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#peter benjamin parker
oxymitch · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spider-Man and Captain America pay tribute to the victims of September 11 attacks on its 20th anniversary
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spideybb · 2 months ago
boyfriend sh!t with peter parker (pt. 1)
screams. i don’t know what this is but i need boyfriend!peter parker in my uh yeah! enjoy <3 hope y’all are having a great day i love u all.
Tumblr media
AHHHH boyfriend!peter parker will be the death of me
okkk uhhh where do i even start
peter is 100% clingy idc what you say
like he’d always want to be holding your hand or having an arm around you
he’d be shy in the beginning of the relationship—he’d be very nervous to do anything remotely romantic because he’d be scared you wouldn’t like it
once the two of you got more comfortable with each other, there would be lots of physical affection
cuddles. a lot of them. all the time.
you and peter would’ve been best friends before the two of you started dating and one way or another, you would’ve found out that peter was spider-man.
you’d always be worried when you knew he was out and doing his spider-man things
but if he knew you couldn’t sleep, he’d swing by your place and sneak into your window
and make a lot of noise because he’s clumsy and would probably nearly fall into your room
he’d hold you and tell you all about his day or what he saw while he was out swinging
eventually you’d fall asleep in his arms and it would take everything in him to not stay in your warm bed and fall asleep next to you
he knows you’d be in a lot of trouble though if the two of you got caught
okay but you two would go on a lot of dates
nothing like super romantic—just movie nights filled with cuddling, eating popcorn and sweets, and other cute things, walks in the park, ice cream dates, etc.
also homework dates where you plan to do homework but get absolutely nothing done and instead end up cuddling or making out or both
he’d be such an understanding boyfriend. like if you needed reassurance, he’d give it to you—no questions asked. he’d always be there for you. he would really be such a great support system.
he’d support you in anything you did too—if you played sports he’d be at every game, if you did dance or cheer, he’d be at every competition, etc. he’d be your number one fan
s o f t k i s s e s
he’d call you so many cute pet names like “sunshine” or “beautiful” or “my girl” or “pretty girl”
he’d always ask if you had eaten. idc. he 100% would.
he’d have a photo album in his phone of pictures he’s taken of you
he’d save all the selfies you sent him
he’d be the type of boyfriend to show you off
like he would be so proud to be your’s
and kind of shocker too because wow you’re beautiful and you like him????? you really like him???
when he realized he loved you, it would take everything in him not to tell you
he’d be terrified to tell you that he loved you because he didn’t want to ruin his relationship with you and scare you away
he didn’t know if you thought it was too early to say i love you (you didn’t)
eventually, you’d be the first one to say i love you and he would be so relieved you felt the same way
after that, he’d always tell you that he loved you
like always
but you were okay with it because you loved hearing him say it
in conclusion, peter parker would be a great boyfriend and nothing you say will ever ever change my mind idc idc idc
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subbypeterparker · 17 days ago
Peter Parker’s NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
Warnings: obviously NSFW content. Peter is 18-19!!! Never write smut about minors
A/N: I’m so in love with this man, it’s almost embarrassing
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Even though you usually take charge, this boy devotes all of his time afterwards to let you know how much he appreciates everything you do for him during sex. He once tried to set up a bubble bath, but dropped the entire bottle down the drain I will 100% write a blurb about this so he usually cleans you up, gives you fresh clothes, brings you both snacks, and sets up a movie.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
This man takes great pride in his chest and arms. He’s a bit of a narcissist when it comes to his body, but I mean, have you seen this man? *Chefs kiss*. Peter Parker is a boob and thigh man. Enough said. Pressing kisses on your tits and thighs, suckling on your nipples and the sensitive skin between your thighs, and putting his head between your boobs and your thighs turns this boy on to the fucking max.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically…)
He’s really into the idea of eating his own cum. He loves finishing on your chest he’s a boob man, what can I say? and then licking it up off your tits. Bonus points if you pull his hair and call him a good boy.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Really into the idea of you marking him, particularly hickey’s, marks from being cuffed to the bed, handprints (on his ass), and somehow more. Peter really wants people to know who he belongs to, and who makes him feel good.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
He was a virgin when you met, meaning he had no experience, but trust me, this boy watched a ton of porn in high school. As for skills, this man is an amazing learner. It takes him a few tries to fully get what to do, and learn how you like things, but he always listens to you, and tries to improve (I’m so in love with this man, he’s perfect).
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying)
Call him old fashioned, but Peter loves missionary and when you ride him. He prefers to see your face, and know that he’s the one who’s making you feel good (he needs reassurance sometimes). You riding him is however his all-time favourite position for one reason: he’s a boob man. The very sight of your tits bouncing in front of him, just begging for him to suck on them and play with them sends this boy straight to heaven (or…hell I guess).
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Even though Peter’s very romantic during sex, he’s still always cracking jokes and making you both laugh. He’ll literally be inside you, and make a dad joke (“Hey Y/n, how did Darth Vader know what Luke got him for Christmas?” “Idk Pete, what?” “He felt his presents!” “…I swear to fucking god Peter!!!). Loves giggly sex, full of kissing while laughing.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
He keeps it well trimmed down there. He doesn’t want to fully shave, but he’ll keep it nice so that it’ll be better for you. Yes, the carpets match the drapes. He absolutely does not care if you are shaved. For both of you, if there’s hair down there, you do not care.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
No matter who’s on top, he always wants to be hugging. If he’s on top, you better believe he’s leaning down to press his chest up against yours. If you’re on top, he’ll wrap his arms around your waist, and usually sucks on your tits, or kisses them. He’ll whisper I love you’s every time you do anything, and makes sure you know how much he adores you and everything about you.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He masturbates less now that he’s with you. He used to do it a lot when he was a virgin. Ever the brat, he loves to masturbate when you explicitly tell him not too. He knows he’ll be punished, but it’s worth it to see your face when you catch him.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Like I said in this post, Peter Benjamin Parker has a mommy kink. He will cum the second he calls you mommy. The superhero also practically begs you to use his own web shooters to web him up. He also lives for the simple things. Breath play, having his hair pulled, nipple play, pegging, breeding kink, and a massive praise kink. He prefers to be on the receiving end of all of them.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
Peter’s not one for risks, so he prefers to have sex on his or your bed. You did convince him to have sex around the compound a few times, but after Tony caught you two, you were banned from being alone together in the building (fucking cockblock 🙄).
