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#perspective art

I decided to try and do some art on my computer. Ha! I’m horrible. I couldn’t do it properly on a mouse pad.

Well you can look at this two ways:

1. You’re looking down on a river surrounded by trees and grass. The water is so clear it reflects the sky. Light plays a trick on you so even the trees seem purple.

2. You’re looking up at the sky. Only a small portion can be seen through all the smoke and trees that surrounds you. You don’t even wonder why you’re laying down in such a dangerous location.

((3. Oh hey! Maybe you have a different idea?))

Artist will have art work that they are disappointed in. Even writers experience this. I can admit that I am not proud of this piece of art but I won’t let it hold me back. After all, it will take a lot of practice and criticism to become a better artist.

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Sorry for the absence. My internet is horrid and unless I’m using my data my posts usually fail. Anyways here’s some art I did recently.
The first two peices are two characters in my DnD campaign. The three at the bottom are just some things I did for an art class that I’m genuinely proud of. I’ll admit I’ve done some better things in the class but I can’t show those till we get the assignments back.

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