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#pet care
timsforeverhome · 2 days ago
A cheaper/more readily available alternative to the cat specific squeeze up treats is baby food!
Just look for jars that are only chicken, beef, pork, etc and broth. You can offer on a spoon or in a syringe. I like that they're resealable so you control the amount better. You could also just blend cans of pure tuna/chicken in water for the same effect.
Thanks for the tips! I will keep these in mind, and also post them here to spread the info :)
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how2skinatiger · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Or, here’s a radical idea, people could take responsibility for their pets and keep their cat indoors. Every one of those incidents could have been prevented but people here are so stuck on the idea that “cats need to go outside!!!” and “it’s different in the UK”. I’ve known people who have had multiple cats go missing or die in horrible ways and still let their existing cats free roam. That’s not even touching on the negative environmental impact that cats have. 
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sweetbabyrat · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
its bath time for these sweet ratties! 🐁💕
edit: a few people in replies explained that rats don’t require regular bathing, and as always, i really appreciate people taking the time to educate both myself and others. i have removed one image in which it seemed like there was soap being used (which is irritating to rat’s eyes/dries out their skin). please only bathe your rats when necessary and make sure they’re comfortable!
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theexoticvet · 8 months ago
Me: “Hi, it’s Dr. Blank. What’s going on with Doofers?”
Owner: “He had surgery Wednesday and when we took the bandage off leg, the bone is showing!”
Me: “I see we neutered Doofers on Wednesday. Nothing was done with his leg other than a catheter. How long ago did you notice this?”
Owner: “Wednesday”
Me: “His bone has been exposed since Wednesday?”
Owner: “Yes”
Me: “I’m sorry, this sounds serious. Can you send a photo?”
Tumblr media
“His skin is gone”
Me: “Ok. So, his fur has been shaved for the IV catheter. But his skin is intact, is there a wound you can see?”
Owner: “You can see the bone right there. It wasn’t like this before the surgery.”
Me: “You can see the shape of his bone, yes, but his skin is still covering it. If you look at your own wrist see how you can see that bony bump? But it’s not exposed bone, it’s covered by skin.”
Owner: “His skin has been shaved off. His arm is skinny.”
Me: “His fur is shaved off. His skin is under the fur. It’s like when you get a hair cut.”
Owner: “But I can see the bone.”
Me: “Ok well let’s get him in for an appointment because that is serious. You can come right now.”
Owner: “I can’t come until Wednesday.”
Me: “We really need to see him, he could be very sick.”
Owner: “We can’t. I’ll call back.”
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thehmn · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Took Marie on a walk today and noticed too late that she was gobbling up some melted chocolate on the ground. She was immediately rushed to the vet who gave her some vomit inducing medication. He warned us that she’d act like she had a hangover for a while and that’s the perfect description.
She’s fine now with no symptoms of chocolate poisoning but all she wants to do is lie somewhere soft and look out the window like someone who partied too hard.
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putmetobed · a year ago
With the new release of minecraft axolotls for the next update, I would like to talk about axolotls and axolotl care
Tumblr media
Axolotls are baby... Literally. They are salamanders, stuck in the developing stage where they are still waterbound.
Axolotls were from only 2 lakes, but one has been gotten rid of leaving it to only 1, lake Xochimilco in Mexico City. Sadly, even that lake had been built on top of and had been narrowed out, driving axolotls to be an endangered species.
Some fun facts about these adorable amphibians:
- They can regenerate limbs perfectly
- Babies are cannibalistic and can nibble the toes and limbs of tank mates
- Can regenerate a limb from another axolotl if swapped.
- Resistant to cancer
- Have lungs and gills
- Some have GFP (green fluorescent protein) which makes them glow in the dark!
Axolotl care
Axolotls can grow from around 10-12 inches in size in captivity
Tank requirements
They live in cold waters, the temperatures must be around 60° to 65°
Axolotls tanks must be up to 20 gallons, adding 10 for each tank mate you add
There is controversy when it comes to tank substrate. Do you use gravel, sand, or bare bottom? A lot of people say to stay away from gravel because of the axolotls eating it and swallowing it. Some say to use a little bit of gravel because axolotls eat gravel to help with boyancy. Sand is also argued. I would recommend going mostly bare bottom.
Axolotls are sensitive to light and should not have too bright of a light if any. If lighting is needed, use LED instead of florescent lighting to prevent the light heating the water
Tanks also don't require lids and it's mostly recommended to not use lids
Axolotls require hides and places to rest
The pH of the water must be around 6.5 to 7.5
Axolotls don't like heavy flowing water, a sponge filter is best
The water also must be slighty hard from 7 to 8 dKH
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The water must be dechlorinated! And many people recommend cycling
Cycling: The process of adding good bacteria into a body of water to help with chemicals from excrements like ammonia.
