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Spider-Man was a menace. The guy always was causing trouble with his mess that he left. Tony was tired of them. Tony was almost to the scene where Spider-Man would be when he saw the local mob boss, Kingpin punch the spider villain into a wall laughing as the villain slumped. Tony tazed Kingpin and called the cops as he went towards the villain. The Spider menace didn’t make a movement which worried Tony as he picked up the villain and waited for the cops. They soon appeared and took Kingpin away as Tony flew to the compound. 

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For the long seven months, he could remember at an early time hearing the heartbeat of your baby. When he first heard it, he thought it was you, your heart was going so fast with two heartbeats he was confused. With his advanced senses, a simple rub at your stomach he would feel the thud of the heartbeat like he would feel yours. If your baby was in the right spot he could feel everything.

“Petey?” You woke up in the middle of the night. The room dark but Peters head was against your stomach and his hands were rubbing gently. “Whatcha doing?” You rubbed your eyes.

“M’ sorry babe go back to sleep.” He kisses the bump before moving his hands. Almost like he once again was searching for it.

“He’s still alive ya know? You don’t have to check everytime. Trust me..he’s very much alive.” You say almost annoyed but not on purpose. You just hated how much his son kicked and rolled in you, definitely a little peter.

“I know, I know, give me your hand.” He picks up your hand that you let him take control over.

“Peter I can’t feel what you feel I’m not—“ he kisses your hand softly and leaves it before looking up at you.

“Right there. I know you can’t feel it but his heartbeat is the strongest in that spot.” He says and you almost grow tears as you trusted peter that he guided you in the right spot. “I-I noticed that his little heart seems to speed up when I come home and maybe I’m just over analyzing things and—“ you rest your hand now on Peters face.

“His heart speeds up when mine does, peter were excited your home. We just get happy you’re home.” You gently caress his face. He kisses the palm of your hand before rolling to the side and when he rolls your son rolls too.

Peter sleeps next to your stomach for the rest of the night. Kissing and talking when he wakes up and making sure everything is okay. There were only two things that seemed to keep him going, keep him wanting to come home. That was you and your son and the moment he came peter won’t leave your sight

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Continuum - Chapter 9 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Beautiful moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


“So,” Steve said once he and Tony had taken their seats. “Natasha tells me that you’ve got some more information on these infinity gems?”

Thor gave a nod. “Yes, that is true. Your encounter here has only solidified my theory that the gem inside Loki’s sceptre is in fact one of the six infinity stones. More specifically, the Mind Stone.” He paused, tapping his palm on the table. “It is also my belief that it was this stone that was driving Loki’s madness when he attacked this planet. I know that Loki has caused all of us great pain, but I also know that he was not himself during that time, and I believe this is why.”

“So you’re saying those Chitauri bastards were using this Mind Stone to control him?” asked Clint. Clint’s jaw was tight and his fists clenched, no doubt remembering the horror he went through while under Loki’s influence.

“Yes, that is exactly what I am saying,” said Thor. “Agent Barton, I believe you experienced some of these effects as well?”

“We all did,” Natasha said quickly, giving Clint’s wrist a squeeze. “But not as much as Clint and Dr Selvig. Their effects were… more direct.”

“Yeah, like a straight shot to the heart,” muttered Clint. “Dude pointed the thing at my chest and it was like I’d suddenly forgotten who I was and who I was working for.”

“He pointed it at your chest?” Tony asked, pointing to where his arc reactor used to be. “Like, right here?”

“Ah, yep,” said Clint. “Got me and another agent in about ten seconds flat, then got Selvig before we split.”

“Hmm…” Tony murmured as he leaned back in his chair, his expression morphing into his I’m thinking face.

“Tony?” Steve asked. “What’re you thinking?”

Tony started, like he had forgotten Steve was there. “Um… well, I’m thinking that somehow my arc reactor was able to ward off the effects of this Mind Stone,” he said. “‘Cause Loki tried the same thing with me when we got to the Tower after the portal opened up, only it didn’t work.”

“He did, what?” Steve exclaimed, gaping at his husband. Tony had never mentioned anything about this to Steve before. “You never—wait, Loki did what to you?”

“Well, from the sounds of it, he tried to do the same thing he did to Barton here,” said Tony, way too nonchalantly for Steve’s taste. “Only it didn’t work, so then he got all pissed off and threw me out the window.”

“Yeah, okay, but we don’t need to talk about that right now either,” Steve said. He drew in a deep breath, trying to maintain some semblance of composure. He, Natasha, and Clint had arrived at the Tower in the Quinjet just in time to witness Tony being tossed out of the penthouse window, and Steve had nearly had a heart attack at the sight.

And that had been before his flight through the portal.