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Ive said this about a hundred times by now, but everything you do turns him on. Wearing short dresses and skirts, low cut tops, bending over, you telling other people what to do (he’s got a big ol’ degradation kink), etc. Once he gets hard, he’ll drag you away from whatever you’re doing, and beg you to fuck him in whatever that way means to you ;)
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Due to his superpowers, he’s terrified of hurting you. You taking charge helps Peter feel less worried, and makes having sex way more enjoyable for him. The most he’ll do is accidentally squeeze your hips too hard while you ride him. Not really into degrading you (bitch, whore, etc). Also not into calling you names such as kitten, pup, etc (prefers to be called them instead).
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Giver. Peter fucking Parker is a giver. Don’t get me wrong, he loves seeing you with his dick in your mouth, moaning around him as you suck him off, but being between your legs is heaven for him. He could die happy eating you out. Your smell, taste, the noises you make, and the way your thighs squeeze around his head make this boy want to spend hours between your legs.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Depends on his mood. Since his favourite position is you riding him, it’s not usually him who sets the pace. He’s not really ever rough (doesn’t want to hurt you cause of super strength), but if he’s had a bad day, he’ll usually choose to be on top, and do faster, deeper thrusts. He does love soft sex though, and speed kind of makes it feel less romantic, so he usually clings to you as one of you moves slowly.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
He prefers proper sex, and making it last longer, but if you’re in a rush, and there’s an opening for a quickie, you better believe he’s down for it. The next time you two have time alone together, he’ll always have proper sex to make up for it.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
I elaborated more on this in L= Location, but he’s willing to do it in public in the future, as long as there’s the guarantee you won’t be caught. He doesn’t want anyone else seeing you in a way only he should be able to. He’s down to try new things, as long as he can get you to cum multiple times. Would definitely also be into new ways to get tied up.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
I mean…the man has superpowers. His stamina is amazing. He could spend all night making you cum over and over again. However, unfortunately for him, he can’t last that long, and usually cums before you gave him permission.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He doesn’t own his own toys (he was a virgin before you met), but he’s always been interested in using them. After meeting you, and exploring what he did and didn’t like, you guys started using toys such as dildos our boy loves getting pegged, gags, vibrators, etc. Peter has an obsession with you using vibrators on him, and using vibrators on you. Little tip: use the vibrator on his balls. He’ll cum within seconds.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Peter loves to tease you, especially in public, when it’s more difficult for you to take him away to punish him. At the tower, be mostly walks around shirtless, usually with just a towel around his waist, just begging for you to fuck him, and in public he flirts with other people to get you riled up. All he wants is for you to pull him away and teach him a lesson about who he belongs to.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
This boy makes noises loud enough to wake up the fucking neighbours and they have complained in the past. He doesn’t scream, just whimpers and whines, some begging, and occasionally letting out a “mommy!” when he’s getting close.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Really into dry humping. Wether it’s you doing it, or him, it never fails to turn him on. If you’re dry humping him, this man will cum just from watching you use him to get yourself off. Loves watching you finger yourself while he humps you. He always makes sure to properly take care of you afterwards, mainly cause he’s jealous you came, and he didn’t get to see you naked.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants)
He’s slightly above average in length. A good 7 inches, and a lot of girth. All that matters is that this man is amazing at using his dick to make you finish, and feel satisfied (not all men need a 12 inch monster cock to be good in bed).
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
This. Man. Is. A. Whore. For you. His sex drive is already through the roof (he’s a young man, you can’t blame him), but you make his sex drive go way up (he thinks you’re hot). He’ll never make you do anything if he’s horny, and you’re not, so you’ll usually ask him to jerk off in front of you.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
If I’m being honest, it’s different everyday. Some days he’s passed out, some days he won’t fall asleep for a few more hours. Because of his superhero and college schedule, he can get pretty tired, but our superhero will always make sure that after sex, you’re okay (physically, emotionally, etc), and you always do the same for him.
Smaller A/N: Every smut piece I write about him in the future may not 100% follow what I wrote here. These are my current headcannons, and they may change in the future. You can send asks that don’t follow what I wrote here. I will be more than happy to write them <3
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Peter B Parker: " Guys. Why is the hideout floor covered in water ?!"
Miles, panic answers: "Uhh Cause we used a bath bomb!"
Peter B Parker: "Why would that splash enough water out of the tub to cover the entire hideout?!"
(Earlier that day)
Noir, holding a pipe bomb above the bathtub: "Everybody, get ready to run"
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vampireoutofbusiness · 4 months ago
"Just you and me"
Pairing: Peter x Fem!Reader
Warnings: smut. oral; male receiving, literal sex, sub!peter if you squint or you can keep your eyes wide open, he's still fucking adorable
Synopsis: After dating for a while, you and peter decide to have sex for the first time, and peter, like usual, is very nervous
a/n: this is just- what am I doing with my time
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*Do not repost my work anywhere, reblogs are appreciated*
Tumblr media
You and Peter had been dating for almost a year and hadn’t gone all the way. Your time alone was spent making out and watching the stars. That, or binge-watching some show while shoving food in your faces.
It wasn’t like you hadn’t talked about sex before. However, it wasn’t an initiative conversation, just a “What if”. And you didn’t hesitate to make sly jokes about doing something together.
“If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?”
“The word of the day is legs, let’s go to my room and spread the word,” “Are you made of sugar? Because that ass is pretty sweet, Parker,”
To which he would become unbelievably red and try to sputter out a reply.
It was fun to tease him and the team did it all of the time. Making funny remarks about how nervous Peter got around you recently, although they never went as far as you did.
Maybe a joke here and there about why you both were late to breakfast or happened to leave movie night at the same time, but nothing so blunt.
Peter had been pretty antsy lately. He really wanted to have sex with you and then some. The boy wasn’t sure how to go about it. Nervousness flooded through him every time he considered it, worried you would reject him. He’s always been attracted to you, duh, but recently, thinking about you in contexts that were beyond inappropriate.
He thought about how gorgeous you look without anything covering you. He’s seen you in a bikini or briefly in underwear, but never naked. He wanted to bury his head between your legs and feel your thighs pressed to his temples.
You’re two eighteen-year-olds, in love, and very much horny. You found yourself lost in your thoughts which normally include Peter looking up at you while you ride his di-
“Y/n?” Steve waved a hand in front of your face, breaking down your thoughts.
“Yes,” you shook your head to clear your thoughts.
“You’ve hardly touched the waffle on your plate,” he chuckled and took a sip of his coffee.
“Right, I was just thinking about…” you looked around the table at the others and then at the bottle of syrup, “I should get some peanut butter,”
“Peanut butter?” Bruce questioned as you got up from the table.
You nodded, making a B-line for the kitchen.
“Don’t knock it until you try it,” you let out a nervous laugh and started looking through the cupboards.
These occurrences happened often, some recoveries of yours were better than others.
