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#pet emergency


My cat Sushi had to be rushed to the vets today. He’s in for 48 hour treatment and the bill is going to cost me £600. Please, if you can afford to commission me or donate, I would be so grateful.


Please reblog!!

My Ko-Fi:

My PayPal:

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My friend @krembearry is taking some commissions here where they draw you/your character plus your/their pet in this post for just $10! Click Here if you’re interested! One of my ferrets needs to go to the vet and I’m on medical leave from work right now, so until my benefits come in the proceeds from this are going to help me pay for the consulation!

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sorry guys but my cat is going to die soon if he doesn’t get some help

hey i know its christmas eve but my dad’s cat/my old cat has been really sick and we dont know what’s wrong with him and my dad is really poor and low on income right now. so am i and he was trying to help me out of a situation where i wont be able to pay rent but he cant right now and now this

his cat suka is only 7 and he has been trying to treat the problem on his own because he cant afford the vet but i really dont want him to die because he isnt getting any better. he said the animal hospital which is the only thing open or around him that he knows of requires a deposit of 300 before they even try to treat him. he really needs help.

anything anyone can spare will go to saving my cats life. please please reblog. this is heartbreaking to have happening especially around christmas. i dont have a good family relationship but i really don’t want my cat to die just because my dad cant afford it.

my paypal is or and my cashapp is $catfiend and you can ask for my venmo

the pictures are him before and then him right now, and an update on his condition. Please reblog.

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This little cutie pie is my very own terrorist, Whiskey. She chases cats, chickens, almost everything that moves. She barks in the most annoying high-pitch when she’s excited and she scratches on doors violently when she wants to be let out or in. She lies in the pile of dust when I’m trying to sweep. She is terrified of lightning and thunder and will wake up the whole house scratching on doors to get out during a storm.

I’ve lived with her for a minimum of twelve years, so basically more than half my life and she’s come a long way. She trusts us more than she did when we got her. She’s no longer afraid of the broom. She doesn’t pee herself when my dad talks to her. She’s definitely come a long way.

I’ve loved her for a minimum of twelve years, so basically more than half my life and it’s terrifying. Lately, I’ve been thinking about her age and her health and I’ve been so scared. Last night, my fears became a reality. She somehow came into contact with poison and I really thought I was going to lose her.

Thankfully, there’s an animal health care provider a minute away from us who was able to give her her first antidote and we got her to a vet hospital in quick time where he was able to treat and monitor her over night. We got a call at 7AM this morning that she’s doing better, but he’ll keep her for observation. We’re going to visit her at 2PM God willing.

This experience was really a miracle. The fact that we had access to two health care providers. The fact that I was still awake when she started showing symptoms. The fact that we had a safe trip to the vet. The fact that she’s doing so much better. I see God’s hand in it throughout and I’m so grateful to Him. He is absolutely amazing. I’m so grateful for all the friends and family who joined me in prayer for her recovery and my peace. God has blessed me with a great support system.

Tl;dr It’s okay to trust God with every aspect of your life. He loves us and He really wants what’s best for us. He cares and He will take care of us.

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I thought earlier today that I was in the clear to start doing stuff, I only owe $200 for bills now due by the 4th of October, everything else is covered.


I took my dog to the vet because she needed a booster shot from the last visit 3 weeks ago

and her tooth.

She cracked her tooth last week chewing on a bone and, it needs to be removed : )

It’s a back tooth with 3 roots so it won’t fall out on its own, the tooth is split and is still bleeding if you bump it.

We signed up for that plan thing that saves some money but (Its $450 a year, just over the course of months)

…it’ll still be $700 - $800 on top of that on the day her surgery is because its oral surgery to remove the tooth (X-Rays, Anesthetic, The Removal) Where the plan does like. Dental cleaning.


Its hard to see, she wouldn’t let me get a good look at it, but its that top long tooth near my finger.

Its like messed up, and its turning colors now bc of the crack & Infection stuff. SO.

We got her in for removal October 12th,

I do work, and make some income but ofc I have multiple responsibilities (IE. I still owe bills for this month)

Anything from here would help. A lot.

