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#peter is tony's son

Somewhere in the world, there were forty-two kids that shared Tony Stark’s DNA.

He knew this, of course.

Paid the child support every month, it was really nothing out of his pocket. Condoms broke, people forgot birth control, shit happened.

He had it under control.

One thing Tony knew for sure though, was that unless he and Pepper randomly decided to have kids, the number would stay at forty-two. In his mind, he wasn’t even that bad at being an absent father. Four thousand a month was far over the usual child support, and he knew each of them by name.

Ages, sometimes escaped him, but he had the names down.

He had twenty-seven sons and fifteen daughters. Sometimes their other parents, step, foster, adopted, or mother, whatever it may be, would stop by his lab and he’d see them.

Just for a bit.

He made it a rule not to get too attached.

So of course, Peter Benjamin Parker had to swing into his life and wreck his rules.

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Tony*holding a cup of coffee*: I love you.

*Peter, Pepper and Rhodey all turn towards him*

Tony*waving his hand*: Not any of you guys.

Tony* in a gremlin voice*: But this drink.

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Tony seeing Peter’s slightly injured: oh shit Peter are you ok??? What hurts lemme see-


Tony: *looks down at the literal piece of debris sticking out of him*

Tony: no I’m not, I’m fine


Tony: *passes tf out*

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Tony: how are you?

Peter, genuinely having to think of that after being sick from stress:

Peter: I was up till 4AM doing homework and then woke up to Satan kicking me in the immune system

Peter with a single tear rolling down his cheek to add dramatic affect: Anyway, how are you?

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Peter: oh to be an autumn leaf fluttering in the wind

Tony: oh that’s nice :)

Peter: to have not a care in the world,, no pressure, just easy cool flow

Tony: :)

Peter: to be ripped from the tree and crushed under someone’s foot,, to have my existence completely obliterated, to feel the sweet release of death :)

Tony *frantically calling the therapist*: god kid not again

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Read on Ao3

Tony Stark didn’t do pets.

He never had them growing up, his parents having thought they were a distraction to young Tony’s studies. He wasn’t scared of pets, (well, dogs were pretty big and he would get a little nervous if they got to close) but Tony just didn’t see the need. He already had one little life to protect. Adding a pet on top of that seemed unnecessary.

But Peter’s speech therapist disagreed.

“I think a pet will go a long way with encouraging Peter, and keeping his progress moving.” She had said.

Tony had made the decision to put Peter in speech therapy shortly after his third birthday, when he realized that Peter did understand how to speak, he was just choosing not to. Tony would hear Peter utter small words here and there, but they were always stuttered out quietly, like Peter was almost afraid to speak. Stilted in a way that caused Tony to think that, maybe his kid had anxiety? How a kid could develop anxiety that early on, Tony doesn’t know. Peter was always a quiet child, more of an observer than anything, but the fact that he was going on three-years-old and not babbling to his hearts content worried Tony.

Which led to Tony sitting in the backseat of his Audi next to Peter in his carseat, and Happy driving them to the nearest animal shelter.

When the arrived at the animal shelter, Happy parked the car, and Tony unbuckled Peter’s seatbelt and went to settle him on his feet. Peter shook his head, his grip tightened on Tony’s shirt. Peter never did like straying far from Tony in an unknown place, so carrying it was. Lifting Peter back up onto his hip, the kid tucked his head into the crook of Tony’s neck as they made their way to the door.

The shelter was a small, cute structure, hidden between two large overbearing buildings, its bright yellow colouring the only thing making it stand out from the street. Entering through the door, they were met with a small ding, and a girl, probably late teens, with big glasses and her blonde hair pulled up into a messy bun.

“Welcome to House of Paws Animal Shelter, what can I do for you today?” She said brightly. Clearly she enjoyed her job, no one could fake that cheerful smile.

“I’m, I’m looking something small? My kid’s in therapy… his doctor said an animal would help.” Tony explained.

The girl smiled, Katie, her name tag read. Her eyes softened as Peter glanced at her, his head still half turned into Tony’s neck. “M’kay, like a dog? Or something smaller?”

Tony shifted his gaze down to the kid on his hip, currently filling with the collar of Tony’s jacket. “Probably something smaller, that doesn’t make a lot of noise? He’s sensitive to loud noises.”