Peter, however, becomes a stuttering mess if someone interrupted his thoughts about being in bed with you.
Now, you sat with Peter’s head rested on your stomach, cozied up in your bed. You lost Rock Paper Scissors so Star Wars: The Last Jedi was playing on the TV. The only light in the room, besides the flashes from the screen, was the moon shining in through your window.
You leaned down, placing a soft kiss on Peter’s forehead to which he hummed happily. Before he could maneuver his way for one on the lips, you backed away, a smirk on your face.
“Hey,” he pouted, flipping over and scooting closer to you on your lap, “not fair,”
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” you bit back a smile and threaded your hands through his hair.
“Playing with my hair will not distract me from the great disservice you did me,” he pulled himself up so that he was level with you.
“You sure?” you whispered against his lips, moving a hand to his upper neck, a sweet spot of his.
You closed the gap between the two of you. Suddenly, Peter forgot all about the movie he got to pick, your fake disagreement, and literally anything but you and your lips.
You rested a hand on his jaw, guiding him which he loved. Your tongue slipped into his mouth making him moan into the kiss and he rested his hands on your waist, squeezing a little.
It quickly became heated, your free hand moving down his chest. He pulled back from the kiss, barely taking his lips off of yours.
“Can we uh…can we-,” he tried to sort his thoughts before asking the question.
“Yes, baby boy?” You smiled, pretty sure you knew what he was going to ask.
The nickname alone made him hard and you hadn’t even touched him.
“Can we…” he whispered, trailing off and turning to look at the window he suddenly found interesting.
“Peter,” your voice was stern but kind, “you want to have sex?”
He turned back to you, a look of worry in his eyes.
“Yes? No?” You chuckled at his reaction, ignoring the doubt in your mind.
“Yes,” he answered quietly.
“Okay,” you pulled him back to your lips but he stopped the movement.
“So you want to have sex wi- with me?”
“Of course I do,” you cupped his cheeks and smoothed over his smile lines.
Peter wasn’t sure he would make it this far so he had to process it.
“I don’t know- I have no idea how to-“ his voice was frantic and he took his hands from your waist, covering his face.
“You don’t need to worry about messing up, Peter, it’s just you and me,” you took his hands from his face, rubbing your thumbs over his knuckles.
He looked into your eyes, his own were full of innocence and love for you. He nodded and you moved to the side, patting the spot on the bed next to you. He followed directions and laid next to you.
“Now,” you straddled his waist and leaned down closer to his face, “just let me take care of you…relax,”
Peter let out a sigh and loosened his muscles. Like you said, it’s just you and him and there was no reason to be nervous. But he was because what if he fucked up or you didn’t like him after- no. He stopped his negative thoughts, knowing that you being in control would help.
First, you grabbed the remote and shut off the movie, before tossing it elsewhere.
You kissed his lips, slowly, savoring his taste, sliding your hands up and down his chest. Your hands found the buttons of his flannel, taking your time with each one.
You both sat up and you got him out of it, along with the white t-shirt he had on under it. Now his upper body was completely exposed. It felt silly but he tried to cover himself. You’d even seen him shirtless before, but in this context, it made him more self-conscious.
“Hey hey,” you took his hands in yours, “I want to you see you and your beautiful body, pretty boy,”
He blushed and you could see it from the moonlight.
You pressed a hand to his chest so he would lay back on the bed. Your lips found his neck and you left sloppy kisses down to his pecs. You kitten licked one of his nipples, making him whine. Good to know.
You gave them both attention before kissing down his torso, leaving marks that you’d enjoy seeing again days later.
His breathing got heavier the closer you got to his crotch. You searched for his hand, intertwining your fingers to show you are still there. He squeezed yours and let out another deep breath.
You used one hand to unzip his jeans and started pulling them down. He brought his hips off of the bed to help and you let go of his hand to bring them all the way down his legs. Your hands found his thighs and you gently rubbed them, placing soft kisses on his skin.
“Wanna see your dick in my mouth, Parker?” You smirked and he eagerly nodded, a little stunned at your obscene words.
See, consent is sexy.
You slowly pulled down his boxers, repeating the process you did with his jeans.
Now he was completely bare in front of you. Every part of him was glistening and you couldn’t wait to touch him.
“You’re gorgeous, Peter,” you smiled at him, and once again he was blushing because of you.
“Could you maybe- only if you want- can you take off your top?” his voice was hesitant and he looked up at the ceiling.
As if you would deprive him of your boobs. Maybe next time.
He looked back at you when you brought your hands to the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. Peter sat up and his fingertips ghosted your sides.
“Can I?”
“Go for it,”
And he did, his confidence faltering a little when he only fumbled with the clasp. You bit back a laugh because you could tell how hard he was focusing.
“This is harder than it looks,” he said, complete seriousness on his face.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get better in time,” you smirked and reached a hand behind you, pushing his away, and unclasping your bra.
His breath hitched when he saw your boobs. He’d seen boobs before, you think he hasn’t watched porn??, but yours were the most amazing thing he’d ever seen.
You took his hands and put them on the new attraction, squeezing. A smile spread across his face and pressed his lips against the space between. You took your hands away, figuring he could take it from here for now.
Peter ran his thumbs over your hardened nipples, completely mesmerized by your chest. Instinct told him to use his mouth so that’s what he did. His lips wrapped around your right nipple and you threw your head back.
He silently celebrated your enjoyment and continued his task, sucking on both of your boobs.
You pulled him off by his curls, a whine leaving his mouth before you pressed your lips to his. He immediately opened his mouth, your tongue dominating his. Your hand trailed down his torso before reaching his dick, your thumb running over the tip.
He whimpered into your mouth as you started jerking him off. This was better than anything he ever imagined. You, actually being here, touching him and making him feel good.
You brought yourself backward, leaning down and slowly licking up his shaft. The hot, velvety skin hitting your tongue while he moaned at the feeling.
“Good boy, let out all of those pretty noises,” you wrapped your lips around him, moving up and down, his dick hitting the back of your throat.
“Oh my- fuck- y/n, you-“ he threw his head back into the pillow, whimpering at the feeling of your mouth on the most sensitive part of his body.
You popped your mouth off, spit running down your chin. You looked hot.
“Where do you wanna cum, baby? On my tongue? On my-“
“Your tits,” He whined, breath shallow, ready for the sweet feeling of release.
“Keep your eyes on me when you cum,” your voice was warm but it sounded like a command.
He nodded while you continued to play with his dick. His orgasm hit him like a truck, he was silent before letting out a loud whine. He tried his best to keep his eyes on you, especially to watch his cum spread across your chest.
“You look so pretty during your orgasm baby boy,” you leaned down and he felt your boobs and his cum pressed against his chest. He was hard again already.