Food and health
Axolotls are carnivores and can eat
Blood worms
Brine shrimp
Black worms
Earth worms
Carnivore pellets
As mentioned before, axolotls are resistant to cancer, but can contract many other diseases
Such as
New tank syndrome
Old tank syndrome
Gastric foreign body
Physical damage
And so on
-You have to make sure you clean the water when needed
-Don't overcrowd the tank or have aggressive tank mates
-Make sure you cycle to prevent ammonia poisoning
-Keep the temperature between 60° to 65°
Live plants and tank mates
Axolotls aren't recommend to live with fish because of the chance of them eating the fish or can be nipped at by fish
Potentially suitable tank mates are
Other axolotls
Small shrimp
Mini snails
Live plants hold many benefits and boost beneficial bacteria and eat nitrates
These are the ones that can be used
Java fern
Java moss
Frog bite
Moss balls
Water cooling techniques
The best technique for keeping the water cool is by using a chiller, but they get extremely expensive.
A cheaper method is wrapping your tank in insulation and using fans to cool the water
Shopping list
20 g aquarium (add 10 for every other axolotl)
Optionally fine sand
Decor like live plants, drift wood, etc.
Feeding tongs
Sponge filter
Tumblr media
Blood worms, pellets, brine shrimp, etc.
Food bowls
Digital thermometer
Water testing kits
Girl Talks Fish on youtube
The Turtle Girl on youtube
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eskiworks · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
My 2 year old cat Nani needs dental work! A cleaning, and unfortunately a couple of extractions due to her poor genetics. It's going to be VERY spendy, so I need help covering the cost. 30% off everything in my Etsy shop other than pin pre-orders!
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goldstainedskin · 9 days ago
our pet bird got sick unexpectedly:(
sadly im back posting another donation post when i rly didnt wnt to, but we experienced an event that added stress and added expenses on our credit card, and then our poor bird got sick w a bacterial infection in her crop and we had to take her to the emergency vet for medication.. if u can spare it, we would rly appreicate the added help w the bill. evry bit will go to the charge, we're hoping to cover most of it ;3; thank you n ofc a pic of baby in question for tax (shes the green fluffy one)
venmo: nbclear
again we seriously appreciate anything that comes our way <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gjalleon · a month ago
aight so i hate doing this but my little boy needs help right now.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is my little boy jake and he’s currently very sick. the biggest concern is that he isn’t drinking any water and isn’t eating. we’ve tried several different things to keep him hydrated but what he really needs is to go to the vet.
i’m disabled and unemployed.
the kind of medical care he needs will probably be $400 at the very least, we don’t have an exact estimate now but my mom isn’t always willing to accept help with money easily. we need to take him to the vet as soon as possible and any support i can get for that at all is very helpful!
my kο-fi
my p@ypal
if you can’t donate PLEASE reblog, i need to help my boy as much as i can.
i will update this post as we know more!
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figdays · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Cute Izakaya House Cat Home // DuolaimiPets
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officiallytox · a month ago
Hey, I need some help affording vet treatment for my cat.. If everyone who sees this could spread it around I'd be extremely grateful!
Here's my paypal too, if that works better:
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sweetbabyrat · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
as my username suggests, here are some sweet baby rats! 💕🐀🍼
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theexoticvet · 18 days ago
Client: “So, what is this?”
Me: “It’s an injection that helps prevent itching and lasts 30 days.”
Client: “Right, but what is it?”
Me: “ It binds to itch inducing molecules before they can cause a reaction.”
Client: “Doctor. I’m not your average owner. I have a PhD. What exactly is it?”
Me: “It’s a caninized monoclonal antibody of interleukin 31.”
Client: “I have no idea what that is.”
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sekhenetnut · 2 months ago
Help with Nina’s vet bill
Tumblr media
Who I'm raising money for: My sweet rescue Nina - beloved of all humans, friend to all dogs, surrogate mother to all cats - has a cancerous tumor that needs to be removed. Why I'm raising money: Nina needs an operation to get the tumor out before it grows bigger or spreads and impacts her health even more. Due to the situation of the last year or so, finances are very tight and i just cannot afford the vet bill myself.
How donations will be used= The donations will go to the vet bill for the surgery and aftercare, and whatever medication Nina might require. She is the best of dogs and i want her to live the long and happy pain-free life she deserves. Could you help me provide her with that? Thank you so much for every dollar donated!! Nina is a ray of sunshine, let’s keep her brightness alive!
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librarianaesthetic · 7 months ago
Gross things about rabbits
It’s almost easter, and for all u american christians out there, that means a ton of unwitting parents are about to buy their kids rabbits as a “cute easter gift.” In hopes of dissuading that impulse (or giving you some gross facts to use to dissuade your own relatives from this mistake), here’s a bunch of bad things about owning a rabbit!
Let’s start strong. A bunny will eat its own poop. It has to, because of the way it digests food. The poops that it eats are extra stinky, soft, and sticky.
(more like 1A) It will eat its own poop out of its own butthole, and then it might come over and try to lick you. Sometimes you might not notice the smell from its mouth until it has already licked your cheek. Ask me how I know.
It will leave (the other kind of) poop on the floor. They look like cocoa puffs. They’re not cocoa puffs. You will constantly be picking them up off your floors, no matter how well-trained your bun’s litter box habits are.