Any help is VERY much appreciated but of course you’re not obligated to anything, please don’t feel like you have to.

If you’d like to help a man out, my paypal is:

Again: Any help is VERY much appreciated but of course you’re not obligated to anything, please don’t feel like you have to.

Have: $15/$800

Deadline: October 11th

Thanks so much for any help !!

We really appreciate it

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I’m not too proud to beg when it comes to my cat.

Finals were last week. I had work lined up this week only for it to get cancelled when the kids I watch ended up with the stomach flu. Okay. That sucks.

I am totally okay with going hungry for a few days until I can get more work/get to a food bank/whatever.

However, I have a rescue cat who is very much accustomed to eating.


Her name is Leia. She’s 2. Food is her favorite thing.

And her food bucket is empty.

I’m just trying to come up with a few bucks to get her a bag of cat food. That’s it.

I’ll trade pretty much anything for it that isn’t illegal.

I just gotta feed my cat.

Please help.


CashApp: $jaekakes


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help a homeless trans man save his cat

Hey Im Iz. I am an 18 year old trans man who is currently homeless after my religiously abusive family (mentally, emotionally and physically abusive) kicked me out as soon as I turned of age. I have a previous post detailing a lot of what theyve done including withholding my medicine and keeping me dependent on them and torturing me for being trans/lgbt despite forcing myself into the closet for them for years. However that is not the point of this post. I was kicked out in December and managed to get to my friends place in LA. However I am only allowed to stay here for so long. Recently I had a suicide attempt after my friend let her dog into my area on accident, ending up in my cat having several injuries including a broken paw. I was unable to help her right away and thinking she would die sent me over the edge. Unfortunately this has made my friend extremely upset as I was supposed to let her know if I was ever suicidal as I have had no way to stay on my meds consistently, and I didnt tell her. She feels extremely guilty for my cat but she is unable to help me financially as her car recently broke down and everything is expensive in LA.

I had updated the previous post and was able to get enough to take her in (the vet fee was 100) and get her looked at. They do think she broke her paw however I could not afford xrays or a cast so they did not give her that. The vets here are cruel and you have to pay at time of service.

I have been trying everything I can to find work and resources outside of tumblr. However its really hard to get hired with no experience. I am doing my best and even though I have no bus money, often no food, no meds, ect. All I care about is my cat and getting her through this so she can get better. I dont need anything else. She is my only family.

I need help more than ever. Soon I will be on my feet. I can do this on my own but my cat deserves to be healthy and not in pain and I cant provide that for her right now as I didnt expect this at all but Ive cut into all my savings. Giving her to a shelter will only end in her death with the area Im in and I need her to go on.

Please reblog and know that anything even a dollar helps.

My paypal email is: or I also can try cashapp or venmo if you DM me. If nothing else please reblog it would mean the world. Thank you so much.

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you may have seen my cat igor on this blog before. i dont post about him a lot, since this is mainly my art blog. when i woke up today, he wasnt himself at all, and he’s bleeding from his butt. if you can donate, that would be wonderful. if you can’t donate, it would be lovely if you could share this post at least. he’s going to the vet in roughly 8 hours from now, and i just want him to be okay. he is basically my emotional support animal, and i treasure him.

link to my ko-fi if you’d like to donate is here:

if you’d like art in exchange for your donations, please dm me here on tumblr, or on my twitter as seen above. thank you all for your support either way. igor is grateful too.

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This is my cockatiel Banana (behind her is Bamboo), and I just came home to see that she suddenly can’t use her wings or legs!!!!

I thought it was weird that she was sitting on the bottom of the cage, but when I picked her up she didn’t feel quite right!

The vet is already closed and I don’t know what to do!!!!

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This is my cockatiel Banana (behind her is Bamboo), and I just came home to see that she suddenly can’t use her wings or legs!!!!

I thought it was weird that she was sitting on the bottom of the cage, but when I picked her up she didn’t feel quite right!

The vet is already closed and I don’t know what to do!!!!