Katie smiled and grabbed a set of keys from the desk she previously sat at. “I have just the thing. Follow me!”

She walked down a long corridor, doors on either side, and Tony followed, Peter still on his hip.  Reaching one of the last doors in the hall, she pulled out her keys and unlocked the door, gesturing for Tony to go ahead.

Inside the room, it was full of cats.

Well, more like kittens, but they were everywhere.

They were lounging on a couch, one that looked like it must’ve been donated due to the harsh condition it was in, playing with toy mice on the ground, scratching those posts that Tony has only ever seen in movies. There were so many of them.

“This is our cat room. You actually came right around what we call ‘kitten season’, so we have quite a few new ones that were dropped off about a month ago, and some that were born in house.” Katie explained, reaching down to pick up a small orange kitten with white paws, letting it settle on her shoulder and nuzzle under her ear.

Tony smiled as he watched two kittens get into a little scuffle, rolling over one another, looking like one multicoloured ball of fur. Peter’s giggle caused Tony to glance down, noticing that Peter was watching the kittens too, his brown eyes wide with wonder.

“Do you want to play with them?” Tony asked. Peter looked up with a big smile, nodding aggressively, and Tony laughed, letting him down from his hip. As soon as Peter’s feet hit the ground, he dropped down to sit and pet the little kittens that came running up to him. “Just be careful Petey,” Tony murmured, kneeling next to him and resting a hand on his back, “they’re small, so you gotta be gentle.”

Peter simply nodded, petting a small calico kitten that had crawled up on his lap and promptly fell asleep. Tony looked back up at Katie, who was watching the adorable scene of Peter discovering how fluffy and cute cats are.

“So, will a cat be a good option for him? His therapist said an animal, but didn’t really specify which kind.”

“Oh, definitely.” Katie assured. “Cats are actually one of the best animals that you can have for all sorts of mental or physical illnesses. Their purr is especially effective for helping lower anxiety.”

Tony nodded, glancing back down to Peter. Peter had gently removed the calico that was sleeping on his lap, and was now carefully crawling over to a kitten that was sleeping by itself in the corner of the room, a nest of blankets wrapped around it and making it seem impossibly small. It had a thick, furry black coat, and there was some white fur stretching between it’s eyes and trailing down over it’s chin. The front paws were white as well, with the rest of the legs black. At a closer look, Tony noticed it was shivering.

“What about that one, is it okay?”

“Hmm? Oh Oreo? She’s okay, she was born with a neurological disease that causes her to shake. She’s a little on the small side, but we’ve been giving her the extra love and care she needs and she’s doing really well. We’ve even got her walking despite her shakes.”

During her explanation, Peter had reached the kitten and gently started to caress her head with one little finger. The kitten looked up at Peter, the bluest eyes Tony has ever seen on a cat staring up at him, the sweetest meow surfacing as she nuzzled her nose up into his finger. Peter laughed, seemingly not bothered by the small tremors that wracked the kitten’s body, mimicking a meow back at the kitten, then turning to Tony.

“Keep?” Tony’s eyebrows shot up, hearing Peter speak so solidly, though it was only one word. Clearly Peter felt at ease with Oreo’s presence. Tony walked over to Peter, kneeling down and lifting the kitten from her nest, placing her in Peter’s waiting hands. He held his hands close to his chest, Oreo bumping her nose into his shirt.

“Is she okay to bring home now? Is it safe for her?” Tony asked Katie.

“She’s been cleared for adoption, but there are some things that you’ll have to keep up on,” Katie said, “but I think she’ll be just fine where she’s going.”

Tony nodded gratefully, then ruffled Peter’s hair to get his attention. Peter looked up, the kitten now sound asleep in his hands. “We can keep her.”

Peter smiled with all of his teeth, looking back down at the kitten and leaning into Tony’s side. “Hi ‘reo.”

Yeah, if getting a kitten would keep that smile on Peter’s face, Tony was soon going to be the proud owner of the cutest baby kitten there is.

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best friends son au

Tony wasn’t necessarily hiding his son from his friends. Okay, maybe he was. But they were all superheroes and it was a dangerous life. The more important people with connections to Peter, the more likely he was to get hurt.

So, he did his best to keep Peter away, but it’s been getting harder recently. He had been begging to meet his friends and Tony had always struggled with saying no to his son.