Their pee has a strong, acidic smell. If you’re a parent, your child is not going to clean it every week, because they are a child. You will have to clean it sometimes at least, and it is rank. If your litter box gets cleaned once per week, your house will always have a tinge of bunny-pee smell, just like how cat owners’ houses always smell of cat dander, and dog owners’ houses always smell like dried dog saliva. 
You will have to brush your bunny and clip their nails. They will (probably) not like this, and it can be an extremely stressful experience for both of you. Have you ever accidentally cut a baby? Picture this: you are holding a squirming, panicking baby whose bones you could easily snap with your hand. (Over time you can get them more comfy with it from exposure and lots of treats, but like. it can be tough for some buns)
As a rule, they chew cords. Your phone cords, computer cords, lamp cords, anything in reach and especially anything in their way. No hopping around or over, they’ll chew through it as a first instinct. I think it’s a what-to-do-with-tree-roots-in-warren thing?
This is pretty obvious, but they’ll try to eat your houseplants if they can reach them. They’ll jump up onto anything short enough to get a forbidden snack.
Many bunnies dig up carpeting, and will destroy furniture. Anything wicker, especially, is fair game. Your baseboards and carpeting? Open season to a bunny who likes to dig.
Some bunnies like to dig in their litter box. Picture a fireworks show, but it’s poop, hay, and pee-soiled litter, in your house, on your floors.
Un-spayed/un-neutered bunnies will pee on your stuff to “mark” it, especially places that you like to be in. Some bunnies will do this even after surgery. This is common in beds or on a favored spot on your couch. My bun used to really like to pee on my bed. I used to have to clean my duvet almost every day until I finally got him to stay off my bed in the first place. He once came up on my bed to cuddle next to me, stayed for 3 minutes, then peed on my leg.
Bunnies can be aggressive to other bunnies or to other pets. They’re a tiny prey animal, they get nervous and will lunge when frightened and backed into a corner.
Bunnies, especially un-neutered ones, want to fuck literally all the time (there’s a reason for the saying). You will find yourself explaining to your child what that motion is a lot sooner than you may have planned.
Some bunnies nip to get what they want, and it does actually hurt. It’s a really sharp, strong pinch. Some bunnies do this more than others, some do it just to get attention, and some can be trained out of it (mostly).
Despite how cute they are, bunnies don’t like to cuddle in your arms or lap, especially a young bun who isn’t very used to people. Bunnies prefer to sit next to you, rarely on you. A bun that you get from Petco will definitely be very scared if you put it on your lap. (which, don’t buy pets from big chain pet stores. Literally all their pets come from unsustainable breeding practices. If you do get one, go to a shelter, where most of the bunnies will have been neutered already at no cost to you).
(13A) Bunnies will jump off of you or squirm to get away from you when you’re doing something they don’t like, and their claws are sharp. When they want to get away, they will, and their claws will dig into your arm or leg. Their back feet have a lot of power, and no compunctions about drawing blood (ask me how I know).
Rabbits have lots of health concerns, and they’re pretty delicate pets. Because they’re prey animals, they’re also very good at hiding what’s wrong. It can be extremely difficult to notice a problem before it’s an emergency, and you may have a dead bunny on your (and your childs) hands.
If you are committed to getting a bun and treating them well, it’s hard to find veterinarians for rabbits—they’re an exotic pet, so a typical cats-and-dogs vet won’t really know what to do with one, although they might try to fake it. I live in a major US city, and even I had a hard time finding one when my bun had a potential respiratory problem (false alarm, no worries). During quarantine, many vets that normally would see exotics in addition to more common pets closed their doors to exotics first when they were cutting down on the number of appointments per day.
There’s a lot of misinformation online about bunny care, so it can be hard to know what’s right, especially if you have a hard time finding a vet. 50% of products sold for bunnies are actually bad for them, and are just brands taking advantage of misinformation (looking at you, Kaytee). Most of that cute stuff you see at the pet store in the bunny aisle is not bun-safe, so you end up wasting money.
Bunnies are bigger than you think they are. Mine is about the size of a medium-sized cat. Dwarf bunnies are small, but they come with the inbreeding-related health problems found in other small pet breeds (teacup and toy dog breeds). Bunnies should have time and space to run around every day, and they’re not like a hamster that can do that in its cage.
Bunnies live longer than you think they do. Their lifespan is around 8-11 years (breed dependent), comparable to a dog. Adopting a rabbit is not a small commitment.
Obviously, I love my bun. He’s adorable and delightful and very affectionate. I think more people should (responsibly) own pet rabbits. But you need to be prepared to deal with a bunch of issues if you want to get any pet, especially these. They’re not disposable or easy. Admittedly, some of those things on the list can be avoided, but it takes time, attention, and money. Rabbits can become very expensive, very quickly.  Maybe get your kid a stuffed animal, instead.
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iheartvmt · 3 months ago
It is a special kind of emotional trauma when you JUST lost a lovely young patient to an awful but vaccine-preventable disease, only to have a client the next day refuse to vaccinate their two lovely puppies against that disease despite multiple attempts to educate them.
Tumblr media
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figdays · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Strawberry Field Hammock for Guinea Pigs Rats Chinchillas Lizards // GizmoandCoDesigns
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