“You’re really good at- at that,” he squeaked out and you kissed his forehead. His innocence was adorable.
You got off of the bed and pulled down your pants, underwear following. Now you, too, were completely naked.
“You’re the most beautiful woman ever,” he told you, eyes running all over your body.
“This woman needs to find a condom,” you winked and bent down by your nightstand to search your drawers. You knew you had a box, just in case this were to happen. You also grabbed a tissue, wiping your chest and his.
You finally found it, grabbing one and ripping it open with your teeth. Hot.
“Oh- I can put that on-“ he started but your hands were already wrapped around his dick and you pulled the condom over it.
You got on top of him and ran his tip between your folds. He watched carefully as you teased him.
“You’re sure about this, babe?”
“Yes,” he nodded and rested his warm hands on your thighs.
“Remember, you can tell me if you want to stop, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, okay?”
“Okay,” he smiled at your concern for his comfort and ran his hands up and down your thighs.
You slowly sank down and he moaned at the feeling of your warm core consuming him. He couldn’t believe he waited this long to ask. Or at least, try to bring it up and have you complete the idea.
You adjusted before you started rocking your hips and he squeezed your legs. He felt amazing, his dick hit your g-spot and you moaned at the feeling.
“Oh my god,” you sighed as he let out a whimper, watching your tits bounced and head fall back.
It wasn’t long before the both of you felt the knots in your stomachs tighten, ready to unravel.
“I’m- I’m gonna cum, y/n/n,” he locked eyes with you and you had so much lust in yours.
“Me too, baby,” you gestured for him to sit up, helping him.
You pulled his chest flush against yours, pressing a kiss to his shoulder as you continued to rock your hips. He could feel your hot breath against his neck until you pulled back, making eye contact again.
“Cum for me,”
He felt his dick twitch, and you tightened your pussy around him. He once again let out a whine, much louder this time. You watched his face contort as he got lost in pleasure before you came as well.
Your orgasm washed over you before you came down from your high and Peter held you close.
“That was amazing,” he grinned up at you and you chuckled because, yeah, it was.
You ran a hand across his sweaty forehead and through his curls. God, his sex hair was hot.
“You have to pee,” he said, helping you off of him.
“How do you-“
“I read that you have to pee after otherwise, you could get an infection. Oh- a shower too. I’ll help you since you’re probably pretty tired- if you'll let me,” he wrapped an arm around your waist as you got of bed with him.
“That’d be great,” you kissed his cheek and started walking to the bathroom together.
“Thank you,” he told you, squeezing your bare hip, “for everything,”
“Same time tomorrow?”
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pitifulbaby · 17 days ago
pairings: peter parker x reader
warnings: dentist, wisdom teeth removal, blood, mature language
a/n: okay so i wrote this while on a caffeine high so its kinda a crackfic?? 
Tumblr media
It was too early, nearly 7:30 am. You were nervously seated in one of the waiting room chairs, legs shaking up and down as you huddled close to Peter. The male placed a hand on your knee, rubbing it softly before he pressed a kiss to your temple. “Its gonna be okay.” He promised, you turned your head to look at him with wide eyes. “Easy for you to say! They aren't taking your teeth.” You huffed out, your words caused him to laugh which only made you squint your eyes at him, crossing your arms over your chest as you leaned back. “They already took my teeth a few years ago.” He reminded you, ruffling your hair.
You pushed his hand off your head, nose scrunching up as you fixed your hair. A few weeks ago you had gone to the dentist with some pain in the back of your mouth, after some X-rays and a check up the doctor deemed it time to remove your wisdom teeth being as they were trying to come in and there was no room in your mouth for them. Peter had come with you that day, he knew your anxiety with the dentist and being as he was the best boyfriend, he of course wasn’t going to let you go alone. Once they said that they needed to be removed you nearly up and walked out of the office, if it weren't for peter holding your hand you would've been halfway to Texas by now.  
Peter had scheduled the appointment for you, telling you that you wouldn’t feel better unless you got them removed. The car ride home that day was a little weird. Peter drove you two back home to your shared apartment while you sat with your arms crossed over your chest like a child, staring out the window with a pout.
It was safe to say you didn’t want to go through with the surgery.  
“Do you think they will let me keep them?” You soon asked Peter after you fixed your hair, his brows furrowed at your question. “Keep what?” He asked back, you looked at him like it was obvious, “My teeth, when they take them out do you think they will let me keep them?” His mouth opened at your question, shifting in his seat to fully turn to look at you. “Why on earth would you want to keep your removed wisdom teeth?” You scoffed at his remark. “Because they obviously just throw them away when they remove them, I don’t want my teeth going to a landfill! That’s weird!” “And keeping them isn't weird?”
“I grew them myself, it's what I deserve.” Peter only laughed, shaking his head at you. “I will ask.” He promised you.
The moment was then interrupted by a nurse coming into the room, looking at a little chart in her hands before calling your name. Your body went tense as you sighed, standing up on shaky legs as you looked at Peter sadly. “Goodbye, Peter.” You whispered out, he only rolled his eyes at that. “You aren't going to be gone forever,” You only sniffled jokingly at that, “Say it back.” He stood up, pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Goodbye my love, I will see you again.” He played into the joke, giving you a salute as you followed the nurse back into the room.  
“Go ahead and take a seat on here for me, honey.” The nurse said sweetly, and nervously you got onto the chair, sitting stiff like a board. “You haven’t had anything to drink or eat in the past six hours, correct?” She questioned, her back facing you as she got some things together on the counter. You nodded your head before realizing she couldn’t see you do so. “Yes ma'am.” Your voice had a slight shake to it, hands balling up in fists before relaxing them. “It's okay to be nervous, its completely normal.” She said, you could hear coming from her.
You shifted in the seat before speaking, “When you guys take out my teeth, can I keep them?”
Tumblr media
Peter let his gaze shift through the random magazine he held in his hands, skipping through the words and just looking at the pictures. “Mr. Parker?” He soon heard, snapping him out of the picture of Adam Driver he had been staring at for the last five minutes. He nearly dropped the magazine as he stood up quickly, gently placing the book back down as he looked at the nurse, awkwardly he smiled. “Come on back, she's just waking up.” He nodded his head to the women, following her through the door and down the hallway.  
He walked into the room you were at, once inside he let his gaze fall on you. You were still seated on the chair, mouth parted from the gauze that was stuffed in your mouth to help collect the blood. “Hey, how are you feeling?” Peter said, with much effort you turned to look at him, blinking a few times.  