“Steve, we were all affected by that sceptre,” Bruce piped up from his chair next to James. “So even though Loki didn’t use it on us directly, we were all still vulnerable to its effects.”

“Yeah, and given that all you super-types were just as affected as the rest of them, I’d say that means this thing must be pretty powerful,” said Sam.

“It is indeed, Son of Wil,” said Thor. “And now that it is back in the hands of the Chitauri, it is my thought that we must take measures to remove the other Earth-bound gems from this planet. It is not safe to have this many of these stones in such close proximity.”

“Okay, just… can you remind me exactly what these gems are again?” asked James. “Not all of us were as involved in the incident in New York as others.”

“Oh, of course, Colonel,” said Thor, clearing his throat. “Mind you, I will be relaying the story as it was told to me hundreds of years ago. By my mother.”

“Now wait just a minute,” said Clint. “So you’re telling me this just is another one of your Asgardian bedtime stories?”

“Well, yes,” Thor answered. “I believe you Midgardians also share bedtime stories with your offspring, do you not?”

“Well, yeah, we do,” said Clint. “But… Jesus. I’d hate to see what you guys think is really scary.”

Thor narrowed his eyes. “Yes, Agent Barton,” he said grimly. “You mostly likely would.”

“Please, Thor, continue,” said Steve, barely clinging to his patience. “We’re kind of on a clock here.”

The full chapter will post on Monday, October 26th 😊

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Pairing: dad!tom x reader

Summary: Tom and you go to your first check up after you found out you were pregnant.

Warnings: Mentions of pregnancy, kids, tom being a drama queen, language.

A/N: I needed this to get rid of my writer’s block. I was watching friends and then I got this idea. Its inspired by Friends lol.

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“Tom, you need to calm down.” You said, exasperated. You tugged at your hair, trying to pull it up in a pony tail and Tom came to stand behind you.

“I am just…nervous.” He muttered, gathering your hair to make a ponytail. He reached for the hair tie from your wrist. “You know, it’s the first time we are going to actually see our baby.”

“Yeah, I get it.” You sighed as he secured the hair tie around your hair, pushing the stray hair out of your face. “But you need to stop doing that. You’re making me nervous.”

“Sorry,” he bit his lip, “I didn’t mean to.”

“I know, love.” You muttered, pulling him beside you by his hand. “Just take deep breaths, alright?”

“Yeah—” Tom paused as the door opened, the doctor peeked her head in.

“I am not interrupting, am I?” She chirped as she shut the door behind herself with a swift click.

“No, of course not.” You smiled, glancing at Tom. “He’s just a bit nervous.”

“It’s alright.” She smiled a little, taking a seat on the chair in front of the table you were laying on. “I know it can be a little intimidating.”

Tom coughed, moving closer to you as she picked up the transducer sitting beside the screen. His one hand wrapped around your shoulder as you smiled up at him.

“So I am going to insert this,” she waved the transducer around, “and it will help us see the baby.”

You hissed as she inserted the wand in your vagina, Tom’s fingers intertwining with yours as you squeezed his hand.

“Okay, so here.” The doctor said, pointing at the screen. “This is your baby.” She glanced back at you two, a small smile playing on her lips. “Do you see it?”

“Yeah,” Tom choked out as you nodded.

Your eyes widened as your grip tightened around Tom’s hand. Your heart squeezed at the sight. Your chest tightening as the doctor pointed at the small peanut sized circle on the screen. 

It was your baby. The baby you and Tom made. Your and Tom’s baby.

The doctor glanced at your glassy eyes. “I’ll give you two a minute.”

The room fell silent as the door shut, leaving you two alone in the room. You sighed, leaning your head against his chest as you admired the screen. 

“This is so beautiful.” You whispered, your voice cracking. “This is our baby, Tom.”

Tom sniffled, his grip loosening around you as he pulled away. “I don’t see it.”

“What?” You looked up at him, dumbfounded as he bit back a sob, his eyes wet.

“I can’t see the baby!” He threw up his hands in frustration, his eyes brimmed with tears. “I can’t see my own baby.”

“But you said you did!”

“I didn’t want the doctor to think I am a terrible father!” He snapped back, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. “I can’t even see my own fucking baby. How am I going to take care of them?!”

“Oh, Tom.” You sighed, pulling him to yourself by his arm. “Come here.”

Tom sniffled again as you kissed his forehead, your hands running through his curls comfortingly. “I’ll show you, alright?”

Tom nodded as you turned him towards the screen. “See,” you pointed your finger at the screen, “It’s right there!”


"There, love. Look!”

“Okay, yeah.” He said dryly, swallowing hard. “I see it. Wow, it’s so beautiful.”

