bedroom designs available at JR Interiors are available in all different price range and categories. Though the sleeping sanctuary is designed in a way to give you a cool and cosy place, individual choices do differ. We develop the best colour schemes, bedroom flooring, curtains, and doors to create a bedroom of your personal choice. Some minute details and changes in your room can make a big difference. Our innovative decorating ideas will bring a unique charm to your resting place.
Matt vinyl has an advantage over other reflective emulsions. The shiny materials may highlight minute flaws of your flooring or ceiling and walls. Moreover, you may not want your sleeping area to be brighter like other rooms. Hence the vinyl matt is the most commonly preferred paint for interior ceilings and walls.
Decorative Ideas for Bedroom
Your relaxing space will be beautified with amazing backdrops. Get the fabulous doors, drawers and handles to suit your décor perfectly. JR Interiors also offer you an extensive range of designs for your bedroom doors and door handles. Minute decorative details add an aesthetic look to your resting room. Our designing goes beyond the ceiling, flooring and walls. We provide trendy bedroom furniture to enhance your convenience. Personalise your doors with stylish door wraps and stickers.
Contact us to get budget friendly decors for your bedroom. JR Interior is a reputed designer in UK and also offer a makeover for your bedroom. We will provide you decorative themes in latest trends. Our expert designers will create a tailor-made design to suit your budget. The creative decorative ideas will make a splendid place for you to relax and sleep. Thorough attention will be given to the minute details of lighting, chandelier, mirror, furnishings and accessories while installation. We also make sure that your interiors get ready without distracting your budget. 
Bedroom Designer in Wolverhampton, Bedrooms in Birmingham, Bedroom Designer in Birmingham, Bedrooms in Wolverhampton, Bedroom Wolverhampton
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mosquewren1 · 2 months ago
A Biased View of Residential Architects San Jose
Calvin came to Young and Borlik following Doing work for a company in Monterey County. With two several years of knowledge during the fields of educational, industrial and commercial style, he continues his love of design and the pursuit of his childhood aspiration to be a residential architect at Young and Borlik. Calvin likes to work on all parts of the look system, maybe from the development of D Laptop or computer styles and animations to design paperwork. to determine some benefits of your fantastic effects of household advancement, view your portfolio on your web site by clicking the button below. With leadership competencies from many years to be a project planner and main designer, Kevin can take care of huge, significant-profile projects while in the parts of health care progress, training, retail and retail in a singular way. The work handles a wide array of services and style factors and may receive substantial praise from publications on agreement design and style and Sophisticated architecture.
The Residential Architects San Jose Statements
I have awards such as the Excellence Award, Chula Vista High School in ABC San Diego, the inexperienced challenge from the Year of Silicon Valley / the San Jose enterprise Journal and several far more. Studio S S Squared Architecture is going to be a full provider architecture company that may be as varied as its portfolio. Eugene H. residential architects San Jose Sakai, co-founder and president, awards an award for cultural and architectural range. One of the more prestigious interior style and design buyers in San Francisco is seeking a proficient hospitality assistant with tested Revit competencies. The most renowned inside style and design clients in San Francisco is looking for a proficient designer for hospitality projects with confirmed Revit skills. Your consumer is seeking a prospect with a few years of encounter in the superior-high-quality interior of residential structures with outstanding presentation and creating capabilities.
A Biased View of Residential Architects San Jose
there'll be several quantities of drawings that could now be produced in D. The architecture was produced with computer software that CAD Draftsman can use to generate partitions with one click on. The writer also can generate command Home windows, doors, roofs and symptoms. In spite of everything, the architecture and design of Buttrick tasks will likely be sustainable architects for your western United States and outside of, like Ny city . considering that signing up for the shop, revolutionary concepts have specialized in reworking, personalised living types and additions .
The 9-Second Trick For Residential Architects San Jose
Anderson-Brulé Architects was Established in and will Construct with a enthusiasm for architecture and innovation. ABA is devoted on the generation of sustainable Areas within the regions of Neighborhood, housing, schooling, overall health and effectively-being. the organization are going to be a Females organization business certificate and an Energetic member of the United States Ernest Curtis (born. in San Jose) perhaps Binder afterwards associate, an important taxpayer in organizing the city during . Binder & Curtis jobs contain the North initial Road purchasing building, San Jose Hospital, the Hale Division retailer and also the Alum Rock Natarium. The setting up codes need to be intricate and will help somebody during the group who might have undergone the Neighborhood acceptance procedure beforehand. The curator of the San José Library and background Archives just lately found out original architectural drawings, likely by some architects who described the center of San Jose in the beginning and middle on the century. even so, redesigners normally satisfy requests in a simple way, maintaining almost everything easy and without paying many time developing.
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