The nurse laughed softly as you stared at him, soon she was going through the healing process with Peter, as they did that you just stared at Peter, but your gaze fell down to stare at his ass being as he was turned away from you. Soon she was handing him a bag that held instructions on the care, a cleaning syringe and inside the bag was another bag. “She wanted to keep her teeth, so they are in there.” She said to him with a quiet laugh.  
“They took my fucking eyes,” You finally spoke out, words slurred. Peter's eyes widened at that, snapping to look at you. He knew that you watching tiktok before coming here was probably a bad idea. “Peter,” Tears soon pricked at your eyes as your hand reached out to him, trying to grab his clothing to pull him close to you. He took a step closer to you, gently grabbing your hand. “They didn’t take your eyes-” He laughed, pushing some of your hair behind your ear as you stared up at him.  
“What is in my mouth? Is there an animal in my mouth? Peter- they promised no frogs in my mouth!” Tears soon fell down your cheeks, causing him to have to bite back his laughter. “There is no frogs in your mouth- it's just gauze.” “Gauze? I don’t know what kinda animal that is!” You sobbed out, shaking his arm. He shushed you gently, shaking his head.
“Why are you shushing me, there is something in my mouth and you think this is funny?” You kept speaking, words slurred. You were still very groggy, the drugs heavy in your system still. “I promise there is no animals in your mouth, gauze is there to collect the blood.” “Blood??” You soon gasped, eyes wide. “Why is there blood in my mouth??” “Remember, they took your wisdom teeth?”  
“They took my teeth? Do- Peter, that’s not okay, you let them do that to me?” He shook his head once more, “Let’s get to the car, yeah?” He ignored your question. The nurse helped you stand up, “Here, put your hands on his shoulders so you don’t fall.” She instructed you, taking your wrists and placing them on Peters shoulders, you two took a few steps. The nurse walked behind you. “Conga line!” You soon cheered out, trying to mumble out the tune to conga line but you ended up just singing country roads.  
Tumblr media
Soon you were seated in the passenger seat with the seatbelt across your body. Peter starting up the car and starting to drive. “Pete- Peter Parker...” You drawled out, leaning back in the chair as you stared out the window, Peter hummed at that, “Yes, that’s my name.” He confirmed, your hand soon stroked the window. “I slammed my penis in the car door.” He bit his lip at your statement, inhaling gently, “You slammed your penis in the car door?” He finished the tiktok reference, laughing to himself. A moment later you were digging through the bag that was sent home with you, brows furrowed in before letting out an ‘aha!’ pulling out the smaller bag that held your teeth.
“Oh my gosh, they are so ugly.” You mumbled out through your gauze, wiggling the bag with a giggle. “Did you see them, Peter Parker?” You then questioned, not taking your eyes off the bag. “Yeah I did, honey- why do you keep using my full name?” You let your brows furrow once again, shrugging. “Because your initials spell PP.” You giggled, Peter let out an offended gasp at that. “You are so mean to me.” He mumbled out as he shook his head, never taking his eyes off the road.
“They called in some pain killers for you, we just gotta swing through the pharmacy's drive through and then we will be home.” Peter informed you, “What if I open the car door right now?” You ignored him, Peter let out a choked noise as he shook his head. “Please don’t do that.” “I’m just thinking about it..”  
“I should’ve put you in the back seat with the child lock on.” He said to himself.  
Tumblr media
It didn’t take long for you to get back home to your apartment, Peter nearly having to carry you in because you kept trying to do trust falls before trying to fall in the opposite direction of him. You were now propped up against some pillows on the couch, you could see Peter from the couch as he was collecting the icepack headwrap from the freezer that he kept from when he got his wisdom teeth removed. He made his way over to you with a soft smile. You were still a bit loopy but mostly very tired and numb in the face still. You had a small pout on your face along with swollen cheeks, which Peter found adorable. “Let’s change your gauze and then get this icepack on you.” He nearly cooed.
He helped you change your gauze before wrapping the icepack around your head, pressing a kiss to your forehead after. “How are you feeling now?” He asked, fixing the blanket he had placed over you. You just shrugged your shoulders, “Tired.” Your one word reply was once again mumbled as you spoke through the gauze, closing your eyes.
He chuckled at that, helping you shift so you could lay back. “Thank you for taking care of me.” You said, pouting once again. He smiled softly at you, “Of course, I'll always take care of you.” He replied, kissing your forehead. “Now get some rest okay? I’ll wake you up when you need to take your medicine and change your gauze.” You nodded at his words, falling asleep soon after.
Tumblr media
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parkersroses · 3 months ago
don’t be happier. | peter parker.
summary: all y/n wants is for him to be happy. but not more than he was with her.
pairing: peter parker x fem!reader
wc: 2.6k
warning(s): angst, very light fluff
(a/n): i wrote a bit of this back in 2020 when olivia rodrigo shared a video of 'happier' on her instagram and the lyrics inspired me to write this. ironically, it's still my fav from her album. anyways, first peter parker fic in a while! i hope you guys like this! reblog(!!), comment, share your thoughts with me! and consider buying me a coffee to support my free writing. love you all <3
(disclaimer: the gif is NOT mine. i saved it a long time ago but forgot who made it. anyone knows who made this gif, lmk so i can give them proper credit)
Tumblr media
Heartbreak was slowly becoming her old friend. Y/N realised that moving on was better than to pine or hate on the boy she loves.
But it’s Peter we’re talking about. Peter Parker. The sweet, intelligent, soft looking boy of Midtown, who also just so happened to be one of her best friends. It’s almost impossible to hate him. He was your best friend and ex-lover.
After years of being friends, he asked her out. It was sweet from what she recalled. He couldn’t stop stuttering due to his nerves but managed to score a date with her at a nice diner nearby their place. She could still remember how warm his hands were intertwined with yours, how soft his lips were locked onto hers, and the stars seemingly shined brighter that night.
Then, you dated for nearly half of the year and it was the best six months of your life. It felt almost perfect. And in those months, you realised how in love you are with the brown-eyed boy. You were completely smitten for him and everything he does. From the way he walks with his hands in his pockets and head down (even though she’s the one he’s walking to), to the way his chest rises up and down when he cuddles up with her with his strong, warm arms around her body.
But sometimes, young love doesn’t last very long.
Y/N remembers how distant they’ve slowly become, more on his side than her. The dates got cancelled last minute, sometimes she would get stood up and the only reason she would get was that he was tired and was swamped with homework. She’d notice how their hugs and kisses would be cut short.
See, Peter might seem like the shy boy he is, but he enjoys a bit of PDA sometimes. It was as if he was proud to show off his girlfriend to everyone. He enjoys getting a nice smooch from Y/N before class could start, since he always said it makes school a tiny bit more bearable in a way. But somehow, that all died down. Sometimes, she would be lucky enough to barely feel his lips brush against hers as he quickly rushes to class, leaving her confused.
