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Japanese home-goods stores are very much like American Target / Walmart / Home Depot / Lowes. They’re a one-stop shop for decor, furniture, organizing bins, gardening, hardware, craft supplies, and even pet goods and groceries.

Pro-tip #1: Don’t go on a Sunday, if you can help it; it’s the busiest day of the week.

Pro-tip #2: Japanese-style furniture is different from American style. It tends to be smaller and more compact, so don’t expect to find big comfy easy chairs or huge dining tables.

The following stores are listed in approximate ascending order of fanciness. They all show up on a Google Maps search.

  • Tabata: A small local chain in Ishikawa and Kadena. They have a little of everything, jam-packed into two stories. You won’t find a huge selection of each item, but you’ll find some of everything. Convenient if you live nearby. Sign: White katakana on a red background. Says ‘Home center Tabata’ in katakana.
  • Makeman: A national chain with two locations on the island. Both stores have pretty much the same selection, as far as I can tell, and they have a bigger selection of goods than Tabata. Sign: Orange with a monkey in overalls. Says 'Makeman’ in katakana.
  • Cainz: A national chain that has all the same types of items as Makeman, but different brands and therefore a different selection. Sign: Dark teal with white print. Says 'CAINZ’ in Romanji (English characters).
  • Nitori: This is a high-end furniture and home solutions store, compared to the others. It reminds me of IKEA, but a little fancier. Come here for more serious (Japanese style) furniture purchases, holiday decor, and a huge selection of Japanese-style curtains, both custom and off-the-shelf. An upstairs counter handles delivery scheduling for large furniture. You can often pay to have them assemble it or do it yourself. Sign: Teal with three large block white katakana characters that read 'Nitori’.

A couple of other places to check out for furniture only:

  • Today OK! (used)
  • Yellow Box (not to be confused with Yellow Hat car sales)
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Dogs are the most sought after animals as a pet due to their obedient and trustworthy nature. Moreover, they also provide security to your house and family members and children love them. However, if you not being able to understand what your dog is trying to communicate with you, then this can pose a problem for both you and your dog. Go through the infographic to know how do dogs try to communicate with people.

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“My dog is drinking too much and peeing in the house.”

Polyuria and polydipsia are very common issues with both dogs and cats. Unfortunately finding the cause is sometimes difficult. Owners can get frustrated with how much is involved with diagnosis. Here is a list of things that can cause PU/PD to demonstrate why it isn’t a simple fix.

1) Hyperadrenocorticism

(2) Hypoadrenocorticism

(3) Hypercalcemia

(4) Diabetes Mellitus

(5) Liver Disease

(6) Pyelonephritis

(7) Leptospirosis

(8) Chronic Renal Disease/Renal Failure

(9) Hyperthyroidism

(10) Hypokalemia

(11) Pyometra

(12) Renal Tubular Diseases

(13) Chronic Partial Urinary Obstruction or Post-Obstructive Diuresis

(14) Iatrogenic Disease due to medications

(15) Pheochromocytoma

(16) Polycythemia

(17) Acromegaly

(18) Paraneoplastic Syndromes

(19) Pericardial Effusion

(20) Psychogenic Polydipsia

(21) Primary Non-Medical Polydipsia

(22) Primary Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus

(23) Hypertension

(24) Atypical Cushing’s and SARDS

(25) Central Diabetes Insipidus

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So as precious and snuggly and sad-faced as our Leon is, he is EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE towards both our other cats. The fact that he is unfixed may be a factor, and we’re already setting up appointments and all for that

But in the meantime, we are introducing him to the girls while wearing a harness and leash, so they can see and sniff, but keep him out of range of fighting or chasing them.

Here’s hoping it helps

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before we get too close to the holidays, please remember not to buy someone a pet as a gift! :) you are throwing a responibilty at someone, whether they were they talking about wanting one or not, you are not doing them or the animal a favor. People deserve to feel prepared and wait for the right time before they get a pet and animals deserve a caretaker that is ready to care for them

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@ Cats and dog owner from tumblr, do you think it’s acceptable for your pet to drink from the toilet? (Even if it’s cleaned regularly)

I personally think not, except in the case of the poor animal being alone with no other water source

You wouldn’t refill your water cup in the toilet, so it shouldn’t go in your pet’s body either, IMO

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I took screencaps of what I have written up for Addy to share what all I’m putting in the binders! In addition to all of this, I have regular vet info, emergency vet info, list of contacts for care (all four household people, plus our close friends & one of my coworkers who lives nearby), and where to contact for long-term boarding and rehoming (absolute worst case scenario precaution). All of the vet & people contacts have name, relation, phone number, address, and what to contact for. 

I also have a short section with locations of all of the dog items (in case I forget to tell/show pet sitters or they forget) & a section that links to ASPCA’s toxic plant list & a list of toxic foods, just for quick reference (though I suppose people would probably reach for their phone first anyway).

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Yo I think my cockatiel might have allergies but I don’t know what he’s allergic to or how to treat it

he sometimes has sneezing fits and today I noticed his right eye seems a bit irritated, he has it either partially closed or fully closed and it’s slightly reddish around it

he’s never been like this before, what am I able to do for my boi

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I love being married to a man who loves kitties.

Paniola was in hairball distress yesterday and is clearly feeling better today. Husband noted it on our kitchen communication board. I added the heart.

Also, I need to brush the cat more and regularly dose her with hairball remedy.

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Never realised how fun it would be to make one of these, and just how much it would help with my mental health having a reptile friend :).

Anyway… I do plan to make some art and Mass effect art soon, since its been so long I have been in a very low mood for doing stuff like that. But as we approach the end of this shite year I see it fitting to make as much as I can.

I really wanna draw this ME action figure I got some time ago from ebay soon, as it will be a huge challenge for me with pencils!

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Like humans dogs also need special care and attention in their day to day life. There will be instances when due to your pet dog’s curious and playful nature he might injure himself. Most of the time pet parents don’t know the way to handle these puncture wounds in their dog. These wounds can be tricky & might require a veterinarian’s attention. Go through the infographic to know the ways to treat puncture wounds in your dog.

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Oh HELL yeah

So, one of the most important things to know about rats is that they’re HIGHLY social animals. They will save other rats even if it has no benefit to them, even if it’s not related to them, and they form deep bonds with each other and get severely depressed and can even develop health problems if you keep them alone. Rats must ALWAYS be kept in pairs or more. I wish pet stores would make this mandatory in a “you cannot buy just a single rat unless you provide proof of another rat at home”.

Another thing - rats have extremely sensitive respiratory systems and it’s highly important that they live in a well-ventilated environment with proper bedding. This means cages, not tanks, and recycled paper, not pine or other wood bedding. Almost all rats have a bacteria called mycoplasma in their lungs and if left unchecked, can multiply into a deadly disease. If your rat starts sneezing or wheezing a lot, and there’s a red fluid around their noise and eyes, take them to the vet. The treatment is like 30 bucks and it will literally save your rat’s life.

Also: They’re EXTREMELY intelligent! You can teach them to come when called, to jump onto your shoulder, even to throw away trash, climb ropes, play basketball, dive for peas, etc etc etc. Also, the frequencies are too high for humans to hear, but rats laugh when you tickle them ☺️

My main pet care advice for any animal is RESEARCH before you buy! Don’t go off common knowledge because more often than not, it’s wrong, and can even be deadly. Take it from someone who made that mistake as a kid with their first rat. :’( And if you already bought an animal without researching, it’s okay, but now’s the time to do some googling and make sure. You can always come to me for pet care advice if you don’t know where to start, it’s a major passion of mine and I kinda pride myself in my research skills 💚

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