“Please, Dad? I just want to meet them.”

“I don’t know, Peter. You know that I just wanna keep you safe.”

“I know, Dad. But think about it this way, the more heroes I know the more there are to protect me.”

“I still don’t know…”

“Please?” Peter gave him his signature puppy eyes.

Tony sighed heavily. “Fine, but if you get hurt I get to say I told you so.”

“Yes! Thank you so much!” Peter cheered, throwing his arms around him. “You won’t regret this.” Tony really hoped he wouldn’t.


Tony knew today would be a long day. For the first time in a long time, all the Avengers were gathered in the common room without having been called there.

Steve had wanted a game night for what he said was ”team bonding.” But what Bucky said was Steve recently becoming obsessed with Cards Against Humanity.

It was perfect timing really, Peter had been getting antsy recently and his want to meet the team had been ever-growing. After receiving a text from Peter that said, ”can I please, please, please meet them now???” he relented and shot back a quick sure and stood up from the couch.

Having faith that Peter was on his way down, he cleared his throat to get the team’s attention. When they were all looking he said, ”There’s someone I’d like you all to meet. He’s on his way here now, and fair warning if he gets hurt because of any of you, you’re dead.”

”He’s exaggerating,” Peter said, having entered behind him, all eyes flying to him. He’s been so excited to meet the team he’s only heard stories about. He was pretty sure it annoyed his Dad a bit but, hey, it was the fricking Avengers.

”Am not,” he heard his dad grumble.

He was wearing a light pink sweater that MJ had got him for Christmas that was way too big on him, as MJ knew how much he liked baggy clothes. It left one shoulder slightly exposed and ended a little below the shorts he was wearing.

He blushed upon noticing all the attention the room was giving him. ”Hi, I’m Peter,” he said meekly.

Eyes roamed over the sweet-looking twink in front of them. Adorable was the first word that came to mind. Big brown eyes and curls falling over his forehead. Damn, they would do anything to hit that.

”Meet my son.”

Oh, fuck.


this is short but I was working on the next chapter of I’m a Sucker for You and got inspired.

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All Hell Breaks Loose

Soo here’s a moodboard and Spider-Man/supernatural crossover I’m considering writing.

After Mysterio frames Peter for the destruction in Europe, detective and cops come looking for him. Peter runs away from Queens and everyone he knows. He stashes the Spider-Man suits away in Queens, maybe midtown. He hops on a bus and falls asleep, exhausted.

Peter ends up a medium sized city. However, since he’s wanted Peter can’t give any information to potential employers. They all turn him away, and Peter ends up homeless. 

Peter still helps people, but starts to get shunned as his looks/clothes become ragged. Due to this metabolism and lack of food (he still gets food, just not enough) he looses some of his strength and looks skinny (not all skin and bones, but just enough to be worrisome).

One day while doing his rounds, Peter unintentionally helps hunters with a vamp nest (saving the life of at least one of them).

The hunters realize that Peter is Spider-Man. Peter explains that Mysterio had framed him and the hunters believe him. They offer Peter a chance to stick with them until he gets himself figured out.

On another vampire nest raid, something goes wrong and one of the hunters is taken by the vamps and killed. The other hunters + Peter are forced to flee, or be killed.

Peter leaves the hunting group (takes his gear, and a credit/debit card they gave him), and starts hunting by himself. On a hunt, he encounters the presumed dead hunter, now a vampire. The vampire gets under Peter’s skin (emotionally, as a distraction) and bites him, beginning the turning process, before getting away. Only, Peter’s healing factor gets rid of the bite so Peter doesn’t know.

The blood cravings are gettings increasingly hard for Peter to ignore (his metabolism is speeding it up). Peter finds a closed liquor store and drinks it. [Castiel supernatural reference, anyone?] While drunk, Peter stumbles around and sees an iron man tribute. He breaks down in tears. After a few minutes (tears still running down his cheeks), Peter summon a crossroads demon in an attempt to get his iron dad back.

What do you think?

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Peter: *text message to Tony* god I hate being alive I just wanna die in a national park under mysterious circumstances 


Peter: *texts back after 15 minutes, 27 texts and 12 missed calls from Tony* ok I’m done being dramatic I finally started my homework and it’s not that bad


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