“Do you?”

“No, fuck it!” He let out a sob. “I can’t even see my own baby. I am going home.”

“Tom!” You called out, grabbing his shirt. “God, you’re such a drama queen. Come here, you idiot.”

Tom huffed as you pulled him to your side, taking his finger in your hand. You poked the screen where the baby was. “There it is. You see it now?”

“That’s it?” Tom’s brows furrowed. “Well, I saw that!”

“That’s it.” You chirped. “That’s the baby.”

“I see it now!” Tom wrapped his arms around you, pulling your face to his chest. “We are having a baby.”

“Yeah, we are having a baby.”


“How was the check up?” Harry asked as you set your bag on the couch. Tom helped you out of your coat as Harrison came up to you.

“Where’s the picture of your uterus?”

“Right here.” You rummaged through your bag, taking the picture out. “Here’s the picture of the baby.”

Harrison took it from your hands, examining the picture as Harry peered at it from behind Harrison’s shoulder. “I don’t see it.”

Tom laughed. “I couldn’t see it at first either. Let me show you.”

Tom took the picture from his hands, gazing at it intently. 

“Where is it?” Harry asked as Tom’s brows furrowed, tears blurring his vision.

“Y/n, I-I lost it again.”


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you know what? i actually get low-key disappointed when watching marvel movies now that i have found the peeps on tumblr and ao3. the canon does not stand up to headcanon, where tony is protective and very affectionate towards peter. the canon iron dad does not live up to headcanon iron dad. don’t get me wrong, i fucking love canon iron dad and the movies still make me happy, i just feel like there’s something missing since canon and headcanon have blended into each other in my mind.

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Talk To Me

A Marvel father son fan fic



As Tony makes his way to Peter’s room, Tony was thing of all the ways he can ask peter what happened. He knows that Peter wouldn’t hurt anyone for no reason.

Now Tony was standing in front of Peter’s room.

‘You got this Tony, he’s your son just talk to him. Yes Steve isn’t here to help but that doesn’t matter, I’m a genius. I’ve saved the world, I’ve got this!’

Tony knocks on Peter’s door 3 times.

Peter: “Yes?”

Tony: “ Can I come in?”

Peter: “Yeah sure.”

As Tony walked him she see’s Peter’s desk all messy with his bag on top, his shoes looked like they have just been thrown on the floor. The only clean this in his room was the closet and his bed.

Surprisingly the room didn’t smell bad at all, maybe because his window is open. Tony looks and Peter’s bed to see peter all curled up, what looks to be that peter hugging himself, facing that wall

Tony: “ Geez Pete, you got to clean your room.” Tony chuckled to himself.

Peter: “ Yeah I know. I’ll do it later.”

Peter said still not looking away from the wall.

Tony sighs knowing what he needs to do.

'Ok Tony, now ask him…. shit I can’t do it. If only Steve was here, he would know what to do’

Peter: “So uh, did you need something?” Peter finally turns around to Tony.

'Just ask Tony, he’s your son. Why are you scared of him? You’ve have like almost died every time you go on missions’

Tony: “Oh right, um. So the school called me like I say, 10 minutes after you got home-”

Peter quickly gets up, Tony court his attention. Which means he knows what’s up.

Tony: “I’m guessing you know what I’m about to say, right?”

Peter looks down and nods.

Tony: “Just so we are on the same page here, is it true that you hit fla-”

Peter: “Yes.” Peter’s voice sounded broken. Like he’s been crying for hours.

Tony notice his voice sounded different, which now makes sence now why he didn’t talk when he got home.

'My throat just hurts’ the memory played back in Tony’s mind.

'That’s why he wasn’t talking, he must if cried walking here’

Tony put his hand on Peter’s cheek. They felt wet and hot, he had definitely been crying.

Tony: “ You wanna tell me what happened?”

Peter slowly looked up at Tony.

Peter: “hm.”

That’s all that he said. Peter didn’t know what to do, he didn’t think Tony would understand for some reason.

Tony: “Peter, I know you have a good reason why you did what you did. Remember I adopted you so whatever your business is, it’s mine.” Tony stated hoping to convince Peter to tell him.

Peter sighs knowing he was right.

Peter: “fine.. I’ll tell you what happened.”

☆Narrator here☆

Imma leave it there :3 hoped you enjoyed Pt.2 of Talk To Me :) fun fact from the first paragraph till when peter speaks that Tony can come into his room is when I wrote it in class bcus We don’t learn anything I got so bored so might as well just write some stuff. If I’m not active for some day it’s bcus I’ve haven’t been able to sleep for ages and I think it’s becoming a problem 🤷‍♀️ might post late who knows haha.

That’s all now, byeee pepsss 🤪

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