Then, one night came when they had their usual movie night Fridays and Y/N thought things were slowly going back to normal. They kissed, they made snacks, and even had a mini argument on choosing between watching Legally Blonde or 17 Again. Peter even had his arm around her the whole time. But when the movie ended, they ended too.
Peter told Y/N about how guilty he had been for always bailing on her and how she deserved better. Saying stuff like he’s not even being the better version of himself around her like he wanted too. As confused as she should be, Y/N told him that they could talk it out, take one step at a time, though it seemed like his mind had been made.
Peter, with a heavy heart, told her they should take a pause on their relationship, crushing her severely. She didn’t know how to respond to him, even if he promised they would always be friends. Y/N just watched him leave her apartment with those beautiful yet guilty-looking baby browns of his as he walked out the door.
Things weren’t as normal as it may seem a few weeks after. While Y/N was busy crying her heart out while clutching onto the blue sweatshirt Peter left at her place, he had seemingly moved on quickly. It was a nice girl, Nicole from Chemistry. Ironic, isn’t it? The two were paired up for a project and somehow, it was like they knew each other for ages.
Y/N for one, thought they were adorable as friends, despite the jealousy burning in her. But despite their breakup, both Peter and Y/N still had the same friends. And it was through MJ and Ned where she found out that whatever Peter and Nicole had going on was turning into something more serious.
And then, one day, Peter walked into the cafeteria with Nicole, their hands held tightly together with happy smiles on his face. That’s when it struck Y/N that he had moved on. She remembered crying again into her pillow. Being the good friend she was, MJ was there to comfort her, telling her how much of an idiot Peter was.
Sometimes, she’d try to pick Nicole apart, analyzing her to find any flaws that would make her unfit for Peter’s affection. And that maybe Peter might miss her instead. But ultimately, she was too nice of a girl and Y/N couldn't find any logical reason to hate her other than the fact that she has Peter. She’ll be the one Peter says goodnight through the phone and kisses her after leaving her house, the one he’ll leave his clothes and tell her to keep them in case he sleeps over at her place.
As the days went by, heartbreak was slowly becoming Y/N’s friend. And she could just continue crying about the one boy she ever loved dearly moving on. But then she decided that perhaps it’s time for her to do the same; move on.
Besides, if he was happy, she should be too. Happiness always looked good on Peter anyway.
So, Y/N did the one thing she thought could take her mind off all this, write. She loved to write anything that came to her mind, whether it’d be short stories or poems or even song lyrics.
Y/N sighs in her seat, her finger pressing on a random key on the grand piano. She had a free period and ultimately decided to chill in the band room where she’s accompanied by the beautiful musical instruments. Besides, no one really comes in here unless it’s for band practice.
She plays some more random keys, a very odd melody filling the air. She hears slow clapping behind her and she smiles when she turns to see MJ walking to her.
“Nice melody.” MJ says in her usual monotone voice. She drops her bag next to the piano and leans on it. “You keep playing that and you’ll just win a Grammy,” she teases.
Y/N giggles at the curly haired girl. “Thank you, my number one fan. I’ll be sure to thank you in my speech when I do,” she jokes. MJ rolls her eyes at this, but there’s a hint of a smile on her face.
“So, how are you holding up?” MJ asks with caution, as if the question might just break Y/N.
“It’s been weeks, MJ. It’s all over. I’m doing fine, I promise.” Y/N assures her friend. Though, it doesn’t seem like she’s buying it.
“I know. But as your best friend and because I had to endure sad Y/N for days and weeks, I’ve chosen to ignore that and still ask how you’re doing,” she says, sitting next to Y/N on the bench. “Really, how are you?”
Y/N sighs and thinks for a moment. “I’m fine, really. It’s just,” she pauses in her words. “The hurt is still there, you know? It’s been over a month and Peter’s moved on faster than I will. He’s so… happy, and I’m just surviving, writing sappy songs or poems about the whole thing.”
MJ nods as she listens to Y/N go on. “Sometimes, I just wonder how I could’ve fixed this, fixed us. Peter’s all happy and cheery with his new girl, probably being the better version of himself like he wanted to,” Y/N mumbles out the last part of the sentence.
“You have to move on at some point. He’s not worth it, anyway.” MJ pipes in. But she won’t know that to Y/N, he’s worth everything. “Like you said, he’s happy now. Shouldn’t you be happy? Don’t you think you deserve it?”
The question floats around her mind before Y/N opens her mouth again. “I am happy for him, MJ. And I am trying to move on.” She shrugs. “It just gets hard sometimes.”
MJ nods again, silence filling in between the two girls. “Well then, tell me how you’ve been coping.” MJ says. Y/N’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion and MJ has to clarify what she meant. “You write what you feel. So tell me how you’ve been doing that.”
Y/N lets out a laugh at her friend. “You want me to share the sad sappy songs I wrote?” MJ shrugs.
“It might be therapeutic.” Y/N gives her a blank expression. “Okay, I don’t know how breakups work and I just want to hear my friend’s beautiful songs!” she exasperatedly exclaims, throwing her hands up in defeat.
Y/N shakes her head and chuckles. She breathes in and stares at the keys, ready to be played. When she rests her fingers on the keys, she starts to play a familiar melody slowly, letting the music take over.
“We broke up a month ago, your friends are mine, you know I know,” she sings quietly and slowly, almost hesitating when the words come out. “You’ve moved on, found someone new, one more girl who brings out the better in you.”
MJ stares in awe as she hears her friend sing, the song already telling her how sad she had been when she wrote it.
“And I thought my heart was detached, from all the sunlight of our past. But she’s so sweet, she’s so pretty. Does she mean you forgot about me?” She thinks of how she couldn’t bring herself to hate Nicole. What’s there to hate anyway? She’s smart, pretty, and kind. Y/N closes her eyes and lets her emotions run through with the song.
“I hope you’re happy, but not like how you were with me. I’m selfish, I know, I can’t let you go. So find someone great but don’t find no one better.” As selfish as she can be, she wonders whether Peter still thinks of her when he’s with Nicole. She wonders whether he’s ever thought about how he misses her and how they were together. “I hope you’re happy but don’t be happier.”
From the end of the hall, Peter’s walking his way back from the toilets, hall pass in hand. There’s a bit of a skip in his steps as he walks back to his class. It’s nearly lunchtime, which means he’ll meet Nicole soon.
He likes to think that everything has been going great between them. He really likes Nicole. He finds her pretty, smart and funny. He feels his heart skip a beat when he thinks of her sometimes.