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Hey everybody.  I need help. tw: sick animal


My Junipurr needs emergency vet care.  On a holiday.  I took him into the vet yesterday to get him checked out and I took him home with instructions to keep him under close observation as he seemed to be suffering from stress-induced hepatic lipidosis.  Woke up this morning to find him laying down with a small pool of blood collected around his hindquarters.  I have photographic proof if you need that, took the photos for the vet.  They’re upsetting though, so I’m not about to post them normally.
I’ve already paid the $200 for his last visit and runs of tests but I have no idea how much this is gonna run me.  (Have a receipt for that as well if you want a photo)  I’m not poor, I get by.  But this is going to really hurt us and I don’t want to run the risk of getting a refusal of service because I cannot pay the bill.  
So, please.  I have art prints I can sell you.  I can draw you or your pet.  Or a character from that show you really like.  I can also edit papers.  Donations are accepted with a warm and open heart, but please know I am also willing to work for you.  


My paypal is  I also have a Ko-Fi at .  

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I’m driving down to Kansas city to pick up those two abused degus

They really need vet care if anyone is able to help me out let me know it’s 75$ to see each degu.

They have been living off of crackers and nothing else, the kid that got a hold of them is feeding them hay per my instructions but the previous owners damage may already be done.

I got the the funds to make the 8 hour trip to and back and I already set up a temp cage and travel bin I just need help with possible vet bills. I hope these two will be alright. If you can please share this even if you cant help these guys sharing may help me get in contact with someone that will help me get these two healthy again.

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My dumb ass betta jumped out of the tank 15 minutes ago. It’s a covered 10G mind you, but when I open the lid to feed him he occasionally pops out to try and get my hand. I didn’t think much of it until right now when he just fell all the way out and flipped under the tank stand. I got him out in a few seconds but he was covered in dust. Now he’s back in the 10G but just in the last few minutes ago he’s developed popeye. Also, he’s listing a lot and still has some dust on him. So how do I treat this? Is this a life-or-death kind of emergency? Obviously we’ve got a major slime coat issue here and now his eye looks ready to pop. I was thinking aquarium salts but I don’t have a iso tank available and my 10G is planted. Also- I’ve heard mixed things on aquarium salts bettas. What do??

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Buddy needed emergency surgery and our company contacts came to the rescue

Joy Silva’s Alaska Airlines case wouldn’t have not gone far even under the best of circumstances.

You might even say it would have gone to the dogs.

Her dog, to be exact.

Her story, which involved Alaska Airlines, her pet, unexpected surgery and a few insider tricks, offers lessons for the rest of us. Sometimes, even frivolous-sounding cases have some merit. Hers certainly did, much to my surprise – and probably yours, too.

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Cat emergency

My cat has been outside in the freezing cold (less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit) for four hours and she hasn’t been fed. We called for her and looked up and down the street for her with no luck. Does anyone know what I can do? Please I don’t want her to get hurt.

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We need pet food

Hey everyone, my family is in some rough times between child support, bills, etc. We only had about $15 left after all the required payments and that went straight to gas. We have a dog and birds we need to feed, so I’m trying to get only $40 just to pay for pet food. I love my babies and they need to eat, and I feel like an idiot for being unable to budget this. My PayPal is

Thank you 💜

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i need to take wilson to the vet tomorrow because she’s thrown up repeatedly tonight and i don’t know how much the visit itself will cost, let alone any potential treatments. the last time i took her to a vet it cost me roughly £40 just to have the visit itself and a urine test done (only for them to tell me there was jack shit else they could do / they didn’t know what was wrong beyond ‘kidney enlargement’).

i’ve only just managed to scrape myself back onto my feet where finances are concerned and i really truly cannot afford emergencies like this. i was trying to save up to buy the cats a bed before winter hits since i can’t afford to turn the heating on for longer than five minutes to keep the pipes from freezing. i don’t know how much any medication will cost, if they can even give me any for her.

if you can spare anything, even £1, it’d really mean a lot. i literally have less than £2 in savings for emergencies like this. 

my paypal is ambagious(at) 

reblogging this post is also appreciated <3

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