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#petal burst
rwbybutincorrect · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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razieltwelve · 7 months ago
Height Argument (RWBY AU Snippet)
“What do you mean you’re going to be taller than me?” Weiss growled.
Ruby shrugged. “Well, we’re pretty much the same size already, and I’m two years younger. Plus...” She pointed at Petal Burst. “Yeah.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Weiss asked.
“It’s well known that humanoid Semblances tend to take after their bearers. Most of them actually look very similar to what their bearers will look like in the future.” Ruby grinned. “And Petal Burst is taller than Glyph.”
The aforementioned Semblance stopped lazing about and sat up. “She is not taller than...” Glyph paused. Now that she thought about it, Petal Burst was indeed significantly taller than her.
“That doesn’t mean anything,” Weiss shot back. “Yang’s Semblance is a dragon. Does that mean she’s going to grow up into a dragon?”
“That’s why I specifically mentioned humanoid Semblances.” Ruby smirked. “Just look at Professor Farron and Saviour.”
Weiss twitched. The resemblance between Professor Farron and Saviour was utterly uncanny. Admittedly, the professor did look a tad older, but if someone took the professor from her later twenties and put her next to Saviour, it would have been all but impossible to tell them apart. “That... that doesn’t mean anything.”
“And look at Professor Villiers’s Sovereign Fist. When he’s not being all giant and stuff, Sovereign Fist is pretty much an exact match for the professor.”
Weiss’s eyes narrowed. “There are exceptions to every rule.”
Ruby snickered. “We’ll see.”
Much to Weiss and Glyph’s eventually consternation, Ruby was right. 
X.    X     X
Author’s Notes
Yes, Glyph (and Weiss) are the shortest members of Team RWBY. The largest would be Burn. When Yang activates Supernova, Burn has been known to grow to colossal Grimm size and beyond.
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yinyangofnevermore · 10 months ago
Petal Burst questions
We learned some stuff about Ruby’s semblance in this ep. But now I have QUESTIONS.
If mass no longer matters when she transports stuff, then WHAT are the limits of what she can transport?
Can she only transport living things? We’ve seen her transport Penny multiple times now and Penny is made of metal. Though she is very clearly ALIVE and has an aura. So, maybe her semblance is limited to things with an aura?
But if not, then could she transport say Amity tower? Or Atlas? Not saying that will happen necessarily. Just thinking.
OR could she potentially use that to save like everyone (more or less) in the crater simultaneously if Atlas falls?
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I will never get the whole “How are the RWBY characters surprised by magic when they have Semblances” gripe. If you’ve got a world where the specific physical laws are set aside for them, things like Semblance and Aura are as magical as magnets or colored flames.  It looks like magic to us because it fits our personal definition of magic, but to people in universe it’s as mundane as gravity.
I mean, right now I am speaking to you inside your own head by marking runes made of light, which you unlocked by converting your own runes into an energy pulse into a pool of knowledge. Whoo, magic!
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morpeko · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ch'en gay??? canon girl kisser???
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Im so looking forward to the JOYR reunion with Nora but im gonna be SO MAD if it solely focuses on Ren. Jaune cares so much about his friends and when seeing Nora he wont just stand to the side in the background. He's also a healer but hes out of aura, and if he did recharge enough on their way back he probably used it to help Oscar out. Nora loves Oscar so much. She would definitely want to see him.
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bobauthorman · 8 months ago
Ruby Rose gains...?
Here’s a wild guess. When Ruby’s Semblance evolves, it’ll be to give her projectile capabilities. Why? Well, here’s a lyric sample from “The Triumph”;
Yeah, I’m a girl, but I’m also a gun!
Part of Ruby’s character development is not to be so dependent on her Crescent Rose. What if this is the next logical step...?
I’m hoping for shooting rose petal bullets.
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likethorn · 5 months ago
If coco doesn’t get another banger of an outfit in vol nine i’m rioting. I’ll also riot if she don’t show up.
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rwbybutincorrect · 7 months ago
just watched the newest episode!
Tumblr media
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crazienerds · a month ago
Color Burst
burgeoning blossomcolourful curlicue charmprismatic petals Credits & Footnote In response to ‘Eugi’s Weekly Prompt’ – Petals. Also submitted to Colleen’s ‘Tanka Tuesday #233’.  Featured Image: Photo from Gordon Johnson from Pixabay. About | Contact | Featured Posts |Quote Of The Week
Tumblr media
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intro-v · 10 months ago
The only thing I would want RWBY to inherit from the BBTAG crossover is them having their own attack names and then yelling them during a fight because sometimes I like cliche anime things
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stoneillustrations · a year ago
Tumblr media
Ruby Graphic Poster (3 Series)
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creamecream · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Full Name: Linnea
Sex: Female
Birthday: Unknown
Constellation: Fleur De La (”Flower Of The Field” aka Scorpio)
Nation: Liyue
Affiliation: Wangshu Inn
Special Dish: Satisfying Salad
Titles: Ghost Lady of the Inn
Weapon: Catalyst
Element: Dendro
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morpeko · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wait for it... boom
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kinda wanna run through a forest naked rn :/
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metalpetals-a · a year ago
i don’t even know where to BEGIN to process what i just witnessed so i’m just going to sit in numb silence and appreciate that ruby rose is growing up to be an even cheekier little bastard than i ever hoped they’d give me and i am so alright with that
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likethorn · 5 months ago
Sorry guys. I can’t multiship because it’s cheating.
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rwbybutincorrect · 2 months ago
What do you think would happen if Yang met Kermit in some weird crossover in Hell Island
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
op i spent like two hours on this i was sent into a mad frenzy 
anyway this is what would happen
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