As he walks, a voice pulls his attention, making him pause in his place. He waits for a moment to listen and he feels his heartbeat going faster. He knows that voice all too well. Even though she’s never one song to sing aloud, always being shy about it, Peter always knew Y/N had a way with words and using her angelic voice to convey them.
He notices the band room door ajar and slowly makes his way. Through the gap, he sees MJ and Y/N sitting together at the piano. He still remembers that she has a free period, because he always remembers things like these when they were together. He guesses old habits tend to stay.
“And do you tell her she’s the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen? An eternal love bullshit you know you’ll never mean,” Y/N sings out and Peter hears a slight scoff in her voice. His heart plummets to his stomach. Of course, she would write a breakup song about them. He always thought those songs would be inspired by romantic comedy movies they watched together. He never thought he would be the subject of this sad song but here they are.
“Remember when I believed? You meant it when you said it first to me.” Peter does remember. He remembers how he confessed that he loved her and how he promises he will always love her. Too bad their love wasn’t strong enough to prevail.
“And now I’m picking her apart. Like cutting down will make you miss my wretched heart. But she’s beautiful, she looks kind, she probably gives you butterflies,” Y/N sings out.
Peter feels his heart slowly shatter at the words as she continues onto the chorus. And maybe she was right. Nicole did make his heart race and give him butterflies in his stomach. But hearing the way Y/N sings about wanting to hate her but couldn’t was something else.
He listens to her words, how she’s almost self-pitying herself for being selfish because she couldn’t move one as fast as he did. And he feels guilty for it. How could he not? It took him a few fights on patrol wearing him out for him to stupidly decide that it’s best for him and Y/N to go their separate ways. Simply because he thought she deserved a better boyfriend who doesn’t bail on her and lets the ‘saving the world’ thing get in between them. He forgot that night, he left her apartment completely heartbroken. And he had no problem moving on to someone new.
“I hope you’re happy, I wish you all the best, really. Say you love her baby, just not like you loved me. And think of me fondly when your hands are on her,” Y/N cries out and at this point, tears are rolling down Peter’s face. Regret and guilt fills his body. He hasn’t said those words to Nicole. To be honest, he doesn’t think it feels right to say it to her. He always thought they would be together for so long and it’s because of him, the possible future of them together is gone.
He thinks he’ll never love another like he loved Y/N. And maybe somewhere in his heart, he still does.
“I hope you’re happy but don’t be happier,” Y/N finishes the song on the last key. She takes a deep breath and smiles at MJ shyly. “So yeah, there’s that,” she says, as if she hasn’t performed a beautiful ballad.
MJ smiles and hugs her. “That was beautiful, Y/N.” She hears Y/N hum in appreciation as she hugs back.
The two girls pull away, chuckling at each other. “You okay?” MJ asks, rubbing Y/N’s arm in comfort.
Y/N nods and smiles. “Yeah. It feels good,” she tells her.
Outside the room, Peter is backing away, wiping his tears from his face. As much as it hurt him, it was a beautiful song. He always knew Y/N could write beautifully and this further proves her ability to articulate her emotions into words.
Now, he’s left wondering why he had to hurt her the way he did. He always thought that it would kill him to see her so upset and hurt. It’s ironic that this time, it’s because of him.
He quickly bolts away as he hears the girls getting up from the bench. As the girls laugh at each other when they walk out of the room, they miss a brown haired boy with bloodshot baby browns exiting the end of the hallway.
Peter steadies his breathing. He hasn’t felt heartbreak in awhile since he left Y/N so casually and so cruelly. And now, he’s wondering what to do and how to fix this heartbreak.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Amazing Spider-Man #98 (1971) The Spectacular Spider-Man #130 (1987) The Spectacular Spider-Man #200 (1993)
inspired by napirate
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spideybb · a month ago
boyfriend sh!t with peter parker (pt. 2)
hey! since you all seemed to like part one, i thought i’d do a part 2! i need boyfriend!peter in my life...sigh. anyways, hope you enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
boyfriend peter boyfriend peter boyfriend peter
ugh my boy
coffee shop dates
just imagine
sitting in the back of the coffee shop with peter, sharing a booth while you both have your laptop open
you’re both attempting to do work but instead you keep getting distracted and peter keeps stealing small, sweet kisses from you
you’d always steal peter’s clothes
and he’d let you
he loved when you wore his clothes, he always thought you looked way better in them anyways
100% peter plays with your fingers
like you’d be doing homework or reading or something and he’d just grab your hand and start playing with your fingers
he’d do it while you two watched movies and tv shows too
he always holds the door open for you
and pulls your chair out for you when you go to restaurants
he always says how proud of you he is whenever you do something
even if that thing is small
he’s always looking at you and admiring your beauty
you always catch him staring
you tease him for it all the time
sometimes he catches you staring at him
“look who’s staring now”
“shut up, parker”
when you’re driving somewhere, he always has his hand on your thigh
he always brushes the hair out of your face or tucks a piece of hair behind your ear
it’s a habit at this point and he does it without noticing
he absolutely loves when you talk about stuff you’re passionate about
you light up and he thinks you just look adorable
he loves seeing his girl happy
forehead kisses
okay here’s a concept
putting together lego sets late at night while watching a movie
i hate legos but for peter? i’d suffer
whenever he sees you after a long day, he gives you a bunch of kisses
he 100% smiles in between them
okay but just imagine stargazing with peter
so cute fuck
this is a little shorter but still peter would be a great boyfriend where is my peter
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acacle · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What changed?
Nothing, but at least I caught your attention!
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Miles: "How are you all dealing?"
Gwen: "I'm .... breathing"
Miles: "That is setting the bar pretty low"
Gwen: "It is better than Peter is doing"
Peter B Parker, having a panic attack in the corner of the room: "Fuck you"
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vampireoutofbusiness · 5 months ago
Summary: You attempt to keep peter asleep but that doesn't always work.
Warnings: None but two annoying 90-year-olds egging you on about your relationship with peter
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*Do not repost my writing without giving credit*
Tumblr media
Peter Parker; the name belonging to the pretty boy who had made your thighs his pillow for the last hour. The two of you were sprawled out on the couch in one of the many living rooms of the compound. Although, he always found a way to get as close as possible to you. Lucky you chose shorts for movie night or you’d be overheating right now.
Peter dozed off soon after he laid down, the combination of your fingers working through his curls and the absence of noise-making an acceptable place for him to make up the sleep he missed every night. Patrol really threw him through the wringer.
The quiet murmurs and small exhales hitting your skin wouldn’t last much longer. It was rare you and Peter got any time alone because living with several other people meant someone was bound to come upon you eventually. You weren’t sure if it was chance or that the others had made a point to interrupt you ever since your relationship was made known.
