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For prompt 4 of Drawtober, I decided to draw a Peryton. I know they’re really a more recent sort of myth, but I’ve been rewatching Rome lately, and I remembered that Jorge Luis Borges, the author who first described Perytons, wrote that they were prophesied to lead to the downfall of Rome. It gave me this idea. Also, it makes for a neat design.

Also also, I love him, I’ve named him Bone. Look at my majestic baby, off to cause the fall of an empire! ❤️❤️

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Haven’t uploaded any art here in a while so here’s something from my patreon :’>

More or less a redrawing of a scene from a mlp pathfinder I’m apart of in which my character Yucatan (a drudic peryton) managed to tame the near kaiju sized mother crocodile in the center of the oasis. In this case, one of his moments just spending time with his large, scaly friend on a peaceful day 💕

Yucatan & art © - SnootSnooter
Please do not edit/re-upload on other sites
~ SnootSnooter  

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Your vision is said to improve when you’re scared, well Anna’s level of terror is so high that he can see through time

As you can imagine, that doesn’t help him feel much better

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New project announcment cause I finally got my computer back and set up again!!

Mini Mythos - Behooved

Focusing on mythological creatures that are horse/deer based, such as the Unicorn, Pegasus, and Peryton! These will be gold plated enamel pins approximately 1.5” in size.

I’m hoping to have the Kickstarter ready to go at the start of October and will be posting updates here and on Instagram and Twitter in the lead up!!

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The peryton, or winged deer, isn’t a true folkloric animal, but instead the invention of author Jorge Luis Borges. What strikes me most about it, along with its graceful design, is that it casts a human shadow.

I’ve played pretty fast and loose with its “lore”. According to Borges, a peryton casts a human shadow until it kills a human. Here, I decided to make the peryton – not a ghost, exactly – but the form a human took after death, her true nature still betrayed by her shadow.

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🦌Welcome to a Mystic a Month! A challenge for the month of September!🦌


Day 1: Peryton (Created 9/1/20 Posted: 9/2/20😅)

The daily digital doodle challenge has come to an end and a new one has begun! For the month of September, each day a mythic being will be posted! I love mythology and would love to explore different types! Today, I drew a peryton! A winged deer species! They’re fascinating! Anyways, have a wholesome day! 

🦌Join the challenge!🦌

All you gotta do is draw a variety of mythic beings! (Try to avoid repeating!) just put the hashtag, Mythic month challenge! 
Credit: Art by me (please do not use it without permission) (No reposting😠 Reblogs are fine🙃)

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