Peter joining the team made you no longer the only sixteen-year-old amongst the Avengers. It was clear as day the two of you would be more than friends sooner rather than later. The not-so-sneaky looks you and he exchanged, small touches that lead to one of you blushing (usually Peter), or maybe it was how nervous that boy became around you.
You made the first move, asking if he wanted to go on date. His eyes grew wide and his voice went up three octaves when he tried to answer. He opted for an aggressive head nod and the cheesiest grin you’ve ever seen. You would be lying if you said you weren’t a little worried he would say no. You knew your worth but you also knew Peter’s. The world does not deserve him.
Your thoughts were interrupted by the elevator doors opening.
“Don’t you think if my name’s on it then you should, oh I don’t know, not eat it?”
“I don’t remember you following those rules last week!”
The two voices continued bickering as one came over to your current place of peace. Bucky plopped into a chair across from you while Steve wandered over to the fridge, you assumed to find something to eat in place of whatever it was that Bucky consumed.
“I have an idea,” you started in a loud whisper, “and it involves the elders shutting the hell up.”
“You mean so sleeping beauty can keep drooling all over your lap?”
“Steve, if you don’t quit shoving jars around in that fridge then you won’t have a mouth,” you placed a hand over Peter’s exposed (large but adorable) ear in an effort to keep him undisturbed.
“Y/n has a point, it wasn’t even in there when I last ate so I’m in the clear,” Bucky rolled his eyes at Steve’s groan of frustration. “Anyway, what’s up with him?”
Bucky gestured to the tired boy laying on you.
“The horrible sleep schedule caught up to him.” You tucked a stray hair behind his ear, a smile curling on your lips.
“Hm, well, no better place to sleep than on your girl’s bare skin I guess.” He chuckled, getting out of his seat.
“Creepy or sentimental, neither of which usually come from your mouth Buck.” You raised your brows at him.
“Y/n has a point,” Steve mocked Bucky while he filled up a pot of water.
“Yeah yeah, I just meant Peter seems to like her a lot if he’s willing to fall asleep on her.”
Bucky opened a cupboard, grabbing a box of bow ties off a shelf. He handed it to Steve who nodded, approving his choice of pasta.
“I would sure hope so if they’ve been dating for five months,” Steve said.
“And the months they spent flirting before that,” Bucky added, searching the fridge for an open sauce container.
“Less talking and more pasta, I’m so hungry,” you whined, leaning your head over the back of the couch.
Bucky and Steve continued working on dinner while you admired your boyfriend. It was cheesy, even gross, to say that he was the best thing that ever happened to you. But it was true and everyone could tell.
“You’re staring again Mrs. Parker,” Bucky whisper-yelled from the kitchen.
You looked up to see the current cooks watching you swoon. Steve, who had recently discovered the camera feature on his phone, took a quick photo of you and Peter.
“Okay, that’s it,” you decided you had had enough of this shit and slowly lifted Peter’s head from your lap.
He whimpered at the absence of your warmth as you pressed a quick kiss to his temple. The second you turned back to look at your targets, you swear you saw a gleam of fear in Steve’s eyes.
“You want dinner or not?” Bucky asked, smirking, knowing that would cause you to retreat.
“Truce…for now.”
“What’s going on?” Peter sat up, rubbing his eyes to adjust to the bright light now on in the nearby kitchen.
“Oh Peanut, I’m sorry we woke you up,” you told him, bringing your hands down to his cheeks. You heard Bucky and Steve make fun of the pet named you had given him.
You knew how laughable it was but you found it fitting. In the first month of dating, you thought of his first and middle initial standing for Peanut Butter and just started calling him that. It was then shortened to Peanut which made sense while being ironic. He’s a cute, soft boy that thinks ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is scary. On the other hand, he’s a crime-fighting, spider-human with killer abs. He was your Peanut and he didn’t make much of an effort to protest the pet name.
“It’s okay, I didn’t need more sleep anyway,” he gave you a lazy smile and leaned into your touch.
You gave him a knowing look because he obviously did.
“When you guys are done being gross, dinner is almost ready!” Bucky told you, grabbing four plates.
The others were either out or already ate so it was just the current party present that would eat right now.
“We’ll make our own dinner if you want to undo that truce,” you crossed your arms turning to face your opponent.
Peter, who was still sitting on the couch, brought his arms around your right leg, leaning his temple on the side of your upper thigh.
“Come on y/n/n, you know neither of us can cook,” Peter pressed a kiss on your hip. Probably too sleepy to be shy about PDA.
“And you’re not winning anything with that thing clinging to you,” Steve said as he strained the noodles.
“Fine but-“
“You can’t cook and you know it!” Steve laughed, pointing to a drawer so Bucky would get silverware.
“You know what Steve?”
“What Y/n?”
A sly grin spread on your face and you tilted your head.
“I ate your leftover pancakes.”
“You little fuc-,”
"It really is a cute photo," Peter said as the two of you looked at your phone.
"You look pretty Y/n/n," Peter kissed your cheek and reached over to shut off the bedside lamp.
"Pretty mad," you retorted as you set your phone on your side's nightstand. "I'm still upset we woke you up."
"Might as well go to bed now then."
He pulled you over to him by your waist and buried his face into the crook of your neck.
"I love you peanut," you pressed your lips to the top of his head, wrapping your arms around him.
"I love you."
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oxymitch · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spider-Man of Marvel Universe has a chat with Invincible of Image Universe
Spider-Man asks the guy who he is but then notices that he is crying. The young man explains that he is worried about his mother. He is from another dimension (also known as Image universe). One of his villains that has the power to access other dimensions has her hostage and has thrown him into a bunch of other dimensions. The hero tells Spider-Man a little about his life. He inherited his powers from his father. They kicked in his senior year of high school and he learned about being a superhero from his dad. Except that his father (whom you know as Omni-Man) murdered a bunch of superheroes and said he was really on Earth to take over the world and that he should help his dad conquer the planet. Instead he fought his dad to protect the planet and his father left Earth. During the fight, his father said terrible things about his mother and broke her heart. And now, another villain has used information from other dimensions to find out who he was and where he lived. Now he's stuck in this dimension until the villain comes to get him. 
Spider-Man tells the other hero to stick with him while he is stuck in this dimension. Spider-Man tells him his name and the other hero dismisses that his name is kind of lame. So Spider-Man asks what his name is and he tells him his name is Invincible. Spider-Man tells Invincible that he doesn't have much room to talk. Invincible apologizes, he wasn't trying to be mean. He tells Spider-Man that it's just kind of lazy. He has spider powers and he goes by Spider-Man. 
- Marvel Team-Up v3 #14, 2006
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